Not Obedient Chapter 56

Chapter 56 [Final Chapter] “Because I love you.”

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Beicheng International Airport.

Lian Yin sat empty-handed in the departure lounge, in sharp contrast to the passengers carrying bags around him.

His luggage was only a few pieces of clothes, so he was not afraid of losing anything, so he checked it in directly, leaving only his mobile phone and documents on his body. He seemed like a sloppy boy who just patted his head and decided to leave with nothing on him.

Strictly speaking, this trip was indeed decided last minute. Last night, he had sleepless nights at Hang Zhenze’s house. He then bought a plane ticket to Xicheng the next day at a high price. He came to the airport without any preparation, and now he had to board the plane.

Soon the broadcast began to urge boarding. Lian Yin got up, handed the ticket to the check-in staff, and walked out of the terminal.

The plane took off, and after gliding, it rose into the sky, cut through the clouds, and flew to the Xicheng.

Next to Lian Yin sat a seventeen or eighteen-year-old boy. Lian Yin saw that he was unfamiliar putting his luggage away, so he helped him. The big boy was very shy and whispered thank you to Lian Yin.

Lian Yin smiled and said it was okay. After he sat down, he took the initiative to ask: “Are you from Xicheng? Going home alone?” 

The big boy nodded: “I went to Beicheng University to take the exam and am returning.”

It turned out to be an honor student. With a flash of light, Lian Yin asked tentatively, “Are you a student of Xicheng No. 1 Middle School?”

Sure enough, the boy showed a “how do you know” expression: “Yes, are you also from Xicheng?”

Xicheng is not big, There was only one key high school, and it was too easy to guess. Lian Yin frankly told the big boy that he also graduated from Xicheng No. 1 Middle School, and the distance between the two immediately narrowed.

The big boy looked shy and introverted, but only after getting acquainted with him did he realize that he was a talker by nature. The boy chatted with Lian Yin all the way. After he introduced himself, Lian Yin knew that his name was Cheng Yu, and he was a senior in high school this year.

When the plane landed, Cheng Yu was still reluctant to leave. Lian Yin decided temporarily: “I just came back, so I’ll go back to school with you.”

Cheng Yu was overjoyed, so he and Lian Yin walked out of Xicheng Airport and took a taxi to No. 1 Middle School.

School seems to be a place where time flows very slowly. After Lian Yin got out of the car, he thought he went back to high school three years ago.

No. 1 Middle School was a closed dormitory high school. People outside couldn’t get in. Cheng Yu showed the security guard his student card and lied that Lian Yin was his brother to bring him in.

Lian Yin said to Cheng Yu gratefully, “Thank you for bringing me in. Are you in a hurry to go back to work? Let me treat you to a meal.”

There were several windows in the cafeteria that supported electronic payment.

Cheng Yu waved his hand, “No, I was very happy to meet you. I’ll go back to class first.”

This answer was also expected. He hurried back from Beicheng and went back to school immediately, he was a top student who counted on every second to be where he was at, he had no leisure to eat.

Lian Yin sent him away and strolled around the campus at will.

The school remained the same, no new buildings had been built and the playground had not changed. During class time, the campus was extremely quiet and Lian Yin didn’t dare to step to heavily.

He walked and walked, and unconsciously came to the classroom of his third year of high school.

Lian Yin looked out the window at the back of the classroom and saw an unexpected person. His former math teacher was standing on the former classroom podium talking endlessly. The overly familiar scene made Lian Yin a little stunned for a while, so he forgot to hide his figure, and was discovered by the teacher.

The second he caught the teacher’s sight, Lian Yin ran away. Like a bad student afraid of his teacher, he hid in the corridor.

He leaned against the wall of the corridor, clutching his heart, feeling his heart beating fast.

Lian Yin decided to leave. This place was so familiar that for a few moments he thought he had traveled through time and space and returned to his painful high school days.

During that period of endless quizzing, no one in school befriended him. When he returned home, he had to face the torture of Lian Tiancheng, and in the end, when he was framed and wronged, no one believed in himself.

Although there was Lang Zhuoyu in that period, it was of no avail.

Lian Yin hurriedly left the campus, secretly deciding not to come again.

Next, Lian Yin walked back to his Xicheng home. It was an old residential area and the buildings were in disrepair, the floor tiles were missing or tilted, and a window roof was knocked down on the first-floor flower terrace.

The news of the demolition and reconstruction of the old urban area had been known since Lian Yin was in primary School, yet construction had not started. However, many households have already moved out.

This place carried all the dark memories of his first eighteen years. Perhaps there was a little light in those memories, but they were not comparable to the darkness.

Lian Yin never thought of seeing Lian Tiancheng again, he just stood on the street in front of his former house and glanced at it from a distance.

At this moment, Lian Yin realized something was wrong. The curtains that should have been there were gone, the windows were wide open, the room was dark and no one was there.

Because no one was there, Lian Yin stepped forward with confidence, looked into the house from the window, and found that in the cluttered and cramped cabin, a thick layer of ash had accumulated on the furniture, and there was still moldy and stinky stuff on the table. It seems that someone left halfway through their meal. After leaving, they never came back. 

Lian Yin returned to his senses, turned around, and saw the old grandmother who was sitting at the door eating peas. He went up and asked her, “Grandma, do you know where this family went?”

The old grandma didn’t have good eyesight and narrowed her eyes to look at Lian Yin. She didn’t recognize him for a moment. Seeing that he was asking about Lian Tiancheng’s family, she pouted and said with disgust, “His family owes money and they are being chased. I don’t know where they went, it’s been like that for a few months. That man is a coward, his wife ran away, and his son doesn’t want him anymore, tsk tsk.” 

After speaking, the old grandmother asked, “Are you from his family?”

Lian Yin was still immersed in the news that Lian Tiancheng had just run away in debt. Hearing the question from the grandmother, his eyes turned cold, and he said lightly: “I’m not from his family, I’m just curious, thank you grandma.” 

She nodded and continued eating peas.

Leaving the residential area, he walked slowly in the narrow and old streets of his hometown. The old roads, decades ago, could no longer adapt to today’s traffic flow and this place was crowded every day.

The anxious driver honked the car horn heavily and the high-pitched horn reached Lian Yin’s ears, but it was as low as the background sound.

Lian Tiancheng left, it was unclear where he went. He’s caught in a life of endless debt evasion that had nothing to do with Lian Yin.

It turned out that it was this easy to get rid of Lian Tiancheng. Lian Yin had just listened to Lang Zhuoyu’s suggestion and changed all the contact information that Lian Tiancheng knew, and that person could not find him.

The winter day was coming to an end and the horizon was swallowed by a golden light. Lian Yin raised his head and looked at the sky. The sun was actually distinct from the clouds, as if an artificial boundary had been drawn.

This is not my home and I shouldn’t be here. Lian Yin thought.

I should go home.

The Summer Island, which was a ten hours difference from Beicheng, had blue waves and white sand, and it looked like summer.

Lang Zhuoyu had been on the island for half a day. He had checked in at the hotel arranged by Wen Ting, and went to an appointment in the evening to have dinner with some friends of the crew.

Wen Ting was wearing a long holiday dress with her husband beside her, smiling happily. She invited a few good friends from the crew. When Liu Dawei came, he saw Lang Zhuoyu and waved to him, giving him the seat beside him.

Lang Zhuoyu sat down beside Liu Dawei and congratulated Wen Ting with a smile.

A table of people chatted. Because most of them were people in the entertainment industry, the topics could not escape the internal affairs of the circle and Lang Zhuoyu was amazed by hearing all kinds of gossip.

Suddenly, the mobile phone he placed on the table rang, the caller ID was a slightly familiar and unfamiliar number. Lang Zhuoyu apologized to everyone at the table, got up and walked away to answer the phone.

“Hello.” Lang Zhuoyu put the phone to his ear.

“Zhuoyu.” Opposite was Mo Ling’s voice. No wonder Lang Zhuoyu felt that the number was a bit familiar, he glanced at it when he received the text message before.

Lang Zhuoyu frowned, not knowing what Mo Ling was calling for, but before he could ask any questions, Mo Ling eagerly explained the reason for the call.

“I’m sorry, I just found out that on the day we met, Mo Han had already met Lian Yin and Xiao Han seemed to have said a lot of excessive things…”

“What?” Lang Zhuoyu was surprised.

Mo Ling continued: “And…Xiao Han told me that Lian Yin also saw the scene of the conversation between the two of us. I didn’t know he would tell Lian Yin the address of the restaurant. I shouldn’t have gotten off the plane and told him the itinerary. I hope it doen’t cause you any unnecessary misunderstandings.”

Every time she said a word, Lang Zhuoyu’s heart sank.

If Lian Yin had met with Mo Han that day and had seen the scene of him meeting with Mo Ling under Mo Han’s misleading… Lang Zhuoyu dared not think about how Lian Yin would feel.

It turned out that Lian Yin was not tired that night, but sad.

Hanging up the phone, Lang Zhuoyu held the phone tightly in his palm, turned around and returned to the dining table, telling everyone that he had to leave first, that he had something to do, then he called Lian Yin while walking to the hotel room.

Lang Zhuoyu took a big step, and as soon as he dialed the phone, a cold electronic female voice sounded: The user you dialed has turned off…

Lang Zhuoyu frowned, hung up the phone decisively, and called Guan Shi in Beicheng instead.

His assistant quickly answered the phone: “Good morning, boss, no, it should be night on your side.”

Lang Zhuoyu did not greet him and directly ordered: “Guan Shi, you go to my house to check on Lian Yin’s situation, then call me.”

Guan Shi was shocked by his serious tone. No longer giggling, he immediately agreed in a deep voice: “Okay.”

Back in the room, Lang Zhuoyu saw that he had not even taken out his items in his luggage. He sat on the chair, then without hesitation, turned on his phone and started booking his return flight.

About less than an hour later, Guan Shi’s phone call came, his tone was very anxious, and he was gasping for breath.

“Boss, Lian, Lian Yin, he’s not at home. I called and found out he turned off his so I can’t get in touch with him.”

Lang Zhuoyu knew that Lian Yin’s phone was off, but he didn’t expect him not to be at home.

Lang Zhuoyu raised his wrist and glanced at the time, and calculated that it should be ten o’clock in the morning in Beicheng. He tried to relieve himself that Lian Yin might have gone to school to run errands, or went out to party with friends. But these self-comforts were of no avail. Intuition told him that Lian Yin had just disappeared.

Lian Yin disappeared from his side?

Lang Zhuoyu squeezed the phone tightly. No, he can’t allow this to happen.

The nearest air ticket had to wait until tomorrow morning. Lang Zhuoyu began to call Lian Yin constantly, but still no one answered.

After the busy sound finished, he hung up automatically. Lang Zhuoyu rested his elbows on his knees and sat alone on the chair in the center of the hotel room, overwhelmed by the never-before-seen complete loss.

Lian Yin’s phone was turned off because he was on the plane.

The flight between Xicheng and Beicheng took four hours. When Lang Zhuoyu just found out that he was not at home and made a call, he was on the plane to Xicheng. Four hours later, Lang Zhuoyu temporarily gave up contacting him directly.

When Lian Yin got on the plane back to Beicheng, Lang Zhuoyu had also boarded the flight back home.

Before boarding the plane, Lang Zhuoyu sent the video that Mo Ling recorded that day to Lian Yin and explained the reason why the two met.

Lian Yin didn’t see the message immediately. He got off the plane, stopped a taxi, and told the driver the address of Lang Zhuoyu’s house. Only then did he have time to turn on the phone and see the videos and messages sent by Lang Zhuoyu.

Teacher Lang: Lian Yin, didn’t you agree to talk on the phone every day? Why can’t I contact you?

Teacher Lang: Sorry, I went to meet my ex-girlfriend without telling you. But we met to talk about the quota a few years ago. You were innocent back then. She told me the truth, and I made her make a video.

Lian Yin went to click on the video. In the video, Mo Ling clearly stated the truth of a few years ago. Lian Yin sat in the back seat of the taxi, looked at it, and laughed in relief.

He whispered to himself: “Actually, I have long guessed that Mo Han did it, and I have never doubted you.”

There were also Lang Zhuoyu’s words below the video, all asking him where he went and why he didn’t answer the phone.

Lian Yin put his finger on Lang Zhuoyu’s dialog box, his eyes involuntarily warmed, and then he dialed his phone without hesitation. He found out that the other party turned off his phone.

After hanging up the phone, Lian Yin realized that Lang Zhuoyu had sent a last message, which came four hours ago-

He said: I’m boarding the plane to return to China, wait for me to come to you.

Lian Yin guessed that Lang Zhuoyu was on the plane, so his phone was turned off. It takes ten hours to get back from the island. He leaned forward and said to the driver in the driver’s seat, “Can you drive faster, sir? Thank you.”

“Okay!” The taxi accelerated again and entered the elevated road into the city. 

When he was about to return home, Lian Yin remembered that Mianmian was still in Xu Lin’s house. He hurriedly asked the driver to divert to Xu Lin’s house first and picked up Mianmian with a guilty conscience.

Xu Lin gave him the cat and laughed and joked: “What have you been doing the past two days, why has your state suddenly changed?”

Lian Yin smiled knowingly and replied simply: “I have figured out some things. “

Seeing that he was in a good mood, Xu Lin felt relieved, stopped asking questions, and waved his hand to send him away.

Carrying little Mianmian, he took the car back home.

Opening the door with the key, everything in the room was the same as before leaving, even the amount of dust was about the same.

Lian Yin first released Mianmian, rubbed its head and played with it for a while. Then he went back to his room and put his luggage away, and went to the bathroom to take a shower.

He came out full of water vapor, then stood there, looking around the place where he and Lang Zhuoyu had lived together for a few months and smiled slowly.

His current life was enough, and he had no reason to feel dissatisfied anymore. Even if there was a problem with Lang Zhuoyu that he had not figured out, they have a long life and can think about it slowly.

In the middle of the night, Lang Zhuoyu returned home in a hurry.

He was always clean and tidy, yet a stubble appeared on his chin. When opening the door, there was even a second of hesitation. He was afraid that he would push the door in and see an empty room.

Although he got off the plane and saw Lian Yin’s reply.

Lian Yin: I’m sorry, Teacher Lang, I snuck out to relax and did not keep our agreement.

Lian Yin: But I will wait for you at home, come back slowly, don’t worry, pay attention to safety.

Lang Zhuoyu let out a breath and decided to trust Lian Yin.

An orange-yellow floor lamp was lit in the living room and Lian Yin leaned back and fell asleep on the sofa. This time, Mianmian did not squat on the ground, but curled up beside Lian Yin, snoring softly beside him.

Seeing this scene, Lang Zhuoyu stood at the entrance for a long time, not daring to step forward, because he was afraid that these were hallucinations in front of him.

Lian Yin was awakened by the sound of the door opening, and opened his eyes first. He saw Lang Zhuoyu at the entrance and called him in a daze: “Teacher Lang, are you back?”

Lang Zhuoyu walked slowly to the sofa. He stood in front of him, looked down at Lian Yin, and said nothing for a long time.

Lian Yin raised his head blankly, his sleepy eyes filled with doubts.

Then Lang Zhuoyu knelt down halfway, took Lian Yin into his arms, put the back of his head in his palm, and hugged him tightly.

“I thought you were leaving me.” The trembling in Lang Zhuoyu’s voice was barely detectable.

Lian Yin was keenly aware of the fragility escaping from his voice, and reached out to hug Lang Zhuoyu: “I won’t leave you, I can’t bear it.”

Lang Zhuoyu let go of Lian Yin. The half-kneeling position made him have to look up at Lian Yin on the sofa slightly. His eyes were deep and Lian Yin’s figure was inside.

The two looked at each other for a moment. Lang Zhuoyu slowly approached, and closed his eyes in tacit understanding.

As soon as the kiss fell, Lang Zhuoyu hugged Lian Yin again and said in a deep voice, “You can’t leave me.”

“Because I love you.”

An emotion called happiness was overflowing.

It turned out that not only did he rely on Lang Zhuoyu, but Lang Zhuoyu could not do without him.


The author has something to say:

There is a bit of plot that is not finished, it will be written in the extra episodes.

It ends here because this moment is beautiful.

Thank you for your company, I will work harder to improve myself in the next book, and strive to make more people like it.

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