Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 76

Chapter 76

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Gu Yang counted the little bunnies. There were four of them, and one of them was wearing glasses. As he looked at the bunny with glasses, he had a very bad feeling in his heart.

After dismissing the other animal ministers, Gu Yang immediately untied the rope that bound Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan took off the red peony flower on his head and threw it into Gu Yang’s arms.

Gu Yang held the peony flower and led Fan Yuan and the four little bunnies through the side door that the bunnies had just come out of.

They walked through a long corridor behind the side door, and sure enough, it led to the palace of the rabbit king.

The Animal Kingdom didn’t look very wealthy, and the palace wasn’t luxurious. It wasn’t even that big. But the central bed was quite large. It was more like a rabbit’s nest, piled up with a bunch of blankets, pillows, and toys. It seemed that Gu Yang, the rabbit king, lived with his four little bunnies.

The four little bunnies stood in a row in front of Fan Yuan and Gu Yang. They were all curious and wanted to get close to their mother for the first time.

Gu Yang stared sternly at the four little bunnies. Three of them were boys, and only the one at the back with glasses was a girl.

The bunny who had introduced himself as “Second Melon” before walked slowly to Fan Yuan’s side, took his hand and looked up at him with admiration in her eyes.

Second Melon looked a lot like Gu Yang, and her smiling face was also similar to Gu Yang’s.

She held Fan Yuan’s hand and asked softly, “Mother, why are you so much taller than father?”

Gu Yang bent down and picked up the Second Melon and moved away from Fan Yuan to see the other bunny babies.

He stood in front of the bunny with small glasses, hesitating as he called out, “Four eyes?”

The little bunny pushed up her small glasses and solemnly nodded her head, “What does my father call me for?”

Gu Yang said, “Nothing.”

Okay, he now knew the names of the four bunny babies – Eldest, Second Melon, Third Boy, and Four Eyes.

Eldest looked like Fan Yuan, being the tallest among the four and the most silent. His small face was taut, much like Fan Yuan’s in his childhood.

Second Melon looked like Gu Yang and had a similar personality, sticking close to Fan Yuan.

Third Boy looked the most timid, always hiding behind Gu Yang, not speaking or calling out to anyone. He only occasionally peeked out from behind Gu Yang’s back, timidly glancing at Fan Yuan before immediately retreating. This timid personality didn’t seem to be from Fan Yuan, but more like Gu Yang in his childhood.

Four Eyes, on the other hand, was hard to pinpoint who she looked like. She was a small bunny girl who was carrying a storybook in her arms. She seemed more interested in the book than in meeting her mother for the first time.

Despite not being satisfied with their names, Gu Yang was extremely pleased with the four bunny babies in every other way. He hugged Second Melon in his arms and kissed his small head. Second Melon shyly held up his small face but looked towards Fan Yuan, saying, “Father, I want Mother to kiss me.”

Gu Yang remained silent for a moment before handing Second Melon over to Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan also inexplicably took Second Melon and, in Second Melon’s expectant eyes, leaned down and kissed his forehead.

Second Melon immediately cried out in surprise, overjoyed.

Gu Yang wasn’t partial either and lowered his head to give a kiss to each of the other three little bunnies.

After being kissed, Four Eyes wiped his forehead and wiped his hands on his clothes. He took a small step back with a hint of disgust and said, “Father, the person you should be kissing is Mother, not us.”

When Gu Yang’s rabbit tail stiffened, Fan Yuan pinched it.

Fan Yuan seemed to miss the rabbit ears and tail that he hadn’t seen for a long time. He put down Second Melon in his arms and reached out to lift one of his rabbit ears. Looking at the human ears underneath the rabbit ears, he asked, “Four ears?”

Gu Yang snatched back his rabbit ear and took two steps back, pulling the four little rabbits with him to his big rabbit nest. He said, “None of your business! It’s high definition stereo! Envious, huh?”

The four little rabbits were obviously more attracted to Gu Yang than Fan Yuan. Watching Gu Yang play with the four little rabbits in the big rabbit nest, Fan Yuan pulled hard on the big red wedding dress he was wearing, which was similar to the ancient court dress of the Western style. It was tight and uncomfortable at the waist.

He pulled with great strength, and the wedding dress immediately made a tearing sound as a big hole was torn open at the waist. Although Gu Yang was playing with the little rabbits, he was still paying attention to Fan Yuan. When he saw this, he immediately crawled out of the rabbit nest, shook his two soft rabbit ears, and went to his wardrobe to look for suitable clothes for Fan Yuan to wear.

Gu Yang was shorter and thinner than Fan Yuan, and only some loose silk pajamas were suitable for him to wear. He handed the silk pajamas to Fan Yuan, then went to the door to greet a subordinate animal and asked him to bring over some suitable men’s clothing.

The subordinate caught a glimpse of Fan Yuan changing clothes and revealing his back, and thought that their king should keep an eye on him this time and not let him run away like last time.

Gu Yang always felt that his subordinate with pig ears looked at him with strange eyes, and he couldn’t help but straighten his back and lift his chin when he saw him: “Why are you still standing there? Hurry up and go.”

The subordinate with pig ears immediately left, and Gu Yang went back to the room. Fan Yuan had already changed into his sleeping robe and was sitting in the center of his rabbit nest. Even the four little rabbits who had been loyal to Gu Yang now sat next to Fan Yuan, and even the serious four-eyed rabbit obediently sat in Fan Yuan’s arms.

Gu Yang felt a sense of abandonment and stood beside his own big rabbit nest with a furrowed brow but didn’t enter.

Fan Yuan gently patted the head of the four-eyed rabbit, and it immediately climbed down from his body.

Fan Yuan was wearing a loose sleeping gown with an unbuttoned collar. He folded one leg and patted the spot in front of him, reaching out to Gu Yang.

“Are you coming over, my big king?”

Hearing the title “big king,” Gu Yang immediately felt more confident. He was now the king of a country!

The mighty rabbit king!

Fan Yuan was now really his bride, and he had to listen to his orders no matter what!

Gu Yang took a deep breath and lifted his chin, walking into his rabbit nest and squatting in front of Fan Yuan. He mimicked what Fan Yuan used to do to him, pinched Fan Yuan’s chin, and blew into his eyes.

Fan Yuan’s eyelashes were not shorter than Gu Yang’s, and the black feathers gently blinked as Gu Yang blew on them. His black eyes looked quietly at Gu Yang, and he didn’t speak.

Gu Yang raised his mouth with satisfaction.

“Fan Yuan, you have to listen to me now. This time, you’re just my bride, but I’m different. I’m the big king.”

Fan Yuan’s fingers slowly hung on Gu Yang’s arm. The cool fingertips followed his arm upward and held his wrist, pulling the two people closer together. His breath sprayed on Gu Yang’s lips when he spoke:

“What do you want me to listen to from you?”

Gu Yang felt his legs go soft, and his ears and tail felt sore. But he thought to himself that he was now the Rabbit King, and he couldn’t give up. He grabbed Fan Yuan’s hand and pulled him down to sit in front of him.

“I want you to cook for me, do my laundry, take care of the kids, and warm my bed!”

When he sat down, his eyes were lower than Fan Yuan’s. He thought for a moment and knelt with his legs behind him, raising his gaze slightly.

Fan Yuan raised an eyebrow, “King, I already do all those things for you every day, don’t I?”

Gu Yang was stunned. He scratched his little rabbit ears and thought carefully. It seemed to be true.

He had been living with Fan Yuan, who cooked for him and did his laundry. Every night, they slept together in the same bed, and except for taking care of the kids, Fan Yuan did everything else.

Seeing that Gu Yang was lost in thought, Fan Yuan pulled him into his arms. Gu Yang went limp and collapsed into Fan Yuan’s embrace, with no resistance at all.

“Gu Yang, think again. What else do you want me to do for you?”

Gu Yang looked up at Fan Yuan and blurted out, “Kiss me.”

As soon as he spoke, Second Melon covered his eyes, but his little rabbit ears perked up, clearly eavesdropping.

Even the usually stoic Fan Yuan blushed. He pushed Third Boy, who had the smallest courage, behind him and covered his eyes. Four Eyes pushed his glasses up and directed Big Boss and Second Melon to turn around, saying, “Royal Father wants to show favor to Royal Mother. We are all children and shouldn’t look. Let’s turn around.”

Fan Yuan had already lowered his head, and was only a short distance away from Gu Yang. Their breaths intertwined as they both stopped abruptly due to the discussion of a few young rabbits.

Gu Yang felt embarrassed and pushed Fan Yuan away, turning around to open his arms and embrace the four young rabbits.

Four Eyes looked at Gu Yang strangely and asked, “Royal Father, why don’t you continue? We won’t peek.”

Gu Yang dared not continue no matter what Four Eyes said.

Fan Yuan turned his head and saw five rabbits with their backs facing him, one big and four small ones, with their short and round tails wagging in unison.

At that moment, an arrow pierced through the window and lodged into the wall beside them.

The arrow’s sudden appearance did not alarm any of the soldiers from the animal kingdom.

The four young rabbits were frightened by the arrow and clung tightly to Gu Yang’s arms.

Fan Yuan walked out of the rabbit hole and pulled out the arrow from the wall, discovering that there was a letter attached to it.

After reading the letter, Fan Yuan returned to the rabbit hole and did not immediately tell Gu Yang what was in the letter.

Gu Yang focused on comforting the four young rabbits. Even Four Eyes, who was usually calm, was frightened and his face turned pale, after all, they were still children.

When Fan Yuan returned, Gu Yang immediately grabbed his hand and carefully examined it, relieved to see that he was unharmed.

“Is there danger in this dream world? It seems that it’s not just for us to come and play,” Gu Yang asked, worried.

Fan Yuan sat in front of Gu Yang, his deep black eyes staring at him. Seeing Gu Yang go to comfort the young rabbits again, he didn’t even ask about the letter or even try to get it from him.

“Aren’t you going to ask me what was written in the letter?” Fan Yuan asked.

Gu Yang was wiping the tears of the youngest of his three sons. When he heard Fan Yuan’s question, he casually asked:

“Uh, what did it say?”

Fan Yuan leaned forward and pulled Gu Yang and the four little rabbits in his arms, resting his chin on Gu Yang’s shoulder.

“I’m not telling you.”

With Gu Yang’s comfort, the youngest son stopped crying and nestled in Gu Yang’s arms. His warm little bunny ears were pressed against Gu Yang’s hand, and Gu Yang’s heart softened as he gently patted the boy’s back. Meanwhile, he absentmindedly answered Fan Yuan:


Fan Yuan seemed pleased with Gu Yang’s response. He rubbed his nose against the pointed tips of Gu Yang’s bunny ears and asked him:

“You just trust me like that?”

Gu Yang’s bunny ears were particularly sensitive, so he immediately turned his head to avoid Fan Yuan’s touch. He put the youngest son down and turned around to look at Fan Yuan seriously.

“Fan Yuan, don’t ask me unnecessary questions like that in the future.”

As soon as Gu Yang finished speaking, Fan Yuan pressed him down into the rabbit nest, covered his red bunny mouth tightly, and held his flailing bunny tail in his palm.

Four Eyes immediately turned around and ran towards his older brothers. They all held their soft bunny tails and covered their bunny ears with their hands, with their backs facing their father and mother.

Gu Yang tried to remind Fan Yuan a few times that the little rabbits were there, and asked him to be careful, but Fan Yuan immediately covered his mouth and he couldn’t say anything.

It wasn’t until Gu Yang gradually sank into a state of forgetting everything, his brain fuzzy like he had been drinking, that Fan Yuan let him go and handed him the letter.

Gu Yang looked at the letter in his hand, but his attention was on his left palm.

The favorability rating in his left palm had just increased by one point, and now it was 53.

Fan Yuan saw that Gu Yang wasn’t looking and took the letter to unfold it. He hugged Gu Yang in his arms and read it to him in a low, slow voice.

As Gu Yang listened, his face became worse and worse. He turned around and looked at Fan Yuan angrily.

“Preparing to attack the enemy kingdom, the Animal Kingdom… the human’s heir! Why? Why is it so complicated for you to even be a bride? Do they not even care about me when they send these letters? At least I am a great king! Are you so sure that you can eat me?”

Fan Yuan curled his lips and reached out to fiercely stroke Gu Yang’s back.

In the dream world, there was no need to worry about the problem of Gu Yang’s false pregnancy.

The side effects of this were huge. Gu Yang immediately straightened his back and even his waist was exposed. He looked at Fan Yuan with red eyes, his eyes also tinged with pink.

“You, you, without my order, you are not allowed to suddenly touch my back!”

Fan Yuan didn’t argue with Gu Yang, but just hugged him tightly.

“Gu Yang, do you know why my identity is always so complicated?”

The tingling sensation on Gu Yang’s back had not yet subsided, and he shook his body and shook his head.


Fan Yuan’s thin lips pressed against Gu Yang’s human ear, and his voice, with heat, went straight into Gu Yang’s ear.

“In your heart, I am the most important.”

Gu Yang’s heart skipped a beat, and before he could react, Third Boy, who had stopped crying for a while, had squeezed between the two and was standing on Gu Yang’s leg. He hugged Gu Yang’s neck tightly, pushed Fan Yuan away with his small tail, and started to cry loudly again.

“Wah-wah-wah–in Father’s heart, isn’t Third Boy the most important?”

Gu Yang was immediately too busy to care about Fan Yuan and hugged his three little ones, coaxing them, “Of course, Third Boy is the most important!”

He was afraid that the other rabbit babies would feel sad, so he turned around and hugged the other three rabbit babies in front of him. “You guys are the most important!”

Fan Yuan watched as the five rabbits turned their backs to him again, staring at their tails, big and small, and feeling a bit itchy in his teeth.

When he gave these knitted rabbits these random names, it was also to make Gu Yang happy.

Now Fan Yuan even began to feel lucky that he only named four knitted rabbits.

He was also a bit regretful, why not just one?

Four little rabbit babies, shiny and bright.

Author’s note: Four rabbit baby light bulbs, super high power, super strong light, you deserve to have!

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