Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 75

Chapter 75

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Under the surveillance of Zhuo Wan, Gu Yang diligently erased the two hearts he had drawn and stood honestly by her side without daring to move.

When Zhuo Wan turned back to sit next to the podium, Gu Yang couldn’t resist and made a small heart gesture to Fan Yuan with his thumb and forefinger.

Fan Yuan’s expression remained unchanged, his black eyes calm, but some of the classmates sitting nearby couldn’t help rubbing their arms and muttering, “Why is it suddenly a bit cold?”

Finally, when there were still ten minutes left before morning self-study ended, Zhuo Wan allowed Fan Yuan and Gu Yang to return to their seats. They sat back in the corner on the left side of the classroom, exchanged a glance, and held hands under the desk.

Fan Yuan’s hands were cold, while Gu Yang’s were hot and fiery. Their abnormal body temperatures approached each other, corrected each other, and eventually stabilized.

Zhuo Wan tapped the podium and looked at the students of Class 3 in their third year. She had been teaching them for almost three years and had a strong emotional bond with each of them. With the college entrance examination looming, she felt reluctant to part with them.

“Students, this is your last semester before the college entrance examination. Our review schedule this semester is very tight. You shouldn’t think of any excuses to play around anymore. In this final sprint stage, everyone must stay focused. The first mock exam will be in early March, and I won’t say much more. You are all grown up and should have your own plans.”

In the last ten minutes, Zhuo Wan held a brief mobilization meeting for the students of Class 3 in their third year. When morning self-study ended, a busy day of classes began.

As Gu Yang and Fan Yuan had guessed in their dreams, their icy and pure yang bodies had indeed been brought into reality. However, Fan Yuan’s overbearing cultivation in the dream world seemed to have weakened significantly in reality. Although those powers were of little use to them in the real world, they soon discovered that Fan Yuan’s weakened cultivation meant he could not suppress the cold qi in his body for a long time. Therefore, he needed to calm his body’s cold qi more frequently and pass it on to Gu Yang to ensure a normal life.

As soon as the bell for the end of the first class rang, Fan Yuan and Gu Yang stood up from their seats and left the classroom first.

The break between classes was only ten minutes. Fan Yuan looked cold, but he grabbed Gu Yang’s hand and walked quickly.

Gu Yang followed behind, holding back a smile, as Fan Yuan pushed him into an empty sports equipment storage room.

As soon as they entered, Fan Yuan pressed Gu Yang against the wall and wanted to kiss him, but Gu Yang blocked his own mouth with his hand.

“My dear master, how could you kiss your disciple so casually? It’s not appropriate according to the rules.”

Gu Yang could tell that the cold qi around Fan Yuan was still within controllable limits, and he wanted to tease him a bit.

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, but just looked at him with his deep black eyes, and the cold qi slowly dissipated from his body. He grabbed Gu Yang’s wrist, wanting to pry it open.

Gu Yang and Fan Yuan were exerting more force against each other. The harder Fan Yuan pushed, the harder Gu Yang pushed back. When one hand was pulled away, the other hand immediately covered his mouth.

Fan Yuan leaned down and kissed Gu Yang’s hand. In the moment that Gu Yang was stunned, Fan Yuan lifted both of Gu Yang’s hands high and an infinite number of ice crystals spread out from his palms, binding Gu Yang’s hands with frost above his head. Soon after, Gu Yang’s feet were also stuck to the ground with frost, rendering him immobile.

As a pure Yang body, Gu Yang wasn’t afraid of being bound by this ice, as he could easily melt it with the flames within him. However, Gu Yang didn’t do so, allowing Fan Yuan to control him and pin him to the wall.

Fan Yuan lowered his head and pressed his forehead against Gu Yang’s, where the cold and warmth met.

“Disciple, give your master a kiss.”

Gu Yang’s eyelashes trembled slightly as he lowered his gaze.


However, the break between classes was only ten minutes, and it would take two minutes to walk to the classroom from the sports equipment storage room.

For Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, the remaining time was too brief.

Fan Yuan set his phone alarm for five minutes and immediately leaned down to kiss Gu Yang.

The cold qi slowly drilled into Gu Yang’s five organs and six viscera through Fan Yuan’s body, but was quickly absorbed.

Gu Yang’s body uncontrollably emitted a scorching temperature that gradually melted the frost that had frozen his body, soaking his clothes in water.

The buttons on the collar were unbuttoned, revealing his fair chest.

Fan Yuan’s palm pressed against Gu Yang’s heart and in the intervals between breaths, he whispered against Gu Yang’s lips:

“The Dao Companion mark is still here.”

Gu Yang also put his hand on Fan Yuan’s palm, and the two hands overlapped with each other, with Gu Yang’s heart right underneath their palms.

Through Gu Yang’s heartbeat, which served as a connection between them, he could feel Fan Yuan’s heartbeat, his presence, and even his location. This connection was powerful, like a GPS locator that didn’t need electricity or network support.

The Dao Companion Mark that was covered by their palms grew hotter and hotter. Although it was an invisible mark, a black trace slowly grew out of Gu Yang’s heart, like a broken ink mark.

The two were busy sharing their breaths and neither noticed the appearance of the ink mark, which disappeared after a moment.

The alarm rang.

Fan Yuan restrained himself and backed away, fixing Gu Yang’s bangs and revealing his deeply captivating eyes.

“Gu Yang, your clothes are wet.”

Gu Yang blinked and realized what had happened. He pushed away Fan Yuan’s hand and used his body heat to dry his clothes.

After fixing his clothes, Gu Yang complained, “You got me wet and now I have to fix it myself.”

It was originally just a complaint about his wet clothes, but it had a different meaning when spoken out loud.

Fan Yuan quietly looked at Gu Yang as he turned his head and walked out of the storage room.

“Let’s go back to class quickly, or else we’ll have to stand in the corner again.”

The two left together at the first sound of the bell and arrived back in the classroom at the second bell.

This kind of thing happened occasionally, and the classmates didn’t think much of it at first. But as Fan Yuan and Gu Yang continued to do this every time they left class, their classmates began to take notice.

After all, their moments, headed by Fan Yuan, still had that photo that made people feel all sorts of things.

It wasn’t until lunchtime that Pan Fei had the chance to tease Fan Yuan and Gu Yang.

Pan Fei had become very familiar with Gu Yang and wasn’t as afraid of Fan Yuan anymore.

“Gu Yang, you and Class Monitor Fan rushed out of the classroom after class, what did you do?”

Gu Yang turned his head and glanced at Fan Yuan, and the two of them had a world that only they understood in their eyes.


Pan Fei didn’t want to dig deeper, just teasing, and quickly changed the subject:

“Gu Yang, have you decided which university you want to apply to?”

Gu Yang answered quickly this time:

“Wherever Fan Yuan goes, I’ll go.”

Fan Yuan’s grades were obvious to everyone, and of course, everyone knew about Gu Yang’s progress.

But to say that Gu Yang’s current grades can catch up with Fan Yuan, he was still a little short.

Looking at the determination in Gu Yang’s eyes, Pan Fei was stunned for a moment before saying: “Well, then, you go for it.”

Gu Yang lowered his head and grabbed a piece of meat from Fan Yuan’s plate and put it into his mouth, saying naturally: “I will definitely go for it. I wouldn’t dare let Fan Yuan go to college alone.”

Fan Yuan had been silent all along. After Gu Yang snatched a piece of meat, he took the initiative to grab a few more pieces from his own plate and put them in front of Gu Yang.

Pan Fei was amused by the two of them and quickly left.

In the second semester of the third year of high school, Gu Yang did not slack off at all. He also paid attention in class and listened carefully to every lesson.

Compared to other students, he also had Fan Yuan as his 24-hour personal teacher, so there was no reason for him not to do well.

Fan Yuan also attached great importance to Gu Yang’s learning. In addition to the homework assigned by the teacher, he also privately developed a personalized learning plan for Gu Yang, pinpointing his weaknesses and filling in the gaps. With such precise review, Gu Yang’s grades improved rapidly.

Under the busy schedule, the two of them had almost no time to play and fool around except for the short and occasional physical contact during class breaks. They spent almost all their time studying, until the school bell rang and Gu Yang put down his pen and stretched lazily.

Fan Yuan helped pack Gu Yang’s backpack and carried both their backpacks as he reached out his hand to Gu Yang.

“Let’s go home.”

Gu Yang immediately put his hand in Fan Yuan’s palm and the two of them left hand in hand, under the gaze of their classmates.

Since the Great Demon King Fan Yuan posted their photo on social media, Fan Yuan became more and more unreserved with their interactions in public. Fan Yuan didn’t mind, and Gu Yang had no objections.

The driver from the Fan family was already waiting at the school gate. Fan Yuan had actually switched to a larger car with better soundproofing and as soon as they got in, it became a small enclosed space.

Gu Yang sat in the back and crawled in directly, giving way to Fan Yuan.

As soon as he got in, Gu Yang collapsed on the back seat and stretched his arms to yawn.

“I’m so tired! Senior year is really torturous.”

Fan Yuan placed their backpacks aside, and the next moment, Gu Yang rested his head on Fan Yuan’s lap.

When Fan Yuan looked down at him, Gu Yang smiled, looking particularly soft and dependent.

“Can I lie down for a while?”

Fan Yuan’s fingertips explored the collar of Gu Yang’s shirt and adjusted his crooked necklace.

Because of Fan Yuan’s chilly fingertips, Gu Yang shrank a bit and his eyes narrowed.

“You’re so cold.” Gu Yang said, as he held Fan Yuan’s wrist with both hands and pulled his hand into his arms.

The car that had been driving all along suddenly came to a stop. The partition was lowered, and the driver pointed to the front and said, “Sir, it seems like there’s a fire ahead, and the road is blocked.”

Gu Yang lowered the car window and looked out. There were flames rising into the sky and thick smoke billowing. The vehicles were all stuck here, and the crowds were chaotic. Even from this far away, he could hear the cries and shouts from the front. As the crowd retreated, firefighters went in against the flow of people.

The driver struggled to turn the car into a small road. Gu Yang leaned against the car window and suddenly turned back, grabbing Fan Yuan’s wrist.

The two silently locked eyes. Fan Yuan reached back and held Gu Yang’s hand, punishingly pinching his palm with his fingertips.

“Stop the car.”

The car stopped by the side of the small road, and Fan Yuan and Gu Yang got out and walked towards the flames.

They arrived at a convenience store and took out a black umbrella from the bucket at the entrance.

Gu Yang put his hand in Fan Yuan’s pocket and took out some money, handing it to the shopkeeper. The shopkeeper went inside to look for change, but when he came out, he found that the two had already left.

As they got closer to the fire, the shouts grew louder.

Several residents living here cried and shouted, wanting to rush into the fire scene, calling out the names of their family members, but they were all stopped by the firefighters.

Fan Yuan and Gu Yang had just approached and were immediately stopped by two people.

“What are you doing here? There’s a big fire ahead! This isn’t a place for sightseeing. Leave quickly!”

As soon as the words fell, the person who stopped Fan Yuan noticed that his shoes seemed to be stuck to the ground and he couldn’t move. Gu Yang lightly placed his hand on the wrist of the person stopping him and smiled, saying, “Sorry about this.”

The person felt his wrist burning and exclaimed, retracting his hand from stopping Gu Yang.

While the two were in shock, Fan Yuan and Gu Yang passed through the middle and went against the crowd, approaching the terrible fire scene, their figures almost obscured by the thick black smoke.

Fan Yuan then opened the black umbrella, shielding the two of them from the pouring rain that suddenly fell from the sky, precisely controlled to only fall in the area engulfed by the fire.

Fan Yuan and Gu Yang walked with tongues of fire raging beside them, but no matter how close the flames were, they couldn’t burn them.

If one looked closely at the heavy rain, they would realize that it was actually made up of tiny ice threads, which melted due to the high temperature and turned into heavy rain.

The rain poured down continuously and soon extinguished the raging fire.

The flames disappeared, leaving only the spreading black smoke.

When the fire was completely put out, the rain stopped too.

Journalists who rushed to the scene saw two people walking with a black umbrella in the light of the fire through their long lens.

The sight of two people walking side by side, sheltered under an umbrella, beside the flames was so shocking that the journalist couldn’t resist capturing the moment. However, the lens suddenly became blurry.

The journalist put down the camera and found that a thin layer of ice had formed over the lens for some reason, completely blocking the view.

When he finally cleared the ice and wanted to take another picture, the two people were gone.

In a garbage bin not far from the fire, there was a black umbrella.

Fan Yuan and Gu Yang had already returned to the car, and the car slowly started and headed towards the small villa.

Fan Yuan’s cultivation level was not particularly high, and controlling the precise range of the ice rain had consumed a lot of his energy.

As soon as they got into the car, Gu Yang took the initiative to embrace Fan Yuan’s neck and moved in to kiss him.

Fan Yuan didn’t hold back either, and his surging cold energy entered Gu Yang’s body.

As Gu Yang absorbed more and more cold energy, the flames in his body became increasingly intense.

Gradually, Gu Yang realized that the situation was not as simple as Fan Yuan just transferring his cold energy to him. He had also become someone who needed Fan Yuan’s cold energy to prevent his body from being unbearable to the touch.

They couldn’t live without each other.

The car had already driven into the yard of the small villa. The experienced driver left first, leaving Fan Yuan and Gu Yang in the back seat.

Small snowflakes slowly fell from the sky. It was almost March, and these were likely the last few small snowfalls of the winter.

The temperature inside the car alternated between icy cold and scorching heat. The two of them were locked in a heated lip-lock in the cramped space of the car.

It wasn’t until the snow stopped and a thin layer of ice formed outside the car that the door was opened and the ice slowly melted away.

Gu Yang was carried out by Fan Yuan, the ultimate winner of their lip-locking battle.

They wasted a lot of time on the way back and it was already late, but even so, their planned study schedule had to be completed.

Struggling to stay awake, Gu Yang finished the tasks he needed to do for the day, and immediately collapsed on the desk, drowsy and unwilling to move.

Fan Yuan picked up Gu Yang and carried him back to the bedroom. The two of them laid back on the big bed, their hands entwined, and entered dreamland together.

Once upon a time, Fan Yuan had a very strict biological clock. He slept and woke up on time, and never stayed up late, like a desireless machine.

But now Fan Yuan was slowly becoming a little lazy and would sometimes oversleep.

The next day, they both overslept.

It was another chaotic morning. They rushed to school by car and started running around the campus as soon as they got off.

They were running late, and there were hardly any people left on the campus. As they ran past the headmaster, the wind almost blew off the wig that he had just bought for this semester.

Gu Yang gradually became exhausted, and Fan Yuan immediately reached out and pulled him along. After running a few steps, Fan Yuan simply picked up Gu Yang and continued running towards the teaching building.

Until they arrived at the classroom door, Fan Yuan didn’t put Gu Yang down.

Together, they stepped into the classroom just as the bell for morning self-study rang.

Gasping for breath, Gu Yang looked at Zhuo Wan’s widened eyes, then at Fan Yuan who was equally out of breath from carrying him. Suddenly, he grinned.

After seeing Gu Yang’s smile, Fan Yuan was infected and also laughed.

Class 3 of senior high school looked at their Class Monitor Fan laughing so happily with surprise. Although their Class Monitor always smiled, that smile seemed to be behind a barrier. Despite being courteous, it was impossible to get any closer, with a kind of invisible alienation separating them.

At this moment, Fan Yuan laughed so heartily and simply, looking no different from any other senior high school student, just an ordinary student.

Zhuo Wan sighed and just said, “Don’t make it a habit,” waving her hand to let the two boys return to their seats.

Fan Yuan walked ahead and passed by the first row of seats.

Gu Yang followed closely behind and also passed by the first row of seats.

When Fan Yuan arrived at the second row of seats, he turned around and looked at Gu Yang.

As Fan Yuan looked over, Gu Yang immediately raised the corners of his mouth and returned a big smile.

The distance between the two narrowed as they passed by the second row of students together.

When they arrived at the third row of seats, Fan Yuan turned back and spread out his hand with five fingers.

Gu Yang immediately clasped his hand, and the two held hands, walking past the third row, the fourth row, and the fifth row together…

Until they stopped at their seats at the very back.

The students in the front rows felt as if they had been forcibly stuffed with dog food in their mouths, and their throats were almost blocked.

Zhuo Wan lowered her head and wrote on her lesson plan, pretending to be deaf and dumb.

Gu Yang sat in the innermost seat, still breathing heavily.

Fan Yuan, on the other hand, had already regained his breath, only his slightly disheveled black hair betrayed him of their crazy sprint.

Gu Yang opened his backpack and took out the comprehensive problem set, then handed Fan Yuan his English homework.

Holding the pen, Gu Yang tilted his head to signal to Fan Yuan: “I’ll do the comprehensive problem set, and you do the English.”

Outside the window next to Gu Yang, a few sparrows landed on the windowsill, chirping and arguing for a while before flapping their wings and leaving.

Spring was coming.

Gu Yang came to Fan Yuan’s world in the autumn and went through their first harsh winter together. This was also their last winter as eighteen year olds.

They would continue to walk through countless seasons together, experiencing life’s ups and downs.

At eighteen years old, their feelings were still strong, and the bell rang in the distance.

This semester’s busyness completely exceeded Gu Yang’s expectations. In the busy academic life, the cold body of Fan Yuan and the pure Yang body of Gu Yang would soon disappear.

Gu Yang was looking forward to the third matchstick. He hid in the bathroom and, before lighting it, held the matchbox and muttered for a long time: “Little match, oh little match, please let me do better this time! I’m counting on you! Please, please!”

After saying that, Gu Yang kissed the matchbox and then lit the third match.

The matchstick burned slowly with a faint red flame and then burned out. Gu Yang let out a long breath before leaving the bathroom.

When Fan Yuan saw him coming out, he put down the book in his hand and pulled Gu Yang into his arms by his wrist, then turned off the bedside lamp.

The night began, and the third dream world was activated.

Gu Yang opened his eyes and saw a strange species kneeling on the ground. They all had humanoid features, but also had animal characteristics. Some had horse legs, some had deer antlers, and some waved their wings like chicken arms.

They knelt in front of Gu Yang and shouted:

“Welcome great king! Good morning, Your Majesty!”

After the deafening greetings stopped, a man dressed in ministerial attire with bull horns approached and bowed to Gu Yang.

“Great Rabbit King, the runaway human bride has been captured. Would you like to see him now?”

When Gu Yang heard the words “Rabbit King,” his heart jumped, and he immediately touched his head. His two familiar, soft, droopy rabbit ears grew back, and his large rabbit tail behind him twitched flexibly.

Hearing the minister with bull horns mention the captured human bride, Gu Yang had some guesses in his heart and nervously pursed his lips.

“Bring him over.”

The minister with bull horns bowed and immediately ordered someone to bring the captured human bride.

The person was wearing a red wedding gown with red gauze on his head, tied to a chair, and lifted up by several strange humanoid animals.

Seeing that familiar figure, Gu Yang got off the throne and slowly approached, reaching out to pinch the corner of the red gauze.

He took a deep breath, suddenly lifted the red gauze, and as it fell, it revealed Fan Yuan’s face under the red gauze.

Fan Yuan was wearing a bright red wedding gown, his hands tied behind the chair with rough ropes. His short black hair was tied up with a big red peony, and after Gu Yang lifted the red gauze, he lifted his head and quietly met Gu Yang’s gaze.

Gu Yang immediately went to untie the rope that bound Fan Yuan, but was stopped by the Minister with the bull horns.

“Your Majesty, you must not untie the rope! Otherwise, this cunning human will escape again! Have you forgotten that when you gave birth to several princes for this human, he not only did not show gratitude but also ran away? It took us several years to finally catch him again, we cannot let him escape easily!”

Gu Yang was surprised, “I gave birth… to princes? Did I?”

Not only was Gu Yang surprised, but there was also a hint of surprise in Fan Yuan’s dark eyes.

The Minister with the bull horns nodded. Before he could speak, several children with bunny ears and tails similar to Gu Yang rushed in from a side door. They ran towards Gu Yang and surrounded him, either holding onto his legs, pulling his arms, or hiding behind him.

They all looked at Fan Yuan, who was tied to a chair, with round, curious eyes that were red and shining.

One of the children pulled Gu Yang’s wrist and pointed at Fan Yuan, asking with hope, “Father, is he mother?”

Gu Yang looked at the little bunnies surrounding him dumbfoundedly, feeling dizzy and disoriented.

He was actually a father in this dream world!

Gu Yang finally recovered and looked at Fan Yuan, who was also observing the little bunnies. He smiled smugly and said, “Yes, he is your mother. Go and say hello.”

Several little bunnies cheered and pounced on Fan Yuan. One of them climbed up his leg and, just like Gu Yang, had soft, floppy bunny ears that pressed against his cheeks. The little bunny looked up at Fan Yuan and cautiously called out, “Mother, I am Second Melon.”

Fan Yuan: “…”

Gu Yang: “…”

If he had known there would be such a dream world, he should have given them better names.

Author’s note: Here comes the third matchstick!

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