Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 67

Chapter 67

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Gu Yang was still lying on the ground, defenseless, lying in front of Fan Yuan with his belly in his hands. His two rabbit ears were resting on Fan Yuan’s feet, and the fluff on the rabbit ears made Fan Yuan’s feet itchy.

Fan Yuan bent down, hooked his hands under Gu Yang’s armpits, and lifted him up.

As Gu Yang was lifted up and his feet touched the ground, he immediately turned around and jumped into Fan Yuan’s arms with excellent bouncing ability. His legs wrapped around Fan Yuan’s waist, and his hands hugged Fan Yuan’s neck.

“Fan Yuan, I really can’t go to school. I need to stay home and have little bunnies!”

After hearing Gu Yang’s repeated emphasis on “not wanting to go to school,” Fan Yuan pinched Gu Yang’s bunny tail and asked him, “Do you really not want to go to school? Don’t want to take the college entrance exam? Don’t want to go to the same university as me?”

As soon as same university was mentioned, Gu Yang immediately wilted. Instead of saying he didn’t want to go to school, he tried to please Fan Yuan by rubbing his face with his bunny ears and whispered in his ear, “I already have little bunnies. It’s not that I don’t want to go to the same university as you, I really want to.”

Fan Yuan tilted his head slightly, creating a little distance between them and looked at Gu Yang with complex emotions in his black eyes, which Gu Yang didn’t quite understand.

“Fan Yuan, don’t you like little bunnies?”

After looking at Gu Yang’s expectant and cautious eyes, Fan Yuan finally nodded and said, “I really like them.”

“Gu Yang, remember, no matter now or in the future, whenever there are little rabbits, I want them all – one, two, three, any number of them. I’ll take them all.”

Gu Yang didn’t know why Fan Yuan suddenly spoke to him in such a serious tone. All he knew now was to hug Fan Yuan tightly, feeling happy and expectant.

For the sake of the little rabbit in his belly, Gu Yang no longer slept in and got up early with Fan Yuan to have breakfast downstairs.

During the meal, Gu Yang’s joy was so obvious, occasionally touching his slightly bulging belly.

Since coming to “Fan Yuan,” and experiencing so many fairy tales and golden fingers, the thing Gu Yang was most grateful for was “The Rabbit Bride,” because it would give him the best gift.

Fan Yuan wanted to appear more calm, but he remained silent and took Gu Yang’s bowl to refill it after Gu Yang finished his porridge.

Gu Yang’s joy made Fan Yuan feel a little uneasy for the first time. He didn’t know if there would be even greater sadness when Gu Yang knew the truth.

As the New Year was approaching, the two of them packed up and prepared to go shopping for New Year goods after the meal.

Gu Yang now paid special attention to his small round belly and even wore an extra shirt inside his sweater.

Fan Yuan saw that his shirt collar was messy, so he walked over to straighten it for him.

Gu Yang tilted his head back to let Fan Yuan flip his collar, and suddenly took out his phone from his pocket and opened a webpage to show Fan Yuan.

“Fan Yuan, look at this!”

Fan Yuan glanced at it, and the data displayed on the phone was about lop-eared rabbits.

Gu Yang pointed to the picture of a big white rabbit with two drooping ears and said, “Fan Yuan, I checked it, I’m not a disabled rabbit, I’m a lop-eared rabbit, so the offspring I give birth to will also be lop-eared rabbits.”

Fan Yuan straightened Gu Yang’s collar and raised his hand to touch Gu Yang’s furry rabbit ears, rubbing the tips of the ears.

“You were never a disabled rabbit to begin with.”

Gu Yang laughed and pulled Fan Yuan’s hand down from his ears, placing it on his belly.

“Fan Yuan, touch it, can you feel the presence of the little bunny?”

Feeling the slightly bulging stomach under his palm, Fan Yuan knew there was nothing inside, but looking at Gu Yang, he even felt a bit delusional, as if a little bunny exactly like Gu Yang was really going to be born.

Gu Yang pressed Fan Yuan’s hand against his own stomach and chattered away.

“Fan Yuan, we’re going to be elders from now on. Before the little bunny is born, you have to talk to him more!”

Suddenly, Fan Yuan pulled his hand back and knelt in front of Gu Yang, closing his eyes and kissing Gu Yang’s small belly with reverence.

Gu Yang was surprised to see Fan Yuan do this and wanted to back away, but Fan Yuan hugged his waist and wouldn’t let him move.

With his dark eyes closed, Fan Yuan’s lips lightly touched Gu Yang’s belly. It was a long time before he opened his eyes and looked up at Gu Yang.

“Gu Yang, don’t rush, we have plenty of time.”

Gu Yang was a bit confused and shook his head. “I’m not in a hurry, though.”

Fan Yuan didn’t explain, he stood up and held Gu Yang’s hand, and they went out together to the nearest large shopping mall.

This was Gu Yang and Fan Yuan’s first New Year’s Eve together, and both of them were very serious. Their shopping list was long, and they bought everything on it, down to the smallest detail.

As soon as they entered the mall, Gu Yang was like an excited rabbit, running around between the shelves, and the shopping cart quickly filled up.

After buying some commonly used ingredients, Fan Yuan had the driver put the things back in the car, but Gu Yang dragged Fan Yuan to the maternity and infant store.

Two 18-year-old boys walking around the maternity and infant store attracted a lot of attention.

Gu Yang was so excited that he didn’t notice, but Fan Yuan didn’t care and let Gu Yang lead him around.

The two of them cleared out all the children’s toys on the shelves, and Gu Yang even bought many children’s clothes and picked out a few cute rabbit ear headbands.

Fan Yuan pinched the rabbit ear headband and asked Gu Yang, “Why are you buying this?”

Gu Yang looked around and whispered in Fan Yuan’s ear, “Although I look like a rabbit now, you’re a normal human. What if our baby is born without ears like you?”

As soon as Gu Yang finished speaking, he immediately took several different-colored rabbit ear headbands, and Fan Yuan followed behind him, only responsible for paying, and didn’t stop him.

After spending a lot of time in the maternity and infant store, Gu Yang immediately sorted out a bunch of baby supplies when he got home, and he touched each one with great affection.

Fan Yuan leaned against the door and watched Gu Yang tidy up these things. He saw the happy bunny tail behind him constantly shaking, and several times he wanted to speak the truth but ultimately didn’t.

Soon, it was New Year’s Eve.

Fan Yuan lived in a villa area where fireworks were allowed. When it was almost dark, the sound of fireworks around them never stopped. The two of them were busy in the kitchen.

Actually, Fan Yuan was busy while Gu Yang was sneakily eating.

Considering Gu Yang’s current preferences, most of the New Year’s Eve dinner was vegetarian, and even the dumplings had shrimp and egg filling.

Gu Yang was very excited, holding his phone and moving around in the kitchen. He took pictures of Fan Yuan non-stop and wanted to take a photo with him. He then remembered Fan Yuan’s warning and specifically ran out to grab a hat before running back to take the photo with him.

The two of them squeezed together in front of the camera, and Fan Yuan, rarely, slightly curved his lips towards the camera.

After taking the picture, Gu Yang held his phone and set the photo as his screen saver, feeling very satisfied.

“This is a photo of the three of us together!”

Fan Yuan paused his cutting motion for a moment, but quickly resumed his normal activities. Gu Yang was too happy and completely did not notice that Fan Yuan had something on his mind.

For the sake of their little bunny in his stomach, Gu Yang ate more, and even when he saw meat that he didn’t like, he didn’t need Fan Yuan’s urging and would force himself to eat two bites while frowning in disgust.

“I have to eat, the little bunny needs nutrition.”

Fan Yuan wiped the corner of Gu Yang’s mouth with a tissue, and Gu Yang immediately turned his head and smiled at Fan Yuan.

“Fan Yuan, have you thought of a name for the little bunny yet?”

Fan Yuan lowered his eyelids and just kept picking vegetables for Gu Yang’s bowl.

“Not yet.”

Gu Yang’s two soft bunny ears perked up a bit and he leaned in close to Fan Yuan and whispered:

“You come up with the name, and I’ll come up with the nickname, okay? I’ve already got it all figured out!”

Seeing Gu Yang getting closer, Fan Yuan simply put down his chopsticks and listened earnestly to what Gu Yang had to say.

“What’s the nickname?”

Gu Yang took Fan Yuan’s hand and opened his palm, writing stroke by stroke:

“I’ve been thinking all day, and I hope the little bunny is a happy and content bunny. He belongs to both of us, so his nickname will be Little Yuan Yang–“

Little Yuan Yang, Fan Yuan’s Yuan and Gu Yang’s Yang.

Fan Yuan looked at the strokes that Gu Yang had written on his palm. He couldn’t see them clearly, but they seemed to exist vividly in his palm.

After Gu Yang finished writing, Fan Yuan slowly closed his fingers into a fist, holding those three characters tightly in his palm.

Gu Yang laid on the table, looking up at Fan Yuan with eyes full of anticipation.

“How is it? Does it sound good?”

Fan Yuan raised his fist in front of him and held it for a long time before putting it down.

“It sounds good. I really like it… and the little rabbit will like it too.”

As soon as he heard this, Gu Yang smiled and picked up his chopsticks again, still remembering to pick up food for Fan Yuan.

Outside the window, fireworks kept bursting into colorful lights, one after another.

A bright red couplet was pasted on the door of the small villa, and the inside was warm and cozy, but it felt as if it were on a razor’s edge, as if it could shatter like a bubble at any moment.

After dinner, the two sat by the window, turned off all the lights in the room, and watched the fireworks outside.

Gu Yang held his little belly with both hands, leaning against Fan Yuan and talking incessantly.

“I’ve checked it, and the little rabbit will be born in about a month. We’ll be able to see the little rabbit soon! The little rabbit will be especially cute.”

Fan Yuan gently stroked Gu Yang’s hair with his fingertips, occasionally brushing past the base of his bunny ears, causing Gu Yang’s ears to twitch slightly to make it easier for Fan Yuan to move.

Fan Yuan didn’t know if the little rabbit would be cute, but this big rabbit snuggled up tightly against him was cuter than any other rabbit, both cute and silly.

During New Year, Gu Yang turned off Fan Yuan’s phone, so Fan Yuan’s parents didn’t receive any New Year greetings.

However, Gu Yang couldn’t neglect his own parents. He put on a hat and answered the video call from his parents.

Facing Gu Yang’s original parents, he always felt a little embarrassed and couldn’t respond properly.

“Mom and Dad, happy New Year! This is Fan Yuan, my most important person!”

Gu Yang’s parents doted on him, but they were not foolish. They stared at Fan Yuan through the small phone screen, their gaze becoming stern for a moment before immediately relaxing as they greeted him with a smile.

“Is that so? Hello, little friend! Happy New Year.”

Fan Yuan politely greeted Gu Yang’s parents. The video call wasn’t long, and as they were about to hang up, Gu Yang suddenly stopped his parents.


Gu Yang’s parents looked over, smiling happily, “What’s wrong, good son?”

Gu Yang stole a glance at Fan Yuan and shook his head at the phone screen, whispering:

“It’s nothing…Gu Yang…Gu Yang is doing well.”

Gu Yang’s parents didn’t hear clearly and asked again:

“What? Good son, what did you say?”

Gu Yang smiled and shook his head, “It’s okay, Happy New Year!” 

After ending the video call, he looked at the fireworks exploding not far away, the brilliant light reflected in his eyes. 

He silently said in his heart, “Original Gu Yang, I’m sorry… and thank you.” 

Another firework exploded, and a youthful voice drifted by his ear, “You’re crazy. Who needs your gratitude? If I didn’t take the risk and leave first… you wouldn’t have come here… You… please take good care of my parents.” 

In his heart, Gu Yang vowed, “I will.”

On New Year’s Eve, Gu Yang insisted on staying up late to celebrate. The two of them snuggled in the living room to watch the Spring Festival Gala. After a while, Gu Yang seemed a bit absent-minded, his gaze fixed on the TV screen, but if you observed him closely, you could tell he was daydreaming.

One of his hands kept tugging at the edge of the sofa fabric, slowly lifting it up. He couldn’t resist and lifted it up to his ear, pulling out a clump of fur. As he held the fur in his hand, Gu Yang suddenly realized what he had done and quickly sat upright, hiding the fur under his body.

Fan Yuan didn’t like it when he pulled out his fur, he couldn’t let Fan Yuan find out!

But now Gu Yang knows that pulling out fur is a natural instinct for rabbits after they have offspring, and he can’t control it.

Fan Yuan saw Gu Yang suddenly sit up straight, and reached out to hold him in his arms.

“Don’t move, watch TV properly.”

Gu Yang rested his head on Fan Yuan’s neck, carefully stretching out his hand to pull the fur on his own ears.

There were only two places where he could pull fur on his body because he had so little fur: his ears and his tail. But pulling fur on his tail hurt too much, so Gu Yang didn’t want to pull fur from it.

After pulling a few pieces of fur, his wrist was grabbed by Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang was startled and immediately lowered his head to avoid Fan Yuan’s gaze, waiting for him to scold him.

But Fan Yuan just took the rabbit fur from Gu Yang’s hand and put it in his pocket, then pulled Gu Yang’s hands over to hug him and continued watching TV without saying anything.

Gu Yang couldn’t help but raise his head to look at Fan Yuan. Fan Yuan pressed his chin on Gu Yang’s head and rubbed Gu Yang’s soft rabbit ears.

“Don’t look at me, watch TV.”


Gu Yang’s hands were held, and he couldn’t pull the rabbit fur anymore, so he could only obediently nestle in Fan Yuan’s arms and watch TV.

He had been insisting on staying up for the New Year, but he fell asleep shortly after.

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang in his arms without moving until the midnight bell rang and the new year arrived. As the hosts on TV began to wish everyone a happy new year, Fan Yuan finally got up and carried Gu Yang to the bedroom.

After laying Gu Yang on the bed and covering him with a blanket, Fan Yuan lowered his head and gently kissed Gu Yang’s ear.

“Happy New Year, Gu Yang.”

Gu Yang had already fallen asleep, his cheeks red from sleeping. Feeling a slight itch in his ear in his dreams, he turned his head and mumbled something incoherent.

“Little bunny, have babies with Fan Yuan…”

Fan Yuan let out a sigh and got up, walking out of the bedroom and towards the end of the hallway.

He opened the large black door, and dim lights illuminated the room inside as he walked past the giant birdcage in the center and towards the blank wall at the end.

He raised his hand and pressed a few times on a certain spot on the wall, and suddenly a door flipped over, seamlessly blending in with the wall. If it hadn’t been for this moment, no one would have noticed that there was a door here.

Fan Yuan walked in, and the wall immediately closed up again, leaving no trace of a seam.

Behind the wall was Fan Yuan’s secret.

It was a not-too-large room, with dim lighting and furnishings that resembled a cold display room. The room was filled with all kinds of display shelves, but many of them were still empty.

Fan Yuan took the rabbit fur that Gu Yang had just pulled out of his pocket and put it in an exquisite box with a glass lid, placing it on a display shelf.

The display shelf covered the three walls of the room, with one wall empty and covered with paintings of various sizes, all featuring Gu Yang.

There were mermaid Gu Yang, demon Gu Yang, Gu Yang with wolf ears and tail, Gu Yang in a long dress, and Gu Yang with little rabbit ears, each painting a beautiful watercolor or a complex oil painting, and some were just quick sketches, almost filling this empty wall.

Fan Yuan slowly walked across the room from one side, his black eyes surveying and glancing lightly at each box.

Some of the boxes contained dried flowers, which if Gu Yang were present, he would recognize as the ones he had given to Fan Yuan, mostly just insignificant wildflowers.

This was a corner that Gu Yang did not know, belonging only to Fan Yuan.

It was not until Fan Yuan had browsed all the collections on the four walls that he walked to the door and walked out from the open door.

Fan Yuan stood in front of the wall, watching the wall slowly turn around, and his face reflected on the glass of the display shelf facing the wall.

His pitch-black hair fell around his eyes, and Fan Yuan’s eyes were half-lowered, with no warmth in his black eyes, his face expressionless. When the wall was almost completely closed, Fan Yuan slowly raised his eyes and looked at his reflection in the glass.

Only he knew what kind of abyss laid beneath those black eyes.

Under that abyss was a cold and windy h*ll, a soundless and lightless h*ll with no way out.

At an unknown time, someone was locked in this cold h*ll.

This person carried the scorching sun on their back, and with just their presence, they warmed up the whole h*ll. But eventually, they would be hidden away by h*ll and could never leave again.

The soundproofing in the cage was excellent, and it wasn’t until Fan Yuan walked up to the iron door that he could hear the faint knocking outside.

Gu Yang was awakened from his sleep and couldn’t find Fan Yuan anywhere. He guessed that Fan Yuan had come here, but without his fingerprints, no one else could enter. Gu Yang could only knock on the door from the outside.

The iron door opened in response, and Gu Yang pounced without looking, wrapping his legs around Fan Yuan and using his two soft and floppy rabbit ears to rub against Fan Yuan’s face, his voice full of accusations.

“Fan Yuan! What are you doing? How could you leave me in the bedroom and come here by yourself! Did you want to bring me here?”

Fan Yuan hugged the big rabbit that had jumped into his arms and took steady steps back to the bedroom.

“I won’t do it again next time.”

Gu Yang shook his head, still angry. He leaned over and left a circle of red teeth marks on Fan Yuan’s chin.

“No, no. If you do it again next time, I’ll lock you up! I won’t let you see the light! Do you hear me?”

Although it was a threatening remark, Gu Yang said it in a soft and weak tone.

Fan Yuan chuckled and ran his fingers lightly down the back of Gu Yang’s neck, pinching the little bunny tail.

“Treat me as you wish.”

Gu Yang finally calmed down. Before Fan Yuan could carry him back to the bedroom, he fell asleep again.

He believed he was pregnant and was convinced of it, his body showed signs of pregnancy such as increased sleepiness, cravings, mood swings, and even a bit of weight gain.

After New Year’s Eve, Gu Yang and Fan Yuan stayed quietly at home for a few days until Gu Yang received a WeChat message from Meng Zhan on the fourth day of the Lunar New Year.

Meng Zhan didn’t usually contact Gu Yang since they didn’t have much of a relationship before. They only became more familiar with each other because of Fan Yuan.

At the moment, Gu Yang was snuggling in Fan Yuan’s arms, waiting for him to feed him strawberries. He had a strawberry stem in his mouth while reading the WeChat message from Meng Zhan.

“Gu Yang!! We need your help! It’s time to test the collective honor of your class against Class 6 in a game PK! Are you in or not!”

Since Gu Yang’s gaming skills dominated the entire arcade last time, he had become a gaming guru in the eyes of some of his male classmates. Now, whenever something comes up, Meng Zhan thinks of either Fan Yuan or Gu Yang first, believing that Gu Yang is naturally talented in gaming.

So, Meng Zhan not only wanted to invite Gu Yang, but also Fan Yuan. However, Meng Zhan was quite intuitive and knew that Gu Yang and Fan Yuan were a package deal at the moment. If he could persuade Gu Yang, Fan Yuan would come along too.

But Gu Yang wasn’t too keen on going out at the moment. He felt like he was pregnant and should stay home peacefully.

So, Gu Yang found a reason to decline Meng Zhan’s invitation. But Meng Zhan wasn’t as simple minded as Li Ziyuan. He quickly sent another WeChat message.

“Is Fan Yuan with you? Find a place with no one around, I have something to tell you.”

Gu Yang glanced back and saw that Fan Yuan was watching TV. He munched on the strawberry in his mouth and replied to Meng Zhan:

“What’s up? Fan Yuan’s not here.”

Meng Zhan immediately sent him a long message.

“Gu Yang, let me tell you, I know you value Fan Yuan and have a good relationship with him, but don’t you also need your own life? You can’t put all your focus on Fan Yuan for a long time, otherwise he’ll get tired of it! In my opinion, you should still come and help our class beat Class 6, that would also make Fan Yuan look good, right?”

Meng Zhan was just deceiving Gu Yang. He knew that Gu Yang was easily fooled even though he seemed smart. Gu Yang was now like a silly rabbit and had taken Meng Zhan’s words seriously.

The strawberry tip in his mouth had been ground down and the strawberry juice was dripping down his lips. Fan Yuan took a handkerchief and wiped it clean, and even took away the strawberry in Gu Yang’s mouth.

Gu Yang turned around and saw Fan Yuan put the ground-down strawberry into his own mouth.

“If you want to go, then go.”

Gu Yang immediately turned his phone over and blinked his eyes like a thief, trying to cover up his actions.

“Did you see it?”

Fan Yuan took Gu Yang’s phone and replied to Meng Zhan, “Time and place.”

Meng Zhan immediately sent the time and place. It was this afternoon, at an internet cafe.

As soon as he sent the message, Meng Zhan realized that this way of talking was definitely not Gu Yang.

“Fan Yuan?”

Fan Yuan didn’t respond. He returned the phone to Gu Yang, picked him up by the waist, and placed him on the sofa, urging him.

“Go change your clothes, we’re leaving now.”

Gu Yang was still very interested in this game PK, so he immediately ran upstairs to change his clothes.

In the early afternoon, Gu Yang and Fan Yuan arrived at the location provided by Meng Zhan smoothly.

There weren’t many internet cafes open during the New Year, but as soon as they pushed open the door, they saw a noisy scene inside. It was packed with people, mostly students from Class 1 and Class 6.

The cause of this game PK was quite simple. A few people from Class 6 teamed up to play a game and encountered a team from Class 1. They beat Class 1 badly and boasted that they were all nerds who only knew how to do tests and knew nothing about all-round development of morality, intelligence, physical fitness, and aesthetics.

Gradually, the two sides started arguing and it eventually developed into a big PK between the two classes.

When Class 1 students saw Fan Yuan, they breathed a sigh of relief. Their class leader was capable of everything and was always at the top of everything. With Fan Yuan here, they had nothing to fear.

But Fan Yuan usually didn’t want to participate in this kind of thing. Meng Zhan said he had a way to get Fan Yuan to come over, but they didn’t expect it to be true.

Immediately, a male student eagerly gave up his seat for Fan Yuan:

“Does the class leader still play ADC? I can support you?”

It was only then that Gu Yang realized that Meng Zhan had tricked him. Their main target was Fan Yuan.

Gu Yang was in a special period and was already emotionally sensitive, so he became angry and sat in the seat that the male student gave up.

“I play ADC, Fan Yuan assists me.”

Some male classmates thought Gu Yang was good at playing video games, so there shouldn’t be a problem with this kind of game. Meng Zhan was one of them.

But there were also some male classmates who didn’t quite agree. They knew Gu Yang was good at playing video games, but they had never seen him play this kind of esports game before, and they didn’t know how good he really was.

Fan Yuan didn’t say anything and just sat next to Gu Yang.

“Okay, I’ll assist you.”

The classmates in the class saw that their class leader had agreed, and they relaxed a little. Anyway, it was best of three, and if Gu Yang didn’t perform well in this game, they could ask their class leader to switch him out in the next game.

Gu Yang knew what these classmates were thinking, and he was holding back his anger. He chose a character that required high skill, pursed his lips and stared at the computer screen in front of him.

Fan Yuan chose a moderate support role, and everyone else took their positions. The confident Class Six students sitting across from them seemed to have already seen the dawn of victory.

The game started quickly. While waiting on the loading page, Fan Yuan suddenly leaned over, propping his chair on the armrest, and flicked the mouth that Gu Yang had pursed.

“Why are you pursing your lips so high?”

You should know that other male classmates from their class were standing behind them. This intimate action, so brazenly in front of everyone, immediately made Gu Yang’s heart skip a beat, and he dared not purse his lips, and didn’t even dare to turn around to see how the other classmates reacted.

It wasn’t until the game started that he forced himself to concentrate.

Gu Yang has some talent for gaming. Apart from the magical game “Rhythm Master,” he plays well in other games. After all, during the time he was hospitalized in his past life, these things were his only pastime.

The classmates who deeply questioned Gu Yang’s ADC were completely transformed from skepticism to excitement and admiration after he successfully took first blood and got double, triple, and quadruple kills. Compared to the quiet and bleak atmosphere in class 6, there were occasional bursts of cheers in class 1.

Fan Yuan was a support player, but his killing power was even stronger than that of the mid laner. Cooperating with Gu Yang’s ADC, they killed wherever they went. In the three-game series, every game ended within the first ten minutes.

Three consecutive victories.

Gu Yang threw down his mouse, pushed away the keyboard, and muttered in a small voice, “Hmph.”

Several classmates from class 1 surrounded Gu Yang, praising him one after another and planning to go out for a big meal together later.

Gu Yang felt a little embarrassed from all the compliments and scratched the bunny ears under his woolen hat.

Fan Yuan was still sitting in his original position, watching Gu Yang being surrounded by the crowd.

As a student who was full of youthful energy, Gu Yang enjoyed playing and having fun with his classmates. Even without Fan Yuan, he could still live a good life. In fact, without Fan Yuan, Gu Yang could live a normal youth, full of vitality, energy, and happiness, instead of being bound to Fan Yuan, squeezed in a small villa every day.

Fan Yuan realized the situation and narrowed his black eyes.

Gu Yang was surrounded by a crowd of people, listening to a group of classmates praising him. He felt very embarrassed, but he was still aware that if it weren’t for Fan Yuan constantly feeding him kills, he wouldn’t have been able to develop so smoothly in every game.

“Fan Yuan is the most amazing one. Without him, I wouldn’t have been able to carry the game…”

Unexpectedly, several classmates said, “Isn’t it normal for the class leader to be awesome?”

“Yeah, the class leader has always been like that. Isn’t that what should be expected?”

Gu Yang was stunned, staring blankly at the classmates who took it for granted.

No one’s excellence is taken for granted, nor is it something that should be expected.

Just because Fan Yuan has always been excellent and powerful, does that mean he can’t even get a word of praise?

Gu Yang immediately pushed through the crowd and walked towards Fan Yuan, who was still sitting in his original spot.

Several male classmates were still calling out to Gu Yang, but he ignored them.

He pushed through the noise and bustle, walking out of the energetic crowd.

He walked towards Fan Yuan, who was burdened with darkness, and approached him with open arms.

“Fan Yuan, I’m tired. Let’s go home.”

Fan Yuan raised his head and looked at the ten fingers spread out in front of him by Gu Yang, fair and clean, without a trace of dust. These were hands that could embrace the dawn, but at this moment they actively reached out towards the darkness.

Fan Yuan’s black pupils were calm as he looked up at Gu Yang’s face.

“Don’t we still have to go for dinner?”

Gu Yang simply put his hands into Fan Yuan’s palms and bowed, bumping his forehead against Fan Yuan’s.

“I don’t want to go anymore. I want you to take me home.”

Fan Yuan suddenly tightened his grip on Gu Yang’s hands with great force, but Gu Yang felt no discomfort. He stood up with Fan Yuan, and the two of them walked out intimately, arm in arm.

Someone noticed they were leaving and called out to them, “Hey? Don’t go, we’re still going to have dinner!”

Gu Yang didn’t even look back and said, “I’m not going, you guys go ahead.”

Meng Zhan stood not far away, shrugged, and thought to himself that it might be difficult to lure Fan Yuan out to help him in the future.

Gu Yang and Fan Yuan walked out of the internet cafe together, their intertwined hands looking awkward and embarrassing. Gu Yang couldn’t help but laugh, shaking Fan Yuan’s hand.

Fan Yuan let go of his hand and simply picked up Gu Yang in his arms, walking slowly with him in the snow. During the New Year period, there were very few pedestrians on the road. Whenever people passed by them, they would look back curiously.

However, neither of them paid any attention. Gu Yang didn’t feel anything wrong being held in Fan Yuan’s arms like a child, and he held onto Fan Yuan’s neck with both hands, chattering away.

Ever since he was convinced that he was pregnant, he had been talking more and more, becoming more and more verbose.

Although there were only the two of them and only Fan Yuan could hear him, Gu Yang never felt that there was nothing to talk about. The topic just kept going once it started.

Fan Yuan never stopped Gu Yang from talking. If Gu Yang wanted to say something, he would listen.

The small snowflakes drifted slowly, passing over the shoulders and around the bodies of the two people. A piece of crystal clear snowflake landed slowly on Fan Yuan’s eyelashes. When Gu Yang saw it, he laughed and leaned into Fan Yuan’s eyelashes, trying to blow it away. However, the snowflake melted due to the heat from Gu Yang’s breath.

The melted snow water flowed into Fan Yuan’s eyes, and he squinted slightly with one eye.

Gu Yang immediately raised his hand to help him wipe his eyes. Fan Yuan lifted Gu Yang up and said, “The snow is getting heavier. Let’s walk a little longer and then take the car back.”

Gu Yang nodded, hugged Fan Yuan’s neck again, and rubbed his ear against Fan Yuan’s ear, looking at the path they had walked.

Because Fan Yuan was holding Gu Yang, the footprints left behind were very deep and heavy.

“Fan Yuan.”

“You are excellent. You are the best Fan Yuan in the world.”

“But… even if you’re not outstanding, you’re still my Fan Yuan.”

Fan Yuan stopped in his tracks as the sky gradually darkened. He looked at the road covered in heavy snow ahead and listened to Gu Yang’s warm and resolute voice as he whispered into his ear:

“I want Fan Yuan, no matter what kind of Fan Yuan it is.”

“I’m Gu Yang, and I’m just Fan Yuan’s Gu Yang.”

“…Silly rabbit.”

Gu Yang looked at the glowing affection points in his left hand and buried his cheek in Fan Yuan’s neck.

He thought, even without these affection points, without this game, he would still be Fan Yuan’s Gu Yang.

Fan Yuan’s affection points:

45 points.

Author’s note: Gu Yang: I may not be smart, but I’m never afraid of Fan Yuan.

[Sorry for being late! Fan Yuan’s affection points have improved greatly! Today’s update is about ten thousand words if you round it up!]

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