Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 47

Chapter 47

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The flowers outside the window were still in full bloom. According to this momentum, it was expected to bloom for a few more days.

As the night gradually deepened, Fan Yuan finally stopped writing, and returned to the bedroom with little Gu Yang who was already asleep in his arms.

The two were lying on a big bed, but they only occupied one person’s place. They were tightly pressed together, covered with a quilt, and fell asleep together.

Ever since Gu Yang came, Fan Yuan hadn’t had those dreams about the past for a long time.

The next day was a Sunday holiday. Fan Yuan woke up in the morning and did not wake up Gu Yang, but went to the kitchen to make breakfast by himself.

Just after breakfast was prepared, two unexpected guests came to Fan Yuan and Gu Yang’s house.

Fan Yuan put the steaming hot breakfast on the dining table, set the tableware, and then looked up at a luxuriously dressed couple who walked in.

“You are here, what’s the matter?”

Father Fan and Mother Fan stood together in front of Fan Yuan. They were obviously elders and Fan Yuan’s biological parents, but they revealed a sense of alienation towards him.

“We saw the photos about this place on the news…we wanted to come and see you…”

When Mother Fan was speaking, her right hand would always touch her lower abdomen subconsciously. Seeing Fan Yuan looking over, she immediately put down her hand and squeezed the handbag tightly.

“Fan Yuan, mom also wants to care about you. You bought so many flowers, are you in a relationship? Or do you have someone you like?”

Father Fan’s eyes fell on Fan Yuan’s breakfast on the dining table, there was only tableware for one person, and the amount of food did not seem to be for two people.

“Does the person you like… live here? If possible, can you let us see them? Your mother and I are not old-fashioned, and you have always had excellent grades to not worry us, we won’t deliberately stop you.”

Fan Yuan stretched out his hand to check the temperature of the breakfast which was gradually cooling down. He was a little annoyed at the sight of his parents, but he still had a polite smile on his face.

“No, I won’t bother you, I will figure it out myself.”

After hearing what Fan Yuan said, Fan’s mother’s face became increasingly embarrassed, while Fan’s father’s expression became angry. Seeing how Fan Yuan was unable to contribute to the conversation, he almost couldn’t resist criticizing him. However, Fan’s mother pulled him back and urged him to keep quiet.

Fan Yuan glanced at Mother Fan’s lower abdomen, and suddenly took a step closer to Mother Fan.

Unexpectedly, Mother Fan’s complexion suddenly changed, and she took several steps back in horror, clutching her lower abdomen, and didn’t realize until she hit something behind her. She looked at Fan Yuan more and more embarrassed, and pulled out a very ugly smile.

Fan Yuan just took a step forward and stopped immediately. He seemed to have guessed from Mother Fan’s reaction, and just looked at her indifferently.

Suddenly, a touch of green flashed past the corner of the stairs. After Fan Yuan noticed it, he immediately ignored his father and mother, turned around calmly, and walked towards the stairs.

“I’m going upstairs first. If there is nothing, you can rest downstairs by yourself.”

Saying that, Fan Yuan walked up the stairs. At the corner of the stairs, Gu Yang was sitting on a flower stalk spreading from the wall, rubbing his eyes and yawning. As soon as he saw Fan Yuan, he immediately stood up and stretched out his hands to ask Fan Yuan for a hug.

Fan Yuan walked over to hold Gu Yang in his arms, and whispered, “Are you awake?”

Gu Yang nodded and pointed downstairs: “No need to worry about them?”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, just rubbed Gu Yang’s little head. Gu Yang didn’t sleep well, his black hair was messed up, Fan Yuan smoothed it a little bit with his fingertips, but when he let go, his hair curled up again and stood up.

The two of them stood at the corner of the stairs and were about to go upstairs when they heard Father Fan and Mother Fan’s conversation downstairs.

Father Fan threw away the briefcase, sat on the sofa, took a few deep breaths, and said in a somewhat impatient tone:

“After so many years, he still looks like this! I know that I was wrong at the beginning, but it had been so long, why can’t he be considerate of us! These years, we have been cautious about him, yet there is no respect for elders! Is he Lao Tzu or I am Lao Tzu!”

Mother Fan also sighed, and sat next to Father Fan, earnestly admonishing:

“I know Fan Yuan suffered a lot back then. If it weren’t for you being so foolish and delaying the rescue, he wouldn’t have… And if it weren’t for us rushing to the scene and me being so scared that I kept backing away from him, he wouldn’t be like this now… He’s my son after all, but I just couldn’t control myself at the time… It was too terrifying… I always dreamt about him questioning me with those bloody eyes, asking me why I didn’t save him… But I didn’t want this to happen either…”

Mother Fan choked up as she spoke, and Father Fan immediately hugged Mother Fan into his arms to comfort her.

“In the final analysis, it’s us who owe him an apology….”

Father Fan put his hand on Mother Fan’s lower abdomen: “You are pregnant…aren’t we going to tell him?”

Mother Fan choked up for a long time, but still said: “Wait a little longer… I’m afraid he won’t be able to accept it. If we have another child, will he think that we really don’t intend to want him anymore…”

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang in his arms and stood at the corner of the stairs. After listening to Father Fan and Mother Fan’s conversation, there was no change in expression during the whole process. He just looked at the little Gu Yang in the palm of his hand, and from time to time helped him stroke his hair, or rubbed him.

Looking at Fan Yuan’s cold face, Gu Yang suddenly stood up from his palm, tugged at Fan Yuan’s cuff, and asked Fan Yuan to look at him.

Father Fan comforted Mother Fan, and when Mother Fan calmed down, the two did not stay long, and left with each other supporting each other.

The sound of the door opening and closing came, but neither Fan Yuan nor Gu Yang paid attention to it.

Gu Yang was holding his two small hands next to his cheeks, and kept shaking his fingers apart, smiling very cutely at Fan Yuan.

“Look, Fan Yuan, I’ll make you a flower! Do you think it looks good?”

After Gu Yang had finished making a flower, he raised his two small hands above his head, making a gesture of a big heart.

“I’ll make a heart again!”

Fan Yuan lowered his head and lightly touched Gu Yang’s forehead with the tip of his nose:


The two went downstairs again. Fan Yuan put Gu Yang at the dining table, reheated the cold breakfast, and then sat at the table to have breakfast with Gu Yang.

Ever since Gu Yang became smaller, his food intake had been very small, Fan Yuan had been feeding him, so naturally there was only tableware and food for one person on the table.

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang holding a small piece of toast with his cheeks puffed up, his expression gradually softened.

“The people who came to adopt the three puppies in the afternoon will come and pick them up and leave.”

When Gu Yang heard this, he immediately put down the toast in his hand, and looked at the three little milk dogs who were huddled together sleeping foolishly in the corner, still a little bit reluctant.

Seeing that Gu Yang had finished eating, Fan Yuan took out a tissue and wiped Gu Yang’s mouth.

Gu Yang raised his head, pouted and obediently asked Fan Yuan to wipe.

“If you like them, it’s not too late to raise them after graduation.” Fan Yuan said suddenly.

Gu Yang’s eyes lit up, and he nodded vigorously.

He raised his head and looked at Fan Yuan with the same expression as usual, a little dazed.

There seemed to be something else in Fan Yuan’s black eyes, but there also didn’t seem to be anything else.

The arrival of Father Fan and Mother Fan and the pregnancy of Mother Fan still had an impact on Fan Yuan.

Even though he looked the same as usual, Gu Yang knew that Fan Yuan was not happy.

After breakfast, Fan Yuan planned to go to the study to study, but told Gu Yang that he could go to sleep for a while instead of pressing Gu Yang to study together like before.

But Gu Yang was unwilling and clamored to accompany Fan Yuan, so Fan Yuan could only take him with him.

Throughout the morning, Gu Yang had been quietly by Fan Yuan’s side, not talking too much, not being mischievous, just quietly accompanying him.

After lunch, the person who came to adopt the three little milk dogs came.

Fan Yuan unlocked the door, and two girls came in holding hands.

Gu Yang hid behind Fan Yuan’s neck, watching the two girls who walked in slowly.

The two girls were in their twenties. One had empty eyes and seemed to be blind, while the other looked much more normal.

As soon as she entered the door, the normal-looking girl just smiled at Fan Yuan, tightly held the hand of the blind girl beside her, and did not speak for a long time.

Under the guidance of another girl, the blind girl opened her mouth in Fan Yuan’s direction, “Hello, we are here to pick up the three puppies. This is my sister. She can’t speak, sorry.”

When the girl finished speaking, Gu Yang was stunned for a moment. Of the two girls holding hands tightly, one was blind and the other was mute.

Fan Yuan brought the three little milk dogs in front of the two girls, and the girl who couldn’t speak immediately picked up one and carefully handed it to the blind girl’s arms.

The blind girl hugged the chubby little milk dog and smiled happily.

“Please feel rest assured. Although our situation is a bit special, we are not short of money or time. We will definitely be able to take good care of these three little guys.”

The two girls didn’t stay long, and quickly left with the three puppies in their arms.

After the two girls left, Gu Yang got out from Fan Yuan’s neck.

For a while, there was a bit of silence between the two of them.

Fan Yuan stood up first. Gu Yang thought that Fan Yuan was going to the study again, but unexpectedly, Fan Yuan took Gu Yang back to the bedroom and took him to the bed.

Outside the window was the mild sunlight in winter, the two of them were lying on the bed together. Gu Yang pressed against Fan Yuan’s neck tightly, and did not ask Fan Yuan what he was going to do.

Fan Yuan raised his hand and gently stroked Gu Yang’s back:

“Sleep with me for a while.”

Gu Yang nodded against Fan Yuan’s neck, and the two of them closed their eyes together.

The sun was sinking, and the light in the house was getting dimmer.

Gu Yang fell asleep unknowingly, and when he opened his eyes again, there was only a little yellow light in the room, it was dusk at this time.

Fan Yuan was not on the bed, but stood by the window, leaning against the wall on one side, looking out the window.

Gu Yang sat up and looked at Fan Yuan’s back.

At eighteen years old, Fan Yuan’s back already had the outline of an adult, and the halo of the sunset seemed to cast a shadow over his entire body.

Looking at Fan Yuan’s back, those things that Gu Yang had read in the book “Fan Yuan”, about Fan Yuan’s experience when he was kidnapped, resurfaced and circulated in Gu Yang’s mind again and again.

Gu Yang stood up, walked slowly to the bed, stretched out his hands, but couldn’t reach Fan Yuan.

He was really too small now, with such a small figure and such short arms, he wanted to hug Fan Yuan, but he couldn’t do anything.

Gu Yang’s eyes reflected Fan Yuan’s figure, reflecting the halo of dusk, and his heart began to be irritable and agitated.

He wanted to hug Fan Yuan, he couldn’t wait! He wanted to hug Fan Yuan, right now!

Countless green rays of light escaped from the little Gu Yang’s body, and the bright green light spots slowly spread in the air and floated in front of Fan Yuan’s eyes.

Gu Yang seemed to have sensed something, immediately reached out and took off the necklace around his neck, and curled up into a small ball.

Fan Yuan looked at the green light spot floating in front of his eyes, turned his eyes away from the flowers outside the window, and looked at the glass of the window, the figure of Gu Yang behind him was reflected on the glass.

At this time, Gu Yang was being surrounded by green light bit by bit, the green light was continuously superimposed, the color was getting stronger, and the light cluster was gradually expanding.

The flower stalks that covered the bedroom began to stir, and continued to spread along the wall, slowly climbing, stretching out branches towards Fan Yuan who was leaning against the window.

A few flower stems climbed up to Fan Yuan’s ankle little by little, and slowly wound and grew along the ankle.

Fan Yuan felt the flower stems wrapped around his body, but he still leaned there and did not move.

He looked at the glass in front of him, and Gu Yang’s indistinct figure wrapped in green light was reflected in the glass.

That vague figure was gradually approaching Fan Yuan.

Suddenly, an overly fair and cool hand stretched out from behind Fan Yuan and covered Fan Yuan’s eyes.

At the same time, the soft body pressed against Fan Yuan’s back.

The green light in the room gradually faded, revealing Gu Yang’s suddenly enlarged figure.

His skin was fairer than before, his black hair grew a little longer, hanging around his shoulders and neck, and his black pupils completely turned green.

Gu Yang covered Fan Yuan’s eyes with one hand, stretched out his other hand, and hugged Fan Yuan’s waist tightly.

“Fan Yuan, I will accompany you.”

Fan Yuan’s eyes were covered by Gu Yang, and Gu Yang pressed him tightly behind him. The green flower stems were still spreading, entwining and binding the two of them together from the ankles.

Gu Yang rested his forehead on the back of Fan Yuan’s neck, hugging Fan Yuan quietly.

Fan Yuan suddenly raised his hand, stroked Gu Yang’s hand covering his eyes, and wanted to take it off.

Gu Yang’s hand trembled slightly, but he still stubbornly covered Fan Yuan’s eyes, refusing to take it off.

He raised his head from Fan Yuan’s neck, looked at the figure reflected in the glass, looked at his own green eyes and too fair skin.

“Fan Yuan, don’t look at me now.”

After hearing this, Fan Yuan only paused for a moment, and still took Gu Yang’s hand away from his eyes.

The two of them stared at each other through the glass of the window, and Gu Yang took the first step to avoid the gaze.

Fan Yuan held his hand and turned around, and Gu Yang lowered his head, his body shaking a little.

The slightly long black hair hung down to block Gu Yang’s eyes. Fan Yuan reached out and lifted Gu Yang’s chin, carefully looking at Gu Yang’s emerald green eyes and the abnormally fair skin all over his body.

“Why don’t you let me look?” Fan Yuan asked.

Gu Yang’s emerald green eyelashes trembled, and he said softly:

“I don’t look good right now.”

Fan Yuan lowered his head slowly, his dark eyes met Gu Yang’s emerald green eyes.

“Gu Yang, you are very good-looking, no matter what you look like, you have always been good-looking.”

After saying that, Fan Yuan’s gaze slowly moved down from Gu Yang’s eyes, and fell on Gu Yang’s slightly parted lips.

In contrast to the pale skin, Gu Yang’s lips were even more red.

Looking at Gu Yang’s slightly parted lips, Fan Yuan slowly lowered his head.

The two people’s breaths intertwined and the distance was infinitely narrowed.

Gu Yang’s heart was beating faster and faster. The flower stems wrapped around Fan Yuan’s body seemed to be out of control, and slowly climbed from Fan Yuan’s back to Fan Yuan’s neck, rubbing it unconsciously, revealing Gu Yang’s heart without a doubt.

As Fan Yuan kept approaching, Gu Yang raised his hands unconsciously, wrapping his arms around Fan Yuan’s neck.

“Fan Yuan, I…”

After saying that, Gu Yang suddenly went limp, closed his eyes and fell backwards.

Fan Yuan reached out to catch Gu Yang, but as soon as his arms wrapped around Gu Yang’s waist, Gu Yang turned back into a small one with a “bang” and fell into Fan Yuan’s palm.

The ever-spreading flower stalks in the bedroom stopped at this moment, and slowly withdrew from Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang whose shrunk again, a white and tender little one lying on his palm, and the little clothes on his body torn when he got bigger.

The light in the house completely disappeared, and it became dark.

In the darkness, Fan Yuan lowered his head, but in the end he just kissed Gu Yang’s little head lightly.

This sudden increase in Gu Yang’s size required no less effort than making the yard full of flowers in an instant.

In the middle of the night, Gu Yang suddenly opened his eyes and sat up from the bed.

Fan Yuan was breathing steadily beside him. Gu Yang raised his hand to cover his face, the figure of Fan Yuan leaning over before he fainted kept replaying in his mind.

Thinking about it, Gu Yang couldn’t help drooping his small chest.

If he supported it for a while longer, he might have gotten kissed by Fan Yuan!

Gu Yang regretted it so much, he hanged down his chest and lowered the quilt twice to relieve his anger.

Fan Yuan slept peacefully next to Gu Yang. If it was in the past, Father Fan and Mother Fan came to make such a fuss, Fan Yuan would definitely have nightmares at night, but at this moment, Fan Yuan was sleeping soundly.

Gu Yang carefully crawled to Fan Yuan’s side in the dark, stretched out his small hand to touch Fan Yuan’s face, and sighed softly.

He was not reconciled, he wanted to kiss.

Sitting cross-legged on the bed, Gu Yang began to recall the feeling when he suddenly grew bigger before.

He held his breath, his limbs were straining, his whole body was so tense that he was trembling a little, and he made a vigorous sound of “Mmmmmmmm”.

However, he didn’t grow bigger again even when he stretched out on the bed.

Fan Yuan who was lying beside Gu Yang suddenly spoke:

“Gu Yang, you didn’t wet the bed, did you?”

Gu Yang was startled, his whole body froze, and he looked in the direction of Fan Yuan in the darkness.

Fan Yuan got up and turned on the bedside lamp. As soon as the light came on, Gu Yang immediately clamped his short legs.

He had no clothes on!

Fan Yuan looked carefully at the bed, as if he really wanted to make sure if Gu Yang wet the bed.

Gu Yang was a little annoyed by Fan Yuan’s behavior. When Fan Yuan leaned over to check again, he raised his hand and patted the tip of Fan Yuan’s nose.

“Fan Yuan! Do you think I’m stupid, still bedwetting at this age!”

In the blink of an eye, Gu Yang seemed to see Fan Yuan seem to smile, but when he looked carefully, he found there was nothing.

Fan Yuan moved closer to little Gu Yang and looked at him carefully.

“What are you fussing about?”

Gu Yang’s little face blushed immediately when he was asked, and he turned his head, embarrassed to say it.

What should he say, say he wants to grow up and kiss you?

Fan Yuan didn’t seem to want to get an answer from Gu Yang, he stretched out his fingertips and tapped Gu Yang’s small head, then slowly moved his fingertips down along the small head, pressing against Gu Yang’s small chest to push him down. 

Gu Yang was taken aback, curled up tightly with his short legs, held Fan Yuan’s fingertips in both hands, and stared at him with wide eyes.

“What are you doing?”

Fan Yuan propped himself on top of little Gu Yang, his gaze fell on him, seeing him from beginning to end.

“How many days has it been since I bit you?”

Gu Yang was taken aback. If Fan Yuan didn’t say anything, he would have forgotten. Because he was too small, it was inconvenient to bite, he had only bitten Fan Yuan a few times, around 9 or 10 times, and it didn’t really hurt.

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang, stretched out his hand and turned little Gu Yang over again, letting him lie on the bed, his fingertips were still pressing him, making him unable to get up.

Gu Yang was lying on the bed, with his hands stretched behind his back to cover his little butt, the little one was red from head to toe, crawling forward humming, begging for mercy while crawling:

“Fan Yuan, stop making trouble, I will stop making trouble, let’s go to bed.”

Fan Yuan slowly lowered his head:

“I didn’t make trouble.”

As he spoke, he cautiously opened his mouth and gently bit Gu Yang’s small back, using very little force, barely even making contact.

However, Gu Yang seemed to have been greatly stimulated. He took a deep breath, his limbs trembled, and with a “bang”, it suddenly grew bigger.

Fan Yuan pressing Gu Yang who had suddenly grown in size, was also stunned for a moment.

Obviously, even Gu Yang didn’t expect it. He had been trying so hard to grow bigger but didn’t seem to have made any progress. Yet, after being bitten by Fan Yuan, he suddenly felt a sensation and reverted back to his previous size, which startled him.

Fan Yuan quickly realized that he was still pressing Gu Yang to prevent him from getting up.

Then Fan Yuan lowered his head and directly opened his mouth to bite Gu Yang’s back, and this time he didn’t hold back his strength.

“Alright, just give me back what I have accumulated these days.”

Gu Yang laid prone on the bed, his cheeks buried in the quilt, his back could not help arching slightly, and his white fingertips tightly grasped the dark sheets.

The bedside lamp dimmed again, and there were only occasional vague sounds in the room.

As the night wore on, the morning light shone into the bedroom.

On the big bed, Fan Yuan was lying in the middle of the bed, with a little Gu Yang lying beside the pillow.

It’s just that on this little Gu Yang’s white and tender back, there were tooth marks and some bright red marks that have shrunk with his size.

When the light shone on the faces of the two people, Fan Yuan slowly opened his eyes, and his black eyes regained consciousness in an instant.

Little Gu Yang also arched his body, grunting and waking up. He half-opened his eyes, half-crawled forward and half-squeezed into Fan Yuan’s neck. His little hand grabbed Fan Yuan’s strand of black hair tightly. He squeezed tightly, and occasionally rubbed against the teeth marks on his back, and yelled twice in an aggrieved way.

Fan Yuan turned over, faced Gu Yang, stretched out his arms to embrace little Gu Yang, hugged him to his heart, slowly gathered his limbs, and protected little Gu Yang in his heart.

Gu Yang kept moaning and whimpering, but after being hugged tightly by Fan Yuan, he became silent, closed his half-opened eyes again, and fell asleep again.

The little Gu Yang, while being wronged, leaned into the arms of the culprit, sharing all the warmth of each other.

Fan Yuan pulled the quilt over with his hand, and covered the two of them in the darkness again, blocking the sunlight coming in from the window.

They hid in the dark, clinging to each other.

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