Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 83

Chapter 83

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Fan Yuan relied solely on obtaining energy from Gu Yang’s body to endure the onslaught from the Dark God for several days.

However, the Dark God, who had lived for tens of thousands of years, had accumulated far more power within him than Fan Yuan had rapidly gained in the past few days.

When cracks appeared once again on the protective barrier outside the captivity tower, it wasn’t just one or two cracks. With a powerful strike from the Dark God, the entire protective barrier cracked like a spider’s web, and with a few more strikes, the barrier would be breached.

Excitement and a sinister expression appeared on the Dark God’s face as he raised his sword high and struck again.

This time, the burdened barrier immediately revealed a hole. From the edges of the hole, fragments of the barrier began to disappear gradually.

Inside the captivity tower, the black mist surrounding Fan Yuan surged, but it could no longer repair the barrier even in the slightest.

The black iron chains coiling on the walls moved rapidly, just like Fan Yuan’s restless mood.

As Gu Yang watched the black mist on Fan Yuan becoming denser and denser, he had an intuition that Fan Yuan was about to do something bad. He immediately reached out and grabbed Fan Yuan’s wrist, pulling hard.

“Fan Yuan, what are you planning to do?”

At this point, Gu Yang was already wearing a complete robe, although it still belonged to Fan Yuan and appeared oversized on him.

When Gu Yang touched Fan Yuan, the black mist on his body seemed to disperse as if it were afraid of harming Gu Yang. It quickly regrouped behind Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan extended his hand to the back of Gu Yang’s neck, pulling him closer and passionately kissing his lips.

“I told you, I won’t let anyone touch you.”

After speaking, Fan Yuan pushed Gu Yang away, and the pitch-black iron chains formed a barrier between them, preventing Gu Yang from approaching Fan Yuan any further.

The black mist surrounding Fan Yuan had become so dense that he was almost indistinguishable. It continued to shrink rapidly, becoming increasingly concentrated, as if it could explode like a bomb at any moment.

A bomb!

Gu Yang lunged towards the iron chains, pulling on them with all his strength. The iron chains made a loud clattering noise but remained unyielding.

“Fan Yuan, are you planning to self-destruct?”

Upon hearing Gu Yang’s shout, Fan Yuan paused for a moment. Surrounded by the dense black mist, his expression was concealed from Gu Yang’s sight. He coldly uttered a sentence:

“It’s just a dream. I can’t die.”

This is just a dream world, and even if Fan Yuan self-destructs and dies here, when they wake up, they will return to reality.

Gu Yang is more aware of this than anyone else, but he cannot accept it.

Anxiety filled his heart. As Fan Yuan was about to leave the captivity tower, Gu Yang suddenly turned around and forcefully opened one of the windows.

As the window was flung open, a strong gust of wind blew in, causing Gu Yang’s black robe to billow.

His long sleeves rustled in the fierce wind as Gu Yang shouted Fan Yuan’s name, leaning out of the window. His slender legs dangled outside, supported by just one hand on the unstable window frame. He turned his head to look at Fan Yuan.

“Fan Yuan, if you dare to self-destruct, I will jump from here.”

In the past few days, as the Dark God’s attacks became increasingly fierce, more and more Dark Realm natives had gathered below the captivity tower.

Each of them was filled with excitement, eagerly awaiting their mighty Dark God to break through this towering tower and throw down the once untouchable Divine King for them to tear apart and devour.

If Gu Yang really jumped from here, all that awaited him would be a shattered body.

Fan Yuan remained motionless, while the dense black mist churned and stayed in place.

Wrapped in the black mist, Fan Yuan had been silent for a long time. He seemed to be just staring at Gu Yang.

Seeing that Fan Yuan was not moving, Gu Yang breathed a sigh of relief.

He took out a small knife that he had prepared in advance from his pocket, released his grip on the window frame, and sat unsteadily on the edge of the window.

The thick black mist couldn’t help but move one step closer to Gu Yang before stopping.

Gu Yang pressed the blade of the dagger against his wrist. The strong wind outside the window tousled his hair, covering his brows and eyes.

His voice sounded calm and clear, indicating that he had planned this action in advance and it wasn’t a momentary impulse.

“Fan Yuan, you said before that the way for you to gain power is by consuming me. I guess you weren’t joking. But I know you don’t want to see me hurt or harmed in any way. There must be other ways to give you power.”

“Within the dream world, anything is possible, so I thought of blood,” Gu Yang said, as he fiercely cut his own wrist with the dagger.

Bright red droplets of blood instantly welled up, flowing down his slender wrist and dripping onto the densely packed clouds below the window.

Within moments, excited roars could be heard from beneath the clouds.

Gu Yang extended his bleeding wrist towards the window:

“Will you watch my blood being devoured by those disgusting people?”

Saying this, Gu Yang reached out his other hand towards Fan Yuan, palm open, in a longing gesture:

“Fan Yuan, come here. As long as you come, everything will be yours.”

Gu Yang raised his injured wrist high, and his voluminous sleeve slid down, revealing a long red line trailing down his pale arm, created by the flowing crimson beads from the wound.

That line slowly slid past his elbow, making its way to his shoulder, as if it were a countdown.

Until the beads of blood disappeared into the dark robe, Fan Yuan suddenly darted forward.

The black mist surrounding him dissipated as he rushed in front of Gu Yang. Gu Yang saw the black patterns on Fan Yuan’s face gradually growing, spreading from his cheeks to his neck.

Gu Yang lowered his raised wrist, turning the wound upward, offering it to Fan Yuan.

“Here, take it. Eat.”

Fan Yuan’s black eyes stared fiercely at Gu Yang for a moment, unable to endure any longer. He lowered his head and swallowed the continuously flowing blood.

This blood carried an immense power that no one could ignore. It was fragrant, warm, and deadly alluring.

Compared to the group of natives below who could only roar but couldn’t ascend, the Dark God was much closer to Fan Yuan and Gu Yang. He witnessed the Divine King, Gu Yang, willingly cutting open his own wrist, tempting Fan Yuan to consume his blood.

Before this, the Dark God had always believed that Gu Yang was being forced by Fan Yuan.

After all, being betrayed and stripped of divine power by the child he raised, causing the destruction of the Divine Realm—no matter how one heard or saw it, it was a deep-seated grudge.

Therefore, the Dark God had always used the threat that Fan Yuan would be shattered by a backlash if he forced himself to consume Gu Yang’s flesh and blood.

But if all of this is Gu Yang’s voluntary choice… The Dark God tightened his grip on the large sword, and his downward strike appeared somewhat panicked.

After devouring the flesh and blood of the Divine King, who had existed alongside him for tens of thousands of years, Fan Yuan would become unstoppable. At that point, even the Dark God’s own life would be threatened. His current attack on the Prison Tower was no longer solely about seizing Gu Yang’s flesh and blood but more about his own survival.

As the Dark God, who had lived for tens of thousands of years, he felt a sense of threat to his life for the first time, emanating from a traitor like Fan Yuan, someone he had never regarded highly.

The barrier that should have collapsed immediately, after the Dark God’s strike, slowly sealed the cracks and merged back together, ultimately disappearing.

Before the Dark God appeared a barrier that seemed untouched, stronger and more resilient than before, as if it had never been damaged.

This scene caused the Dark God’s heart to sink. He dared not stop and continued to attack the barrier, strike after strike.

In front of him, Gu Yang still had his legs hanging outside the window, but his body was already leaning against Fan Yuan’s chest behind him.

Fan Yuan lowered his head, holding Gu Yang’s wrist, and kept swallowing incessantly. Gu Yang glanced sideways at Fan Yuan’s face, now covered with strange black patterns, unable to resist reaching out and touching it.

With this action, Fan Yuan thought Gu Yang was in pain. He immediately stopped swallowing, released Gu Yang’s wrist, and exhaled breath tainted with the scent of blood.

“Does it hurt?” Fan Yuan’s hoarse voice seemed to suggest that his sanity was teetering on the edge of madness but also trying to restrain himself.

Gu Yang raised his hand, his fingertips delving into Fan Yuan’s black hair, ruffling it messily. This had become one of his recent newfound pleasures.

The fresh blood that went uneaten slowly slid downward. Gu Yang presented his wrist to Fan Yuan’s lips, urging him, “Hurry and eat, don’t waste it.”

Fan Yuan bit down on the wound on Gu Yang’s wrist again, but his black eyes remained fixed on Gu Yang.

After forcefully swallowing several mouthfuls of blood, Fan Yuan lowered his head and licked clean the droplets of blood that had slid down his arm. Immediately afterward, he bit down on his wrist once more.

Gu Yang smirked at Fan Yuan’s actions, soothing him, before turning his head to look outside the window.

He didn’t look at the Dark God relentlessly attacking the barrier but instead gazed beyond the Dark God.

Behind the Dark God stood a towering beam of light, quietly standing there.

When Gu Yang and Fan Yuan entered this dream world, Gu Yang had already been stripped of his divine power and couldn’t retrieve it temporarily.

During these days, whenever Gu Yang had free time, he would run to the door to observe the golden light. Gradually, he could feel a stronger connection with the golden light. Although he still couldn’t bring the power of the golden light back into his body, he could control it to some extent.

After all, that power had accumulated within him for tens of thousands of years.

Gu Yang extended his uninjured hand towards the direction of the golden light, spreading his fingers and then slowly closing them.

The invincible golden light, which no one could shake, suddenly contracted and became smaller, eventually transforming into a small orb that landed in Gu Yang’s palm.

The Dark God’s subordinates, witnessing this scene, paused their sword-wielding actions and felt an overwhelming sense of despair.

If Gu Yang willingly handed this thing over to Fan Yuan, then everything would be over.

Gu Yang held the warm orb in his palm and handed it to Fan Yuan.

However, Fan Yuan remained motionless. While quickly swallowing Gu Yang’s blood, he stared at Gu Yang with his bottomless black eyes.

The patterns on his face seemed to come alive, and even black patterns crawled up his arm.

Gu Yang’s blood, due to his unique constitution, was highly addictive and could cause anyone to lose their sanity.

At this moment, Fan Yuan seemed to be deeply trapped in it, and Gu Yang even suspected that Fan Yuan’s sanity was on the brink of collapse.

But there were things that needed to be done. Gu Yang slowed down his demeanor, gently pulled his arm back, and immediately had it firmly grasped by Fan Yuan as if protecting his food.

“It hurts.”

Gu Yang lowered his eyelids, tears gathering in his eyes, and soon rolling down his cheeks.

After the tears flowed, Gu Yang clearly felt that Fan Yuan’s consumption of his blood slowed down.

Gu Yang leaned in front of Fan Yuan, tilting his neck, and touched Fan Yuan’s nose with his own. He repeated once again, “Fan Yuan, it hurts.”

As soon as the words fell, Fan Yuan abruptly released Gu Yang’s wrist and turned his head to the other side, even refusing to look at Gu Yang again.

Gu Yang’s incredibly resilient physique allowed the wound on his wrist to visibly heal at an astonishing speed. He had lost too much blood, his lips turned pale, and his complexion wasn’t good.

Fan Yuan let go of Gu Yang’s hand, swiftly retreated from the window, seemingly feeling guilty and afraid that he might harm Gu Yang uncontrollably again.

With his goal achieved, Gu Yang quickly wiped away the tears on his face, turned around, and jumped into the room from the window, heading towards Fan Yuan.

As Gu Yang approached, Fan Yuan took a step back.

Gu Yang became stubborn and continued to pursue Fan Yuan until he cornered him against the wall.

The black iron chains crawling along the wall hinted at Fan Yuan’s state of mind. They writhed restlessly, making metallic clanking sounds.

Gu Yang put the golden orb into his mouth, tiptoed, pressed Fan Yuan’s shoulder, and blew air towards his mouth, trying to ease the tension.

But it seemed ineffective. Fan Yuan simply folded his hands behind his back, turned his head to the side, and finally spoke, his voice filled with self-blame:

“Gu Yang, stay away from me. I can’t control myself.”

Fan Yuan wanted him to stay away, but Gu Yang stubbornly refused.

Gu Yang leaned closer, whining and complaining about the pain.

“Fan Yuan, it hurts so much…”

Gu Yang’s repeated cries caught Fan Yuan’s attention, and he finally couldn’t help but lower his head to look at Gu Yang.

Outside the barrier, the Dark God continued to attack the barrier diligently, while inside the barrier, the Divine King had his traitor, who had betrayed and imprisoned him, pinned against the wall, pleading softly for comfort.

“Fan Yuan, give me a kiss, a kiss, and I won’t feel the pain anymore.”

Fan Yuan’s hands remained behind his back, but the iron chains by the wall gradually approached Gu Yang, tentatively brushing against his ankle. Seeing that Gu Yang didn’t react negatively or resist, they quickly entwined around him.

“It feels a bit cold,” Gu Yang commented on the chains.

Fan Yuan finally extended his hands from behind and restrained himself, tightly embracing Gu Yang.

Gu Yang’s mouth was blocked, but he felt a sense of relief. Seizing the opportunity while Fan Yuan was immersed, he pushed the small golden orb into Fan Yuan’s throat.

The small orb willingly embraced the warmth and gentleness of being pushed into another person’s body. Instantly, it merged with Fan Yuan’s own power, forming a friendly and mixed relationship.

In an instant, countless black mists completely filled the room, and from within the mists emerged countless pitch-black iron chains that surged towards the boundary.

The Dark God was directly repelled by the barrier during the next attack, only to be pursued and strangled by numerous dark iron chains.

He, a formidable Dark God who had lived for tens of thousands of years, now appeared somewhat ridiculous in his plight.

The iron chains were countless, and the Dark God managed to dodge one, but countless others awaited him.

The iron chains that pursued the Dark God were no longer as docile as they were in front of Gu Yang. Each one was ferocious and ruthless, ultimately trapping the Dark God within a small area and strangling him to death. The process was too swift, and the Dark God didn’t even have a chance to scream in agony.

As the Dark God was being strangled, the terrifying power within him was immediately absorbed and depleted by Fan Yuan. Following that, countless iron chains surged towards the area beneath the imprisoned tower, thoroughly strangling all the native inhabitants who had coveted Gu Yang.

Gu Yang could hear the sound of horrifying screams from below, but he couldn’t push Fan Yuan away.

Previously, it was always Gu Yang who stuck to Fan Yuan like a piece of sticky cake, but now Fan Yuan had become an enhanced version of sticky cake, impossible to peel off once attached to Gu Yang.

Fortunately, the Dark God had disappeared now. In this dream world, there was no longer any existence that could threaten them, so Gu Yang didn’t feel the urgency to push Fan Yuan away and allowed Fan Yuan to cling to him obsessively.

However, what Gu Yang didn’t anticipate was that the tremendous powers of the Divine King and the Dark God, both absorbed by Fan Yuan, created a vortex of power so immense that it engulfed the entire space. They couldn’t even react before they and the whole world vanished together.

When Gu Yang opened his eyes, he felt a bit dizzy.

What happened to them… Did they destroy the dream world because they were too powerful?

Because the dream world was destroyed, when they woke up, it was still dark outside.

Fan Yuan turned on the bedside lamp and sat up, busy with his phone.

Gu Yang also got up and tried to get closer to Fan Yuan to see the time on his phone.

But as he approached, he noticed dark patterns starting from Fan Yuan’s chest, slowly crawling up to his left cheek. Black mist emanated from his body, and immediately after, Gu Yang felt a chilling sensation on his ankle.

He immediately lifted the blanket and, under the warm yellow light of the bedside lamp, saw a pitch-black iron chain slowly crawling up from the edge of the bed, entangling his ankle. Now that he had noticed it, it decided to play dead and remained motionless.

Gu Yang ignored the iron chain on his ankle and turned his head to look at Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan had already put down his phone and, as if they had a telepathic connection, answering the question Gu Yang had just wanted to know.

“It’s currently four-thirty in the morning.”

Gu Yang nodded and pointed to his own ankle, asking, “What’s this?”

Fan Yuan stopped pretending and the iron chain stopped playing dead as well. It gradually wound up Gu Yang’s ankle like a flexible snake.

With keen eyes, Gu Yang noticed another iron chain crawling from behind Fan Yuan, and Fan Yuan himself leaned closer.

Observing the increasingly prominent and eerie patterns on Fan Yuan’s face, Gu Yang pouted and leaned in proactively.

After absorbing the powers of the Divine King and the Dark God, Fan Yuan’s outrageous attributes had been brought into the real world. Moreover, Gu Yang felt that Fan Yuan’s slightly chuunibyou personality, influenced by the dream world’s setting, had also been brought out.

Gu Yang had this suspicion because after flipping him over and adjusting his position, Fan Yuan took out his phone and hugged Gu Yang, taking another photo. At half-past six in the morning, he posted it on his Moments.

Half-past six was the time when their classmates had just woken up.

As soon as they woke up, they absentmindedly picked up their phones and opened Moments, only to be hit with a massive visual impact.

Their perfect Fan the Great, the Class President Fan, had posted on Moments again! Another group photo! Another heart-wrenching post!

It was still the familiar short caption and a photo.

This time, Fan Yuan didn’t let Gu Yang’s face show in the photo, and Gu Yang speculated that it was probably because his cheeks were too brightly colored, so red that he himself couldn’t bear to look at them.

As for the real reason, only Fan Yuan knew it in his heart.

In the photo, Gu Yang sat in Fan Yuan’s arms with his back to the camera. The shirt he was wearing was loose, revealing a small portion of his nape and shoulders. Fan Yuan hid his face against Gu Yang’s shoulder, only revealing a pair of deep black eyes. One of his hands clasped the back of Gu Yang’s neck while the other held the phone high, capturing this group photo.

The photo only showed Gu Yang’s upper body and didn’t reveal his legs without pants.

The caption: Mine.

Very concise, and very much in Fan Yuan’s own style.

At first glance, the entire photo didn’t seem particularly special.

But, did you think that the classmates were all fools!

With such an obvious pose, how else could Gu Yang be positioned if he wasn’t sitting on Fan Yuan!

And it was six-thirty in the morning!

Posting this kind of photo!

What does it mean?

Immediately, there were replies under this Moments post. The students from Class 1 of their senior year expressed that they had never been so in sync as they were at this moment.

Meng Zhan: “Done!”

Pan Fei: “it!”

Chai Jingqiu: “All!”

When Li Ziyan came across this Moments post while drinking milk in the morning, he immediately sprayed it out.

Looking at the three consecutive comments in front of him, Li Ziyan, who was already influenced by Pan Fei and slightly crooked, couldn’t control his thumbs and quickly followed suit to leave a comment.

Li Ziyan: “Night!”

After Li Ziyan finished commenting, the comments below became even more organized, all consisting of four characters followed by an exclamation mark.

Class Monitor of a certain class: “Done it all night!”

Class Sports Committee member: “Done it all night!”

Gu Yang was still unaware of the earth-shattering things Fan Yuan, influenced by the mixed powers of the Dark God and the Divine King, had done. He was unsteadily getting up from the bed and walking into the bathroom like a wandering soul to brush his teeth.

Just as the toothbrush was inserted into his mouth, Fan Yuan followed in behind him.

Gu Yang stared at the mirror, observing Fan Yuan, who was also brushing his teeth behind him.

The black patterns on Fan Yuan’s face had disappeared after the repeated tossing and turning of Gu Yang.

Gu Yang’s gaze was too obvious, and Fan Yuan immediately leaned against Gu Yang’s back, gently pushing away Gu Yang’s hand, and held Gu Yang’s toothbrush, helping him brush his teeth.

Fan Yuan held both toothbrushes in his hand, maintaining the same rhythm of brushing. Gu Yang simply leaned back against Fan Yuan’s shoulder, lazily letting Fan Yuan help him brush his teeth.

However, Fan Yuan’s brushing movements became slower and slower, and his gaze fixed on Gu Yang became more… unsettling for Gu Yang.

After being tossed around all morning, Gu Yang’s somewhat confused mind suddenly cleared up when he saw the look in Fan Yuan’s eyes in the mirror.

He immediately spat out the toothbrush, rinsed his mouth, and bumped into Fan Yuan’s shoulder as he rushed out of the bathroom.

Once Gu Yang left, Fan Yuan stopped dawdling as well. He quickly rinsed his mouth and caught up with Gu Yang.

“Gu Yang, you haven’t washed your face yet.”

Fan Yuan caught up to Gu Yang in a few steps and grabbed his wrist, trying to pull him back into the bathroom.

Gu Yang held onto the door frame and refused to go in.

“I’ll wash downstairs by myself! You don’t need to bother with me.”

Unable to pull Gu Yang, Fan Yuan simply bent down and lifted Gu Yang up.

“I’ll wash it for you.”

Gu Yang kicked his legs in panic and blurted out the words in his mind.

“I don’t want you to wash it for me. What were you thinking when you were brushing my teeth just now?”

Fan Yuan suddenly stopped in his tracks. Gu Yang was hanging upside down on Fan Yuan’s shoulder and could see the black patterns, which had just disappeared, reemerging from beneath Fan Yuan’s skin.

“Gu Yang, what do you think I was thinking?”

Gu Yang nervously swallowed and dared not kick his legs anymore. He was like a non-elastic piece of sticky rice cake, hanging softly on Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

“What… what could you have been thinking… It’s just brushing teeth…”

Fan Yuan remained silent, then resumed his movements and brought Gu Yang back into the bathroom.

He placed Gu Yang on the washstand, standing in front of him to prevent him from getting down. He bent down to wash a hot towel and handed it to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang resigned himself and obediently raised his face.

But then Fan Yuan placed the hot towel in Gu Yang’s hand and said, “Wash my face.”

Gu Yang held the warm towel in his palm, looked at Fan Yuan’s face with closed eyes and lingering black patterns, and forcefully slapped the towel onto Fan Yuan’s face.

Immediately, a cry of anguish echoed in the bathroom, not from Fan Yuan, but from Gu Yang.

The classmates of Class 1 in their third year, whose pleasant morning was disrupted by Fan Yuan’s social media post, noticed that Gu Yang’s posture seemed a bit awkward when he entered the classroom in the morning. One of his shoulders was slightly drooping, while Fan Yuan had a large black mask on his face.

Gu Yang slumped back to his seat and let out a sigh as soon as he sat down.

Pan Fei, who was on duty, passed by Gu Yang and heard his painful cry. She turned her head and asked what had happened.

Gu Yang whispered, “I got bitten by a dog this morning.”

Pan Fei was thinking that Fan Yuan’s family didn’t have a dog, but then Fan Yuan finished his homework and walked up to Gu Yang. With a perfectly handsome face and an expressionless look, he opened his mouth and said, “Woof.”

Pan Fei: “……!!!”

Watching Pan Fei quickly run away dragging a mop, Gu Yang forced a stiff smile and raised the corners of his mouth towards Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan returned to his seat and asked Gu Yang seriously and sternly, “Gu Yang, do you think a dog is better than me?”

Gu Yang carefully observed Fan Yuan’s expression and hesitantly asked, “Are you serious?”

Fan Yuan pulled down his mask slightly, revealing a hint of the black patterns on his cheek.

“Do you think I’m joking?”

Gu Yang vigorously shook his head and quickly tried to appease Fan Yuan, saying, “No! No! How could you be joking! It’s me who was joking! Haha…”

Gu Yang forced a laugh and, seeing that Fan Yuan still had a cold expression, lowered his head dejectedly, closed his eyes, and softly said, “Your skills are excellent, the best.”

Only then did Fan Yuan slightly curl his lips in satisfaction, put his mask back on, and turned around to open his exercise book.

“There’s even more impressive things you haven’t seen.”

Gu Yang looked at the rising favorability rating of 62 points on his palm and suddenly felt a sense of crisis.

Looking at the timing book on the desk, which had already reached 930 minutes, Gu Yang thought to himself:

Could it be that he’ll really die in Fan Yuan’s bed?

Is it too late to regret now?

Author’s Note: Fan Yuan: It’s too late.

Gu Yang: I hate it.

I’m here, I’m here! Praise me quickly! Love you all~

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