Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 74

Chapter 74

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Mount Xumi is the most spiritually abundant immortal mountain in the realm of immortals and the residence of Xumi Tianzun.

Gu Yang was brought back to Mount Xumi by Fan Yuan and discovered that, although it was filled with dense fog like the immortal palace, it was not luxurious and had only a few simple and plain buildings.

He held the smooth white jade mask that Fan Yuan gave him and wandered around several rooms, finding everything he saw to be quite extraordinary.

“When I read cultivation novels before, I thought those immortals who could live for thousands of years were amazing. I never thought I would see them with my own eyes one day,” Gu Yang said.

Fan Yuan pointed to a room and told Gu Yang, “You’ll stay here.”

Gu Yang naturally thought this was Fan Yuan’s room, so he pushed the door open and found only a simple carved bed inside. It was not big enough for two people to sleep on together.

He heard the sound of a door closing from the next room and hurriedly ran out to see Fan Yuan entering the room and closing the door behind him.

Gu Yang went to push the door, but it wouldn’t budge. It seemed like Fan Yuan had cast some kind of immortal magic that made it impossible to open.

Gu Yang could only stand at the door and knock, “Fan Yuan, open the door and let me in?”

Fan Yuan’s voice came from inside, ethereal and cold, “Gu Yang, in this dream world, I am naturally cold and can only control the ice qi around me for a limited time each day without harming others. It’s safer for you to stay in the other room, away from me.”

Gu Yang disagreed and still wanted to go in, but no matter how hard he knocked, Fan Yuan stopped responding.

He could only turn around and sit down by the door, frowning and thinking that next time he lit a match, he must control his wandering thoughts and mentally prepare himself before doing so.

Sitting by the door, Gu Yang looked at the dense fog around the mountaintop and felt incredibly bored.

He wondered if Fan Yuan was really planning to isolate himself from him until the dream world ended.

Suddenly, several figures appeared through the fog, and Gu Yang squinted to see more and more people around him.

Some were hovering in the air, some were standing on flying swords, some were sitting on magical tools, and some were even riding immortal beasts.

They got closer and closer, eventually stopping at a safe distance and pointing and talking to each other while looking at Gu Yang.

These people are disciples within the immortal sect. They were very curious when they heard that Xumi Tianzun suddenly took on a new disciple, and they all came over to see what was going on. When they saw Gu Yang being blocked outside the door by Xumi Tianzun, they felt that although Xumi Tianzun had taken Gu Yang as his disciple, he didn’t seem to care much about him.

Gu Yang couldn’t stand being looked at and stared at by these people, so he got up and went into the adjacent room, closing the door tightly, shutting the windows as well.

Peeking through the crack in the window, Gu Yang sneered at the still-gathering crowd. He looked around the room and found a strange, pointed tool, and walked over to the wall next to Fan Yuan to start digging.

The wall was not very thick, but it was difficult to dig through. Gu Yang was determined to go to Fan Yuan’s side and dug while panting heavily, with his face covered in dust.

When he finally dug out a small hole, the whole wall suddenly emitted a faint light and disappeared.

Fan Yuan sat cross-legged on a cushion and meditated without opening his eyes.

“Gu Yang, stop fooling around and stay quiet.”

Gu Yang was happy that the wall was gone, but he discovered that there was now a transparent barrier in its place, and he still couldn’t get through. He could only watch Fan Yuan on the other side.

After admonishing Gu Yang, Fan Yuan remained silent. Dressed in white, he sat there like a true immortal, with an otherworldly appearance that seemed above the mortal world.

Before entering this dream world, Gu Yang had been tormented by Fan Yuan’s great demon king attributes. Now that Fan Yuan had become cold and reserved, Gu Yang found it hard to adapt and even began to miss Fan Yuan’s great demon king attributes.

Eventually, Gu Yang was exhausted and, holding onto Fan Yuan’s smooth white jade mask, leaned against the transparent barrier and stared at Fan Yuan blankly until he fell asleep.

Gu Yang was awakened by a chill.

The night on Mount Xumi was shrouded in a thick mist, which seemed to carry an extremely dominant chill in the evening. It crept in through the gaps of the windows and doors.

Gu Yang rubbed his arms and rummaged through a pile of artifacts on the bedside table. He found something that emitted a faint light and raised it up to the transparent barrier in an attempt to get a better view of Fan Yuan on the other side.

As soon as his hand touched the transparent barrier, he was forced back by the piercing cold emanating from it.

It was only then that Gu Yang realized that most of the coldness in the room was coming from Fan Yuan.

He raised the glowing artifact and managed to see Fan Yuan’s unusually pale lips on the other side.

“Fan Yuan? Fan Yuan?”

Gu Yang immediately called out to Fan Yuan, thinking of his frustratingly cold constitution.

But no matter how much he called his name, Fan Yuan didn’t respond. He still sat there with closed eyes, his face pale as snow, as if enduring excruciating pain.

Gu Yang couldn’t bear to see Fan Yuan suffer in front of him. He gritted his teeth and pressed both hands against the transparent barrier.

Unexpectedly, the barrier seemed unable to remain intact due to Fan Yuan’s pain. Ripples began to spread from where Gu Yang’s hands pressed against it, slowly expanding until the entire barrier disappeared.

Gu Yang immediately rushed forward, but was stopped by Fan Yuan’s outstretched hand, followed by Fan Yuan turning his back on him.

“Don’t come near me!”

Gu Yang touched the shoulder that he had just brushed, and the momentary chill almost froze his flesh.

It was just a brief touch, but the extreme coldness that came with it made him realize the immense pain and suffering that Fan Yuan was enduring.

All of this was caused by Gu Yang.

Because of his inexplicable “golden finger”, because of that box of matches, because of his dreams, because of his selfishness.

He threw the glowing artifact aside, and the white jade mask fell to the ground. Gu Yang recklessly rushed forward and hugged Fan Yuan tightly from behind.

In an instant, it was bitterly cold.

The frenzied cold qi swept over Fan Yuan’s body, winding its way through the points where the two men were touching, and engulfed Gu Yang’s entire body, seeping into every pore and permeating his organs.

Frost instantly formed on Gu Yang’s eyelashes, his lips turned white from the cold, and his limbs began to stiffen.

At this most painful moment for Fan Yuan, the coldness of this icy body was constantly invading his body, forcing him to expend great energy and cultivation to restrain the dominant coldness within him. However, he could not guarantee that he would be able to suppress the cold all the time, so most of his time was spent alone every day.

When Gu Yang hugged him, Fan Yuan immediately wanted to push him away, but found that he couldn’t even move.

The pain brought on by the cold was so great that Gu Yang’s eyes turned blue from the cold, but he refused to let go of his grip on Fan Yuan’s hand.

The breath he exhaled had already turned into frost, but he still managed to joke haltingly.

“Fan Yuan, you’re so cold that you could freeze a watermelon.”

Fan Yuan gritted his teeth and squeezed out a few words from between them.

“Let go of me.”

Gu Yang shook his head and slowly climbed up to sit in Fan Yuan’s lap, wrapping his arms around Fan Yuan’s neck and lifting his head to press his lips against Fan Yuan’s.

“We’ll freeze to death together if we have to. Let’s just leave this dream world, what are you afraid of?”

Their lips met and Fan Yuan subconsciously parted his lips, and the dominant coldness surged into Gu Yang’s body as if it had a will of its own.

As the coldness receded, Fan Yuan’s body gradually recovered and the pain slowly subsided.

He widened his eyes slightly and tried to push Gu Yang away, but Gu Yang found that this seemed to relieve Fan Yuan’s pain, so he held on tightly to Fan Yuan’s neck, refusing to let him go.

A chill rushed into Gu Yang’s body and wreaked havoc on his internal organs. His breathing became weaker and weaker, and his hands gradually could no longer hold onto Fan Yuan’s neck tightly.

Just then, a fierce heat surged out from within Gu Yang’s body, devouring all the coldness that had invaded his body, and greedily rushed into Fan Yuan’s mouth to absorb the coldness within his body.

As the heat became stronger, Gu Yang’s frozen body gradually recovered, also dispelling the pain all over Fan Yuan’s body.

It was only after both of them were covered in sweat that they separated their lips, locking eyes with each other. Gu Yang was the first to smile.

“You see, everything’s alright.”

Fan Yuan reached out to touch Gu Yang’s wrist, holding onto his pulse for a moment before letting go, weakly lowering his head and pressing his forehead against Gu Yang’s, with a rare hint of helplessness in his tone.

“So you have the Pure Yang physique, Gu Yang. What do you think about all day?”

Gu Yang felt a bit embarrassed. He now understood that his Pure Yang physique could resolve Fan Yuan’s Ice physique, but the method of doing so was rather…

The principle behind this dream was still unclear, but one thing was for certain.

“At least we’re a perfect match by nature.”

With Gu Yang’s Pure Yang physique, Fan Yuan’s Ice physique was no longer a threat.

Gu Yang stood up from Fan Yuan’s embrace, picked up the white jade mask and glowing magical tool from the ground, and placed them on a small wooden table. He then leaned back against the table, but unexpectedly, it collapsed under his weight, crashing to the ground with a loud noise.

Seeing that Gu Yang was about to sit on the pile of wood chips, Fan Yuan grabbed his collar and pulled him towards him.

Gu Yang breathed a sigh of relief and crouched down, flipping the white jade mask out from among the wood chips, and blowing off the dust on its surface.

“Fortunately, the mask is not broken. I quite like how you look wearing it,” he said.

Fan Yuan ignored Gu Yang’s muttering and instead stared thoughtfully at the shattered pieces on the table.

He took out a jade pendant from his pocket and handed it to Gu Yang.

“Use all your strength to grip this jade pendant tightly. Let me see.”

Gu Yang didn’t doubt him and immediately reached out and squeezed it tightly.

The white jade pendant slowly changed color, finally stopping at orange.

This color indicated that Gu Yang’s cultivation level had surpassed that of an ordinary foundation-building cultivator. For someone with Five Spiritual Roots, it was almost a top-level cultivation.

But in broad daylight, Gu Yang was still an unremarkable person with no cultivation whatsoever.

“Gu Yang, as a Pure Yang Body, you can borrow my cold energy to cultivate. Your cultivation speed will be incredibly fast,” Fan Yuan concluded.

Gu Yang stared at Fan Yuan in a daze, taking a while to react before a wide smile spread across his face.

“So you’re saying that I just need to kiss you to become stronger!”

Fan Yuan raised an eyebrow and nodded. “That’s about right.”

Before Fan Yuan could finish his sentence, Gu Yang pounced on him, eagerly shouting, “Then what are we waiting for? Kiss me! Kiss me now! I want to become stronger! I want to have a good time in this dream world!”

But Fan Yuan pushed Gu Yang’s shoulders, keeping him at bay with a cold expression and a flat gaze.


Gu Yang frowned. “Why not?”

Fan Yuan pressed his hands on Gu Yang’s shoulders, pushing him away. Gu Yang’s body moved uncontrollably, continuing to back away until he was in the other room.

The transparent barrier that had disappeared reappeared, and Gu Yang was once again unable to touch Fan Yuan but could see him.

Ignoring Gu Yang, Fan Yuan sat back down on the cushion and closed his eyes to meditate.

At this moment, the coldness on Fan Yuan’s body had already been sorted out by Gu Yang’s pure Yang body, making him feel comfortable and no longer enduring the pain. The transparent barrier could not be removed in any way.

Gu Yang slapped the barrier hard and stood in front of it, spinning with anger.

He couldn’t help but complain to Fan Yuan:

“Fan Yuan, you’re going too far now.”

“We have already… had so many kisses, why won’t you give me one now?”

“Do you not want me to become stronger, do you not want me to be more powerful than you?”

As Gu Yang spoke, he became even angrier and kicked the transparent barrier hard. The barrier was extremely sturdy and didn’t even shake.

When Gu Yang kicked for the third time, Fan Yuan finally opened his eyes and looked at him. His black pupils were clear and devoid of any emotions, as if he was born without seven emotions and six desires, without any worldly demands.

“Gu Yang, a few days ago, you didn’t want me to kiss you, remember? You even sneaked out because of that.”

Gu Yang was taken aback. He didn’t expect Fan Yuan to bring up this matter. He tried to explain: “That, that was because I ate too much before…”

Fan Yuan closed his eyes again and continued to meditate:

“So this time, I’m giving you a chance to purify yourself.”

Gu Yang understood that Fan Yuan was holding a grudge. Despite his current appearance of being ethereal and uninterested in worldly affairs, he was still the same Fan Yuan inside. He was taking this opportunity to settle the score with Gu Yang.

But Gu Yang also had his own plan. Fan Yuan was now a body of coldness and sooner or later, he would have to kiss him again.

He began to calculate that the next kiss must be longer, a lot longer, so that he could absorb more coldness, and ideally, suck Fan Yuan dry.

Fan Yuan now had the status of Xumi Tianzun, and didn’t even need to eat. But Gu Yang was different, he would still get hungry.

When Fan Yuan heard Gu Yang’s rumbling stomach, he tossed a pill to him.

“Fasting Pill.”

Gu Yang held the small brown pill, which was no bigger than a grain of rice, and smelled the aroma of medicinal herbs that wafted from it. But no matter how fragrant the herbs were, they could not compare to the aroma of meat.

Due to his previous circumstance as a low-level demonic creature, Gu Yang hasn’t tasted normal meat in a long time.

Without Gu Yang saying a word, Fan Yuan knew what he was thinking.

“Just endure for a day, and tomorrow I’ll go hunt a high-level immortal beast for you,” Fan Yuan said.

Gu Yang immediately agreed and swallowed the Fasting Pill. Although it was a small pill, its effects were powerful, and Gu Yang felt his stomach become full immediately.

Now that he had calmed down, he pulled over a cushion and sat against the transparent barrier, chatting aimlessly with Fan Yuan.

“Fan Yuan, do you think that when this dream world ends, your icy body and my pure Yang body will be brought into the real world, just like in the last dream?”

Fan Yuan hadn’t opened his eyes, but he wasn’t ignoring Gu Yang.

“It should happen,” he replied.

Gu Yang thought about the chill emanating from Fan Yuan and felt both excited and regretful.

“If it were summer, your icy body would definitely come in handy. It’s a pity that it’s winter now.”

Fan Yuan’s thin lips twitched. He had been silently reciting the Clear Heart Sutra, but he now opened his black eyes and looked at Gu Yang.

“Gu Yang, have you forgotten something?”

Gu Yang puzzledly tapped the transparent barrier with his finger and asked, “What did I forget?”

Fan Yuan asked him, “What was the date when we entered this dream world? Do you remember?”

Gu Yang furrowed his brow and calculated carefully. “I think it was the 24th.”

Fan Yuan asked him again:

“When does our school start?”

Gu Yang immediately responded, clapping his hands on the transparent barrier:

“On the 25th! We’ll start school once we wake up from this dream!”

Fan Yuan closed his eyes again, made a gesture with his hands, and the transparent barrier disappeared.

He got up and walked towards the carved bed behind him. Although the bed in Fan Yuan’s room was not big, it was still larger than the one in Gu Yang’s room. At least two people could lie down on it.

He laid down in bed, beckoning Gu Yang with his finger.

“Come here.”

Gu Yang saw the barrier disappear and immediately ran over, kicked off his shoes, climbed onto the bed, and threw himself into Fan Yuan’s arms.

Fan Yuan’s embrace was hot before, but now it was cold.

But Gu Yang didn’t mind at all, holding Fan Yuan’s waist tightly, and speaking in disbelief: “Why is school starting so soon? I haven’t played enough yet!”

Fan Yuan followed Gu Yang’s long hair and playfully pinched his ear as a punishment.

“Other high school seniors from other schools have to start class on the seventh day of the Lunar New Year. Our winter vacation is until the end of February, which is already quite long.”

Gu Yang slowly realized that this was the winter vacation for high school seniors, not for freshmen or sophomores.

Then he felt puzzled and asked: “Why can we have such a long vacation?”

Fan Yuan turned around, propped his chin on Gu Yang’s head, and closed his eyes.

“Last year, a high school senior class was caught by the Education Bureau for extra classes, and the school leaders were all punished. This year, we have become a key observation target, so they just gave us some extra time off.”

Gu Yang lifted his head and rubbed his head against Fan Yuan’s chin.

“So we are benefiting from their punishment?”

Fan Yuan’s icy fingertips touched Gu Yang’s neck. In the dream world, the necklace around his neck disappeared along with the world.

Gu Yang felt the coolness and subconsciously shrank his neck, then immediately relaxed his body.

“We have classes on Sunday after the start of school, but there is no evening self-study.”

Gu Yang wailed and squeezed his legs into Fan Yuan’s lap, raised his head and kissed Fan Yuan’s chin, softly asking for a kiss:

“Since it’s miserable, kiss me as comfort.”

Fan Yuan pressed Gu Yang’s head against his chest, but did not kiss him.

“Go to sleep.”

Gu Yang pouted and obediently fell asleep.

As long as Fan Yuan was by his side, no matter what environment he was in, Gu Yang felt very at ease and fell asleep quickly.

Fan Yuan now had extremely deep cultivation and sleeping had become unnecessary for him.

After Gu Yang fell asleep, Fan Yuan slowly leaned in and placed his thumb on Gu Yang’s mouth, separating it to pass a cold breath.

Suddenly, he remembered Gu Yang freezing to the point where his eyelashes were covered in white frost and he was stiff all over, but still wanted to hug him.

And Gu Yang’s words: “At least we are a natural pair.”

Fan Yuan couldn’t help but lean down again and pass another long cold breath.

Finally, he leaned close to Gu Yang’s ear and softly repeated Gu Yang’s words: “We are a natural pair.”

In his dream, Gu Yang felt his ear itch and subconsciously rubbed his cheek against the pillow, then snuggled up to Fan Yuan’s arms, murmuring in his sleep.

“Fan Yuan, just kiss me.”

His hands curled up in front of him, and the small book appeared in the palm of his left hand. When no one was paying attention, the numbers on it slowly turned, increasing by one point.

Fan Yuan’s favourability:

50 points.

When Gu Yang woke up, Fan Yuan was no longer lying beside him, but the white jade mask floating in mid-air near the bed startled Gu Yang.

Seeing that Gu Yang was awake, the mask that had been facing away from him flipped over and Fan Yuan’s voice came out of its smooth, uncarved front.

“I’m going to hunt immortal beasts for you. Wait for me here.”

Gu Yang had just woken up and his mind was still a little groggy. He rubbed his hair with his hand and knelt up from the bed, reaching out to hold the white jade mask. He leaned forward and kissed it twice where the mouth should be.

“Then come back quickly.”

The white jade mask floated quietly in the air, motionless.

Fan Yuan, wearing an immortal robe, was thousands of miles away from the Mount Xumi. He raised his hand and touched the corner of his lips, then immediately killed two more immortal beasts with a wave of his sleeve.

Bored, Gu Yang sat at the door waiting for Fan Yuan to come back. There weren’t many people watching him today, either because Fan Yuan did something or because the disciples who came to watch yesterday spread the news that Gu Yang was not favored by Xumi Tianzun.

Suddenly, the thick mist was split by a bright light. Gu Yang thought it was Fan Yuan who had returned, but it turned out to be a graceful figure breaking through the mist and landing in front of Gu Yang.

Looking at the woman in the light purple immortal robe, Gu Yang remained sitting at the door without moving.

He had an impression of this woman. She seemed to be one of the immortals who wanted to take disciples in the immortal temple before.

Seeing that Gu Yang didn’t move, the woman’s eyebrows furrowed slightly, and she walked up to Gu Yang and raised his chin.

“Kid, I am your future master, immortal Zi Yao. You should call me Master.”

Gu Yang frowned and looked up and down at the woman in front of him. He was hungry and waiting for Fan Yuan to come back, and now this immortal Zi Yao suddenly appeared, making him feel annoyed.

He didn’t want to bother with her, so he stood up, and planned to enter the house.

Immortal Zi Yao waved her hand, and the door closed in front of Gu Yang, blocking his intention to enter.

“Kid, what kind of attitude is this? Don’t you understand the importance of respecting your master?”

Gu Yang turned his head slightly and looked back coldly.

“What kind of master are you? Why should I respect you? My master is Xumi Tianzun, why do I not know what kind of useless female master I have?”

Immortal Zi Yao’s face turned sour, but she maintained her composure and explained, “Xumi and I were appointed Dao companions by the late ancestor, and we cannot violate his order.”

“Did my master agree?” Gu Yang sneered.

This struck a nerve with immortal Zi Yao, and she swung her palm over in a fit of anger.

Immortal Zi Yao had been doted on by the late ancestor since she was young. When had she ever endured such attitude?

Although the palm didn’t have much force, it was enough for a little guy with low cultivation like Gu Yang.

However, Gu Yang remained motionless in place and resisted the palm without any harm.

Not only was Immortal Zi Yao surprised, even Gu Yang was amazed by the power of the cold qi he had absorbed. He did not expect it to be so powerful.

He gained more confidence and took a step closer to Zi Yao. His eyes showed a hint of gloom that he had never shown in front of Fan Yuan.

“I forgot to tell you, I’m not just a disciple of Xumi Tianzun.”

“I am his legitimate Dao companion.”

Immortal Zi Yao was angry and raised her hand with full force to strike Gu Yang. This palm was something he couldn’t resist now.

Suddenly, the white jade mask left behind by Fan Yuan rushed out from the room and stood in front of Gu Yang. Immortal Zi Yao’s palm was blocked by the mask and dissipated into a breeze.

Gu Yang, standing behind the mask, stood straight with no harm done.

Just as Immortal Zi Yao was about to take action again, Fan Yuan suddenly appeared behind Gu Yang, lifted his hand, and pulled Gu Yang in front of him.

“He’s right. We are indeed legitimate Dao companions, and we will hold a grand ceremony soon.”

Immortal Zi Yao’s face turned purple, and in the end, she left with a swing of her sleeves.

As soon as Fan Yuan arrived, the gloom in Gu Yang’s eyes vanished immediately. He turned around and jumped into Fan Yuan’s arms, wrapping his arms and legs around him and rubbing his forehead against Fan Yuan’s neck.

“Fan Yuan, you’re finally back. I hate the character you are this time, it’s messy and confusing.”

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang and turned to walk inside. The white jade mask slowly followed behind them.

“Gu Yang, just like in the Demon Realm before, what I look like depends on you.”

Gu Yang didn’t say anything, just hung on Fan Yuan and acted like a large human pendant.

Fan Yuan leaned close to Gu Yang’s ear and asked softly, “Gu Yang, in your heart, will someone come to take me away from you?”

Gu Yang still didn’t speak, burying his face in Fan Yuan’s neck for a long time before nodding gently and saying, “Fan Yuan, you’re so good, so good…I…”

Fan Yuan leaned back, and with one hand, he took the white jade mask from behind Gu Yang and covered his eyes. He then rolled over and pressed Gu Yang onto the bed.

He slowly lowered his head, and the cold qi in his body exploded out of control, wrapping Gu Yang up. The cold qi penetrated into every part of Gu Yang’s body, and was then met with heat…

Gu Yang, with his eyes covered by the white jade mask, had tears slowly rolling down his cheeks, soaking the corners of his temples.

His lips trembled, and his voice choked as he said, “Besides being able to cling to you, hold onto you, and walk towards you, I am useless.”

As he spoke, Gu Yang reached out and grabbed Fan Yuan’s sleeve tightly.

“But even if I am useless, I won’t let go, even if I have to fight against millions of people for you.”

Fan Yuan removed the mask that was covering Gu Yang’s eyes, revealing his determined and possessive gaze that was still brimming with tears.

Despite the tears, the possessiveness in his eyes made Fan Yuan feel extremely satisfied.

The belt of his robe was untied and thrown onto the bed, fluttering down onto the cushion.

Immediately, another belt was thrown up and entangled with the first one.

Gu Yang stood with his hands at his sides, watching as Fan Yuan opened their robes.

Fan Yuan’s finger pointed at Gu Yang’s heart, and with a light stroke, a wound appeared, and blood flowed out.

Gu Yang didn’t dodge or run away, allowing Fan Yuan to cut a wound on his body.

Fan Yuan then placed his finger on his own heart and asked Gu Yang softly, “Are you afraid?”

Gu Yang shook his head, looking soft and obedient.

Fan Yuan raised the corners of his mouth. With his current ethereal and cold appearance, when he smiled, it was like the melting of ice and snow, captivating people’s hearts and souls.

The wounds on their hearts were close together, and the warm and cool blood merged, slowly seeping back into each other’s bodies.

“Gu Yang, how can you be useless?”

“You are my everything.”

As their blood merged, a deep red light emitted from their chests, growing stronger before gradually disappearing.

After the red light vanished, the wounds disappeared as if they had never existed.

Fan Yuan helped Gu Yang straighten his clothes, then laid back down next to him without caring about his own appearance.

“This is the Dao Companions imprint. It allows us to sense each other’s presence at any time. I wonder if we can bring it into the real world.”

Gu Yang reached out and placed his hand on his own chest, feeling the beating of his heart beneath his palm. Gradually, he seemed to be able to hear another heartbeat, belonging to Fan Yuan. He lowered his head and pressed his ear against Fan Yuan’s chest, feeling the two heartbeats slowly syncing up.

With great solemnity and conviction, he said, “Fan Yuan, you are my world.”

Fan Yuan hugged him tightly and closed his eyes, carefully listening to the two heartbeats.

Thump thump…

Thump thump…

You rushed into my life and became my everything. I tore down my armor to embrace you and invade your world.

Fan Yuan’s favorability rating: 52 points.

With his left hand clenched into a fist, he prayed over and over in his heart, “Little Matchmaker, please let this mark stay forever.”

Since Xumi Tianzun suddenly took on a disciple after not taking on any for millions of years, the immortal sect had been in an uproar.

This uproar, of course, stemmed from Xumi Tianzun.

The Tianzun Elder, who had never cared about worldly desires, was about to hold a Dao companion ceremony. The one who was going to become his Dao companion wasn’t the arrogant Zi Yao immortal who thought she was superior, but rather Gu Yang, the disciple he had just recently taken in and who had caused a stir in the immortal sect.

It was one thing for the Tianzun Elder to take on a disciple with mediocre spiritual roots, but now he had taken his own disciple as his Dao companion without much delay!

After the date for the ceremony was set, countless immortal sects rushed over to witness the commotion caused by Xumi Tianzun.

This was the first elder’s Dao companion ceremony in the immortal sect, and everything from the decorations to the banquet was of the highest quality in the immortal realm.

Countless disciples of immortal sects gathered in the immortal palace, eagerly anticipating the appearance of the Tianzun Elder’s little disciple Dao companion.

Until the auspicious moment arrived and the celestial music began to play, two people, one tall and one short, walked out hand in hand, wearing the same luxurious red robes, and stood on the highest platform.

As Xumi Tianzun led his little Dao companion out, the first reaction of the surrounding immortals was surprise that the temperature wasn’t cold!

Fan Yuan stood with Gu Yang on the high platform, swearing to the heavens and earth, and engraving their vows in their hearts. In this dream-like world of mist and celestial music, they held an illusory Dao companion ceremony. Even though Gu Yang knew that this world was empty and that the countless guests below were merely illusions, he couldn’t control the joy in his heart.

Without waiting for Fan Yuan to finish speaking, Gu Yang couldn’t help but stand on his tiptoes and kiss him.

Fan Yuan looked calm as he watched, but as Gu Yang approached, he immediately hugged him tightly and kissed him passionately.

As their kiss lingered on, an intense chill gradually spread throughout the entire ceremony.

Even the composed and restrained Xumi Tianzun, who was known for his icy demeanor, was suddenly thrown off-balance by this single kiss, forgetting to control the frigid qi within his body.

The dominating chill escaped from Fan Yuan’s body, wildly sweeping and raging in all directions.

Some disciples who had lower cultivation levels couldn’t bear it and left the banquet, protected by their own masters.

The chill persisted for a long time and even grew increasingly violent.

The few remaining immortals had to retreat as they watched Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, who were at the center of the cold.

Xumi Tianzun himself was a creator of cold and could withstand it, but why was that waste of Five spiritual Roots unscathed and even blushing on his cheeks?

It was only at this moment that they realized Xumi Tianzun wasn’t accepting disciples haphazardly. He had clearly picked a treasure and was keeping it to himself, swallowing and claiming it for himself.

It was just an illusory ceremony for Dao companions.

But the impact on Gu Yang was enormous, as it was on Fan Yuan.

The intensifying chill was evidence. As the temperature dropped, Gu Yang’s pure Yang heat was forced out to counter the chill.

Behind Fan Yuan was a thick layer of ice shimmering with a cold light, constantly condensing. Behind Gu Yang was a blazing flame that could incinerate everything.

Yet, at the center of the ice and flame, the two were passionately kissing.

Countless ice shards were melted by the flames, and countless flames were frozen by the ice, creating an endless cycle of destruction and regeneration.

As the light grew brighter, a thunderbolt struck down from the sky.

The ice and flame disappeared together on the spot, leaving behind only frozen and burnt debris.

The retreating immortals returned, only to find that Xumi Tianzun and his little Dao companion were nowhere to be found.

The two had vanished.

After a thunderbolt struck.

It’s unknown whether they ascended together to the Upper Realm or perished under the heavenly thunder.

This ceremony of ice and flame between Dao companions ultimately became a legendary tale.

Gu Yang and Fan Yuan opened their eyes at the same time and got up from the bed without even thinking too much.

The room was brightly lit, obviously they were already late.

They quickly finished washing up, grabbed a few pieces of bread, and rushed to school by car.

Zhuo Wan, who they hadn’t seen in a long time, stood at the door angry, blocking their way.

As soon as she saw Fan Yuan and Gu Yang arrive together, classmates who ate melons together during the winter break started whistling.

Zhuo Wan pulled Gu Yang’s ear and made him stand next to the blackboard as punishment. She then turned to glare at Fan Yuan and pointed to the back of the classroom, saying, “You, go stand over there!”

The two of them were separated by Zhuo Wan as soon as the new semester began, standing on either side of the classroom.

Gu Yang couldn’t stand it and dug out a small piece of chalk from the edge of the blackboard. When Zhuo Wan lowered her head to write on the lesson plan, he drew two hearts on the blackboard, each with two lines stretching out from them and pulling towards each other.

After finishing the drawing, Gu Yang stepped aside and gestured to Fan Yuan, who was sitting at the back of the classroom.

Fan Yuan saw it and hooked the corner of his mouth imperceptibly, then raised his fingertips and gestured to Gu Yang behind his back.

Gu Yang turned his head and saw Zhuo Wan’s dark face.

Zhuo Wan grinned and asked Gu Yang, “Gu Yang, is it fun?”

Gu Yang shook his head vigorously and quickly said, “It’s not fun, it’s not fun. I’m sorry, Teacher Zhuo!”

Zhuo Wan patted the blackboard hard, picked up the board eraser, and handed it to Gu Yang.

“Gu Yang, you’re in charge of the blackboard this semester.”

Gu Yang: “……”

Showing affection comes at a price.

Author’s note: 

Great demon king Fan Yuan: Come and kiss me.

Gu Yang: No, no kissing!

Heavenly Lord Fan Yuan: No kissing.

Gu Yang: Kiss me, kiss me!

[Here comes the new semester for Little Yang and Little Yuan. They can’t be too reckless. I’ve given them a long vacation already! Today’s chapter is also long. Actually, the progress is already very fast, really=v=]

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