Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 82

Chapter 82

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This time, the setting of the dream world is a bit complex, and the history is very ancient.

For tens of thousands of years, the divine realm and the dark realm have been in constant confrontation and resistance to each other. The divine kings and the dark gods represent the kings of the two camps. They are gods born with the world, with comparable power, mutually suppressing and restraining each other.

However, due to Fan Yuan’s betrayal and plot against the divine king, whom he had nurtured and trusted, the divine tree was destroyed, and the divine power was stripped from his body. For a while, the world was in turmoil, and the dark gods had no opponents in this world, completely shattering the balance that had been maintained for millions of years.

Fan Yuan, the mastermind behind all this, felt no guilt. He hurriedly brought Gu Yang back to the realm of the dark gods, heading straight to the prison tower he had prepared in advance.

Compared to the brightness of the divine realm, the realm of the dark gods was much darker and more oppressive.

As soon as the two landed, they were stopped by someone.

This person was dressed in luxurious robes, looking like a dandy, but his gaze towards Gu Yang was rather repulsive, as if he was looking at a juicy piece of meat.

“You really brought the divine king back?”

The person leaned in close to Gu Yang and took a deep breath, but in the next moment, Fan Yuan pushed him away.

Fan Yuan pulled Gu Yang to the other side, firmly embracing him, ignoring the person, and leading Gu Yang forward quickly.

The person didn’t approach them again, but he shouted maliciously at Fan Yuan:

“Fan Yuan, you are now the biggest traitor in the hearts of the divine realm’s people. You deceived the divine king and stripped him of his divine power. Now the dark god is waiting for you to offer the divine king to him. Don’t… take the wrong path. In this world, apart from the dark realm, you have no way out.”

Fan Yuan turned a deaf ear and walked away with Gu Yang.

Gu Yang looked at Fan Yuan, feeling extremely curious about the intricate setting Fan Yuan had created.

“Isn’t the dark gods on our side?”

Fan Yuan stopped in his tracks, suddenly lifted Gu Yang onto his shoulders, and flew into the sky:

“Here, we have no companions, only each other.”

Gu Yang held onto Fan Yuan’s shoulders tightly, looking in astonishment at the shrinking view beneath them. Unable to resist, he reached out and touched Fan Yuan’s back.

“Fan Yuan, you can fly even without wings!”

Fan Yuan ignored him and brought him directly to the top platform of the tall tower that had been prepared long ago.

This tower was located in the deepest part of the dark realm, soaring into the clouds. The surroundings were pitch black, and strangely, the tower had no doors. The long walls below were all solid, and it was only the part that soared into the clouds that had livable space.

Fan Yuan landed with Gu Yang on the platform at the top of the tower and pushed open the large door in front of the platform.

Gu Yang was somewhat intimidated by the height of the tower. He currently had no wings nor divine powers. In a hurry, he followed Fan Yuan into the tower.

As he entered, he was startled by the layout of the top floor of the tower. It was surprisingly similar to the structure of their real-life villa, with two levels.

Returning to this place, Gu Yang even had a feeling that they were not in the dream world.

But the mysterious patterns on Fan Yuan’s left cheek constantly reminded Gu Yang that they were indeed in a dream.

With a wave of Fan Yuan’s hand, the door behind Gu Yang closed automatically.

As soon as the door closed, countless dark iron chains emerged from the walls like living creatures, slowly entwining and blocking the door, completely sealing it off.

Gu Yang had never seen chains that could move on their own before. While marveling at the wonders of the dream world, he couldn’t help but reach out and poke them.

As he poked, one side of the iron chains immediately bent in a human-like manner, brushing against Gu Yang’s fingertips like a small snake.

Fan Yuan quickly pulled Gu Yang’s hand back into his palm, leading him on a tour of the top and bottom floors of the tower.

Next, Fan Yuan led Gu Yang into a study that was identical to the one in the real world. They approached the window, pulled back the curtains, and opened it. Fan Yuan pointed to a beam of light in the distance that reached the same height as the tower, and said to Gu Yang:

“That is the divine power that was stripped from you.”

Gu Yang leaned out of the window, reaching his hand towards the beam of golden light. Although it was far away, he could still feel a sense of familiarity.

“Why is that thing displayed so openly?”

Fan Yuan suddenly reached out and grabbed Gu Yang’s waist, lifting him and placing him by the window.

Gu Yang’s vision suddenly elevated, and as soon as he sat by the window, he noticed that many natives of the dark realm had flown halfway up to the tower. They all looked at him with greedy and repulsive gazes.

However, they seemed to be restrained by something, only able to fly up to halfway, unable to come any higher.

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang’s chin, making him look at the group of dark realm natives below.

“Gu Yang, do you know what your current status is?”

“You are the divine king. Even if your divine power has been stripped away, your flesh and blood are the most terrifying reservoir of energy. As long as they obtain your flesh and blood, they can become the next entity to confront the dark god.”

“Even if your divine power cannot return to your body temporarily, they still listen to your will. They will only belong to someone if you so desire. As long as you refuse, they can only remain there. No matter how many people covet and desire them, they cannot take even a fraction of it, not even the dark god.”

After saying all this, Fan Yuan supported the back of Gu Yang’s neck, making him face him.

Gu Yang sat by the high window, with an abyss that couldn’t be seen at the back, and countless people floating in mid-air, coveting him. Their gazes pierced his back, impossible to ignore.

But Fan Yuan, as if intentionally, didn’t let Gu Yang come down from the window.

In front of those natives who coveted Gu Yang’s flesh and blood, Fan Yuan kissed his lips, explaining vaguely as he kissed him, “But you belong to me now. I can continuously strengthen my power as long as I stay by your side. If I kiss you, the growth of my power will multiply.”

Gu Yang, being kissed by Fan Yuan, could only reach out and hold Fan Yuan’s neck.

Listening to Fan Yuan’s intermittent explanation, thoughts of embarrassment flashed through his mind, but Fan Yuan didn’t give him any time to think.

The natives standing in mid-air watched as Fan Yuan kissed the divine king by the window. The powerful aura emanating from above made their envious eyes turn red. But no matter how envious they were, they couldn’t get any closer.

However, they did not give up. The dark god would eventually get hold of the divine king. By then, they would definitely be rewarded with a trace of his flesh and blood.

Their great dark god would not allow Fan Yuan to betray him like he betrayed the divine king. The dark god would eventually come here and snatch the divine king away.

Even after Fan Yuan released Gu Yang, ending the long kiss, those natives of the dark realm were still lingering.

But Fan Yuan had no intention of letting them see Gu Yang again. He held Gu Yang and moved away from the window, closing it once more and drawing thick curtains, preventing anyone outside from peeking into the tower.

Gu Yang felt weak all over from Fan Yuan’s kisses. He could only hang limply on Fan Yuan’s body, staying wherever Fan Yuan carried him.

It had been a while since Gu Yang had experienced such an intense kiss. The last time he experienced this kind of kiss was when Fan Yuan posed as the Great Demon King.

Fan Yuan’s current role was not much different from the Great Demon King’s. Gu Yang even had a feeling that this version of Fan Yuan might be even more terrifying than the one set by the Great Demon King.

Fan Yuan held Gu Yang against the wall, gently stroking his back to help him calm down.

Then, Fan Yuan noticed that Gu Yang, who had a dazed and absent-minded expression just a moment ago, not only didn’t lose the blush on his face but it grew even redder. It was obvious that he was thinking about something embarrassing.

Looking at Gu Yang like that, Fan Yuan couldn’t help but kiss him again.

“What are you thinking about?”

Gu Yang reached out to push Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

“N-Nothing, I was just thinking…”

His gaze wandered around and landed on the window, which was now covered by curtains. An idea struck him, and he said, “I was thinking, what if that so-called dark god really comes here to take me away? Can we defeat him?”

Fan Yuan shook his head firmly.

“The only one who can confront the dark god is you, the one who hasn’t lost your divine power. But in your current situation, you can’t even reclaim your divine power.”

Gu Yang paused for a moment. He thought this was Fan Yuan’s subconscious dream world, and since Fan Yuan dared to confront the dark god, it meant that this dark god, who was just a background character, couldn’t possibly defeat him. But it turned out to be the opposite.

Just then, a violent tremor suddenly shook the tower from outside, as if it was under a fierce attack.

Fan Yuan narrowed his dark eyes, walked to the window, and opened the curtains slightly, peering outside through the gap.

Gu Yang also approached and stood beside Fan Yuan, looking out together.

Unlike the natives who could only fly halfway up the tower, there was a towering figure standing in mid-air outside the window. He was exceptionally tall, dressed in black robes, and had a fierce gaze.

This man stood just three meters away from the window, vigorously swinging a large sword that flickered with dark light, attacking the tower.

Gu Yang immediately guessed his identity.

“Is that the dark god?”

Fan Yuan nodded and closed the curtains again, sitting back with Gu Yang in the leather chair in front of the desk.

Countless black energy emanated from Fan Yuan, gradually drifting towards the surroundings of the house and disappearing.

After the black energy dissipated, the sound of the dark god attacking the tower continued, but the tower no longer trembled.

Fan Yuan sat in the large leather chair, and Gu Yang sat on Fan Yuan’s lap.

Gu Yang listened to the noisy sound of the attack outside while watching Fan Yuan take out several blank notebooks.

“Aren’t we going to do anything about it? Are you sure everything is fine?”

Fan Yuan opened one of the notebooks and took a pen to rewrite a timer on it: 900 minutes.

“He can’t break in for now, but we won’t hold out for long either.”

Although Fan Yuan said they wouldn’t hold out for long, he remained calm.

After finishing the timer in one notebook, he stood it up and placed it aside, then took another blank notebook and started writing questions on it.

Gu Yang looked at the familiar questions from various subjects and felt a headache coming on.

“Fan Yuan, are you… trying to make me do homework in the dream world?”

Fan Yuan didn’t answer Gu Yang. He continued to write questions on a blank sheet of paper until it was filled, and then handed the pen to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang clenched his fist tightly and didn’t take the pen that Fan Yuan handed over.

Fan Yuan placed the pen in front of Gu Yang and wrapped his arms around Gu Yang’s waist, tickling his lower abdomen.

“Time flows differently here than outside. Since you can’t leave this place now, why not do some more questions?”

Fan Yuan’s hand gradually reached the ticklish spot on Gu Yang’s waist, causing him to arch his back immediately. He reached out and held Fan Yuan’s hand, even through his clothes.

Looking pitifully at Fan Yuan, Gu Yang lightly rubbed his forehead against Fan Yuan’s chin.

“Fan Yuan, can’t you spare me? Can’t we treat this dream world as a vacation?”

Fan Yuan’s dark eyes lowered, his gaze falling on Gu Yang’s face.

He stared at Gu Yang for a long time, and just when Gu Yang thought there was a chance, Fan Yuan coldly rejected him.


Gu Yang could only take the pen with a dejected expression and lower his head to start working on the questions.

Now, as he sat on Fan Yuan’s lap, with his head lowered, the fair skin of his neck was exposed to Fan Yuan’s view without any defense.

Gu Yang focused on the questions, while Fan Yuan focused on Gu Yang.

As Gu Yang began to move the pen, Fan Yuan lowered his head and kissed Gu Yang’s neck.

The pen in Gu Yang’s hand fell onto the table with a “clatter,” and Fan Yuan reached out, picked up the pen, and placed it back into Gu Yang’s hand.

“Focus on doing the questions properly.”

While kissing Gu Yang’s neck, Fan Yuan forced him to do the questions. Gu Yang bit his lip, enduring the burning sensation on his neck. His mind was in a mess, and he could only draw meaningless lines on the paper, holding the pen and scribbling haphazardly. Soon, the entire sheet was filled, but it consisted of nothing but the two words “Fan Yuan” amidst the meaningless lines.

Outside, the disregarded dark god continued swinging his sword, attacking the tower relentlessly. Eventually, the dark god seemed tired and stopped, resorting to verbal attacks.

“Don’t think that you’re safe just because you’re hiding. Have you forgotten that it was me who lent you the power to attack the divine realm? Without me, how could you have successfully plotted against the Divine King?”

“Now you want to devour the Divine King alone, but it’s far too naive. The Divine King has been able to contend with me for tens of thousands of years, so how could he fall for your scheme again?”

“Without my suppression, even if you devour him, his flesh and blood will devour you in return, causing you to explode and perish!”

“Fan Yuan, your protective shield won’t withstand my attacks for more than a few days. You’d better think carefully!”

Regardless of what the dark god blabbered outside, the room remained quiet.

In the silence, occasional subtle sounds could be heard.

It wasn’t until Gu Yang had almost turned the white paper in front of him into a black one that Fan Yuan finally released his hold on Gu Yang’s vulnerable neck.

At this point, the once porcelain-like neck was completely ruined, covered in red marks, with prominent teeth marks.

Fan Yuan narrowed his eyes, feeling extremely satisfied.

He rested his chin on Gu Yang’s shoulder and pulled out the paper that Gu Yang had pressed against his arm. Looking at the messy lines and the repeated occurrence of the word “Fan Yuan,” he didn’t get angry.

Fan Yuan tore off the sheet and set it aside, then turned to a new page, taking the pen and creating new questions.

Gu Yang had long lost his energy, leaning on Fan Yuan’s chest like a tired puppy. His consciousness was hazy, and he even started to doze off.

Neither of them paid attention to when the dark god left.

Gu Yang’s attention had already started to drift, and Fan Yuan lowered his head to gently nuzzle Gu Yang’s neck, slowly writing some classic questions on the white paper.

Fan Yuan knew Gu Yang’s learning gaps and deficiencies better than anyone else, so the questions he gave Gu Yang were absolutely useful.

The scattered white paper had only a few questions written on it. After finishing, Fan Yuan pushed the paper in front of Gu Yang.

Gu Yang had already closed his eyes and started to doze off. Just as his eyes closed, Fan Yuan pinched the ticklish spot on his waist.

He immediately opened his eyes, and his gaze fell on the white paper in front of him. His expression became blank, and he remained motionless for a long time.

Fan Yuan didn’t urge him. He extended his fingertip and hooked Gu Yang’s collar. Unseen energy blades gathered at the tip of Fan Yuan’s finger, slicing through Gu Yang’s clothes from the neckline.

A cool sensation ran through Gu Yang’s neck, followed by a wave of heat.

He shrugged his shoulder and pushed Fan Yuan’s head back with his hand, picking up the pen to assure him, “I’ll do the questions! I’ll do them now!”

Fan Yuan chuckled softly, releasing his grip on Gu Yang’s shoulder. His hands calmly crossed at Gu Yang’s waist as he watched him do the questions.

Gu Yang efficiently and accurately tackled the questions on this page, but it caused the timer in the workbook to go from 900 minutes to 910 minutes.

Then the collar on the other side of his clothes met the same fate. His pristine godly robe turned into two tattered pieces and was thrown into a corner. Fan Yuan put a short black robe on Gu Yang.

This black robe only reached Gu Yang’s thighs, and with a slight movement of his arms, everything was revealed.

Yet, Fan Yuan didn’t give him any pants, claiming that it was hot in the room and there was no need for them.

Gu Yang shifted his cool little legs and forced a smile at Fan Yuan, despite his inner conflict. “Y-yes, it is quite hot.”

Fan Yuan was satisfied with Gu Yang’s appearance and picked him up, heading back to the bedroom.

During the night, the deranged dark god once again swung his sword, attacking the towering prison tower. The loud commotion woke Gu Yang up, and before he could ask anything, Fan Yuan covered his mouth.

Fan Yuan covered Gu Yang’s ears with his hands and blocked his mouth, preventing him from speaking.

“Sleep, don’t worry about anything,” Fan Yuan said.

Gu Yang wanted to say that he couldn’t sleep while being treated like this, but Fan Yuan covered his ears tightly with his hands and sealed his mouth shut. Helplessly, Gu Yang was kissed into unconsciousness and fell asleep again.

As Fan Yuan had said, as long as he stayed by Gu Yang’s side, his power would constantly increase. If he kissed Gu Yang, the rate of power growth would double.

However, the rapid growth in these few days still couldn’t compare to the power accumulated by the dark god over tens of thousands of years.

Finally, in the span of a day and night, the protective shield outside the prison tower developed a massive crack from the dark god’s attacks. Although Fan Yuan repaired the crack immediately, Gu Yang could still sense his struggle.

Fan Yuan also noticed the worry in Gu Yang’s eyes, but he simply sat beside him at the table, watching him do one exercise after another.

“Don’t worry, as long as we can hold on until the end of this dream world, it’ll be fine. If we can’t, I have a way to prevent them from reaching you.”

As Fan Yuan said this, black mist burst forth from his body and quickly receded back into him.

Although Fan Yuan spoke confidently, Gu Yang couldn’t help but feel uneasy. He began contemplating some possibilities.

Habit is a terrifying thing, and Gu Yang quickly got used to running around without pants.

One day, while Fan Yuan was in the bathroom, Gu Yang put on his short robe and ran downstairs with bare legs. He squatted in front of the door entangled by dark chains and touched the chains.

The chains immediately became lively, slithering down from the door and winding around Gu Yang’s ankles. Finally, they emerged from the back of his neck and coiled in front of him, swaying up and down as if nodding their heads.

“Do you have thoughts?” Gu Yang was a bit confused. Seeing that the chains didn’t hinder him, he allowed them to lie on his body.

He walked up to the door and pushed against it, despite being entangled in chains.

“Can you open a crack in the door for me? I want to see the beam of light outside.”

The beam of light Gu Yang referred to was the divine power taken away from his body. From this door, he could get a closer look at that beam of light.

Unexpectedly, as soon as Gu Yang finished speaking, the iron chains wrapped around the door gradually loosened and opened a gap for him.

The gap was not wide enough for Gu Yang to escape, but it allowed him to see the beam of light outside. He reached his arm out through the opening and waved it towards the beam of light, sensing a warm and familiar sensation along with a slight resistance.

Fan Yuan came out of the bathroom and didn’t see Gu Yang in the bedroom. He followed the stairs downstairs and noticed a white triangular underwear swaying at the doorway.

The dark chains, still slowly moving, trailed from Gu Yang’s ankles all the way up.

Unaware that Fan Yuan had approached him from behind, Gu Yang was attempting to give some commands to the beam of light when he was suddenly embraced by Fan Yuan from behind.

“Gu Yang, do you want to run away?” Fan Yuan pressed against Gu Yang’s back, his voice devoid of emotion.

Gu Yang was startled and tried to turn around, but Fan Yuan pinned him against the door, rendering him unable to move.

“No! I just wanted to see if I could control the power outside! Even if I can’t retrieve it, having some control would be beneficial!” Gu Yang exclaimed.

The chains, which had been obediently lying on Gu Yang’s body, became agitated at that moment, rapidly crawling across his skin and leaving faint marks wherever they passed.

“Why would you want to retrieve it?” Fan Yuan persisted, and behind him, the black mist emanating from him grew thicker. Gradually, the mist solidified, transforming into more and more black chains that filled the entire room’s walls.

Gu Yang turned his head and witnessed this scene.

His eyes widened, and it was only now that he realized these chains were an integral part of Fan Yuan’s body.

The cold iron chains slowly crawled across his legs, causing Gu Yang’s lower back to soften as he realized they were part of Fan Yuan.

“Control the divine power, then… give it to you.”

Fortunately, Gu Yang made sure to explain clearly. As soon as he finished speaking, he felt the iron chains on his body stop moving.

Fan Yuan also remained still, burying his head in the nape of Gu Yang’s neck, leaning against him silently.

After a long while, Fan Yuan finally spoke in a low, hoarse voice.

“Gu Yang, do you know how to give me power?”

Gu Yang pressed his hands against the cold door, feeling Fan Yuan’s warm breath against his shoulder. Black chains, formed from mist, coiled around his body. He struggled to turn his head slightly and could only see Fan Yuan’s dark, disheveled hair.

“How do I give it to you?” he asked.

In the next moment, Fan Yuan’s cold teeth pressed against Gu Yang’s neck.

“By devouring you, I can gain it,” he replied.

Gu Yang blinked and reached up to tousle the black hair on Fan Yuan’s forehead, showing no signs of being frightened by his words.

Fan Yuan lifted his head.

“Aren’t you afraid?”

Gu Yang shook his head.

“You wouldn’t want to hurt me.”

“Are you that confident?” Fan Yuan grabbed the hem of Gu Yang’s short robe.

Gu Yang thought about Fan Yuan’s current 60% favorability towards him and nodded vigorously.

“I’m sure.”

Just then, the Dark God approached, wielding a large sword. Without saying a word, he swung the sword, causing a loud impact.

The door was still slightly ajar, and Gu Yang stood in a position where he directly faced the Dark God.

Clearly, the Dark God noticed him too. His expression instantly became more ferocious, and his eyes revealed the kind of greed that Gu Yang detested the most.

Unfortunately, Fan Yuan seemed to intentionally provoke the Dark God. He took off his outer robe and blocked Gu Yang’s legs, pushing the door open a little wider. Right in front of the Dark God, he leaned in and kissed the corner of Gu Yang’s mouth.

As time passed, Gu Yang’s brain grew increasingly dizzy, and he gradually forgot about the Dark God slashing wildly outside the crack in the door.

The Dark God was on the verge of madness. He could sense Fan Yuan’s power soaring as he grew closer to Gu Yang through their intimacy. How could he not be envious? How could he not be greedy?

This time, the Dark God spent an unusually long time attacking the prison tower.

But no matter how long it took, he couldn’t surpass Fan Yuan. It was only when the Dark God finally left that the door, which had been open for a long time, closed again.

However, the closing of the door did not signify the end.

When the Dark God returned to attack the prison tower, he found the barrier outside to be even more solid. The thought of the reason behind this reinforced barrier drove the Dark God into jealous madness. He relentlessly slashed at the barrier throughout the day.

Gu Yang was getting a bit restless from the noise outside, unable to fall asleep. Fan Yuan noticed this and playfully kissed him, causing him to faint.

Meanwhile, the Dark God, who was constantly attacking the barrier, noticed that the barrier had once again strengthened!

Author’s Note: Dark God: Am I easy to deal with?

Gu Yang: Not easy at all.

Fan Yuan: Thank you.

Dark God: ????

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