Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 49

Chapter 49

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The two held hands, and as soon as they reached the door, Gu Yang became smaller with a “bang”, was caught by Fan Yuan, and laid in Fan Yuan’s hands, clutching his small head and humming, it took too much energy to grow bigger. Gu Yang felt dizzy at this moment, and the whole world was spinning.

Fan Yuan picked up the clothes that fell to the ground because Gu Yang became smaller, and was stunned when he picked up the underwear.

These were his underwear, not Gu Yang’s.

Seeing this, Gu Yang, who was covering his head, blushed immediately, turned around in Fan Yuan’s palm, and turned his back to Fan Yuan.

“I, that… I didn’t notice that I took the wrong one…”

Fan Yuan put the clothes he picked up aside, and teased little Gu Yang:

“Wasn’t it too big?”

Gu Yang “hummed”, and was stuffed under the quilt by Fan Yuan, pretending not to hear.

Fan Yuan rubbed Gu Yang’s little head:

“Go to sleep.”

Gu Yang was also exhausted, nodded and closed his eyes, breathing steadily and falling asleep soon.

This sleep was dreamless until midnight, when Gu Yang opened his eyes, he saw countless bright green light spots floating in the room, and the light spots moved slowly, as if they all came from outside.

He stood up and took a few steps forward, only to realize that he was directly floating in mid-air.

Only then did Gu Yang realize that he should be in a dream, not waking up from sleep.

He walked lightly in mid-air, approaching the bedroom window.

In the yard outside the window, the big tree in the center was constantly emitting green light spots, and those light spots seem to be guiding Gu Yang to walk over.

Gu Yang took a step forward, his body actually went through the closed window and went directly outside.

He walked in the air step by step, slowly approaching the big tree in the center.

As he approached, the night was fleeting, and the day came, with the dazzling sun above and the green grass all around, suddenly it was summer.

Gu Yang turned his head and saw that the upstairs window was open, with white screens floating, and he was even more sure that it was a dream.

Fan Yuan never used light-colored curtains or bed sheets. Everything at Fan Yuan’s was dark-colored, most of which were black, and there were very few light-colored things.

The big tree in the center of the courtyard had a huge canopy, covering the sky and the sun. The dense leaves danced with the wind, as if playing a piece of music full of vitality.

All things have spirits, and trees were one of the most important, especially these old trees.

Gu Yang walked to the big tree, and touched the rough trunk with his small hand. The moment his palm touched it, the surrounding scenery rotated violently, and the time-space transformation was completed in an instant.

After everything stopped, Gu Yang heard the sound of conversation coming from under the tree.

He lowered his head and saw a man in a suit and leather shoes under a tree scolding a child.

Gu Yang controlled his body to float down, saw the man’s face clearly and his heart skipped a beat, this was the much younger Father Fan. He immediately looked at the child opposite Father Fan, and sure enough, he saw the miniature version of Fan Yuan.

Little Fan Yuan was only five or six years old at this time, holding a plastic shovel in his hand, and there were a few small holes on the ground, obviously him just playing with digging.

Gu Yang floated in front of Fan Yuan, and found that none of them could see him.

The canopy made a loud noise. Gu Yang raised his head and looked at the lush canopy, a little suddenly, was all this the memory of this tree?

Father Fan bent down and pulled the plastic shovel from little Fan Yuan’s hand and threw it on the ground, then pulled at the mud-stained clothes on little Fan Yuan’s body and shook in disgust.

“Fan Yuan, what did I tell you? You are the only son of the Fan family, and your every move is in the eyes of others. I warned you not to do such demeaning things. Look at you, dirty, hurry up and take a shower!”

Little Fan Yuan lowered his head, pinching the hem of his clothes with a pair of small hands, his voice choked up:

“Yes… Dad.”

Father Fan heard little Fan Yuan’s cry, and stretched out his hand to pinch little Fan Yuan’s chin to force him to look up. Seeing the tear stains on little Fan Yuan’s face, his expression became more severe.

“Why are you crying? The children of the Fan family don’t need to cry! Next time I see you cry, I will definitely punish you severely! Hurry up and go to study!”

After Father Fan finished speaking, he turned around and left. Before leaving, he stepped on a small plastic shovel, and the fragile shovel broke into two pieces immediately.

Little Fan Yuan stood there crying for a long time, then wiped his eyes, picked up the broken shovel and walked into the house.

Gu Yang slowly fell to the ground, looking at the small pit on the ground, he felt uncomfortable as if something was blocked in his heart.

These were all in the book “Fan Yuan”, which was not described in detail, about Fan Yuan’s past.

He knelt down and touched the small pit. In the blink of an eye, the small pit disappeared, and the surrounding scene changed again.

Gu Yang stood up and found that midsummer had passed, and it was late autumn at this time, the leaves withered and yellow fell all over the ground.

Fan Yuan, who had grown up a bit, was lowering his head and listening to the reprimand of a luxuriously dressed woman standing in front of him, and that woman was Fan Yuan’s mother.

There was a bright red slap mark on Fan Yuan’s face. After the slap, Mother Fan seemed to be still angry. She stretched out her hand covered with bright red nails and tapped Fan Yuan’s shoulder, poking hard again and again.

“Fan Yuan! What’s the matter with you! Aren’t you always the first in your grade? Why did you only get second this time? Do you know how long I was laughed at by the other wives because of you?”

Gu Yang was heartbroken. He threw himself on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, trying to push Mother Fan away, but his little hand passed through Mother Fan’s figure. Gu Yang finally realized that these were all things that happened in the past to no avail.

Walking to the front of Fan Yuan, Gu Yang realized that Fan Yuan’s face was flushed abnormally, and he was obviously sick and had a fever, but Mother Fan still poked at Fan Yuan’s shoulders and reprimanded him, not caring about his physical condition.

As soon as Mother Fan finished scolding him and left, Fan Yuan did not cry this time. He just stood there with his head down. He remained there from dawn to dusk, until it was dark outside. Only then did Fan Yuan slowly walk back inside the house.

After Fan Yuan’s figure disappeared, the surrounding scene began to rotate rapidly again, and it was back to midsummer in a blink of an eye. This time, there was no Fan Yuan’s figure in front of the big tree.

But Gu Yang could hear a woman’s shrill scream from inside the room, and Gu Yang immediately flew in with his short legs.

In the hall on the first floor, Mother Fan screamed and threw things out. Porcelain, vases, ashtrays, everything at hand was thrown out.

In the direction she threw, stood Fan Yuan who was about thirteen or fourteen years old, but his body was unusually thin.

Father Fan rushed over and pulled Mother Fan into his arms. Mother Fan threw out another ashtray and hit Fan Yuan’s shoulder. Fan Yuan muffled a sound and took half a step back, but Father Fan and Mother Fan’s eyes were not on him.

Mother Fan hid in Father Fan’s arms and screamed: “Devil! Devil! Go away! Go away! Ahh—”

Father Fan hugged Mother Fan tightly, his face was full of distress, he turned his head to stare at Fan Yuan, and angrily reprimanded:

“Fan Yuan, why did you come down from upstairs! You clearly know that your mother has been weak since she was a child. Because of your incident, she was overly frightened. She had been unable to sleep for a long time, and her mental state has not been good. Why did you come here at this time to disturb her! You go out first! Get out!”

Gu Yang clenched his fists, trembling with anger, watching Fan Yuan turn around and leave in silence.

Mother Fan still hid in Father Fan’s arms and wept:

“I don’t want to do this! I told myself over and over again, he is my son! He is my son! But as soon as I closed my eyes, I saw him questioning me with bloody eyeballs, asking me why I didn’t save him! He threatened he is going to take my eyes out!…why…why did I give birth to such a horrible thing…”

Father Fan sighed repeatedly, and kept comforting Mother Fan in his arms.

Gu Yang chased Fan Yuan out, and as soon as he walked out of the gate, he found that time and space had changed again. At this time, there was fine snow outside the courtyard, and the canopy of the big tree was already bare, covered with a thick layer of snow.

Fan Yuan stood in front of the big bare tree with his back to him, looking up at the crown of the tree.

Gu Yang immediately ran over and floated in front of Fan Yuan. At this time, Fan Yuan had grown up a bit, and he already had the shadow of an eighteen-year-old Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan looked at the bare branches above his head, with a sadness that Gu Yang had never seen on his face.

The sadness was so heavy that it was hard to breathe, and there seemed to be light flashing in the black eyes, which contained tears that had never been shed.

The door of the villa was opened, Father Fan staggered over, walking towards Fan Yuan cursing.

Gu Yang saw with his own eyes the sadness on Fan Yuan’s face disappear little by little, and the corners of his mouth were slightly raised, revealing the usual polite smile on the face of eighteen-year-old Fan Yuan. He turned to face Father Fan who was walking towards him.

Father Fan seemed to have drunk too much, his suit was in a mess, he came over and grabbed Fan Yuan’s collar, stumbling and complaining:

“Did you know how many insults I have endured because of you? If it wasn’t for my decision back then, could the Fan family still be in their current position? Those people dare not say it to my face, but behind my back, they are constantly calling me heartless for abandoning my own flesh and blood. Why do they have the right to say that? How can we achieve great success without making sacrifices? Besides, you are still alive and well, it’s just a delay in rescue time… Who knew those criminals would have taken you hostage for ransom? Why should I be blamed for all these things?”

With a perfect smile, Fan Yuan gently pushed Father Fan’s hand away from his collar, and instead supported Father Fan’s arm.

“Father, you are drunk, I will help you into the house.”

Father Fan waved Fan Yuan’s hand away vigorously, squinted his eyes to look carefully at Fan Yuan’s face, and a distorted smile suddenly appeared on his face.

“You are worthy of being my son. When I rushed to the scene, I was scared. Fan Yuan, you are ruthless enough. You can take out the eyeballs of those hoodlums with your own hands at such a young age. You are much more ruthless than me. You are worthy of being my son……”

Fan Yuan’s expression remained unchanged, as if he was listening to someone else’s story. He stretched out his hand and pressed Father Fan’s shoulder slightly, leading Father Fan into the room semi-forcefully.

“Father, you drank too much.”

Gu Yang stayed where he was, and finally couldn’t bear it and sat on the ground and cried bitterly, crying until his breathing stopped, and crying until he couldn’t notice everything around him.

The fine snow was still drifting slowly, and the big bare tree behind him swayed with the wind, as if crying in mourning.

“Gu Yang? Gu Yang? Wake up!”

Gu Yang, who was crying bitterly, seemed to have heard Fan Yuan’s voice, he opened his eyes, and saw Fan Yuan in the dim light.

Gu Yang sat up sobbing, and found that he was surrounded by a familiar bedroom, the curtains were tightly closed, and there was only one bedside lamp on.

He woke up.

But after waking up from the dream, the grief still remained in Gu Yang’s body, and he still couldn’t control his tears.

Gu Yang stood up, a little one, crying and staggering into Fan Yuan’s arms. He wiped all the tears on Fan Yuan’s chest, sobbing, saying intermittently:

“Fan Yuan, Fan Yuan…I swear, I, Gu Yang, will never, never leave you… Never…”

Fan Yuan embraced little Gu Yang in his arms, and was stunned for a moment when he heard these words.

He gently comforted little Gu Yang’s back, and helped Gu Yang calm down again and again.

“Why are you saying this all of a sudden?”

Under Fan Yuan’s reassurance, Gu Yang gradually stopped crying, and when he heard Fan Yuan’s question, he just shook his head, his two little hands tightly gripping Fan Yuan’s shirt. He refused to let go until the fingertips of his little hands turned white. 

“Fan Yuan, I swear, I will never, never leave you, forever and ever…”

Fan Yuan lowered his eyes, looked at little Gu Yang’s red eyes from crying, gently lifted his hand and kissed his fingertips, then turned his wrist and pressed his fingers against the lips of crying Gu Yang.

“I heard you, I will give you a seal, Gu Yang, you must keep your word.”

Gu Yang held Fan Yuan’s fingertips and nodded vigorously, shaking his little head up and down vigorously, until he was dizzy.

Fan Yuan hugged little Gu Yang and laid down again under the quilt. At some point outside the window, just like in Gu Yang’s dream, fine snow began to fall, and the big tree that had lost all its leaves in winter stayed quietly in the middle of the yard.

A gust of wind blew by, blowing the bare branches of the big tree to shake, shaking the branches, shaking off the snow covered on the branches, and the snow fell, revealing a little emerald green of the branches that have just sprouted new buds.

Winter will pass.

When Gu Yang woke up the next morning, his eyes were swollen from crying. He moaned and rubbed his eyes in Fan Yuan’s hand, but Fan Yuan held his little hand to prevent him from rubbing it.

Don’t rub your eyes. Gu Yang raised his hand to stroke his hair. His hair had grown a lot, and the bangs in front covered his eyes.

While Fan Yuan was making breakfast, Gu Yang pulled out a small rubber band and tied the bangs in front of his forehead.

When Fan Yuan came out with breakfast, he saw Gu Yang sitting on the sofa shaking his head, and the little tug on top of his head was dangling back and forth.

When Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan coming out, he proudly pointed to the little bun on his head.

“Look, Fan Yuan! I’m smart!”

Fan Yuan brought Gu Yang to the dining table to feed him, and during the meal, he kept staring at the little bun on top of Gu Yang’s head.

Following Gu Yang’s movements, the little bun shook like a naughty little horn.

Fan Yuan suddenly stretched out his hand and flicked the little bun on the top of Gu Yang’s head.

“Gu Yang, shall I cut your hair?”

With his mouth full, Gu Yang held a small piece of bread and looked at Fan Yuan:

“Huh? Can you cut hair?”

Fan Yuan didn’t answer, but just stuffed another small piece of bacon into Gu Yang’s already full mouth.

Gu Yang thought for a while, Fan Yuan is so good, he can do everything. He used to knit a small scarf after watching a few short videos, a haircut should not trouble Fan Yuan, so he nodded.

“Okay, then you can cut it for me, make it look better.”

As he spoke, he speeded up his meal. After eating, Fan Yuan wiped his mouth carefully, tied a white cloth around his neck, sat down, and he waited for Fan Yuan to cut his hair.

Fan Yuan found the smallest pair of scissors, and took apart the small bun on the top of Gu Yang’s head, pinched the bangs on his forehead with his fingertips, compared them, and cut them off with the scissor.

After all, Gu Yang was too small, the scissors cut off a large piece of hair.

Fan Yuan stepped back a little, looked at little Gu Yang, didn’t speak for a while, and didn’t continue to cut.

Gu Yang immediately had a bad feeling and raised his hand to touch his head. He felt his bald head and the front of his bangs only had a little length left, as if it had been chewed on by a dog.

He immediately stood up, ran over with his short legs and pulled out Fan Yuan’s cell phone, turned on the front camera, took a closer look, and was immediately dumbfounded. He fell down on the cell phone, pressed the camera button, and just happened to take a picture, a photo of a bald forehead.

Gu Yang clutched his forehead, turned his head and looked at Fan Yuan accusingly, not to mention his aggrieved expression.

Fan Yuan knew he was wrong, put down the scissors, walked over and touched little Gu Yang’s bald forehead.

“It’s also pretty.”

Gu Yang felt even more aggrieved when he heard this, he turned his head and covered his forehead and curled up into a ball, facing Fan Yuan with his butt.

Fan Yuan stretched out his fingertips and tapped the back of Gu Yang’s head lightly, and Gu Yang immediately ran forward without being touched by Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang was feeling upset, but all Fan Yuan did was give him a poke on the back of his head and then ignore him. Gu Yang waited and waited, but Fan Yuan still hadn’t come to comfort him. Feeling angry, Gu Yang turned around and saw Fan Yuan measuring the length of the hair on his forehead with a pair of scissors.

“What are you going to do?”

As soon as Gu Yang finished asking, Fan Yuan went down with the scissors, and cut off the hair in front of his forehead, and cut it into the same dog-chewed-style bangs as little Gu Yang.

After cutting his own hair, Fan Yuan put down the scissors and walked over to pick up little Gu Yang.

This time little Gu Yang didn’t stop him, he was already shocked by Fan Yuan’s actions.

Fan Yuan held little Gu Yang in his arms and put on a coat for him: “Look, we are the same now, it’s not ugly.”

Gu Yang obediently let Fan Yuan put on his little jacket for him. He looked up at Fan Yuan’s forehead with a missing patch of hair. Despite the fact that Fan Yuan’s appearance was flawless, even with the dog-bitten-looking bangs, it was not unattractive. Instead, it gave off a very distinctive and unique personality.

Fan Yuan dressed Gu Yang, raised his hand and put Gu Yang into his neck.

Sitting on Fan Yuan’s neck, Gu Yang stretched out his hand to pull the scattered hair around Fan Yuan’s ear, and leaned on Fan Yuan’s ear and whispered:

“Fan Yuan, are you stupid? I’m so small, no one can see me except you, but you are different. Everyone can see you like this.”

Fan Yuan picked up his backpack and pushed open the gate. The fine snow outside hadn’t stopped yet. There was a thick layer of snow on the road, and there was a “creaking” sound when he stepped on it.

“So what.”

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, then lowered his head and rubbed Fan Yuan’s profile with his dog-bitten bangs.

Yeah, so what.

In the morning self-study, the students in class one of the third year secretly looked back at their Class Monitor Fan more than once.

The main reason was that their Class Monitor Fan’s hairstyle today was so amazing, it’s too unconventional. It looked a little strange at first glance, but at the second glance, he felt inexplicably handsome, he was really good-looking, and he looked good with any hairstyle.

Pan Fei looked back several times. Gu Yang didn’t come to school recently, she hadn’t had any new material about Fan Yuan and Gu Yang’s interaction for a long time, and she was running out of inspiration, when she saw Fan Yuan’s new hairstyle, she immediately became full of thoughts.

She was different from others. Others only thought that Fan Yuan suddenly pursued a new personality, dog-bitten bangs, but Pan Fei felt that this bang was inextricably linked with Gu Yang.

For example:

Gu Yang, who had been staying at home to recuperate from his illness and had a delicate body, used Fan Yuan’s hair to pass the time when he was bored, or he volunteered to cut Fan Yuan’s hair but he cut it poorly, and was hugged by Fan Yuan to comfort him, etc.

It had to be said that at certain times, Pan Fei had small eyes for discovering the truth, although the truth may be a bit biased.

In the next few days, many male students with dog-chewed bangs appeared in Shangshu High School. Suddenly, this kind of bangs became a new fashion in Shangshu High School.

However, Fan Yuan, who led the fashion, didn’t notice it, he was only holding his little Gu Yang, pressing his little Gu Yang to study hard.

Learning makes people happy.

The author has something to say: Little Yuan Yang brand dog chewed bangs, you deserve it

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