Not Obedient Chapter 58

 Chapter 58 [Extra] The correct way to open a birthday gift 

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The day after Mo Han fled, Mo Ling came to visit.

As soon as she entered the door, she bowed deeply to Lian Yin and apologized. Her hair was loose and a few strands were scattered on her forehead. Her face turned upside down made her whole person weak and pale.

What Mo Ling meant was to apologize for Mo Han’s interruption a few days ago, and if possible, she hoped to ask Lian Yin’s forgiveness.

Lian Yin had no intention of making things difficult for the woman who apologized on behalf of her younger brother, but he couldn’t go against his conscience, and forgive a person who had no repentance at all.

“I won’t forgive him. But I won’t expose the audio, don’t worry.” Lian Yin said to Mo Ling.

Perhaps a large part of the reason why Mo Ling came to apologize in person was that she was afraid that Lian Yin would expose the recordings in his hands, so even though she pretended to be well inside and out, she was obviously relieved when she heard Lian Yin’s promise. 

Lian Yin saw her reaction in his eyes and thought it was ridiculous.

“You don’t have to keep begging me to forgive Mo Han. As long as he doesn’t bother me anymore, I won’t pursue other matters.” Lian Yin said, “I just hope that I won’t see your family in the future, please go back.”

Mo Ling knew that it was useless to ask again, and after Lian Yin said goodbye, she left.

Lian Yin stood at the door, looked at Mo Ling’s figure leaving, and slowly closed the door.

Now it was half a month later, on December 30th.

Lian Yin felt a little excited since waking up in the morning.

Because today was Lang Zhuoyu’s birthday, and it was the first commemorative day after the two of them got together.

A few days ago, Lian Yin called Xu Lin and asked him what would be best for his partner’s birthday. Xu Lin, who had never been serious with his words, actually suggested that Lian Yin wash himself and deliver himself on the bed.

Of course, Lian Yin refused this option righteously: “Brother, can you tell me something that can pass the trial?”

“Che, you are really boring.” Xu Lin expressed his disgust, and then thought of something, “By the way, have you and Teacher Lang say that you are going to celebrate his birthday together?”

Lian Yin replied stupidly: “No, I want to give him a surprise.”

Xu Lin advised: “You should mention it, don’t do the whole surprise trick.”

Lian Yin frowned, he didn’t agree. He just said first: “Then I’ll think about it.”

After hanging up the phone and thinking about it carefully, he felt that he still wanted to surprise Lang Zhuoyu, so he didn’t say anything until today.

But since getting up today, Lang Zhuoyu had not shown a trace

 For what to do and what he needed to do, he did not change his daily routine because today was his birthday.

Lian Yin squatted on the ground and fed Mianmian cat food, while his eyes peeped at Lang Zhuoyu. Seeing that his face was as usual, he whispered to Mianmian, “Did Teacher Lang forget that today is his birthday?”

Mianmian lowered his head and ate the cat food, ignoring him.

Lian Yin rubbed its fur in spite of seeing such a heartless appearance.

Lian Yin’s plan was to have a high-class dinner together for the two of them, and then give Lang Zhuoyu the gift he prepared under the romantic candlelight.

After breakfast, Lian Yin was ready to ask Lang Zhuoyu’s arrangements for today.

But what he never expected was that before Lian Yin spoke, Lang Zhuoyu spoke first: “Lian Yin, do you still remember tonight’s itinerary? I may not be able to pick you up, can you go to the cinema by yourself?”

What? ? Lian Yin was stunned for a moment, staring at Lang Zhuoyu with wide eyes for a long time, then finally remembered what he meant.

As early as a week ago, Lang Zhuoyu told Lian Yin that there would be a premiere of the movie at the end of December and he hoped he would come to watch it.

But it was completely forgotten.

It would be inaccurate to say that he had forgotten all about it. He still remembered it a few days ago, but because Lang Zhuoyu didn’t say the exact date of the premiere, and later he encountered the matter of his birthday, Lian Yin only paid his attention on how to celebrate Lang Zhuoyu’s birthday.

Therefore, this matter was thrown to the back of his mind. It was not until today that he was reminded by Lang Zhuoyu that Lian Yin realized that he had promised to go to the premiere.

Lang Zhuoyu was also going to attend the premiere, which meant that all of Lian Yin’s plans had gone to waste today.

“Lian Yin?” Seeing that Lian Yin had been in a daze, Lang Zhuoyu called out to him again, “What are you thinking about?”

Lian Yin came back to his senses: “Huh? No… well.”

Lang Zhuoyu rubbed Lian Yin’s hair, as usual, then went to the studio after eating.

From having breakfast to when Lang Zhuoyu left home in the afternoon, Lian Yin was struggling.

Otherwise, he could just give the gift directly to Lang Zhuoyu, they can’t eat alone anyways. But to give Lang Zhuoyu a gift randomly, would it seem particularly careless?

“I’m leaving. I’m going to have dinner with the crew tonight. You can come later.” Lang Zhuoyu had already changed his clothes while Lian Yin was in a daze, and walked out to say goodbye to Lian Yin.

Lian Yin quickly got up, was kissed by Lang Zhuoyu on the mouth, and followed him to the entrance.

Lang Zhuoyu changed his shoes, said goodbye to Lian Yin again, and turned around to open the door.

Lian Yin watched him leave, and the door closed with a “click”. Lian Yin let out a long sigh.

Sure enough, hesitating will lead to defeat and now there is no need to be at a loss. Lang Zhuoyu will not be free before the premiere is over.

Lian Yin hugged his knees and sat on the sofa, and began to think about the feasibility of giving Lang Zhuoyu a gift at the premiere.

In the end, he rejected the idea. Because the gift he prepared was nothing more than a tie, and it was not expensive at all. Giving a tie at such a grand ceremony was very offensive. And today’s protagonist was a movie, not Lang Zhuoyu, so there was no need to fight for the attention.

But…Lian Yin lowered his eyes.

The most important reason is that the outside world doesn’t know about him and Lang Zhuoyu being together. Except for the people who was the closest to them, they have never told anyone else. Lang Zhuoyu was half a public figure, and if his affair with a homosexual person was exposed, he didn’t know what kind of disturbance it would cause.

He had no position to openly give Lang Zhuoyu gifts on his birthday, and even give him a more intimate gift like a tie.

In the evening, Lian Yin took a taxi on time to attend the premiere.

Similar to the scene he expected, the audience included big fans of the leading actor, entertainment journalists, and the relatives and friends of the creators. These audience members sat down and interacted with the main creators on the stage for a while. After warming up the atmosphere, the feature film started.

For fans, it was enough to have such close contact with idols. But for Lian Yin, sitting under the stage, watching Lang Zhuoyu standing on the stage from a distance and thinking of how it should have been the two of them tonight, he was not satisfied at all.

The guests above said a punchline and the audience cheered and laughed.

Lian Yin sat in his seat with a blank face. The more he thought about it, the more aggrieved he felt.

Before the lights in the projection hall were turned off, Lian Yin received a message from Xu Lin.

Xu Lin: Why are you so entangled in what to do? Since the premiere is over in the early morning, do something that should be done in the early morning together.

Lian Yin was too lazy to continue talking to him, and silently put away the phone.

Liu Dawei on the stage suddenly said, “Today happens to be our Screenwriter Lang’s birthday. If this movie can win everyone’s love, it will be the best birthday present for Screenwriter Lang.”

Lian Yin suddenly squeezed the phone tightly, his mouth deflated unhappily.

The audience exclaimed, and a very penetrating female voice shouted: “Happy birthday!” 

The other audience members followed this voice and congratulated Lang Zhuoyu.

With a smile on his face, Lang Zhuoyu took the microphone for the second and last time tonight, and said to everyone present, “Thank you for your blessings…” 

As he said this, he looked towards the auditorium, trying to find that familiar figure. But he looked around and saw no one.

It surprised him a little, but it didn’t show on his face. The words that lingered on his lips changed. After thanking everyone very officially, he promoted the movie again, and then handed the microphone back to the others, and didn’t say a word after that.

At this time, Lian Yin was in a taxi going home.

When the car started, he also glanced back at the cinema, and finally gritted his teeth and made up his mind, no longer indecisive.

Liu Dawei’s words just now accurately stimulated Lian Yin. What was the best birthday present for Lang Zhuoyu, obviously, only he can give him the best gift, obviously this was their first birthday together, it should belong to the both of them!

So he slipped away, determined that even if the day was over when Lang Zhuoyu returned home, he would have a birthday celebration with Lang Zhuoyu alone.

There were still two hours left until the end of the movie, and there was still time for Lian Yin.

After the premiere, it was almost three in the morning when Lang Zhuoyu returned home.

Originally, Lang Zhuoyu thought that he was on stage and did not find Lian Yin sitting in the auditorium, but only after the end did he learn that Lian Yin really did not come.

There was some disappointment, but Lang Zhuoyu didn’t take it too seriously.

It was Liu Dawei who said that the announcement needed a gimmick, so he decided to set the premiere on his birthday. Lang Zhuoyu was slightly dissatisfied with this.

He originally planned to rest on this day, so he and Lian Yin could go out to have a meal and celebrate plainly. Now that the premiere had disrupted the plan, he never dared to mention his birthday to Lian Yin.

Lian Yin not coming to the premiere was probably him feeling dissatisfied.

Opening the door, the room was dark. Lang Zhuoyu guessed that Lian Yin should have fallen asleep, so he relaxed his hands and feet and went to the bathroom outside to wash.

After washing up, Lang Zhuoyu gently pushed open the bedroom door, and was shocked by the warm yellow candlelight and the dense aroma that rushed towards him.

Scented candles were lit on the floor and on the cabinets in the bedroom. The lights turned on was the dimmest warm light, and the bed was filled with ambiguous lighting.

Lian Yin kneeling in the middle of the bed was wearing only a shirt.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, he turned his head slowly and looked over. Lian Yin’s whole body was immersed in a soft and warm light, whether it was intentional or unintentional, his every move was amorous.

He put on make-up, wore a long wig, a ribbon loosely wrapped around his waist, and his slender body was caged under a wide shirt. The neckline was unrestrainedly open, and his white legs were hidden between the quilts.

Then, Lang Zhuoyu recognized that it was his shirt.

Lian Yin made a feminine gesture and glared at Lang Zhuoyu angrily: “How come you’re back so late?” 

Lang Zhuoyu couldn’t help laughing. He raised his hand to unbutton the first few buttons of his pajamas, and walked towards Lian Yin: “What are you doing? “

“I’m giving you a present.” As Lang Zhuoyu approached, Lian Yin became visibly nervous.

He grabbed Lang Zhuoyu’s unbuttoning hand: “Don’t rush, open the gift first. “

“Am I not tearing it open right now?” “Lang Zhuoyu smiled maliciously.

Lian Yin originally wanted to say that the ribbon around his waist was tied with a bow, you should take it apart first, but after thinking about it, he thought forget it, the bow had long been messed up anyway.

Then a kiss sealed Lian Yin’s lips, and he couldn’t say what he wanted to say. 

The bed was turned over and the incense candles burned until dawn.

When the fish belly white appeared on the horizon, Lian Yin suppressed his sleepiness and asked stubbornly: “How about this gift, is it the best birthday present you’ve ever received? 

Seeing that his eyes were about to be closed, but was still brooding over the matter, Lang Zhuoyu leaned over to kiss his eyes, and softly comforted him and said,

“You are my best gift.”

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