Not Obedient Chapter 57

Chapter 57 [Extra] Lian Yin’s Counterattack 

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Early the next morning, Lian Yin opened his eyes in a daze and felt that his waist was being held tightly from behind.

In the next second, Lang Zhuoyu hugged him even tighter, moved to Lian Yin’s shoulder, and said hello softly, “Good morning.”

His voice was clear and it didn’t feel like he had just woken up at all. It was obvious that this guy had long ago woken up, yet hugged Lian Yin, not wanting to let go and leave bed.

Lian Yin twisted his body and said, “I want to go to the toilet, let go.”

Lang Zhuoyu left a kiss on the side of Lian Yin’s face and let him go. Lian Yin said with disgust: “Itchy, beard.”

He said this, but his face was smiling. Lang Zhuoyu reached out and squeezed Lian Yin’s chin, looked at it carefully, and asked strangely, “Why don’t you have a beard?”

Lian Yin patted his hand away and said jokingly, “Because you are an uncle, and I’m not an uncle.”

After speaking, Lian Yin ran to the toilet with a cloud of smoke. When washing his hands, he looked at himself in the mirror, couldn’t help but lean closer, and look at his chin carefully.

There was a slight stubble that was not noticeable and couldn’t be felt. Lian Yin’s hair was soft, and the hair on the rest of his body was also soft. His beard growth rate was relatively slow among men, and he didn’t look sloppy even if he didn’t shave occasionally.

After washing and eating, the two stayed at home to start the day’s work.

Lang Zhuoyu’s studio was very large. In order for Lian Yin to have a place to write papers, the two bought a table, so that it did not appear crowded in the studio.

Lian Yin’s desk was by the window, and after typing a few words, he began to lose his mind. His eyes drifted to Lang Zhuoyu unconsciously.

The man sat upright behind the table, and the sunlight slanted in from the window, drawing a golden edge to his tall and straight figure. Lian Yin sneaked out his phone, turned off the shutter sound, and took a few pictures.

After shooting, Lian Yin covered his mouth with a smile and clicked into the album to start looking through it. The photos slid and slid, and suddenly the screen went black.

Lian Yin thought it was a malfunction of the phone, but after a closer look, he realized that it was a video with a black screen when it was paused. He had no impression that he had made this video, and curiosity drove him to take a look.

However, afraid of disturbing Lang Zhuoyu’s work, he opened the video after finding earphones.

The video played for two seconds and Lian Yin recalled the shooting situation. After the video was finished, Lian Yin stared at the phone screen for a long time and had to sigh that something was wrong.

“Lian Yin.”

While distracted, he was suddenly called by Lang Zhuoyu. Lian Yin put away the phone subconsciously, sat up straight, and immediately raised his head to look at Lang Zhuoyu: “What’s wrong?”

Lang Zhuoyu didn’t expect him to react so loudly, he laughed and joked: “What are you doing acting so nervous, it’s not answering questions in class.”

Lian Yin didn’t expect that he would behave like this, pursed his mouth and said softly: “Conditioned reflex, after all, in high school, Lang Zhuoyu was the one who liked to ask people to answer questions the most and I was still playing with my mobile phone just now. It is basically a conditioned reflex engraved in the genes.”

“Guan Shi came back today and told me something about work.” Lang Zhuoyu was afraid of joking too much and making the person angry, so he directly stated the reason why he called him, “I just wanted to tell you.”

“That’s right, There is one more thing.” Lang Zhuoyu remembered that there was one more thing he didn’t say, “The video I sent you yesterday, you should have watched it, right?” 

After thinking for a while, Lian Yin knew that Lang Zhuoyu was talking about Mo Ling and the recorded video. He nodded: “I have seen it.”

Lang Zhuoyu got up from the chair and walked towards him. Lian Yin watched Lang Zhuoyu approach slowly, looked him in the eyes, and answered honestly, “Actually, I don’t need a video, I have never doubted you, you are not a person who is selfish.”

Walking to Lian Yin’s seat, Lang Zhuoyu stopped. He reached out and rubbed Lian Yin’s head: “Thank you for believing in me. But apart from this, Mo Han’s sister actually recorded this video to ask me for something. She wants to apologize to you instead of Mo Han, she hopes they can be forgiven.”

Because Lang Zhuoyu was standing, Lian Yin had to raise his neck to look at him: “Do you want me to forgive them?”

Lian Yin’s eyes were serious and the eyes of the young man who had already tasted the hardships of life were still clear and transparent. Lang Zhuoyu had no doubt that as long as he nodded, Lian Yin would forgive Mo Han’s family.

Lang Zhuoyu leaned down, couldn’t help kissing the young man’s eyes, and said warmly, “This should be up to you.”

Lian Yin closed his eyes and let him kiss him .

After Lang Zhuoyu stood up again, Lian Yin said calmly, “I can’t forgive them.” 

He clenched his fist on the table, and his tone gradually became firmer: “I have regarded the college entrance examination as the only way out in life for a long time. Although it now appears that my pain is over, my desperation was real at the time. “

“So I won’t forgive them.” Lian Yin raised his eyes and looked directly at Lang Zhuoyu without hesitation.

Lang Zhuoyu looked at him quietly, and then smiled: “I support your decision.” 

He turned around and walked back behind the desk, sat down, and said casually, “Since you’ve made up your mind, I’ll tell Mo Han’s sister when I have time to tell them not to disturb you again.” 

As soon as he finished speaking, Lian Yin dropped the corners of his mouth and asked with an unhappy face, “Why did you contact Mo Han’s sister?”

Lang Zhuoyu was stunned for a moment, stopped the hand that turned on the computer, looked at Lian Yin unexpectedly, and then quickly reacted, smelling a hint of sourness in the air.

He shook his head helplessly, just about to say something, he was grabbed by the collar by Lian Yin, who walked over, and told him without doubt: “Give me his sister’s contact information, and I will contact her. “

“Okay.” Lang Zhuoyu’s tone was helpless, but his expression was sweet as syrup.

   In the afternoon, Guan Shi came over. During this time, Lang Zhuoyu had a lot of work, so Guan Shi had been coming more diligently.

Lian Yin waited for all Lang Zhuoyu’s work to be over that day. After it was all over, he called Mo Ling. Lang Zhuoyu also sat and listened.

Because he used Lang Zhuoyu’s mobile phone to call, Mo Ling called Lang Zhuoyu’s name directly after connecting. “Zhuoyu.”

The woman’s voice was gentle and goosebumps appeared one by one even when he heard it. He raised her eyes and looked at Lang Zhuoyu in dissatisfaction.

What does she mean by calling him so affectionately?”

Lang Zhuoyu understood the meaning in Lian Yin’s eyes, waved his hand with a wry smile, pointed at the phone, and motioned for him to talk about business first.

Lian Yin temporarily let Lang Zhuoyu go, and said to the phone, “Hello, I’m Lian Yin.” 

The other party was silent, and after a few seconds, Mo Ling said in a panic, “Ah, hello, I didn’t think it was going to be you, that you would be willing to talk to me on the phone.”

“I’ve seen the video you recorded for me.” Lian Yin went straight to the topic.

Mo Ling said apologetically: “I’m sorry, our family has caused you a lot of damage, I hope you can forgive us.”

“I won’t forgive you.” Lian Yin didn’t hesitate at all, “but thank you for your willingness to say the truth of the past.”

Mo Ling was silent for a long time, then gave up and said, “Okay… I understand.”

“There is one more thing I want you to convey to Mo Han.” Lian Yin continued, “I, I’ve been thinking for a long time why he cared about me so much. Recently I finally figured it out. Please help me tell Mo Han that in any case, he has lost his chance to be recognized by Teacher Lang forever.” 

Lian Yin returned the phone to Lang Zhuoyu. Lang Zhuoyu pinched Lian Yin’s wrist while holding the phone, and asked, “Are you jealous?”

Lian Yin blushed and denied, “No, jealous for what? I’m not jealous.”

“I can give you the phone and you can block her. I have no objection.” Lang Zhuoyu smiled with interest.

Lian Yin suddenly stopped talking, lowered his head, raised his eyes after a while, and whispered, “Then give it to me.”

Lang Zhuoyu’s smile deepened.

Two days later.

This afternoon, Guan Shi also came. He called Lang Zhuoyu to say that he was about to arrive. Lang Zhuoyu responded and was about to hang up when he heard Guan Shi being embarrassed. He said, “Boss, when I came, I met a person who claimed to be Lian Yin’s classmate and he said that he had something to talk to Lian Yin about.”

Lang Zhuoyu raised his eyebrows and looked at Lian Yin. Lian Yin sensed his gaze, and returned him a questioning gaze. Then Lang Zhuoyu turned on the phone hands-free and put it on the table so that he could hear it.

“What’s his name?” Lang Zhuoyu asked Guan Shi.

Guan Shi replied, “He said his name is Zhao Jiaze.” 

The voice fell, and Lian Yin and Lang Zhuoyu looked at each other, both having suspicious expressions in each other’s eyes.

Lang Zhuoyu asked Lian Yin directly: “What do you think?”

Lian Yin pursed his lips and said to Guan Shi, “Bring him up.”

Guan Shi said the matter and hung up the phone. Lang Zhuoyu immediately said to Lian Yin, “Do you believe that Zhao Jiaze is here?”

Lian Yin sneered and shook his head: “How could it be him? It must be Mo Han.” 

The coward didn’t even have the courage to use his own name to find Lian Yin. Lian Yin suddenly felt that it was ridiculous that he was shaken by Mo Han’s words that day.

Lang Zhuoyu obviously shared the same idea with Lian Yin, he did not think that the person visiting was Zhao Jiaze, who was not close to Lian Yin. But he did not ask why Lian Yin agreed to meet with Mo Han as a gesture of complete support for all of Lian Yin’s decisions.

“Then let’s go, they are almost there.” Lang Zhuoyu got up and walked out of the studio with Lian Yin.

As soon as the two walked to the living room, there was a knock on the door and Lian Yin went to open the door.

Guan Shi smiled and beckoned to Lian Yin: “Good afternoon, Xiao Lianlian.”

He walked into the room, and Mo Han was standing behind him, not Zhao Jiaze. Lian Yin simply nodded with Guan Shi and then his eyes fell on Mo Han.

Mo Han was stared at by Lian Yin, and the momentum around him instantly weakened.

“What are you doing here?” Lian Yin walked over, put his hand on the door frame, and asked.

Mo Han clenched his fists: “Lian Yin, I don’t need your forgiveness, my sister’s decision has nothing to do with me.”

Lian Yin glanced at him lightly, and replied calmly: “That’s good that you don’t need it. I didn’t even think to forgive you. Is there anything else?”

Mo Han was irritated by his indifferent gesture, and his tone became agitated: “And whether Teacher Lang recognizes me or not is not up to you, you do not have the final say. Don’t take yourself too seriously!” 

When he said this, Lang Zhuoyu also came over. After he finished speaking, he looked away when he saw Lang Zhuoyu’s figure.

Lang Zhuoyu stood beside Lian Yin and said to Mo Han, “Mo Han, I did think you were obedient and sensible when you were young. You have always been excellent in high school, and as a teacher, I naturally admired you. The disappointment is that when the first year of high school was over and the second year of high school was about to be divided into separate classrooms, you came to ask me for the key points for the liberal arts class.”

Lang Zhuoyu said this and Mo Han’s face gradually turned white.

“Although you didn’t say it explicitly, what you meant was that you wanted to know the questions of the placement test, and you wanted me to give you the key points.”

“If the first time made me a bit disappointed, when you came to me blatantly begging me to recommend you for the quota, you have already made me no longer have expectations for you.”

“Wanting me to secretly help you is not a small issue, but to frame another classmate for this, no matter whether the other party was Lian Yin or not, your behavior completely disappointed me.” Lang Zhuoyu said heavily, but his tone was indifferent.

“But you are just one of the many students I have brought. Even if we have a good relationship, I don’t care about you. Don’t take my opinion too seriously, just focus on your own life.”

 After speaking, Mo Han’s face had become very ugly.

Lian Yin also felt that Lang Zhuoyu’s words were too gentle, and he said mercilessly: “It means that we don’t care about you, please don’t add drama for yourself. Please go away, thank you.”

When Lian Yin said this, Mo Han finally turned into anger and he stared at Lian Yin fiercely: “Since this is the case, I have nothing to say. If you are not afraid that I will expose the two of you, just do whatever you want to me. It’s over.”

He looked at Lang Zhuoyu: “Teacher Lang, you are also a famous writer now, aren’t you afraid of the exposure of homosexuality?”

Lang Zhuoyu’s expression did not change, he was even a little impatient. He leaned in Lian Yin’s ear, after saying something, he turned and left.

Mo Han didn’t expect that this wouldn’t make him move, and he was a little flustered for a while.

Lian Yin sneered directly, took out his mobile phone, and released a piece of audio.

“Lian Yin, do you want to know why the dean found a cell phone under your pillow when the quota was first decided that year? Yes, I put it under your pillow.”

This was Mo Han’s voice, it was his original words he said when he met Lian Yin at the coffee shop.

Mo Han immediately opened his eyes wide and said, “You actually recorded it!”

Lian Yin explained patiently, “It wasn’t a recording, but it was a coincidence that I pressed the video button of the camera. It seems that God doesn’t want to let it go of you threatening me.”

Lian Yin took a step closer and asked, “How about you expose us, and I’ll expose you. Even though you are not famous and have no achievements, at least in Beicheng University and Xicheng No. 1 Middle School, you would have revealed that you use unfair means to compete. This will definitely still cause a certain splash.”

“Your proud good student character, I am afraid it will collapse.”

Mo Han gritted his teeth, he knew that he had completely lost. He couldn’t let go of his superficial image.

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