Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 77

Chapter 77

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This dream world is like fulfilling a regret of Gu Yang’s.

There were four cute little rabbits, each with their own unique charm. There was a particularly sensible rabbit named Four Eyes who was held by Gu Yang for a while but then started to push him away.

“Father, don’t always hold us. We finally found our mother. If you don’t go and accompany her, she will run away again!”

When Four Eyes said this, she kept looking at Fan Yuan from time to time. Even though she was sensible, there was still some nervousness on her face, afraid that their mother, who had just come back, would run away again.

Fan Yuan hugged Gu Yang from behind, his hands overlapped and rested on Gu Yang’s stomach, pulling him back to sit on his lap.

“I won’t run away again.”

After speaking, Fan Yuan went to pat the little rabbit’s heads one by one. His movements were not very skilled, but very gentle.

“You are all so cute. How could I run away?”

After patting the little rabbits’ heads, Fan Yuan lifted Gu Yang’s soft rabbit ears and whispered at the base of the ears:

“Little rabbits are cute, but big rabbits are even cuter.”

Gu Yang covered his own rabbit ears with his hands and crawled out of the rabbit hole. He waved at the four little rabbits.

“Come on, I’ll take you out to play.”

Gu Yang was full of curiosity about this animal kingdom. After all, this kind of animal kingdom could only be seen in fairy tales and was rarely seen elsewhere.

The animal kingdom was not large and was a hidden kingdom, far away from the human world, and few people knew about it.

But this piece of land seemed to have some magical power, which gave birth to such an animal kingdom.

What was even more surprising was that there was a gold mountain behind Gu Yang’s palace. From the outside, it looked no different from an ordinary mountain, but beneath the thin layer of soil was gold.

With such an animal kingdom, it was no wonder that those accidentally discovered human countries were coveting it.

Fan Yuan, a human, and five rabbits, one big and four small, walked towards the gold mountain. There was a low mist around the mountain, Gu Yang had never seen clouds that could be so low.

The mist seemed to be very dense, and their vision was blocked as they walked into it.

Gu Yang felt that the clouds brushing against his cheeks and body had a real touch. He couldn’t help but push them with his hands, and one cloud was indeed pushed away. The sensation of his hand was soft and fluffy, like touching cotton.

He couldn’t resist pulling a piece down, and his follower, Second Melon, who had been following him closely, jumped up and reached out to him.

“Father! Father! Give it to me!”

Gu Yang bent down and handed the cloud to Second Melon. He immediately brought it to his mouth and ate it with relish, as if he was eating cotton candy.

Seeing Gu Yang staring at him the entire time, Second Melon felt embarrassed and gave the bit in his finger to show his gratitude.

“Father, try it?”

Gu Yang shook his head and plucked another cloud from the low-hanging mist, stuffing it into his mouth. The clouds truly melted like cotton candy, sweet and delightful. 

The timid Third Boy cautiously approached. Using his little finger to scoop up some black soil from the gold mountain, he put it in his mouth. Gu Yang was startled. He wanted to stop him but hesitated. Eventually, he hesitantly wiped a bit of black soil and put it in his mouth as well. Then, in disbelief, he looked towards Fan Yuan.

“Surprisingly, it’s chocolate powder! Try it!”

Fan Yuan tried to pluck a piece of cloud from the sky, but his hand went through the cloud so he picked up a bit of black soil but it was just plain mud.

Gu Yang was puzzled and plucked a cloud from where Fan Yuan’s hand went through, handing it to him.

Fan Yuan reached out to take it, his hand went through the cloud and held Gu Yang’s hand.

“Gu Yang, I can’t touch it. Everything here should only be touchable by the people of the animal kingdom.”

This strange setup surprised Gu Yang, who had already experienced several fairy tale worlds. He handed the cloud in his hand to Fan Yuan.

“Fan Yuan, try it.”

Fan Yuan shook his head, so Gu Yang stuffed the cloud into his own mouth.

Before the cloud had fully melted in his mouth, Fan Yuan was already leaning in.

Gu Yang was now the Rabbit King, much more powerful than an ordinary rabbit. But at the end of the day, he was still a rabbit, and his reactions during certain special times would be more intense than an ordinary rabbit.

Fan Yuan had already experienced how sensitive a rabbit’s back was before, but that was in the real world where everything had limits. Now it was different, it was a dream world, and Fan Yuan could finally stroke Gu Yang’s back very hard.

The ball of white cloud had already melted clean in the mouths of the two, and Gu Yang’s legs went weak, his big rabbit tail unconsciously wagging.

Second Melon stared wide-eyed at the two not-so-serious adults beside him: “Father and Mother are embarrassing! Kissing outside!”

Four Eyes, the tallest of the group, plucked a cloud and stuffed it into Second Melon’s mouth, pulling him to one side. “Children should not look, let’s go back.”

Big Boss also held Third Boy’s hand, and the four little rabbits obediently returned to the palace by themselves. For a while, only Gu Yang and Fan Yuan remained in the cloud and mist.

As the sun gradually set, the clouds became denser and denser. The clouds were peculiar in that they didn’t feel wet and cool inside, but rather dry.

Gu Yang gradually lost his balance and his waist leaned back more and more, and Fan Yuan helped support him, and they both fell onto the golden mountain.

The black soil on the mountain, which only turned into magical chocolate powder when touched by the people of the animal kingdom, got on Gu Yang’s exposed skin, and immediately turned into sweet chocolate powder.

Fan Yuan finally had the opportunity to taste the miraculous black soil that only turned into chocolate powder when touched by the people of the animal kingdom.

Gu Yang laid at the foot of the mountain, surrounded by thick, opaque white clouds.

He couldn’t help but reach out and pluck a cloud, which quickly melted in his hand’s warmth, turning into sticky syrup, which eventually ended up in Fan Yuan’s mouth as well.

In the unbridled behavior of Fan Yuan stroking the rabbit, the special period of the Rabbit King Gu Yang was triggered and he had a strong reaction, with the duration unknown.

The four young rabbits that had been living with their father since birth were taken away by the eunuchs and lived alone elsewhere for the first time.

In Gu Yang’s huge rabbit nest, pillows and quilts were piled everywhere. Gu Yang laid on the quilt with his soft rabbit ears on either side of his head. The pink inside his ears had turned deep red. He scratched around with his hands, grabbed a pillow, and slammed it back, hitting Fan Yuan’s head.

Fan Yuan stopped and looked up at Gu Yang.

Gu Yang immediately crawled forward, pulled down the clothes that had ridden up his back, turned around and leaned his back against the pile of quilts, feeling the dampness on his back. He grabbed a large pillow and hugged it, his red rabbit eyes staring roundly as he accused Fan Yuan, “Fan Yuan, you can’t touch my back anymore! You know my back is sensitive, but you still… you only touch my back! You, you are too much! What if I, what if I…”

Fan Yuan didn’t rush to grab Gu Yang back. He was still wearing his loose sleeping gown, the belt hanging loosely, exuding a lazy atmosphere.

Since Gu Yang didn’t want him to touch him, he leaned back against another pile of quilts, curling one long leg and resting his arm on his knee. He just stared at Gu Yang with his black eyes.

During his special period, Gu Yang was soft and tingling from the two fluffy, soft rabbit ears on his head to the porcelain-white toes. He was lying on the pile of quilts opposite Fan Yuan, feeling overwhelmed, even though Fan Yuan had done nothing but look at him.

“Don’t look at me,” Gu Yang said, turning around and burying his face in the quilt. But his large white rabbit tail was still sticking up behind him, wagging back and forth, as if beckoning Fan Yuan to come over and squeeze it hard.

But Fan Yuan was unusually obedient this time. If Gu Yang didn’t let him touch him, he wouldn’t touch him. If he didn’t let him look, he would turn his head away.

Gu Yang’s heart was pounding as he pressed his hand to his chest. Through the bond between them, he felt Fan Yuan’s heartbeat, which was as fast and erratic as his own.

Fan Yuan was just as nervous as he was.

These thoughts made the tingling, soreness, and itching on Gu Yang’s body more intense. He secretly turned his head and looked at Fan Yuan from the corner of his eye.

Fan Yuan seemed to sense it and immediately turned his head back, looking at Gu Yang. Then he raised his eyebrows.

“Can’t hold it anymore?”

Gu Yang buried his face in his arm again…

Although they didn’t embrace and had no physical contact except for their mouths, Gu Yang felt like fireworks were exploding in his mind.

As time passed, Fan Yuan finally reached out and grabbed Gu Yang by the collar, pulling him closer.

Just then, a lizard-tailed guard rushed in, knelt in front of Gu Yang’s throne, and said in a panicked voice: “Your Majesty, we have found a large number of human armies approaching our borders. It seems that they are going to attack us!”

The intimate atmosphere between the two was interrupted by the lizard guard’s sudden appearance. Gu Yang sat up, his cheeks still slightly red but his face serious.

He turned to Fan Yuan, who nodded in agreement. Gu Yang then gave the order: “Continue to observe and wait, do not take any action for now. Keep this matter confidential and do not cause panic.”

The lizard guard left to carry out the order, and Gu Yang immediately asked Fan Yuan: “Is this the national army in your background setting?”

Fan Yuan shook his head. “It’s another country.”

Gu Yang frowned. He thought that this animal kingdom, which was home to strange residents and hidden treasures, was now in danger.

However, Fan Yuan was not worried. He rested his chin on Gu Yang’s shoulder and held him in his lap.

He whispered in Gu Yang’s ear, “Do you trust me, my king?”

Gu Yang turned his head and looked at Fan Yuan helplessly. “No one in this world trusts in you more than I do.”

“Is that so?” Fan Yuan’s voice disappeared amidst the chaos, but their previous intimacy was rekindled.

Gu Yang felt the dao companion mark on his chest, which connected him to Fan Yuan, began to heat up and grow hotter. The mark was just a black ink blot with a missing stroke, but it was slowly expanding and growing like a living creature.

Although Gu Yang had ordered that the news of the human empire’s imminent attack be kept secret, the message spread slowly throughout the animal kingdom.

The animal ministers panicked and huddled together to discuss their next move. Their country was small, their population was tiny, and their military strength was minimal. They were also known for their excellent concealment, but for some reason, their existence had been discovered by the outside world.

Finally, the ministers turned to Gu Yang, blaming him for bringing a human bride from the human society, which had led to their exposure.

In addition, since the human bride escaped and was recaptured, Gu Yang never attended the morning court again. His image of not attending the morning court due to being bewitched by the demon lover became thoroughly established, and the ministers increasingly criticized him.

Gu Yang trusted Fan Yuan to the extreme. When Fan Yuan asked him to wait quietly, he waited quietly. Moreover, since he was in a special period now, he almost stuck to Fan Yuan day and night. He heard some rumors outside, but he didn’t pay attention to them.

Until one night, Gu Yang and Fan Yuan were awakened again by a guard banging on their door.

This guard was even more flustered than the last time and ran in unsteadily, trembling with fear:

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty! Run away quickly! The human army has invaded!”

Fan Yuan pulled the blanket over Gu Yang and whispered in his ear.

Gu Yang immediately gave an order:

“Gather all the citizens and take them to the underground palace to hide!”

The animal kingdom had a huge underground palace, and with the small population of the animal kingdom, there was more than enough room for everyone to hide.

Although the guard who broke in felt that this method was useless, he was now like a headless fly and could only follow orders.

With the human army attacking, Gu Yang and Fan Yuan could not sleep anymore. They changed their clothes and took the four rabbit babies with them to the council hall.

The council hall was already filled with animal ministers, all of whom were panicked and afraid. When they looked at Gu Yang, their eyes were full of resentment.

Ignoring their complaints, Gu Yang sat high on the throne and gestured for Fan Yuan to stand beside him, with the four rabbit babies obediently staying close to him.

Until the human army broke through the city walls and rushed in, several animal ministers couldn’t wait any longer and turned around to run.

Once one ran, the second one would run, and in the end, only a few scattered animal ministers remained in the council hall.

They didn’t run, but rather had a strong love for their kingdom, holding onto a determination to die for it. However, they had no hope left for Gu Yang, who had behaved too foolishly during this time, he had lost all their support.

Finally, the human army broke into the council hall.

They were very curious about everything in this animal kingdom, and when they saw Gu Yang, who was wearing a luxurious king’s robe and rabbit ears, sitting on the throne, they burst out laughing.

“I can’t believe that the king of this animal kingdom is actually a rabbit!”

“Hahaha, this animal kingdom is ridiculous.”

Gu Yang stood up from the throne, slowly walked down, and lightly stamped his foot on the ground.

In an instant, the ground shook, and the four young rabbits clung tightly to Fan Yuan. They were not afraid because the commotion was caused by their father, the king.

“What’s wrong with being a rabbit? A rabbit can also take your heads.”

Gu Yang slowly walked towards the human army, and every step he took caused the ground beneath his feet to crack open.

He only stopped when he saw several animal ministers holding onto the pillars and almost falling into the huge cracks in the ground.

The human army thought that his ability was limited to this, and was about to become arrogant again, when they heard a loud noise from outside. Another group of human armies had surrounded them and charged in.

This time, the human army that charged in was even more powerful, more numerous, and more imposing than the previous one.

They surrounded the palace and quickly subdued the previous human army.

Then, a human general walked straight past Gu Yang and the animal ministers, and knelt in front of Fan Yuan, who was holding onto the four young rabbits.

“Your Highness, I’m late.”

Fan Yuan nodded and let go of the young rabbits in his arms, walking towards the army’s camp.

The young rabbits clung to Gu Yang’s clothes, asking anxiously, “Father, is mother abandoning us again?”

Gu Yang touched their heads and didn’t say anything.

The animal ministers who were left behind were also shocked. They never expected that the human bride that their king had casually brought back would have such a powerful background.

Fan Yuan walked to the human army’s camp, where his subordinate draped a coat symbolizing power over his shoulders. Then, he reached out to Gu Yang.

“As long as you follow me to my country and become my queen, the animal kingdom will permanently receive my protection.”

“But at the same time, you have to pay a higher price. I will lock you up in my palace and on my bed. Day and night, you will only see me.”

“Rabbit King, do you agree?”

Gu Yang took off his crown and threw it to the side towards the ministers.

“The animal kingdom does indeed need a more powerful king.”

With that, he led his four young rabbits towards Fan Yuan and placed his hand on Fan Yuan’s palm.

Fan Yuan lowered his head and gently kissed Gu Yang’s hand, then pulled him tightly into his embrace and covered him with his large coat, not allowing anyone to see him.

It wasn’t until they walked away that a few animal ministers reacted.

They looked at the human army leaving with a heavy heart, holding the crown of the animal kingdom in their arms and sighing heavily.

They had misjudged their rabbit king. Their king had long since figured out how to save the country and had planned to sacrifice himself to seek the strongest shelter for the animal kingdom.

Perhaps, from the day the rabbit king captured this human bride, everything had already been calculated.

From then on, the rabbit king became the greatest king in the history of the animal kingdom.

After that day, no human empire dared to make any plans against the animal kingdom. They would be protected by the strongest nation for generations to come.

Fan Yuan and Gu Yang sat together in a luxurious carriage, with four little rabbit snuggled up close to their father and mother, their little faces full of confusion.

Just now, their mother told them to call him “Royal Father” from now on, and their original father did not object.

Gu Yang wanted to object, but Fan Yuan kept his mouth shut and didn’t let him speak.

The mighty human army slowly left the animal kingdom and headed towards the sunrise.

Gu Yang and Fan Yuan woke up from the dream world early this time. They opened their eyes as soon as the sky started to brighten a little.

Looking at the ceiling above his head, Gu Yang felt extremely sad.

He touched his head and behind him, realizing that the rabbit ears and tail had not been brought out from this dream world, and he kept looking around but did not see the little rabbits.

It was just a fictional dream, and his four cute little rabbit cubs were just illusions.

The dream ended, and everything would return to the beginning.

Fan Yuan looked at the time and turned over to hug Gu Yang: “It’s still early to get up, let’s sleep a little longer.”

Gu Yang nodded and quietly nestled in Fan Yuan’s arms, but he could no longer fall asleep.

He couldn’t help but turn around and look at the knitted rabbits on the shelf beside the bed.

Finally, he couldn’t help but climb out of Fan Yuan’s arms, walked to the shelf, and gently touched the knitted rabbit’s head with his hand. He hugged Fan Big Boss, and lightly kissed his head.

A miracle happened at this moment. The knitted rabbit, which was kissed by Gu Yang, emitted a strong light. Gu Yang felt a weight in his arms. When the light faded, what appeared in his arms was the rabbit cub Fan Big Boss with a tight little face.

Gu Yang guessed what had happened, turned around and put Fan Big Boss in Fan Yuan’s arms, picked out Gu Second Melon, and kissed his head.

The same strong light radiated, and Gu Second Melon also appeared in Gu Yang’s arms with a bewildered face. He reached out his little hand and grabbed Gu Yang’s clothes, sweetly calling out:

“Fath…Royal Mother!”

Immediately afterwards, Third Boy and Four Eyes also appeared on Fan Yuan’s big bed.

Gu Yang tried to kiss another unnamed knitted rabbit, and this knitted rabbit turned into a real furry bunny in his arms. After jumping on its hind legs, it jumped to the ground.

Fan Yuan looked at the four rabbits sitting on the bed and then looked at the increasing number of furry rabbits on the ground. He couldn’t help but pull Gu Yang into his arms.

“Don’t kiss anymore.”

Gu Yang was still unsatisfied, looking at the remaining half of the knitted rabbits on the shelf, seeming to want to turn them all into live rabbits.

“Although they can only exist for five days…it’s better than disappearing completely.”

Fan Yuan pinched Gu Yang’s rabbit ears and forced him to turn his head, kissing him.

“Gu Yang, your attention should be on me.”


Gu Yang wanted to argue but couldn’t say anything.

The four rabbit cubs brought to the real world by Gu Yang covered their small eyes in a very neat manner.

Oh my god, their father and mother were too embarrassing!

It’s too explosive in the early morning!

Do they still want them to live as little bunnies?

Thinking like this, the four little rabbit cubs opened a gap between their fingers covering their eyes, and secretly peeked over.

Four eyes came to a serious conclusion:

“No wonder it’s moth…Royal Fathr, only he can make Royal Mother speechless.”

As soon as the words fell from four eyes’ mouth, a strong white light shone from their bodies again. After the white light faded away, all that was left was a bed and a floor full of knitted rabbits.

Fan Yuan released Gu Yang, while Gu Yang carefully picked up Fan Big Boss, kissing his forehead again. However, this time, the knitted rabbit in his arms did not turn back into a rabbit cub and fell into his embrace.

Gu Yang’s eyes slowly turned red. He hugged the four rabbit cubs tightly and said with a choked voice, “Thank you, thank you for appearing in my life.”

Fan Yuan also did not expect that the rabbit cubs’ existence would be so short-lived. If he had known this earlier, there would have been no need to fight for attention.

Gu Yang knew deep down that this was only a dream. He turned around with a few knitted rabbits and squeezed into Fan Yuan’s embrace, pressing his warm forehead against Fan Yuan’s neck.

“Fan Yuan, if we ever really have rabbit cubs in the future, you have to give them beautiful names.”

“Okay, I promise.”

They walked out of reality, passed through illusion, and in the end, all they had left was each other.

Each other was enough.

Gu Yang put the knitted rabbits back on the shelf and lovingly rubbed their small heads. He looked at Fan Yuan’s affection score again, which had increased to 54, opened his palm, clenched his fist, and placed it on his chest.

You came, and I remember.

Thank you.

Author’s Note:

Gu Yang: Give me back my cubs.

Fan Yuan: I can’t give birth.

The setting brought up this time is not about rabbit cubs, rabbit ears, or rabbit tails~

There are still some after-effects from the Great Demon King. Speaking softly, after all, Little Fan’s setting disappeared without losing his memory. You know what they say, once you get a taste of it, you can’t help but want more!

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