Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 50

Chapter 50

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The golden finger of “Thumbelina” accidentally let Gu Yang see Fan Yuan’s childhood from the big tree in the courtyard.

Later, when he was awake, he took the initiative to approach the tree and wanted to know more from him, but the tree was like a dead tree, and did not give Gu Yang any response.

Gu Yang guessed vaguely that this big tree probably wanted to tell him that the past had passed, and it was meaningless to dwell on the past and they should look forward?

During the period when Gu Yang appeared to be on long-term sick leave, Zhuo Wan came to ask Fan Yuan more than once about Gu Yang’s situation. Gu Yang hid in Fan Yuan’s pocket, seeing Zhuo Wan’s worried look, his heart gradually became a little guilty.

He had to say that Zhuo Wan was indeed a rare good teacher.

Under the study progress of man-to-man monitoring in the third year of high school, although Gu Yang’s body size had become smaller, under Fan Yuan’s control, the progress of his study had not fallen at all.

It was another weekend, and nearly half of the flowers outside the window had withered.

It was noon at this time, noon in the cold winter, so the sun was not too hot.

Fan Yuan was preparing lunch in the kitchen, while Gu Yang was lying by the window of the living room, looking at the flowers outside the window.

Looking at it, he suddenly stood up from the window, and ran outside in a hurry. Halfway through the run, remembering that Fan Yuan would be angry if he didn’t wear a coat, he ran back quickly to put on his little coat, and then ran out again.

He shuttled among the remaining flowers in the yard, controlled the strength to pick some flowers he liked, picked while running, and accumulated a small pile in a short while.

Gu Yang controlled the stems below the flowers to actively tangle together, and slowly swirl into a beautiful flower crown.

He lifted up the flower crown with great effort, and staggered towards the house.

Fan Yuan hadn’t come out of the kitchen yet. Gu Yang walked to the door of the kitchen with the flower crown in his hands. He stood at the door, and wouldn’t be seen unless one lowered his head.

“Fan Yuan! Fan Yuan, look!”

He yelled several times in a row before Fan Yuan turned his head, looked down, and saw little Gu Yang holding a flower crown much bigger than him.

Gu Yang’s small body was wobbly, holding up the flower crown as if he was about to fall down.

Fan Yuan quickly squatted down and took the flower crown from Gu Yang’s hand.

As soon as the flower crown left his hand, Gu Yang immediately sat on the ground tired, panting and urging Fan Yuan:

“Put it on quickly!”

The flower crown was colorful, surrounded by a circle of huge flowers, it didn’t look like a decoration that would appear on Fan Yuan’s body.

Holding the flower crown, Fan Yuan hesitated for a moment, looked down at little Gu Yang’s expectant gaze, then slowly raised his hand, and put the flower crown on his head.

Gu Yang’s eyes lit up immediately. He got up from the ground, rushed towards Fan Yuan, was caught by Fan Yuan, held in the palm of his hand and brought to his face. Gu Yang pressed Fan Yuan’s chin with a pair of small hands, smiled and rolled his eyes:

“Fan Yuan, you are so pretty.”

Fan Yuan stretched out his hand and gently rubbed Gu Yang’s little head, he didn’t take off the flower crown immediately, but kept wearing the flower crown and took Gu Yang to dinner.

Between meals, Gu Yang would look at the flower crown on Fan Yuan’s head from time to time, feeling self-satisfied. Even if Fan Yuan fed him several mouthfuls of vegetables in a row, he didn’t care.

After eating, Gu Yang started to feel sleepy and wanted to curl up to sleep, but was grabbed by Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan brought Gu Yang to the study, and when Gu Yang saw the study, he immediately closed his eyes and fell into Fan Yuan’s hands, pretending to be dead.

He ate too much at noon, and his stomach was swollen when he laid down, which was very obvious.

Fan Yuan lightly pressed Gu Yang’s belly with his fingertips:

“Don’t lie down just after eating, get up.”

Gu Yang curled up, hugged Fan Yuan’s fingertips into his arms and acted shamelessly:

“Fan Yuan, just let me lie down for a while, just for a while! I’ll get up later and study hard!”

Fan Yuan moved his fingertips, unmoved by Gu Yang’s begging for mercy. He firmly grabbed Gu Yang to stand up, stretched out his hands to support Gu Yang’s shoulders, and prevented him from sitting down.

Gu Yang didn’t put any effort into standing on his own, his legs were limp and half-bent, relying entirely on Fan Yuan to carry him, but he didn’t lie down anymore.

Seeing Fan Yuan take out the exercise book again, Gu Yang secretly rolled his eyes, and Fan Yuan immediately pressed his head to force him to read the book and give him a lecture.

After speaking for a page, Fan Yuan let go and allowed Gu Yang to sit down.

As soon as Fan Yuan let go, Gu Yang immediately slumped on the table, looked up at the flower crown that had not been taken off Fan Yuan’s head, and was very satisfied.

He looked at it, and suddenly said:

“Fan Yuan, let me draw a picture for you, okay?”

Fan Yuan did not refuse immediately, but asked Gu Yang:

“Can you draw?”

Gu Yang pondered for a moment, then suddenly thought of the ugly birdcage he had drawn before, and then knocked himself on the head to drive that birdcage out of his mind.

“Oh, there is always a first in life! Just keep drawing and drawing and you can do it!”

Gu Yang didn’t have much hope at first, but he didn’t expect Fan Yuan to be silent for a moment, then nod slightly.

“I will only give you one hour, and you have to continue studying after you finish painting.”

Gu Yang suddenly sat up from the table, stretched his short legs to control the flower stems in the bedroom, and had them help him get brushes, paints and other things ready.

Sitting on the vacant flower stem, Gu Yang held a brush that was taller than him, dabbed some paint clumsily, stared at Fan Yuan who was sitting behind the desk for a long time, and then carefully drew the first stroke.

However, he had never learned to draw, let alone the foundation of drawing, no matter how careful he was, the drawing would not look good. It can be seen that the drawing was a person, but nothing else was obvious.

Little Gu Yang, sitting on a flower stem that swayed back and forth, holding a brush and dipping it into paint every time, always accidentally got it on himself. Before long, his body became dirty. 

Despite this, Gu Yang remained completely focused on his painting. His seriousness was such that, as he gazed at Fan Yuan sitting behind the desk, it was as if he were looking at a divine temple, without a hint of carelessness on his face.

Being watched by such a little Gu Yang, Fan Yuan gradually sat up straight. Behind him was the afternoon sun. Shining on Fan Yuan’s back, it brought warmth, but compared to the heat brought by the sun, little Gu Yang’s gaze made Fan Yuan’s heart warmer.

Gu Yang painted very slowly, Fan Yuan only gave him one hour, but one hour was enough for someone like him who can’t draw, after all, he just wanted to add some details, but didn’t know where to add them.

When an hour was up, Fan Yuan immediately stood up from his seat and walked towards Gu Yang.

Gu Yang looked at the messy painting in front of him. He threw down the brush and jumped on it, blocking the painting, not wanting Fan Yuan to see it.

He looked at Fan Yuan embarrassedly with his face sideways, his face was gaudily covered with paint.

“Fan Yuan… Don’t look at it, this time it didn’t work, this time it doesn’t count, I will draw you again in the future, this time forget it.”

Before the paint was completely dry, Gu Yang laid down on it, and immediately rubbed the already abstract painting into an even more abstract one.

Fan Yuan rubbed the paint on Gu Yang’s face with his fingertips, grabbed Gu Yang involuntarily, and forced him to leave the painting that was blocked by him.

After Gu Yang was taken away, his painting immediately appeared in front of the two of them.

For a while, both of them were a little silent.

The main reason was that this painting was too abstract. The black silhouette can barely be seen as the eyes, nose, and mouth, and the colorful paint on the top of the head, if you didn’t know it, one wouldn’t imagine that the painting was a flower crown.

Gu Yang curled up in Fan Yuan’s palm, curling up shyly, burying his cheeks in his knees, and a pair of small ears exposed outside were flushed.

“I really like it.”

Fan Yuan spoke suddenly, which made Gu Yang stunned for a moment.

He didn’t praise Gu Yang’s painting against his will, he just said “I like it very much”.

Gu Yang looked up at Fan Yuan in a daze. Fan Yuan’s gaze was still on the abstract painting, his expression was very focused, and he didn’t feel disgusted at all.

Fan Yuan used his actions to tell Gu Yang that he really liked this painting, it was not perfunctory or polite.

Gu Yang curled up in Fan Yuan’s palm, lowered his head and rubbed his cheek against Fan Yuan’s palm, and didn’t speak any more.

Fan Yuan suddenly put Gu Yang back on the desk, picked up the painting and walked out.

Gu Yang hurried to the table:

“What are you doing?”

Fan Yuan walked out of the study room with the painting, and looked back at Gu Yang.

“I’ll hang it up, you wait for me here.”

Hang it up?

Seeing Fan Yuan’s figure disappear at the door of the study, Gu Yang felt a little unbelievable, such an ugly painting, Fan Yuan actually wanted to hang it up?

Gu Yang clutched his little heart that started beating wildly, sat cross-legged on the desk, pressed his heart for a while, and touched his hot cheeks.

He waited for a long time, but he never saw Fan Yuan come back.

Gu Yang couldn’t sit still anymore, he waved to the wall, controlled the flower stem lying on the wall to come over, sat on the flower stem, and went out from the study.

Where would Fan Yuan hang that ugly painting?

Gu Yang went all the way from the study to the living room on the first floor, but he didn’t see Fan Yuan’s figure. Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in Gu Yang’s mind, as if he had thought of something, he immediately raised his little head and looked upstairs.

“No way……”

This guess made him a little uncertain, but Gu Yang still controlled the flower stem and went upstairs again.

He rode on the flower stem and slowly approached the big iron gate at the end of the corridor. After walking in, he found that the big iron gate was half-closed, and Fan Yuan was indeed here!

Gu Yang was excited, he carefully leaned against the crack of the door and looked in, and saw Fan Yuan standing by the wall of the cage room, looking at the paintings on the wall.

At this time, the brightest light was turned on in the cage room, allowing Gu Yang to easily see what Fan Yuan was doing.

There were two paintings hanging on the wall, one was the one that Fan Yuan once painted for Gu Yang, and the other was the ghostly talisman that Gu Yang just painted.

The two paintings were hung side by side, and Fan Yuan was looking at the two paintings seriously.

Gu Yang looked at the two paintings hanging together. The strong contrast between beauty and ugliness made him feel even more embarrassed. He was about to sneak away when he saw Fan Yuan suddenly raise his head and slowly approach the paintings on the wall.

In the huge cage house, there was a golden iron cage half-covered with a black cloth in the middle, and two paintings, one beautiful and one ugly, hung on the wall.

Under the bright light, Fan Yuan raised his head slightly and kissed the painting lightly.

Gu Yang was crouching at the door gap, and from this angle, it was clear to see that Fan Yuan closed his eyes and lightly kissed the painting of Gu Yang, as if he was kissing Gu Yang’s image in the painting, kissing his face in the painting right on the lips.

Fan Yuan’s expression was so focused, so serious, and there was even some piety on his face that Gu Yang had never seen in Fan Yuan.


Gu Yang clutched his beating heart and kept backing away. He fell unsteadily from the flower stem. His body fell halfway and green light flashed, then his small clothes were torn. He suddenly became bigger and returned to his normal body shape. 

The fair skin was very conspicuous on the dark carpet. Gu Yang accidentally bumped into the half-closed iron door, and the iron door was pushed open a little, making a slight noise.

Gu Yang’s heart was beating violently and his mind was blank. He got up from the ground and ran back to the bedroom in a panic.

Fan Yuan inside the iron gate heard the commotion but did not look back. He was still kissing Gu Yang in the painting lightly, and took a long time to take a step back. His black eyes slowly turned to look at the half-open iron gate.

He didn’t seem surprised, as if he knew that Gu Yang would come over to take a peek.

Fan Yuan walked slowly to the iron gate, turned off the bright lights in the room, and left, the iron gate was closed and locked automatically.

If Gu Yang were to put some thought into it, he would notice that Fan Yuan rarely turned on the brightest lamp when he came into the cage room. He would just come to hang a painting, and there would be no reason for him to turn on such bright lights. They were so bright that Gu Yang couldn’t miss anything inside the room.

At this time, Gu Yang was curled up on the big bed in the bedroom, wrapped in a quilt full of Fan Yuan’s smell, hiding under the quilt, pressing his heart that was beating faster and faster.

His thoughts were chaotic, and the image of Fan Yuan kissing him in the painting appeared over and over again in his mind.

Fan Yuan was always restrained and polite, and he had never kissed his lips so far.

But just now, Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan secretly kissing him in the painting.

He couldn’t control his heartbeat from accelerating, and he couldn’t control his cheeks from flushing.

Gu Yang finally knew that it wasn’t that Fan Yuan didn’t want to kiss him, it was just that Fan Yuan was used to restraint and politeness, all of this had long been woven into Fan Yuan’s bones and blood, and it couldn’t be changed.

This was Fan Yuan’s secret, and Gu Yang now knew this secret.

This kind of thought made Gu Yang unable to calm down.

Familiar footsteps came from outside the blanket, it was Fan Yuan coming over.

Fan Yuan didn’t greet Gu Yang who was hiding under the blanket, but turned around and went into the bathroom.

There was the sound of water in the bathroom, and Fan Yuan came out again after a while.

Gu Yang felt the quilt on top of his head being gently tugged. He tightened his grip on the quilt, and then slowly loosened it, allowing Fan Yuan to pull the quilt off his head.

There was no change in Fan Yuan’s expression, as if he didn’t notice Gu Yang’s peeking just now.

He held a steaming towel in his hand, and the other reached into the quilt, gently pressing the back of Gu Yang’s neck.

Gu Yang squinted his eyes, and when Fan Yuan’s cool fingertips touched the back of his neck, he subconsciously shrank his shoulders, and then slowly relaxed, opening his body.

“Why did you suddenly get bigger? Get up, and I’ll wipe the paint thats on you.”

Gu Yang was lying on the bed, looking at Fan Yuan seriously with emerald green eyes, allowing Fan Yuan to gently pull his arm, pull him up, and remove the quilt wrapped around him.

The quilt slowly slid down from both sides of Gu Yang’s body, revealing the defenseless Gu Yang under the quilt.

Fan Yuan approached with a hot towel, gently pressed the towel on Gu Yang’s cheek, and wiped it off little by little.

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan’s approaching black eyes, and his body trembled slightly.

He suddenly reached out and grabbed Fan Yuan’s sleeve.

“Fan Yuan?”

Fan Yuan’s black eyes turned, and his eyes met Gu Yang’s emerald green eyes, which were peaceful.

“What’s wrong?”

Gu Yang unconsciously bit his lip and shook his head.


Fan Yuan withdrew his gaze, and continued to wipe the paint on Gu Yang’s body carefully and gently.

Gu Yang lowered his head and spread out his left hand hanging on the quilt.

The small book in the palm of the left hand shimmered:

Fan Yuan’s favorability score: 29 points.

The author has something to say: Little Yuan Yang who digs holes for each other :)

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