Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 14

Chapter 14

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This indescribable post was hung on the school forum all morning, and was discovered by the school teacher near noon, who contacted the teacher who managed the forum to delete it.

But it was too late to delete, and basically all the students have read it.

For a while, the atmosphere in the class was very strange.

The description of the characteristics of the two protagonists a and b in the post was so obvious that people could immediately think of Fan Yuan and Gu Yang.

It’s just too magical.

An arrogant and domineering second-generation ancestor B, after more than two years of confrontation with a certain male god A of the whole school, because of love, revealed his true mermaid face and seduced the male god A to do all kinds of indescribable things with him.

All kinds of indescribable things were written in great detail in the post.

After deleting the post, the school closed the free discussion section of the school forum, and issued a notice, asking the students who posted the post to surrender themselves to the teaching office, otherwise, if found out, they will be dealt with strictly.

But the school did not ask Fan Yuan and Gu Yang to talk.

One was because of the backgrounds of Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, and the other was because no matter how you look at it, they were both victims.

Not only the teachers at the school didn’t believe it, but the students didn’t believe it either. Everyone took it as a joke.

Li Ziyan was relatively a big sh*t, so he dragged Meng Zhan to tease Fan Yuan after class.

“Male God Fan, wow, you can have a relationship with a mermaid, f*ck, that post was really too bad, and it said that Gu Yang was a mermaid, hahahaha, I laughed so hard!”

Meng Zhan was a little embarrassed and glanced at Gu Yang.

Gu Yang laid on his stomach, occupying almost half of Fan Yuan’s table, yawning boredly, and laughed along with Li Ziyan’s words.

“I’m really a mermaid.”

Li Ziyan patted the table with a smile: “Gu Yang, what’s the matter with you, you are so good at adding drama, you can even act!”

Gu Yang tilted his head, just smiled and didn’t speak.

Seeing that he couldn’t tease Gu Yang, Li Ziyan went to tease Fan Yuan.

“Male God Fan, what does a mermaid feel like, tell us about it?”

Fan Yuan propped his chin with one hand, and looked at Gu Yang who was lying on the table.

Gu Yang buried his face in his arms, only showing a reddish ear.

Fan Yuan suddenly stretched out his hand to pinch Gu Yang’s thin ears, and said solemnly, “It’s quite tender.”

Li Ziyan smirked, and reached out to touch Gu Yang, but Fan Yuan blocked it calmly.

Li Ziyan didn’t notice it at all, and wanted to touch him with another hand, but was dragged away by Meng Zhan’s arm.

“Okay, okay, class is about to start, don’t play around.”

Li Ziyan was dissatisfied: “Wow, Meng Zhan, what’s the matter with you, why are you so serious? What’s wrong with making a joke, we’re all men, why can’t I touch him! Do you really believe what the post said? If Fan Yuan and Gu Yang are gay, I’ll just jump out of this window. Besides, isn’t Gu Yang fighting Fan Yuan every day?”

Gu Yang sat up straight and looked out of the window. The third floor was neither high nor low. He may not die from the fall, but he will get at least a broken leg.

“I’m good friends with Fan Yuan now, good enough to wear the same pair of pants, don’t talk nonsense.”

Li Ziyan was curious. When the class bell rang, he returned to his seat dissatisfied.

Meng Zhan heaved a sigh of relief, he didn’t know if Gu Yang was some kind of mermaid, but Gu Yang and Fan Yuan must have something together, he was sure of that.

Li Ziyan’s attitude represented the attitude of most of the school’s students.

In fact, Gu Yang’s aggressive attitude towards Fan Yuan in the past two years left a deep impression on the students. At this time, someone suddenly told them that Fan Yuan and Gu Yang were actually a couple and he was a mermaid, who would believe it, only fools would believe it.

Compared with Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, the two protagonists who were discussed at the center of the discussion, Pan Fei was much more flustered.

She knew that this small document must have been passed on by someone in the group, but she didn’t know who it was for a while. At this time, the school issued a notice. If she didn’t take the initiative to admit her mistakes now, she would be criticized by the notice and would lose face.

When the evening self-study was approaching, Pan Fei finally stood up from her seat and walked out with a serious face.

As soon as she walked out of the class, she was stopped by Gu Yang. Gu Yang should have just washed his hands, and was walking back.

“Where are you going?”

Pan Fei felt a little embarrassed when she saw Gu Yang. If the small document she wrote hadn’t been posted on the forum, Gu Yang and Fan Yuan wouldn’t have been discussed.

She didn’t have the nerve to say that she was going to the teacher to admit her mistakes, and she hesitated.

Gu Yang just laughed, his skin was fair, but his lips were very red. His smile was a bit gaudy, gaudy but still sunny.

“Want to surrender yourself? It’s not your post, what are you going to do?”

Pan Fei widened her eyes, unable to believe it: “You, you know that I wrote that?”

Gu Yang glanced into the classroom, Fan Yuan was helping him play games.

He whispered, “I know, isn’t the writing pretty good?”

Pan Fei gasped, covered her mouth with her hands, her face was flushed, and she was so excited that she couldn’t speak.

The cp she wrote may be true!

God! This was too exciting!

Gu Yang said again: “You don’t need to worry about this matter, just pretend you don’t know anything.”

Pan Fei nodded vigorously. The feeling of being recognized by the client for writing a small composition couldn’t be better!

After Gu Yang comforted Pan Fei, he quietly walked behind Fan Yuan with wet hands, and put his hands on Fan Yuan’s neck.

Fan Yuan’s back straightened all of a sudden, but the game in his hand was still going on and couldn’t be stopped, so he had to turn around and give Gu Yang a warning look.

Gu Yang grinning, rubbed the water on Fan Yuan’s neck with the back of his hand. He rubbed it once and for all. He stood behind Fan Yuan and leaned over to watch the game. His chin rested on Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

The classmates who didn’t pay much attention to Fan Yuan and Gu Yang before, because of this post, were observing them secretly, consciously or unconsciously.

It wasn’t until this moment that they realized that the relationship between these two people was not as tense as before, and they were as close as if they were born by the same mother.

After Fan Yuan finished playing the game in his hand, he reached out and pulled Gu Yang down, and sat him down on the chair next to him.

He pulled so suddenly that Gu Yang was unprepared, and his tailbone hit the chair, causing severe pain.

Fan Yuan saw that Gu Yang’s body bounced and his expression was not good, so he immediately asked: “What’s wrong?”

Gu Yang pursed his lips, looked at Fan Yuan pitifully, unable to express the pain.

Fan Yuan misunderstood, “The breeding season is coming again?”

Gu Yang shook his head, but rubbed his butt on the chair in discomfort.

Fan Yuan raised his head, looked around the classroom, stood up and pulled the table and greeted the students in the back row, and changed positions, letting Gu Yang sit in the innermost place, while Fan Yuan sat outside. It was just enough to block Gu Yang in the corner , and as long as the students in the front didn’t look back, no one could see him.

Gu Yang’s tailbone hurt so much, he secretly lifted his buttocks a few times, and leaned forward on the table, looking painful.

He thought that Fan Yuan changed seats because he was afraid that he would suddenly turn into a mermaid, so he didn’t ask much.

The evening self-study classroom was very quiet. Zhuo Wan was doing lesson planning on the podium, other students were studying hard, only Gu Yang was lying on his stomach.

Fan Yuan did a few questions, and saw that Gu Yang was still lying on his stomach with his back to him, revealing a delicate nape of his neck covered by scattered hair, and there were thin beads of sweat on the nape of his neck.

He frowned.

Gu Yang was a little drowsy at first, but because of the pain in his tailbone, he laid very far forward, his buttocks slightly raised, just touching the edge of the chair, but suddenly Fan Yuan pinched his neck.

Fan Yuan approached Gu Yang’s ear, gently pinched Gu Yang’s neck with his thumb and forefinger, his voice was very low.

“Be patient.”

Gu Yang was a bit at a loss, why endure?

Fan Yuan found out that he hit his tailbone just now?

After Fan Yuan finished speaking, he unzipped the zipper of his school uniform jacket, took off his school uniform, and motioned for Gu Yang to lift his butt.

Gu Yang sat up straight, raised his buttocks suspiciously, and saw Fan Yuan stuff the school uniform under his buttocks as a cushion.

“Sit down.”

Now Gu Yang was sure that Fan Yuan knew that his tailbone hurt.

Unexpectedly, Fan Yuan said something inexplicable.

“When the clothes are wet, wash them for me.”

Wet? Why would it be wet?

Gu Yang wanted to ask but had no idea. He just laid down for a while, was very sleepy, yawned, and simply laid back again, without asking.

Seeing that Gu Yang’s eyes were turning red, Fan Yuan confirmed his guess even more.

Gu Yang was in the breeding season again.

“Be patient, there is still half an hour until after school.”

Gu Yang nodded, and leaned back on the table. With Fan Yuan’s school uniform sitting under his buttocks, the pain didn’t feel so bad anymore.

Fan Yuan started to work on the problem again, but his left hand was pinching the back of Gu Yang’s neck to comfort him.

Gu Yang was pinched very comfortably, and fell asleep after squinting his eyes for a while.

Zhuo Wan on the podium looked up at the two of them, suppressed the strange feeling in her heart, and kept telling herself, how could she follow the trend and believe the post written by students?

When Gu Yang woke up, he was being carried by Fan Yuan.

The campus was pitch black and there was no trace of people. Fan Yuan carried him outside in the dark.

Gu Yang was startled by the darkness, and jumped up, almost bringing two people down.

“Don’t move around.” Fan Yuan’s voice came from beside his ear.

“Why is it so dark? Where’s the people?” Gu Yang asked Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

“It’s been half an hour since school ended, and you hadn’t woken up, so I took you out.”

Fan Yuan’s tone was calm, and he didn’t intend to let go of Gu Yang.

Gu Yang’s body was full of heat from sleep. Fan Yuan didn’t continue speaking, so he laid back in Fan Yuan’s arms with peace of mind.

He tugged at the school uniform on his body and found that it belonged to Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan misunderstood Gu Yang’s meaning, and explained: “It’s not wet, so I used it to cover you.”

Gu Yang couldn’t hold back, pinched Fan Yuan’s shoulder with his fingers, and complained softly.

“Can you stop talking about whether it’s wet or not? What’s wet? Who’s wet? What are you talking about?”

At this moment, Fan Yuan had already walked out of the school with Gu Yang in his arms, and the street lamp at the school gate illuminated Fan Yuan’s face.

Fan Yuan looked down at him, although the light was very bright, Fan Yuan’s pupils were still dark.

He explained seriously: “Aren’t you in breeding season? Didn’t you read what was written on the forum? Mermaids get wet.”

Gu Yang really didn’t look at it.

So when Gu Yang got home, he immediately added Pan Fei as a friend from the class.

Gu Yang added her as a friend, and Pan Fei was very excited. Gu Yang asked Pan Fei for the small file in a roundabout way.

Pan Fei was even more excited. Not only did he send all the small documents, but he also sent a special gift at the end.

“This one was exclusively customized for you!” Pan Fei said mysteriously.

Gu Yang said a few perfunctory words, and immediately logged off.

Enduring his sense of shame, he began to read the small file, and found that the small file emphasized the characteristics of a mermaid, no matter when and where an indescribable event occurred.

It would be wet.

Very wet.

Especially when the breeding season came.

Gu Yang suddenly understood what Fan Yuan meant.

Fan Yuan thought that his breeding season was coming again.

So he changed seats with him and gave him a school uniform.

He was afraid that the chair would get wet and he’d be discovered.

Gu Yang threw the phone out, and picked it up again after a while with a blushing face.

While reading it, he exclaimed in a low voice.

He finally opened the small file that Pan Fei had given as a special gift.

The small file was a painting.

In the painting, Gu Yang turned into a mermaid and pressed Fan Yuan under him, Fan Yuan had a forbearing expression on his face.

Gu Yang looked at it happily for a while, then set the painting as the desktop of his mobile phone.

Just as he was about to put down his phone, a message from Pan Fei popped up.

“I just added Male God Fan as a friend, and sent him a copy of the document, and that special gift!”

Gu Yang suddenly sat up from the bed, spread out the small book in his hand to check the favorability score, feeling uneasy, don’t lose points!

When he looked at it, he saw that the favorability was changing, from 5 points to 6 points.

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, then couldn’t help feeling complacent until he saw the 6 points had changed back to 5 points.

Gu Yang’s smile froze on his face.

…D*mn, isn’t it just being suppressed in a painting, to go as far as this!

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