Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 48

Chapter 48

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Fan Yuan woke up Gu Yang at the last moment when he was about to be late, and the two of them quickly packed up, finished breakfast, and went to school by car.

Zhuo Wan was no stranger to Fan Yuan’s punctual arrival at class, as long as he was not late, she would turn a blind eye.

Fan Yuan returned to his seat and put little Gu Yang into the table. Gu Yang was sitting there holding his little collar and sulking.

Due to the fact that he can grow in size, Fan Yuan thinks that small Gu Yang cannot control when he will grow, so he does not allow him to wear the small collar again, for fear that an accident might happen while he grows.

Fan Yuan had already made a decision, no matter how much Gu Yang persuaded him, he couldn’t persuade Fan Yuan, so at this moment he could only hold his small collar and sulk. With his two short legs crossed together, his cheeks were almost bulging with anger.

During the quiet morning self-study, Pan Fei in the front row secretly passed something over. It was a beautifully wrapped gift box, about a circle larger than an A4 paper, with a sticky note full of words on it.

“Last time when I was celebrating my birthday, thank you for your help. I always wanted to thank you but I didn’t know how to say it. I just made this. I hope you like it. Say hello to Gu Yang for me.”

After seeing Pan Fei passing something over, Gu Yang put down the small collar in his arms, stood up and ran to the table, and tiptoed over to look.

Fan Yuan reached out to take Gu Yang, put him on the table, put the gift box next to Gu Yang, and let him open it himself.

Gu Yang immediately laid down on it, stretched out his short hands and began to forcefully unwrap the gift box.

Although he was small, his movements were very agile, and he tore off the wrapping paper in a few strokes, revealing the gift box inside.

Fan Yuan helped him open the gift box, revealing the contents inside.

It was a picture that had already been framed, and it showed Fan Yuan and Gu Yang.

Gu Yang pressed the glass on the painting with both hands, and couldn’t help but open his mouth and let out a “wow”.

In the painting, Fan Yuan and Gu Yang were looking into the distance with their backs facing each other. Although their backs were facing each other, their hands were still holding each other.

Under the feet of the two, there were two roads stretching into the distance.

Under Fan Yuan’s feet was a dark path like an abyss, while under Gu Yang’s feet was a hot, hot red path. Originally, they were two paths that did not intersect, but they overlapped and intersected under the feet of two people.

At Pan Fei’s birthday party last time, Fan Yuan’s reckless appearance in a fight left a deep impression on Pan Fei, allowing her to see the other side of their perfect male god, Class Monitor Fan, hidden under the mask, the tip of the iceberg.

Gu Yang’s attention had been attracted by this painting at the moment, he pressed the glass frame on the painting, carefully looked up and down, and praised while watching, his small mouth kept talking:

“Pan Fei is such a talented woman, she is so powerful, looks like she can do everything!”

Fan Yuan looked at the painting on the table, to be precise, he looked at the little Gu Yang lying on the paintings.

He tapped the edge of the table lightly with his fingertips, made a sound to attract Gu Yang’s attention, and when Gu Yang looked over, he asked him:

“Do you like paintings?”

Gu Yang nodded vigorously: “I like it, look how good the painting is.”

Fan Yuan got the answer but didn’t say anything, it seemed like he was just asking casually.

Gu Yang didn’t care, he got up from the painting, climbed to the table, and pointed to the small collar in the table.

“Fan Yuan, pass that to me.”

Fan Yuan glanced at the small collar that was thrown on the table, Gu Yang was sulking all morning because of this, and now he still wanted it.

“You can’t wear it.” Fan Yuan didn’t move.

Gu Yang was not angry anymore, he shook his head after hearing Fan Yuan’s words, and shook Fan Yuan’s fingertips flatteringly.

“I won’t wear it anymore, just pass it to me.”

Only then did Fan Yuan take out the small collar from the table and hand it to Gu Yang. Gu Yang held his small collar and waved to Fan Yuan with a mysterious look on his face.

The surroundings of the desks were blocked by fallen textbooks, no one could see the little Gu Yang sitting on Fan Yuan’s desk.

Fan Yuan lowered his head slightly and leaned over, wanting to see what Gu Yang was going to do.

Gu Yang stood up with the collar in his arms, went to Fan Yuan’s hand and sat down again.

He put the small collar on his lap, reached out to hold Fan Yuan’s fingertips, and felt around Fan Yuan’s fingers with his two small hands, as if he was measuring the size.

After a while, Gu Yang picked up the small collar and carefully put it on Fan Yuan’s ring finger. He adjusted the size of the collar and then looked up at Fan Yuan. Then he lowered his head, puckered his small mouth, and kissed Fan Yuan’s ring finger.

“Since I can’t wear it now, I’ll put it on for you, promise me that you won’t take it off!”

Gu Yang tightly pressed Fan Yuan’s fingers with his two small hands, and looked at him expectantly.

Fan Yuan moved his fingertips, feeling the presence of the collar on the fingertip when the fingertip moved, and agreed.

“Okay, I won’t take it off.”

Gu Yang laughed immediately, lowered his head and put his small face on the back of Fan Yuan’s hand, rubbing it dependently.

“You promised!”

The painting that Pan Fei gave was put back into the gift box carefully and placed on the table, while the small collar that Fan Yuan gave to Gu Yang was transferred from Gu Yang’s neck to Fan Yuan’s own finger.

Gu Yang was very satisfied with this, even when Fan Yuan fed him at noon, he was happy to eat a lot more.

After lunch, the two came out of the storage room, only to see a few people fighting around the corner.

It was said to be a fight, but in fact, three people were beating one person unilaterally, and the beaten person laid on the ground with his head in his arms, without saying a word.

Both Fan Yuan and Gu Yang were not nosy people, and they were planning to leave when passing by the group of people. However, as Gu Yang hid in Fan Yuan’s neck and looked down, he saw that the person lying on the ground with closed eyes and silent was Wang Hang.

Wang Hang was Gu Yang’s good friend, a friend who fought, skipped class and caused trouble with Gu Yang. Although they were friends who got into trouble together, he was a bit silly and foolish at times.

After Gu Yang came here, except for the beginning, he hadn’t contacted Wang Hang for a long time.

Seeing that the person being beaten was Wang Hang, Gu Yang couldn’t help pulling the hair on Fan Yuan’s cheek.

“Fan Yuan! Wait a minute!”

Shangshu High School was a private high school. In addition to the first few classes with excellent grades, there were also classes that gathered students with various problems. Wang Hang was in such a class.

Originally, Gu Yang should be there too, but Gu Yang’s parents loved their child too much, and donated several teaching buildings out of nowhere, so Gu Yang could be put in class one.

The students who were beating people obviously knew Fan Yuan. After all, Fan Yuan was a well-known all-round male god in the school. Besides, Fan Yuan’s family background was something they couldn’t mess with.

Seeing Fan Yuan stop, looking like he wanted to meddle in other people’s business, the three of them stopped one after another, spat at Wang Hang who was lying on the ground, and left reluctantly.

After the people walked away, Wang Hang got up from the ground with a numb face, and when he saw Fan Yuan, a very obvious hostility appeared on his face immediately.

Fan Yuan just glanced at Wang Hang lightly, then turned and left.

Wang Hang watched Fan Yuan walking away, and suddenly called out to Fan Yuan.

“Fan Yuan!”

Fan Yuan stopped, but didn’t look back at him.

Gu Yang nestled in Fan Yuan’s neck a little nervously, and looked back at Wang Hang.

What was this Wang Hang going to do? Could it be to trouble Fan Yuan?

But Wang Hang mentioned Gu Yang to Fan Yuan:

“Fan Yuan, don’t think that you know Gu Yang. Although Gu Yang seems to have a good relationship with you now, I know him. He is not a good boy like you! He will come back to me sooner or later! He is just temporarily interested in the lives of you good children!”

Fan Yuan finally turned his head and glanced at Wang Hang indifferently:

“Is that the case?”

Wang Hang clenched his fists and shouted:

“Of course! Sooner or later, Gu Yang will hate the life of a good boy like you!”

Gu Yang’s whole body was tense, and he sat stiffly on Fan Yuan’s neck.

Obviously, Fan Yuan’s “is that the case?” was not asking Wang Hang, but Gu Yang.

Gu Yang moved his body forward, pressed against Fan Yuan’s ear tightly, and promised in a low voice but earnestly:

“I’m not, Fan Yuan, don’t listen to his nonsense, you know me best!”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak any more. Feeling the heat from little Gu Yang blowing in his ears, he raised his hand to grab little Gu Yang from his neck, stuffed him into his pocket, and held him firmly in his palm. His expression obviously didn’t change, but it was chilling.

Going back sooner or later?

Fan Yuan slightly tightened the strength in his hands, letting Gu Yang stay in his hands, without the slightest possibility of resistance.

Gu Yang was grabbed by Fan Yuan obediently. He liked Fan Yuan’s tight grip. It was warm and comfortable. In addition, he had just had a full meal so he soon fell asleep. Before the two of them walked back to the classroom, Gu Yang had already fallen asleep in Fan Yuan’s pocket.

Back in the classroom, Fan Yuan took Gu Yang out of his pocket, and saw that Gu Yang was sleeping soundly with his head tilted in his hands, his mouth slightly opened, and his saliva was about to flow down.

Fan Yuan thought of Wang Hang’s words again, looked at the unsuspecting little Gu Yang who was sleeping in his hands, and exhaled lightly.

After only a short while of sleeping, Gu Yang was poked awake by Fan Yuan’s fingertips. He felt aggrieved as he was forced to study while being pinned down on the desk. With a small pen in hand, he angrily scribbled on the paper a few times, accidentally puncturing a hole in it. He anxiously glanced at Fan Yuan, who was attentively listening to the lecture, before putting down the pen in his arms and sneakily shuffling forward to cover the hole with his bottom, trying to cover up his mistake.

Fan Yuan saw what Gu Yang did, but he didn’t intend to expose him.

As a result, when Fan Yuan was about to turn the page, the place Gu Yang was pressing on could no longer be hidden, and Fan Yuan pushed his small body away with his fingertips, revealing a big opening underneath.

Gu Yang sat beside him nervously, ready for Fan Yuan to scold him, but Fan Yuan calmly turned to the next page without saying anything.

Seeing Fan Yuan begin to study hard again, Gu Yang heaved a sigh of relief, and patted his chest again.

At this moment, Fan Yuan suddenly pushed little Gu Yang down on the table, and rubbed his fingertips against Gu Yang’s cheeks.

“If you don’t want to be punished, just study hard.”

Gu Yang was startled. He held Fan Yuan’s fingertips stupidly, nodded vigorously, and promised in a low voice:

“I know! I must study hard! I will never disappoint Papa Fan’s expectations!”

Fan Yuan pinched Gu Yang’s tender face again, and then let him go.

The two of them, one big and one small, began to listen to the class seriously. Now they were in their senior year of high school, and the courses were urgent. Although Gu Yang had Fang Yuan to help him catch up anytime, he dared not slack off too much.

Time passed quickly, and school was over in the evening.

The two of them sat in the car, and when they passed the construction site, Gu Yang nestled in Fan Yuan’s neck and kept looking back.

After the big tree fell, the hot discussion on the Internet lasted less than a day, and was immediately suppressed by the new hot discussion. Construction continued on the construction site, and the place where the big tree used to grow was covered by cement.

Fan Yuan suddenly reached out and grabbed Gu Yang, put him on his lap, held Gu Yang in both hands, rubbing Gu Yang’s cheek with two fingers.

“What are you looking at?”

Gu Yang’s small face was deformed by Fan Yuan’s fingertips, and he answered vaguely:

“I can feel that the tree is growing well and happy in its new place.”

“En.” Fan Yuan replied softly.

At home in the evening, Fan Yuan put Gu Yang in the bedroom, turned around and locked himself in the study, not letting Gu Yang in.

Usually, Fan Yuan always insisted on taking Gu Yang to study with him, and the sometimes he didn’t take Gu Yang with him, there was definitely a problem.

Gu Yang controlled the flower stem and carried him close to the door of the study, and knocked on the door.

It was unclear what Fan Yuan was doing in the study, he didn’t open the door for Gu Yang.

Gu Yang sat cross-legged on the flower stem, frowning as he looked at the closed study door. In fact, he could control the flower stem to get into the crack of the door and open the door, but Fan Yuan would definitely be unhappy.

In the end, Gu Yang could only go back to the bedroom dejectedly. With a disappointed look on his face, he slumped onto the bed, kicking his legs out of boredom.

Just kicking his legs twice, Gu Yang suddenly sat up.

He turned his head and looked at the bedside table. The first drawer of the bedside table was locked.

Gu Yang’s gaze turned. He saw Fan Yuan’s overcoat thrown aside again, and then a smirk slowly rose on Gu Yang’s small face.

Fan Yuan locked the things that Pan Fei gave him back then in that drawer, no matter how much he begged Fan Yuan, Fan Yuan refused to show him.

During this period of time, because he became smaller, Fan Yuan relaxed his vigilance towards him.

Gu Yang immediately controlled the flower stem, found the key from Fan Yuan’s coat pocket, and used the key to open the drawer of the bedside table.

In the drawer was a USB flash drive and a thick black notebook.

Gu Yang looked at the notebook, he wanted to open it very much, but he was afraid of offending Fan Yuan, so he gave up in the end, he just controlled the flower stem and took out the USB flash drive.

There was a laptop in the bedroom. Gu Yang controlled the flower stems to wrap around the laptop and put it on the bed. He opened the lid of the laptop with both hands, pressed the switch, and plugged in the small USB drive. He felt a little excited.

Gu Yang rubbed his little hands and opened the folder in the USB flash drive.

“Panfei 38 styles? What is this?”

After speaking, Gu Yang couldn’t wait to open the folder, and found that there were pictures that were shrunk down one after another. He clicked on the first one, and the suddenly enlarged picture immediately brought a huge shock to Gu Yang.

He looked at the two overlapping people in the picture, his little face gradually turned red, and the temperature on his body began to rise.

Gu Yang took a deep breath and flipped through them one by one. The more he looked, the more surprised he became, and the more he blushed. He reached out and unbuttoned the first two buttons of his small clothes, and fanned cool air with his small hands.

But even so, he still felt that his whole body was getting hotter and hotter, and the heat spread with his limbs, and finally gathered in his chest.

He never imagined that what Pan Fei gave him would be such a miraculous thing, and what made him even more dizzy was that Fan Yuan had seen these things a long time ago, and locked the small USB drive in a drawer to not let him see.

Gu Yang stood up, pulled the lid of the laptop to close with two small hands, and sat cross-legged on it, but his mind was always recalling those 38 pictures over and over again unconsciously.

The more he wanted to control himself not to think, the more he became addicted and couldn’t stop thinking about it.

The flower stalks in the bedroom showed Gu Yang’s heart, and they also became agitated, climbing on the wall and slowly growing and spreading outward.

Dots of green light gradually diffused in the bedroom, floating in the air, and gathered on Gu Yang’s body little by little.

In the hazy green light, Gu Yang’s figure gradually expanded, and finally returned to his previous body shape.

After the green light dissipated, Gu Yang held his forehead with one hand, and opened his eyes after a while. The emerald green pupils were particularly conspicuous under the dim light of the bedroom.

He looked down at his hands and muttered to himself, “I got bigger again…”

Then Gu Yang’s eyes lit up, he stood up and pulled out a large shirt from Fan Yuan’s closet, put it on, quickly fastened a few buttons, and because of his anxiety, the buttons were all wrong. Finally he pulled out a pair of underpants, got up, held the small USB flash drive, and rushed out barefoot.

Gu Yang came to the door of the study with the USB flash drive, raised his hand and began to knock on the door.

“Fan Yuan! Fan Yuan! Look what I found! You secretly looked at these things behind my back and didn’t let me see them!”

Gu Yang kept knocking on the door, the sound of knocking on the door was obviously different from the previous knocking on the door with a small body, Fan Yuan could hear the difference, finally opened the door of the study, and saw a man standing at the door wearing a large shirt with crooked buttons.

The next moment, a USB flash drive was held up in front of Fan Yuan by Gu Yang. Gu Yang smiled with a pair of emerald green eyes, with a smug look on his face.

“Fan Yuan, you! How many times did you say you peeked at this thing behind my back? Unexpectedly, you usually are so serious, but…”

Fan Yuan interrupted Gu Yang: “I didn’t peek, I only saw it once.”

After speaking, he took the USB flash drive from Gu Yang’s hand, turned around and approached the study, and locked the USB flash drive in the study drawer again.

Gu Yang was a little dissatisfied when he saw this: “What’s wrong with looking, we’re all adults, seeing it won’t make us lose a piece of meat…”

Having said that, Gu Yang suddenly lowered his tone, leaned in front of Fan Yuan, and breathed into Fan Yuan’s black eyes.

“Fan Yuan, you are not embarrassed, are you?”

Fan Yuan pushed Gu Yang away, took a step back and leaned against the large desk.

Only then did Gu Yang see an easel standing beside the desk, covered with a white cloth, so he couldn’t see what was painted inside.

Fan Yuan crossed his arms, looked at Gu Yang, and preached in a cold voice:

“Gu Yang, you are just a senior in high school, and so am I. The most important thing now is to study. Before the college entrance examination, don’t think too much about anything.”

Gu Yang curled his lips and muttered: “Old fashioned.”

As he said that, Gu Yang suddenly walked to the easel in three steps, and yanked off the white cloth covering the easel.

Fan Yuan seemed to have expected that Gu Yang would do this, and did not stop him.

Gu Yang looked at the easel expectantly, the white cloth fell, revealing a blank space on the canvas, nothing was painted on it.

Next to it was the paint that had been prepared a long time ago. It was obvious that Fan Yuan really wanted to paint something, but for some reason he stayed in the study for so long, but he never started to paint.

Looking at the blank canvas, Gu Yang suddenly tilted his head to look at Fan Yuan.

“Fan Yuan, you want to draw a picture? Why don’t you draw me? I’ll be your model.”

As he spoke, Gu Yang walked over to the desk and climbed up, sitting cross-legged on the black desk. He pulled down the hem of his shirt and straightened it, his slightly long black hair falling loosely on his neck. His emerald eyes half-closed, he looked a bit shy as he gazed at Fan Yuan, his fair skin taking on a faint pinkish hue.

Looking at Gu Yang like this, Fan Yuan was silent for a moment, then walked to the easel, picked up the brush and began to draw.

He had to look at Gu Yang when he drew two strokes, and the heat that had dissipated from Gu Yang’s body began to gather again with his focused gaze.

Gu Yang glanced wildly, and landed on the brushes scattered on the corner of the desk.

He looked at the paintbrush and thought for a moment. He reached for the thinnest paintbrush, leaned over and dipped it into the paint palette in Fan Yuan’s hand. He casually unbuttoned one more button on his shirt that was already unbuttoned, and slightly opened the shirt to reveal his fair chest.

Gu Yang held the paintbrush, turned his fingertips, and was about to write on his chest. Just as the pen tip was about to touch his skin, Fan Yuan stopped him by grabbing his wrist.

Fan Yuan looked down at Gu Yang, and pulled his hand, taking the paintbrush away.

“What are you up to?”

Gu Yang raised his head and raised the corners of his mouth at Fan Yuan, revealing to Fan Yuan a most familiar cute smile.

“Since you want to paint me, of course it has to be special.”

With that said, Gu Yang turned to hand the brush in his hand to Fan Yuan.

“Here, write it for me.”

Gu Yang pointed to his exposed chest:

“Right here, as before, write your name.”

Fan Yuan took the paintbrush, and his gaze fell on Gu Yang’s chest. The skin there was fair and smooth. It used to have his name Fan Yuan on it.

The shirt was loosely opened. Fan Yuan was standing by the desk, he could see a few tooth marks with a bright red background on the back of Gu Yang’s shoulders and neck.

Gu Yang watched Fan Yuan turn the brush. Thinking that Fan Yuan was about to write on his chest, his heart beat faster and he became nervous.

Unexpectedly, Fan Yuan changed hands and threw the brush into the bucket, the bucket splashed, and the paint on the brush spread in the water.

Gu Yang looked at the bucket, feeling a little disappointed:

“Why…don’t you write?”

His emerald green eyes looked at Fan Yuan. His raised neck was slender and fragile, and he opened it to Fan Yuan defenselessly.

Fan Yuan raised his fingertips and lightly touched the corners of Gu Yang’s eyes.

Gu Yang blinked, and the eyelash feathers of the same color as the pupils trembled, like a pair of butterflies fluttering their wings.

The slightly cool fingertips moved down slowly, across Gu Yang’s cheeks, past his neck, and finally stopped on his chest.

On the chest, with fingertips sliding slowly, horizontally and vertically, Fan Yuan was writing his name with his fingertips.

Fan Yuan lowered his head and approached Gu Yang’s ear, his warm breath blowing over Gu Yang’s ear.

“The paint is poisonous.”

Gu Yang couldn’t help raising his hands, one hand climbed onto Fan Yuan’s arm, and the other hand grabbed Fan Yuan’s shirt.

He lowered his eyelids, closed his eyes slightly, and felt the direction of the strokes on his chest.

The word Fan Yuan, a total of twenty-six strokes, was gently written on Gu Yang’s chest one by one, but it seemed to take thousands of years to finish writing the twenty-six strokes.

Fan Yuan made the last stroke, straightened his body, and looked at Gu Yang who was in a daze.

He raised his hand and slowly unbuttoned Gu Yang’s buttons one by one. Gu Yang turned his head sideways, closed his eyes, and trembled slightly.

Fan Yuan unbuttoned all the buttons of the large shirt on Gu Yang’s body, aligned the missing buttons, and re-buttoned them one by one, from bottom to top, until the last one.

After fastening the buttons, Fan Yuan stepped back, but Gu Yang grabbed his sleeve.

Gu Yang raised his eyes and looked at him, his eyes were full of doubts.

“You writing like this, I can’t see it.”

Fan Yuan gently pushed away Gu Yang’s hand, walked back to the easel, picked up the brush, and focused on Gu Yang who was sitting on the black desk.

“I can see.”

“Gu Yang, you have my mark on your body, only I can see it.”

Gu Yang’s eyelashes trembled slightly. He lowered his eyes, sat on the table obediently, and stopped asking.

Fan Yuan waved the paintbrush and drew very quickly, and gradually there were some outlines on the canvas.

On the canvas, on the dark desk, sat a fair-skinned young man. The young man had emerald green eyes, loose black hair, and distinctive green eyelashes. He was wearing a large shirt, but the buttons were fastened. The shirt was too big, and from the edge of the wide neckline, a few black writings down the collarbone could still be seen.

Behind him was a closed window, surrounded by boundless blackness, but his eyes were clear and bright.

He had wings to fly, and he had an exit to leave, but he was willing to stay here.

This painting was finally hung in the cage house at the end of the corridor. This was the first painting in the cage house, but not the last one.

Gu Yang accompanied Fan Yuan, watched him hang the painting inside, watching him close the iron door and lock it.

The lines on the iron gate were treacherous, locking the sincerity that the devil was willing to take out.

Seeing Fan Yuan standing there without moving after locking the door, Gu Yang reached out and grabbed Fan Yuan’s hand.

“Fan Yuan?”

Fan Yuan finally turned his head, his black eyes were half down, and the corners of his mouth slightly curled up.

“It’s okay, let’s go, it’s time to sleep.”

Gu Yang nodded, obediently took Fan Yuan’s hand and walked beside him.

Behind the two people, the voice-activated lights in the corridor were extinguished one by one, completely sinking the huge iron door engraved with strange patterns into darkness.

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