Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 73

Chapter 73

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Gu Yang barely slept that night. He found his phone on the floor next to his bed and opened WeChat to message Wang Hang. After thinking for a moment, he sent a message that read: “Wishing you a bright future.”

Their sudden separation the day before didn’t allow for a proper goodbye. Perhaps once Wang Hang left the country, they would never be in touch again.

After a short while, the chat window displayed “the other party is typing…” However, after waiting for a while, the input status disappeared, and Wang Hang didn’t send anything.

Thinking that Wang Hang wouldn’t reply, he was about to put his phone down when a message popped up on the screen.

“Is Gu Yang okay?” The message from Wang Hang surprised him. The Gu Yang being referred to was definitely not him.

The original Gu Yang was self-centered and arrogant. He caused trouble with Fan Yuan on a regular basis, and he would skip class with Wang Hang. He had little to no relationship with the rest of his classmates.

When Gu Yang arrived, he placed all his focus on Fan Yuan and even cut ties with Wang Hang.

It was normal that his other classmates didn’t notice anything out of the ordinary, but Wang Hang, who used to hang out with the original Gu Yang, must have noticed something was off.

As he relaxed his tensed body, it seemed that Wang Hang didn’t intend to cause him any trouble.

He replied, “He’s doing well.”

Wang Hang quickly responded with two words, “Thank you.”

The chat window fell silent again. Gu Yang decided to explain vaguely to Wang Hang that the original Gu Yang was doing well in another world. However, as he tried to send a message to clarify things, a system prompt popped up.

“The other party has activated friend verification. You are not their friend yet, please send a friend verification request. After verification is passed, you can chat.”

Gu Yang was stunned for a moment, and then he realized that Wang Hang had deleted him.

In the end, Gu Yang breathed a sigh of relief. Wang Hang’s friend was the original Gu Yang, not him. They had both returned to square one.

The matter with Wang Hang has come to an end, so Gu Yang finally had time to open the WeChat messages sent by Pan Fei and the others. He was confused by their series of greetings and inexplicable questions, only knowing that something had happened on Fan Yuan’s WeChat Moments.

Gu Yang secretly turned his head and saw that Fan Yuan was still sleeping with his eyes closed. He then opened Fan Yuan’s WeChat Moments, where the first thing he saw was a group photo of him and Fan Yuan. Gu Yang was shocked and his fingers froze, causing his phone to almost hit his face. Fan Yuan suddenly reached out and caught the phone.

Fan Yuan opened his eyes and glanced at the enlarged photo on Gu Yang’s phone screen. He then ran his finger over the 100 points on Gu Yang’s neck and asked, “Look good?”

Fan Yuan’s voice was particularly attractive, especially since he had just woken up.

Gu Yang, who was listening to his voice next to his ear, shrank into the blanket and said with a muffled voice, “Looks good.”

The bright red three-digit number was still sitting obediently on his neck, but the font was a bit blurry now. Don’t ask him why it was blurry, just guess.

Fan Yuan put Gu Yang’s phone on the bedside table next to him and imitated Gu Yang’s actions by curling up under the blanket and crawling into Gu Yang’s arms. He leaned his head on Gu Yang’s neck, making the three blurry digits even more blurry.

Gu Yang had his hands on Fan Yuan’s back, looking at the ceiling above his head. Suddenly, a strange question popped into his mind. “Fan Yuan, doesn’t ink from a marker taste bad?”

Fan Yuan, who was under the blanket, suddenly stopped moving. He lifted the blanket and sat up, with a hint of red ink on the corner of his mouth.

He wiped his mouth with his thumb, looking at the ink on his finger with the same calm and serene expression, without any obvious emotional changes.

“You’re right, I should tattoo it on you instead of writing it.” 

Gu Yang stiffened at the thought of getting the number 100 tattooed in bright red on his neck. He vigorously shook his head.

“No, no way. Tattooing 100 is absolutely not an option.”

Fan Yuan pressed him back down again, this time not smudging the already unrecognizable 100 on Gu Yang’s neck, but instead moved to his ear.

The voice was too close, not just close, but it was a negative distance, which almost gave Gu Yang the illusion that the voice was in his head.

“100 won’t do, but does ‘Fan Yuan’ work?”

Gu Yang turned his head to the side, avoiding Fan Yuan’s breath, and spoke in a particularly soft voice, “It works, it works.”

Gu Yang finished speaking, but Fan Yuan did not say anything else. He propped himself up above Gu Yang again, staring quietly at him with his black eyes. Gu Yang felt embarrassed being stared at and his gaze wandered aimlessly. Fan Yuan pinched his chin and forced him to make eye contact.

With his chin pinched, Gu Yang couldn’t look around anymore, so he could only look at Fan Yuan’s face and his black eyes, which were slowly being infiltrated by blood-red.

Fan Yuan seemed to be trying to figure out where it would be best to tattoo his name on Gu Yang’s body, but in the end, he just kissed Gu Yang’s forehead and pulled the covers back over them both.

“Let’s just stamp it for now. We’ll talk about tattooing the name later.”

Gu Yang touched his forehead, thinking that the words “Fan Yuan” might be permanently imprinted on his body somewhere in the future. His heart raced, and he couldn’t calm down for a long time.

Fan Yuan didn’t give Gu Yang a chance to think too much and pulled him back into his arms, patting his back gently over and over again.

“Sleep, you can sleep in today.”

Gu Yang was really tired. With a light pat from Fan Yuan, his head quickly emptied, and he fell asleep.

Fan Yuan slowly shifted his hand on Gu Yang’s palm, picking out a spot on his body as if he was really planning where to carve his name.

When he woke up from his nap, it was already noon. Fan Yuan woke him up and he felt bloated and not hungry at all.

Fan Yuan backed off a bit and asked, “Are you full?”

Gu Yang pushed Fan Yuan’s shoulder and begged him with a sleepy and blurred face, “Fan Yuan, I don’t want to eat anymore. My stomach feels so uncomfortable when it’s so full every day.”

Fan Yuan was unusually easy-going this time and got up from the bed, no longer feeding Gu Yang.

“Get up, you’re full, but I’m hungry.”

Gu Yang immediately tried to get up, but just as he sat up, Fan Yuan picked him up and took him to the bathroom.

This time, he was held face-to-face, with his two little legs resting on Fan Yuan’s arm, feeling uncomfortable and kicking a bit.

Fan Yuan, who had the characteristics of a great demon king, even interfered with personal things like washing up.

Gu Yang was afraid that if he got used to him carrying him around every day, what would he do if Fan Yuan’s great demon king characteristics disappeared and he no longer cared about him?

When Fan Yuan wiped Gu Yang’s hands, he pinched his nails and said, “Your nails are a little long, I’ll cut them for you later.”

Gu Yang’s fingertips rested in Fan Yuan’s hands, slightly curled up. He couldn’t refuse, not just because he couldn’t say it, but also because he was secretly looking forward to it.

Although Gu Yang had just woken up and was already fed by Fan Yuan, he guessed that according to Fan Yuan’s current characteristics, Fan Yuan would surely feed him again at noon, until he begged for mercy.

However, Fan Yuan didn’t do that. He just pulled Gu Yang to sit at the table and stared at him while eating. His gaze slowly moved around Gu Yang’s face, finally landing on his ears, seemingly deep in thought.

Gu Yang couldn’t help but touch his own ears, leaning on the table with his arm blocking half of his face, his palm covering his ears. Only then did Fan Yuan retract his gaze.

Because Gu Yang did not sleep well last night, Fan Yuan did not take him to study but instead held him in the living room watching TV.

The TV program was boring and cliché, and Gu Yang lost interest. Fan Yuan put on a comedy movie for him.

As Gu Yang watched the movie, Fan Yuan used a nail clipper to trim his nails.

After finishing trimming each finger, Fan Yuan would lift Gu Yang’s fingertip to his lips and give it a kiss. Gu Yang couldn’t concentrate on the movie anymore, with Fan Yuan’s kisses on his fingertips occupying his thoughts.

Fan Yuan’s nail trimming was getting sloppy, and Gu Yang ended up sitting in Fan Yuan’s lap.

After finishing the nail trimming, Fan Yuan put the nail clipper on the coffee table and crossed his hands on Gu Yang’s small belly, whispering in his ear:

“Gu Yang, can I feed you?”

Gu Yang grabbed Fan Yuan’s wrist and lowered his head.

“But I’m still full.”

Fan Yuan tightened his grip around Gu Yang, wrapping his long legs around him.

“I’ll feed you somewhere else, you won’t feel full.”

Before Gu Yang could ask what he meant, Fan Yuan began to feed Gu Yang’s ear.

Ears can’t eat, so there’s no such thing as being too full.

Gu Yang shrunk one shoulder, the sound in one ear became muffled, he couldn’t hear anything clearly. He only felt that the temperature of his two ears was gradually becoming different, one almost hot enough to burn, the other still cool.

Fan Yuan was considerate of Gu Yang, not the type of person who only satisfied his own desires.

When he ate lunch, he kept staring at Gu Yang’s ears, probably planning for this.

Gu Yang’s two ears were alternately fed by Fan Yuan, and when he was barely conscious, he suddenly felt a bit cold on his belly.

Starting from the bottom button, Fan Yuan slowly unbuttoned it.

Gu Yang dared not move, only stretching his neck out, his eyelashes wet with tears, sticking together in patches.

Until the button was unbuttoned to the second one, Fan Yuan suddenly stopped and buried his head in Gu Yang’s neck, motionless.

Gu Yang could hear Fan Yuan’s gradually slowing breaths. After a long time, Fan Yuan reached out and re-buttoned the two bottom buttons that he had just unbuttoned.

Fan Yuan didn’t move or speak for a long time, as if he was enduring something, yet also about to burst.

Suddenly, Fan Yuan asked Gu Yang:

“Gu Yang, are you listening to me?”

Gu Yang was starting to recover, his two ears blushing unnaturally, and he was weak all over.

Fan Yuan lifted Gu Yang up and carried him back to the bedroom. He placed him on the bed and unbuttoned his shirt.

“Take off your clothes,” he commanded.

Gu Yang hesitated, blushing until his cheeks matched the color of his ears, which had already been toyed with by Fan Yuan.

Under Fan Yuan’s gaze, Gu Yang slowly unbuttoned one button at a time, his fingers trembling.

After Gu Yang started unbuttoning his shirt, Fan Yuan turned around and took out his own clothes from the closet, throwing them at Gu Yang.

Without turning around, Fan Yuan said, “From now on, you can only wear my clothes at home.”

Gu Yang’s heart raced like a drum, and his voice was so loud that he could hear it himself.

He grabbed the clothes Fan Yuan had thrown at him, lowered his head, and revealed his slender white neck.

“Okay,” he said.

When it came to what the great demon king Fan Yuan said, Gu Yang knew he had to follow along, or else he would suffer.

Fan Yuan didn’t leave the bedroom. He just stood with his back to Gu Yang, listening to the rustling sound of him changing clothes. The sound seemed to carry a visual image, and Fan Yuan could almost imagine the way the fabric slid over Gu Yang’s skin.

It wasn’t until Gu Yang spoke up and said, “I’m done changing,” that Fan Yuan turned around and saw Gu Yang sitting on the bed in his shirt and pants.

Gu Yang was much shorter and more slender than Fan Yuan, and wearing Fan Yuan’s clothes made his sleeves and pants too long.

Fan Yuan knelt in front of Gu Yang, helping him adjust his sleeves and pant legs. His fingertips occasionally touched Gu Yang’s ankles, causing him to reflexively shrink back. In the end, Fan Yuan forcefully held his ankle, and Gu Yang finally stopped moving.

After changing clothes, Fan Yuan brought Gu Yang back to the living room to watch TV. Gu Yang sat in Fan Yuan’s arms, staring at the lively variety show on the TV while his mind wandered.

Did Fan Yuan undo his buttons earlier because he wanted to do something?

Why did he button them back up in the end?

Not only was Gu Yang not focused on watching TV, neither was Fan Yuan.

He hooked his fingers around the wide cuff of Gu Yang’s shirt, seeming quite satisfied. The temperature in the room was just right, and the atmosphere between the two of them was particularly good. Gu Yang was already lacking sleep, and soon fell asleep leaning on Fan Yuan’s chest. His neck had no strength to support itself, so it tilted back against Fan Yuan’s shoulder, his cold ear pressed against Fan Yuan’s cheek.

Blood surged in Fan Yuan’s red eyes, but in the end, he turned his head towards Gu Yang’s ear, carefully feeding him.

Not only his ear, there were many other places he could feed.

As Gu Yang slept, soft and clingy, he wouldn’t resist anything that was done to him. He could only cry out like a helpless little nightingale.

After a while, Fan Yuan lifted his head, found a coat and covered Gu Yang with it, then turned around and quickly went upstairs.

He walked fast, and came to the big iron door at the innermost part of the corridor, opened it and went in.

But he didn’t stop inside, instead, he opened the hidden wall door and went in.

Fan Yuan seemed to be in great pain at this moment, standing in the enclosed wall door, breathing deeply.

A fine breeze appeared from his body, gradually becoming stronger and blowing up one corner of the painting on the wall.

Seeing the painting blown askew, the strong wind suddenly disappeared.

Fan Yuan turned around and pressed the painting back into place. Only then did he stand with his back against the wall, his eyes tightly closed.

The demon king attribute brought out from Gu Yang’s strange and peculiar dream world had a much stronger impact on Fan Yuan than he had imagined.

Just now, he almost couldn’t resist devouring Gu Yang whole.

The more intense this feeling of not being able to have him became, the more it aroused the cruelty in Fan Yuan’s heart.

He gradually clenched his fists and stayed alone in the closed room for a long time, suppressing the other side that he could no longer control.

Gu Yang was sleeping on the sofa, and his left hand, which was placed on the side, was shining brightly.

Fan Yuan’s favorability rating: 49 points.

When Gu Yang woke up, the living room was already lit, and it was dark outside. Fan Yuan was cooking in the kitchen.

He sat up and found Fan Yuan’s coat covering him. He moved his legs and felt something strange. The texture was silky smooth, as if he wasn’t wearing any pants.

As Gu Yang looked around, he saw his pants on the armrest of the sofa, the ones he had been wearing earlier.

He lifted the coat abruptly and saw his bare legs, which were not just without pants. There were deep red marks or bite marks from his ankles to his calves.

Gu Yang put the coat back on his legs and quietly laid back on the sofa, burying his face in his hands. He felt like everything that had happened in the past few days was still a dream.

As he raised his palm, Gu Yang saw Fan Yuan’s favorability rating on his left hand.

49 points?

He had only slept for a while, how did Fan Yuan’s favorability rating increase by one point?

While Gu Yang was staring at the favorability rating in his palm, Fan Yuan had already walked out of the kitchen and stood one step away from Gu Yang, asking in a cold voice: “Are you hungry?”

Gu Yang immediately put down his hand, touched his stomach, and stuttered in response: “A little bit.”

Fan Yuan’s pupils were still red. Whenever Fan Yuan’s eyes turned deep red like blood, it meant that he was going to be fed like crazy.

He thought Fan Yuan would come over and feed him immediately, but Fan Yuan still stood there and didn’t approach him.

“Endure a little longer. I can’t feed you now.”

Gu Yang was stunned, looking at Fan Yuan’s red eyes feeling confused and incredulous. Fan Yuan’s eyes were so red, yet he said he couldn’t feed him?


Gu Yang was stubborn, and when Fan Yuan said that, he followed with a strong attitude. Without looking at Fan Yuan, he started to be stubborn: “If you won’t feed, then don’t!”

Fan Yuan looked at Gu Yang but didn’t say anything. He turned around and went back to the kitchen to cook. After he finished cooking, he didn’t call Gu Yang to eat with him. He just carried the food to the table and ate by himself.

Gu Yang kicked away Fan Yuan’s coat, grabbed his pants and put them on. The pants were too long, and the legs fell down and made a clattering sound on his heels. He didn’t care and walked past Fan Yuan with his head held high and went upstairs.

Back in his bedroom, Gu Yang opened his phone and started counting. He wanted to see how long it would take for Fan Yuan to not resist and come upstairs to kiss and feed him.

The result was that even after the countdown reached one hour, Gu Yang’s stomach was still grumbling, and Fan Yuan didn’t come up.

Gu Yang looked at the countdown timer that kept increasing, and his eyes gradually turned red, but he held back his tears.

It wasn’t until the countdown exceeded two hours that Gu Yang couldn’t hold it anymore and got up with anger and rushed downstairs.

He didn’t expect Fan Yuan to be calmly watching TV. An old love movie was playing on the TV, and Fan Yuan was sitting straight on the sofa, with his eyes fixed on the TV.

Gu Yang took a deep breath and walked over to Fan Yuan and called his name.

“Fan Yuan?”

Fan Yuan turned his head, and his red eyes were even redder than two hours ago, thick red fluid kept rolling, which looked a bit scary.

But he stubbornly stayed put and asked Gu Yang with a very restrained tone:

“Are you hungry now? Do you want me to feed you?”

Gu Yang was angry for a moment and sat down next to Fan Yuan with force, staring at the TV evilly, imitating Fan Yuan’s tone to answer him:

“Thanks, I don’t need it. I won’t starve.”

Fan Yuan didn’t say anything anymore. It seemed that he couldn’t even stand Gu Yang sitting next to him and went upstairs directly.

Gu Yang gritted his teeth, smashed the sofa with his fist, turned around and followed Fan Yuan.

When Fan Yuan stepped on the first step, he suddenly turned around.

Gu Yang was following closely behind, and almost bumped into Fan Yuan’s chest.

Fan Yuan lowered his head and looked at Gu Yang, who was forcing himself to endure the humiliation. His thick, blood-red eyes squinted in pain.

“Gu Yang, I’ll only feed you for the time it takes to walk up this flight of stairs. If it takes any longer, I’ll…”

The rest of the sentence disappeared from Gu Yang’s mouth. He didn’t have time to think about what Fan Yuan would do, he just lifted his hand and hugged Fan Yuan’s neck tightly, enjoying the rare feeding.

When he finished, Fan Yuan let go of Gu Yang and took a step back, creating a distance of two steps between them.

“Do you want more?”

Gu Yang gritted his teeth and suddenly rushed into Fan Yuan’s arms, and followed him up one more step.

The steps of the small villa were not high, only 24 steps with a landing in the middle.

Every time Fan Yuan fed Gu Yang, he would step back and go up one more step.

Gu Yang would actively chase after him, raising his neck high, asking Fan Yuan to feed him.

They finally stepped on the second floor, and Gu Yang had almost eaten his fill. He turned and brushed past Fan Yuan’s shoulder, ready to leave, but was grabbed by his wrist.

Gu Yang then noticed Fan Yuan’s eyes, which were almost red to the point of being black, staring at him with a terrifying gaze.

He shook his wrist, still feeling angry, and retorted with Fan Yuan’s earlier words:

“Let go! We’ve spent the time for one flight of stairs!”

Fan Yuan tightened his grip on Gu Yang’s wrist even harder, causing him pain. He pulled Gu Yang back in front of him, with the stairs behind his back, and took a step down.

Standing on the step below Gu Yang, Fan Yuan used his terrifying red eyes to stare at him:

“Gu Yang, I regret it.”

This time, Fan Yuan didn’t need to make Gu Yang chase him. He pressed down on the back of Gu Yang’s neck and kissed him fiercely.

With a force that Gu Yang would never forget.

They started from the bottom step, one step at a time, and went up, and then repeated from the top step, one step at a time, and went down.

Gu Yang couldn’t remember how many times they had gone back and forth, but he knew that his calf muscles were starting to numb and cramp, and everything finally came to a stop.

On the stairs of the villa, clothes were thrown every few steps.

Shirts, pants, loose buttons, belts hanging on the handrails…

The trail continued all the way to the bedroom, but the big bed in the bedroom was empty.

The bathroom was lit up, and the sound of water inside was very loud. Gu Yang was wearing only his underwear, with his hands on the cold tiles in front of him and the ice-cold water pouring down on his head, his face expressionless.

Fan Yuan was shirtless, but his pants were still on. He buried his head in Gu Yang’s neck and shoulders, and they both showered in the cold water.

Gu Yang wiped the water off his face and the heat he had felt when he was being fed on the stairs had long since dissipated.

He gritted his teeth and asked Fan Yuan slowly:

“Why do I have to shower with you? Don’t you feel cold?”

Fan Yuan shook his head against Gu Yang’s neck, his voice so low that it made Gu Yang’s heart tremble.

“Gu Yang, I’m about to catch a fever.”

“Stay with me, Gu Yang.”

Fan Yuan lifted his head and whispered in Gu Yang’s ear.

“Stay with me, please?”

Gu Yang pursed his lips, which were pale from the cold water, and didn’t say anything.

The two of them went crazy together, showering in the cold water for almost half an hour.

Finally, Fan Yuan’s eyes, which had turned red, returned to their normal black color.

Gu Yang’s ice-cold underwear was also taken off, and he was wrapped in a towel and held by Fan Yuan in bed. Gu Yang shivered from the cold water, while Fan Yuan’s body was still hot.

Fan Yuan wrapped Gu Yang up in a quilt and hugged him through it, his voice uncommonly fragile.

“Gu Yang, there’s still over three months until the college entrance exam. Are you ready?”

Gu Yang thought Fan Yuan meant for him to prepare well for the exam and study hard, but the next words from Fan Yuan made Gu Yang unable to remain calm.

“After the college entrance exam, I won’t let you have a chance to get out of bed again.”

That night, Gu Yang ate too much.

Not only did he eat too much, but his ears were also scolded.

Clearly, they both took a cold shower together, but the next day Gu Yang caught a cold, while Fan Yuan was unaffected.

Before the college entrance exam, Fan Yuan had already managed to keep Gu Yang in bed, albeit in a different way.

Thanks to the cold, Gu Yang passed the remaining days of Fan Yuan’s torment in peace.

As soon as the match was used up, Gu Yang immediately lit another match and happily fell asleep.

No matter what dream he had next, it couldn’t be more torturous than this setting, right?

In the dream, there were floating white clouds, smoke, and waterfalls that were so high they couldn’t be seen at the top.

A group of ancient people in long robes walked along a small path beside the waterfall, chatting and laughing.

When Gu Yang woke up, he found himself following these people on the road.

Listening to their conversations, it seemed that they were in a hurry to go to the Immortal Palace.

The two young men at the front, who were obviously more luxuriously dressed than the others, spoke in a somewhat arrogant tone, and their voices were much louder.

“Since we have passed the preliminary assessment of the Immortal Sect’s recruitment, we must perform well when we enter the Immortal Palace later, in order to be a good disciple.”

“I heard that the most powerful old ancestor in the Immortal Sect is Xumi Tianzun. Xumi Tianzun was born with an icy body and his whole body is filled with a dominating cold aura. Ordinary people who get close to him will be harmed by the cold, but Tianzun never takes in disciples. It’s a pity.”

“What a shame. Tianzun doesn’t take disciples because he hasn’t met any talented and exceptional seedlings. Maybe… he will take me in this time.”

His words and tone implied that he himself was the so-called talented and exceptional seedling.

The young man walking next to Gu Yang sneered and whispered mockingly, “With his three spiritual roots, he’s still considered a good seedling? It’s truly laughable. He thinks having a few spare coins in the mortal world means he can dominate in the immortal sect?”

Gu Yang looked around and wondered why this dream world was set in ancient times. He was a bit curious when he heard the young man’s words and asked him, “What are the three spiritual roots?”

The young man didn’t have much hostility towards Gu Yang and even looked at him with a hint of sympathy. “The fewer spiritual roots one has, the better their aptitude and the smoother their cultivation will be. On the other hand, the more spiritual roots one has, the more complicated their cultivation path will be. Most people with multiple spiritual roots don’t make much progress.”

The young man continued, trying to comfort Gu Yang, “Although you only have five spiritual roots, the immortals in the sect have always been generous. Even if no one accepts you as a disciple, they will still let you stay in the sect and work as a menial laborer.”

Gu Yang didn’t care about the young man’s sympathy and asked, “What’s the worst number of spiritual roots one can have?”

The young man sighed, “The worst is having five spiritual roots.”

Gu Yang: “…”

Before he lit another match, he had to give it enough psychological suggestions. He didn’t need a particularly powerful identity, but he shouldn’t act so casually every time!

They soon arrived at the immortal palace. The mist inside the palace was even thicker, and the immortals’ qi permeated the air, making it chilly.

As soon as they entered, the disciples waiting for the test and selection fell silent and dared not speak.

Gu Yang, however, wasn’t so restrained. He looked around, searching for Fan Yuan’s figure.

On the high platforms surrounding the palace, many immortals with extraordinary temperaments sat. They all looked calm and didn’t show any joy at the arrival of the new disciples.

An immortal disciple wearing disciple clothes walked in front of everyone and began to explain the rules:

“Before entering the gate, you should have already decided which immortal’s disciple you want to become. Each gate has different tests and teaches different immortal techniques. So, open your eyes wide and choose carefully. Once you have chosen, there will be no chance to regret.”

“Also, please remember that the Xumi Tianzun is the highest existence in the immortal sect. Tianzun never participates in the selection of low-level disciples. Fortunately, he is presiding over this event. So, follow the rules and don’t disturb Tianzun’s peace. Don’t approach him with a thick face either, as Tianzun, the elder, never takes on disciples.”

Gu Yang was still thinking about Fan Yuan’s identity as the Xumi Tianzun. But when he heard the person say that Tianzun was an elder, he dismissed the idea.

Until everyone started to choose which gate to enter and take the tests, Gu Yang still stood in the center of the immortal hall, looking around.

He had looked around several times and confirmed that Fan Yuan wasn’t there. Finally, his gaze fell on the highest point of the immortal hall, which was blocked by dense fog. He couldn’t see who was behind it.

But since there was no sign of Fan Yuan around, Gu Yang had no choice but to go there.

That was where the Xumi Tianzun was.

Several immortal disciples noticed that Gu Yang was risking his life to disturb the Tianzun’s peace and immediately tried to stop him. But they found that they couldn’t move once they took a step forward, and couldn’t speak even if they wanted to.

The shocked disciples looked at each other and turned to the top of the hall.

Not only these disciples, but other immortals had also noticed that Gu Yang was heading towards the Xumi Tianzun and planned to stop him. But they all encountered the same situation as the disciples, and no one could stop him or say anything.

Two more arrogant young men who were traveling with Gu Yang saw that he was walking towards the Xumi Tianzun and that no one was stopping him. They looked at each other and immediately left the group to follow him.

However, after only a few steps, they were thrown out and directly expelled from the immortal hall.

The two of them fell to the ground and spat out several mouthfuls of blood. They were shocked and wanted to run back, but they found that they couldn’t enter the hall anymore.

A faint voice came:

“Since you two have gone back on your decision and broken the rules, it’s better for you to leave now.”

The two of them were dissatisfied and shouted loudly at the air, but no one responded.

Gu Yang thought that nobody noticed him, so he quietly approached the mist in front. It wasn’t until he walked into the mist that the thick fog slowly dissipated, and he finally saw Xumi Tianzun sitting on the highest seat.

Xumi Tianzun had a white jade mask on his face, which was smooth and uncarved, without any facial features, making it look particularly strange.

Xumi Tianzun sat upright on the high seat, with a dignified and elegant posture, and a chill permeating his body.

Gu Yang raised his hand and rubbed his arms, thinking to himself that no wonder it was so cold in this immortal hall. There must be a powerful artificial air conditioner here.

However, this coldness was not unbearable, nor was it as terrible as the two people before had said, that approaching it would hurt from the cold.

Gu Yang stood a few steps away from Xumi Tianzun and didn’t move forward anymore.

Although Xumi Tianzun was wearing a mask, Gu Yang had a gut feeling that this was Fan Yuan.

With this in mind, Gu Yang began to move forward and slowly approached Xumi Tianzun.

The mist in front of Xumi Tianzun blocked the view of ordinary people, but it could not stop the view of other immortals in the immortal hall.

Several immortals looked at each other, and their expressionless faces finally showed different expressions.

There were expressions of surprise, curiosity, and even jealousy and distortion.

Gu Yang had come to the front of Xumi Tianzun and placed his hands on both sides of his mask, trying to take off this white jade mask, but found that it was stuck tightly and couldn’t be removed.

He could only ask softly, “Fan Yuan?”

Xumi Tianzun sat in his original position, slightly raised his head, but didn’t answer.

Gu Yang boldly reached out and touched Fan Yuan’s ear, feeling the warmth under his palm. He was very certain that this was his Fan Yuan.

No one knew Fan Yuan’s body temperature better than him. Even though Fan Yuan was emitting coldness all over his body, his temperature still made Gu Yang feel warm.

Gu Yang narrowed his eyes and asked Fan Yuan with a smile, “Lord Tianzun, will you take me as your disciple?”

Xumi Tianzun finally spoke in a flat voice, “What kind of spiritual root do you have?”

Gu Yang listened to the familiar voice belonging to Fan Yuan and squatted down, resting his chin on the knees of Xumi Tianzun.

“They say I’m a waste because of my Five spiritual Root.”

“If you’re a waste, what use are you to me?” Xumi Tianzun asked.

Gu Yang tilted his head and rubbed his cheek gently against Xumi Tianzun’s knee.

“I heard you were born with an ice-cold body. I’m a very warm person and can warm your bed for you.”

“How warm?”

Gu Yang held one of Xumi Tianzun’s hands and placed it on his own cheek.

“You’ll know when you touch it.”

The slightly cool fingertips slid gently along Gu Yang’s cheek, finally pinching his chin and bringing him half-pitched into his arms.

Xumi Tianzun slowly lowered his head, leaned closer to Gu Yang, and the white jade mask slid gently off his face, revealing Fan Yuan’s face.

“It is indeed warm. I’ll… take you as my disciple.”

As soon as he finished speaking, thick mist gathered on the high platform, obscuring everything.

When the mist dissipated completely, Xumi Tianzun had already left with his newly acquired disciple.

The news of Xumi Tianzun taking a disciple, especially a Five spiritual Root waste who hadn’t even taken the examination and was taken away directly, shocked the entire immortal world.

After being taken away by Fan Yuan, who had resumed his persona as Xumi Tianzun, Gu Yang finally understood.

Being born with an ice-cold body meant not only being naturally cold all over, but also being tortured by the cold and ice every day without rest.

To relieve this, he had to transfer the cold air into the body of a pure yang person with his own mouth.

Although Gu Yang had the persona of a Five Spiritual Root waste, he was actually a hidden pure yang body.

The author has something to say: The great demon king Fan Yuan almost punished Gu Yang on the spot, but he restrained himself :)

Stair climbing is a dangerous activity, please do not imitate it lightly.

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