Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 51

Chapter 51

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Because Gu Yang had his whole small body lying on the unfinished painting before, the paint was all over his exposed hands and cheeks, even the ears were covered with colorful paint.

Fan Yuan wiped Gu Yang’s face with a hot towel, from his cheeks to his neck, and then from his neck down to his fingers.

Gu Yang lowered his head, with one hand held in Fan Yuan’s palm, carefully wiping, while the other hand moved, fingers gripping the nearby blanket and slowly pulling it up to cover his body.

After Fan Yuan finished cleaning Gu Yang’s hands, he reached out and pinched Gu Yang’s earlobes, then got up and left.

“I’ll go find some cotton swabs to clean the paint off your ears.”

Gu Yang nodded, and as soon as Fan Yuan left, he collapsed onto the bed, covering himself in the blanket and clutching his chest which was pounding wildly.

He had some guesses about his inexplicable growth and return to his previous size, it was probably similar to the conditions of the “golden finger” in “The Nightingale”, that when stimulated and with intense emotional fluctuations, he would grow larger. 

But there were also some differences. This time, Gu Yang would only return to his normal size when his emotions fluctuate greatly because of Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang curled up in bed, waiting for Fan Yuan to return. After waiting for a long time without seeing Fan Yuan’s figure, his body slowly filled with a feeling of discomfort that had not appeared for a long time.

This feeling was the side effect brought by the frequently appearing gold fingers that Gu Yang was familiar with in the previous few gold fingers. Since the countdown started with the gold finger in “Thumbelina”, Gu Yang had not experienced this side effect for a long time. He once thought that this gold finger was very conscientious and did not have any side effects, but it turned out that it was not the case.

It seemed that when he grew bigger, and stayed away from Fan Yuan for a long time, Gu Yang would experience this uncomfortable side effect. However, because Gu Yang had not grown up many times, and every time he was with Fan Yuan, he did not notice it.

At this moment, Fan Yuan had not returned for a long time. Gu Yang, who was uncomfortable, reached out from under the quilt and grabbed around aimlessly. He only felt that the uncomfortable feeling on his body was getting more and more intense, gradually turning into a mild pain.

He slowly sat up from the bed wrapped in a quilt, and looked towards the slightly closed bedroom door.

“Fan Yuan? Fan Yuan? Where are you?”

Gu Yang called out several times in a row, but did not get a response. He could only get out of bed while holding the quilt, staggeringly walking out, barefoot, supporting himself with the wall in the corridor, and slowly moving forward.

Halfway down, Fan Yuan appeared from the corner of the stairs with a box of cotton swabs in his hand. When he saw Gu Yang holding the wall with the quilt, he was stunned.

As soon as Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan, he immediately stopped moving, standing in place with a grievance, trembling slightly holding the quilt, almost unable to hold it.

He reached out a hand from under the blanket towards Fan Yuan.

“Fan Yuan…”

Fan Yuan walked slowly towards Gu Yang, his dark eyes seeing through Gu Yang’s current expression.

Gu Yang couldn’t stand Fan Yuan’s slow pace and took two more steps forward before his legs gave out and he fell onto the carpet.

He looked up at Fan Yuan with a dependent look in his emerald green eyes, calling out his name in a trembling voice.

“What are you doing, Gu Yang?” Fan Yuan asked, looking down at him from above with his deep and inscrutable black eyes.

Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s pants leg with both hands, his breathing becoming increasingly light due to the growing pain. He couldn’t speak complete sentences, only calling out Fan Yuan’s name in a broken and intermittent voice.

Fan Yuan looked down at Gu Yang, who sat on the dark carpet with the blanket half-fallen, his overly fair skin contrasting sharply with the dark carpet.

The voice-controlled light in the corridor went off at this time, and the bright moonlight outside shone down on Gu Yang, making him look even less like a human.

Fan Yuan bent down, pinching Gu Yang’s chin with his fingertips, and looked at him with lowered eyes.

“Gu Yang, what’s wrong with you?”

Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s wrist, his eyelashes wet with pain, looking very fragile.

“Fan Yuan, it hurts.”

Fan Yuan finally knelt down, half-kneeling in front of Gu Yang, and leaned closer to his eyes, seriously looking into his black and emerald green eyes.

“Where does it hurt?”

Gu Yang shook his head, choked up, and didn’t speak.

He didn’t know how to express this kind of discomfort, this kind of pain that spread all over his body, making him unable to describe it.

Fan Yuan’s gaze lowered slightly. Letting go of Gu Yang’s chin, his fingertips followed suit, sliding slowly over Gu Yang’s neck, and he asked him softly: “Is it hurting here?”

Gu Yang nodded and lifted his neck, allowing Fan Yuan’s fingertips to slide over his skin. His body couldn’t help but lean forward, leaning towards Fan Yuan.

However, Fan Yuan’s fingertips immediately left Gu Yang’s neck and continued downwards, landing on his collarbone. His fingertips traced the clear and distinct lines of his collarbone, and he asked:”What about here?”

Gu Yang leaned forward even more, his forehead resting on Fan Yuan’s body, nodding while rubbing his forehead against Fan Yuan’s chest, as if he was telling him about his grievances.

Fan Yuan’s fingertips withdrew from Gu Yang’s collarbone and returned to his eye corner. Every time he asked a question, Gu Yang would inch closer to Fan Yuan. In the end, Gu Yang almost leaned against Fan Yuan’s chest. However, after Fan Yuan finished asking, he retracted his hands and let them hang by his sides without touching Gu Yang.

Gu Yang half-squinted his eyes, pain flooding his brain, making his consciousness muddled. He only knew to shout Fan Yuan’s name repeatedly.

Suddenly, Fan Yuan spoke, his cold voice acting like a sedative, penetrating Gu Yang’s mind.

“Gu Yang, what do you need me to do? You have to say it out loud so I can help you.”

Gu Yang lifted his head from Fan Yuan’s embrace and slowly raised his hands that were propping him up on the ground, his small Adam’s apple bobbing up and down. Finally, he uttered his plea.

“Fan Yuan, hug me. Please hug me.”

The sound-controlled light in the corridor flickered on and off. In the darkness, Fan Yuan lowered his black eyes and softly agreed.


He finally stretched out his arms and embraced his precious spirit, using all his strength and warmth to hold onto the spirit that seemed like it could leave at any moment under the moonlight.

The spirit, who had fallen into a trap, closed its eyes and comfortably nestled in the hunter’s embrace. The blanket fell to the ground, revealing his thin and pale back. Because of the slightly cool temperature in the corridor, it pressed even closer to the hunter’s chest, wishing to hide inside forever and never come out.

Fan Yuan heard Gu Yang sigh comfortably and picked up the blanket from the ground to cover Gu Yang’s back. He then sat down against the wall with his legs crossed.

With this change of position, Gu Yang was able to fully climb onto Fan Yuan and curl up in his arms. 

Fan Yuan reached out and touched Gu Yang’s ears. The paint on his face had already dried and stuck to his skin. Fan Yuan used his finger to touch it and then picked up a cotton swab box from the ground. He took out a cotton swab and placed it on Gu Yang’s lips.

Gu Yang shrank his neck back and looked at Fan Yuan with confusion. 

Fan Yuan did not speak. He pressed his hand on the back of Gu Yang’s neck to prevent him from retreating, and with the other hand, he slowly inserted the cotton swab into Gu Yang’s mouth and then gently wiped the paint off his ears with it under the bright moonlight.

Fortunately, it was only ordinary watercolor paint, which could be easily wiped off with a damp cotton swab. Gu Yang laid on his side in Fan Yuan’s arms, half-closed his eyes, and enjoyed it immensely. His long legs stretched out from the blanket, crossed each other, and extended onto the dark carpet.

Fan Yuan saw this and reached out to lift a corner of the blanket, covering Gu Yang’s long legs again. 

Gu Yang snuggled up to Fan Yuan, and the effect of the golden finger had slowly faded away. He moved his legs, which were then covered by Fan Yuan again with the blanket, and quietly smiled with his eyes narrowed.

He rubbed his cheek against the back of Fan Yuan’s hand, pointed to his ear, and took advantage of the situation, asking, “Fan Yuan, why don’t you clean my ears?”

Fan Yuan paused his hand, which was wiping Gu Yang’s ear, and looked down at Gu Yang with a rare non-rejection. He bent over and used force to lift Gu Yang, wrapped him in the blanket, and walked towards the bedroom.

“Let’s go back to the bedroom. The lighting here is not good enough.”

Gu Yang was carried by Fan Yuan, and he was so satisfied that he had forgotten that he had returned to his normal size, no longer the small size he was before. He kicked his legs happily a few times, causing Fan Yuan, who was carrying him, to stumble and almost fall.

The next moment, Gu Yang was hit by Fan Yuan through the blanket. Fortunately, the blanket was thick, so it didn’t hurt too much, but he dared not move around anymore and obediently let Fan Yuan carry him back to the bedroom. 

Fan Yuan sat at the head of the bed, took another cotton swab, and patted his lap.

Gu Yang immediately leaned over and closed his eyes, looking proud and ready to enjoy it.

Unexpectedly, Fan Yuan’s temper was unusually good tonight, and he didn’t say much. He gently pulled up Gu Yang’s ear. His movements were slow and gentle, and in no time, Gu Yang fell asleep. 

As he slept, his mood gradually calmed down. Before Fan Yuan could pull up his other ear, he shrank in size again. Fan Yuan squeezed the cotton swab that was almost as tall as little Gu Yang and looked at him sleeping on his lap. He slowly put down the cotton swab, hugged little Gu Yang, turned off the bedside lamp, and laid down together.

Gu Yang slept comfortably for a while. He thought that Fan Yuan had started to steal kisses at his drawings, and there would be a very obvious change in attitude towards him in the future. But he found that he was thinking too much. Fan Yuan was still the same Fan Yuan who pressed him to study every day, not giving him any chance to slack off.

Soon, the 30-day countdown of the “Thumbelina” golden finger was about to end, and Fan Yuan and Gu Yang were about to face the last exam of the first semester of their senior year.

Because of his size, Gu Yang wanted to grow bigger before taking the exam. But Fan Yuan thought that the risk was too high, so he could only ask for a leave of absence and take the makeup exam when Gu Yang fully recovered.

On the first day of winter vacation, although there was no need to get up early tomorrow, Fan Yuan still made Gu Yang study all day long, and then went to bed early with him at night.

At night, Gu Yang shrank into Fan Yuan’s arms and stared at his left palm, which was spread out.

On the small book in his left palm, the countdown of the “Thumbelina” golden finger was displayed. As the time changed from 1 to 0, Gu Yang could clearly feel that his control over plants was gradually disappearing, and his body was slowly getting bigger, returning to its original size.

After his body recovered, Gu Yang tried to wave at the plants on the wall, but found that he could no longer control them.

Fan Yuan felt Gu Yang suddenly return to his normal size in his arms, and put his hand on his body. Without asking too much, his voice still sounded sleepy and hoarse.


Gu Yang nodded, snuggled into Fan Yuan’s arms, and rubbed his chin with his head, answering softly:


Fan Yuan didn’t say much, just let Gu Yang squeeze into his arms and held the edges of the blanket that had been neatly arranged.


Gu Yang tightly snuggled up to Fan Yuan, feeling extra comfortable with the intimacy of their limbs entwined. He opened his palm and looked at the box that was constantly flashing various fairy tale names, feeling a bit nervous.

Finally, the flashing speed of the fairy tale stories slowed down and stopped at a name that Gu Yang was very familiar with- “Snow White”.

“Snow White?”

Gu Yang silently repeated the name, anxiously waiting for the changes the “golden finger” would bring him. However, nothing happened even after he fell asleep and there were no changes on his body.

It wasn’t until the moon gradually descended and the sun rose up, that the bedroom behind the thick curtains slowly brightened up.

Gu Yang groggily stretched his arm, wanting to embrace Fan Yuan’s waist, but his arm ended up empty, and there was something else in his embrace instead.

In his dazed state, Gu Yang reached out to touch what was in his embrace, feeling a warm body that seemed to be a child.

A child?

Gu Yang suddenly opened his eyes and looked down, only to see a dark nape of the neck.

At this moment, the child in his embrace seemed to be waking up due to Gu Yang’s movement, raising his head slightly and opening a pair of black eyes that Gu Yang was very familiar with.

For a moment, the atmosphere in the bedroom was a bit oppressive.

Gu Yang lowered his head and looked at Fan Yuan, who looked about thirteen or fourteen years old in his arms, and his brain went blank.

Fan Yuan seemed to realize that something was wrong, slowly sat up, lifted his hand to pull his oversized pajamas, and looked down at his own hands that had shrunk.

Gu Yang also immediately sat up. He couldn’t help but back away and lean against the wall, not daring to make a sound.

Fan Yuan stood up from the bed, almost tripping over his overly long pants. He walked silently and with a cold face into the bathroom.

After a while, Fan Yuan came out and stood by the bed, looking at Gu Yang, who was wrapped in a blanket in the bed. He curved his mouth and showed a very cold smile.

“Gu Yang, explain?”

Gu Yang also smiled weakly, “I, I am not very sure either.”

He pressed his hand against the bed and felt something hard and smooth. He looked down and saw a small black mirror, about the size of a palm.

In the mirror, he saw his own face – long black hair, skin as white as snow, and lips as red as blood. He suddenly thought of the description of Snow White’s appearance in the fairy tale: “Oh, how I wish I had a daughter with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony…”

He guessed that if the small mirror in his hand was a magic mirror, he might have transformed into the appearance of Snow White. And the reason for Fan Yuan’s change might be because he needed a group of dwarfs around him, just like Snow White.

He never expected that his useless cheat would have an impact on Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan noticed that Gu Yang was lost in thought and didn’t speak for a while. He knelt on the bed and reached out to grab a strand of Gu Yang’s hair. He squinted his eyes and carefully examined Gu Yang’s current appearance. His imposing aura didn’t weaken because of his reduced size.

Gu Yang finally came to his senses, and he moved backward, lacking confidence as he explained in a low voice, “Maybe…you’ll change back before the end of winter vacation…It doesn’t matter anyway…”

Fan Yuan repeated in a cold voice, “Doesn’t matter?”

He climbed onto the bed and sat in front of Gu Yang. Although he was much smaller than Gu Yang, he was still dominant.

Fan Yuan pressed his hand on the back of Gu Yang’s neck, making him lower his head and approach him.

“Gu Yang, how should I punish you?”

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan, who was much shorter than him. Although Fan Yuan’s tone and expression were imposing, Gu Yang didn’t feel threatened by him. He just blinked his eyes and couldn’t resist taking a jab at him:

“I think maybe you’re not that intimidating in your current form.”

Saying this, Gu Yang’s eyes lit up and he thought of something else, continuing to speak:

“And you said, as long as I am bigger than you, you will let me spank your butt!”

Fan Yuan released his hand from Gu Yang’s neck, got off the bed, took a deep look at Gu Yang, didn’t say anything with his oversized clothes on, turned around and left.

Gu Yang immediately climbed out of the bed, grabbed the palm-sized mirror, and recalled the description in fairy tales, and asked:

“Magic mirror! Magic mirror! Are you the magic mirror?”

At this moment, Fan Yuan, who was walking out of the bedroom, suddenly heard Gu Yang’s voice from his neck, and he reached out and pulled out a pendant that appeared abruptly on his neck. The pendant was a small mirror, and in the mirror was Gu Yang’s face.

Upon hearing Gu Yang’s question, Fan Yuan was silent for a moment and replied:


Fan Yuan’s voice passed through the mirror to the other side, and became a strange tone.

Gu Yang on the other side in the bedroom looked at his own face reflected in the mirror, and heard the slightly distorted tone coming from inside, he immediately burst into laughter.

“It really is a magic mirror! Magic mirror, magic mirror, please tell me, where did Fan Yuan go?”

Fan Yuan stood in the corridor, looking at Gu Yang in the mirror, confirming that Gu Yang did not recognize him, and a trace of interest appeared in his black eyes.

“Fan Yuan is preparing a gift for you.”

Gu Yang was puzzled by this answer. Why was Fan Yuan preparing a gift for him?

But as long as Fan Yuan didn’t go to think of any punishment for him, it was fine.

Immediately after, Gu Yang jumped off the bed, feeling that this golden finger was just average, he just changed his appearance slightly, right?

He had experienced becoming smaller, so he wasn’t afraid of this!

Gu Yang rummaged through the wardrobe and pulled out a few pieces of clothing. As soon as he put on a shirt, he felt a sharp pain in his upper body, as if there were countless tiny needles piercing him from inside the shirt. He quickly took off the shirt and checked it carefully, but there were no needles inside. 

He tried another shirt from the wardrobe, but the same thing happened again. Frustrated, he looked at the pile of clothes on the floor and wondered if the “golden finger” from Snow White was preventing him from wearing clothes. 

The bedroom door was gently pushed open, and Fan Yuan entered quietly and walked up behind him. At this point, with only a thin sheet wrapped around his body and clothes scattered everywhere, Gu Yang felt a chill on his wrist and heard a soft “click” sound. 

Fan Yuan quickly locked one of Gu Yang’s hands with a chain, and then locked the other as well when Gu Yang turned around to look at him. 

Gu Yang was familiar with chains and did not resist, but looked at Fan Yuan with suspicion and asked, “Fan Yuan, what are you doing?” 

Fan Yuan looked at him and suddenly lifted Gu Yang, who was much shorter than him, and threw him onto the bed.

With a light “click,” the chain in Gu Yang’s hand was connected to the head of the bed, and he was locked in by Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan then took out a feather and lightly brushed it against Gu Yang’s chin. Gu Yang, who was afraid of being tickled, tried to dodge, but he couldn’t move much since he was confined to the bed. He was soon caught by Fan Yuan again.

Fan Yuan kept using the feather to brush Gu Yang’s chin and neck. 

Gu Yang laughed continuously as he dodged back and forth, exhausting all his energy. His long hair was stuck to his sweaty neck, and he gasped for air as he begged for mercy.

“Fan Yuan, hahaha… stop! Please stop! I was wrong!”

Under Gu Yang’s plea, Fan Yuan stopped and looked at Gu Yang’s wet eyes. He asked softly, “Gu Yang, who’s small?”

Gu Yang looked at the feather in Fan Yuan’s hand and pouted in grievances. “I am small…”

Fan Yuan nodded and asked again, “Then, who can hit who?”

Gu Yang turned his head away, and his neck was wet with sweat, with the bedsheet loosely wrapped around his body. His skin underneath was also red.

“You can hit me…”

Only then did Fan Yuan toss the feather aside and unlock the chain that confined Gu Yang. He turned around and said, “Clean up and come down for breakfast later.”

After Fan Yuan left, Gu Yang crawled out of bed and complained while holding onto the magic mirror.

“Magic mirror, magic mirror! Tell me, am I bigger than Fan Yuan now?”

The magic mirror flashed a light and replied affirmatively, “No, you’re not.”

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, then he threw the magic mirror back into the blanket.

Then he remembered that he felt pain all over his body when he put on clothes now. How was he going to go downstairs for breakfast? Should he go wrapped in a sheet?

The author has something to say: Sorry for being late, I’ve been working on this chapter for a long time and wasn’t satisfied. I hesitated between Cinderella and Snow White, and went through several versions before finally choosing Snow White.

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  1. I thought the “Thumbelina” cheat was a bit lackluster compared to the other cheats, considering he wasn’t all that physically-dependent on Fan Yuan until the very end. Its ending seemed a bit anti-climatic, I guess? It was still an enjoyable cheat nonetheless, as his fairy-like appearance and control over plants made it interesting.

    I’m really looking forward to this “Snow White” cheat, though! I especially like that now Fan Yuan is being affected by the cheat and that he’s the “magic mirror” from the story. Did not see that coming! I think it’ll be a great way for Fan Yuan to get a sneak peak into Gu Yang’s thoughts because Fan Yuan needs to feel more reassurance about Gu Yang’s true feelings to have a sense of security.

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