Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 84

Chapter 84

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The atmosphere in the class was somewhat strange. Zhuo Wan didn’t come to class in the morning. It was said that she took half a day off due to her grandfather’s passing. Without the usually bustling Zhuo Wan, it felt like something was missing in the class.

It was a busy time for the seniors, and with Zhuo Wan absent, Fan Yuan, the class monitor, supervised the morning self-study.

Everyone was busy focusing on their practice exercises, including Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, so it didn’t come as a surprise.

The strange atmosphere in the class wasn’t just because Zhuo Wan was absent, but also because of the post Fan Yuan shared on social media.

It was during the end of the morning self-study when Gu Yang was about to drift off d that he took out his phone and saw the post on his timeline.

He read it expressionlessly, closed his phone expressionlessly, tossed it into his desk, wiped his face, and pretended not to know.

Fan Yuan, who was clearly doing his exercises, seemed to have eyes on the side of his head. He grabbed Gu Yang’s phone from the desk and handed it back to him.

Although it was Gu Yang’s phone, Fan Yuan skillfully unlocked it, opened WeChat, found the post he had shared, and gave it a big like.

Gu Yang saw it all and twitched his mouth.

Fan Yuan pushed the phone back to Gu Yang’s desk and asked him, “Why didn’t you like it when you saw it?”

Gu Yang knew he couldn’t confront Fan Yuan directly right now, so he simply leaned on the desk, pressed the phone against his arm, and pleaded with Fan Yuan in a soft tone, “I’m sorry.”

Fan Yuan reached out and ruffled Gu Yang’s hair, easily appeasing him. He turned around and flipped open his timing book, writing down three large digits on a new page:

Gu Yang was puzzled and grabbed Fan Yuan’s wrist, asking, “Did I answer a question incorrectly? Why did you add ten minutes?”

Fan Yuan paused for a moment and explained very seriously, “You didn’t like the post voluntarily.”

Gu Yang didn’t quite understand. “Does that count?”

Fan Yuan unyieldingly placed the timing book squarely in the middle of their desks. “It counts.”

Gu Yang admitted defeat and decided not to argue with Fan Yuan. From under the desk, Fan Yuan reached out and used his left hand to cross over Gu Yang’s leg, holding Gu Yang’s left hand. Gu Yang twitched but let Fan Yuan hold it.

The Chinese class in the morning was rescheduled for the afternoon. The results of today’s mock exam had already been released, but due to Zhuo Wan’s absence, their class’s results were delayed until the afternoon to be announced.

Although the result announcement was delayed, it was no surprise that Fan Yuan remained the top student in the grade, and didn’t need Zhuo Wan to personally announce it. By the end of the second class in the morning, most of the students in the class already knew.

Gu Yang felt no surprise about Fan Yuan’s performance. He was more eager to see his own results. He had a hunch that his performance this time wouldn’t be bad.

During the lunch break, most of the students in Class 1 of the senior year chose to stay in the classroom and have some instant food. Gu Yang and Fan Yuan got up together, planning to go to the cafeteria, or at least Gu Yang thought they were going there.

To his surprise, when they reached the cafeteria and ordered their food, Fan Yuan told the cafeteria aunt to pack it.

Gu Yang was puzzled. “Are we taking it back to eat?”

Fan Yuan shook his head and just looked at him with a pair of deep black eyes. Their hands remained clasped together, never letting go.

The cafeteria was crowded, and the sight of Fan Yuan and Gu Yang walking hand in hand attracted the attention of many people. Fan Yuan was becoming more and more conspicuous, but fortunately, Gu Yang was easy-going, going along with Fan Yuan’s showiness.

Holding their lunch, Fan Yuan led Gu Yang to the sports storage room.

It seemed like they hadn’t been here for a while. The fewer people they encountered as they walked toward the sports storage room, the quieter it became when they arrived.

The mats in the middle seemed to have been put away by the PE teacher who came to take something. Fan Yuan didn’t bring a mat this time but instead took off his school uniform jacket and threw it on the ground, pulling Gu Yang to sit down.

After a morning of classes, Gu Yang was already hungry. It was the age when their bodies were growing, and they got hungry quickly. As soon as he sat down, Gu Yang opened his lunchbox. After a moment’s thought, he also opened Fan Yuan’s lunchbox.

He couldn’t wait to put a piece of meat into his mouth but was stopped by Fan Yuan, who pinched his chin.

His mouth was squished into a fish-like shape, and he couldn’t chew the meat inside. Gu Yang muttered incoherently, “What are you doing… I want to eat!”

Fan Yuan put his own lunchbox aside, lowered his head, and slowly leaned closer to Gu Yang, staring at his mouth.

“Gu Yang, I want to eat too.”

Gu Yang pressed his hand on Fan Yuan’s shoulder, preventing him from getting too close. With his other hand, he pointed at the lunchbox, indicating where Fan Yuan’s food was.

However, Fan Yuan didn’t even look at it. He directly lowered his head and snatched the piece of meat from Gu Yang’s mouth, exchanging the good piece of meat for the tasteless one, which he swallowed.

After finishing the meat, Fan Yuan frowned, seemingly dissatisfied with its taste.

“It has no flavor.”

Gu Yang was taken aback, a fleeting thought crossed his mind, “No flavor at all?”

Fan Yuan shook his head. He felt annoyed due to hunger and unhappy because the food lacked flavor.

Gu Yang picked up his favorite piece of braised pork and handed it to Fan Yuan’s lips, saying, “Try a piece of this?”

Fan Yuan didn’t object and simply lowered his head, biting into the meat and chewing. Then, he leaned closer to Gu Yang, pushing the piece of meat back into Gu Yang’s mouth.

Gu Yang chewed in confusion. The cafeteria chef’s culinary skills were excellent, and this braised pork was fatty but not greasy, with a delicious and sticky texture. It was simply incredibly tasty.

“It’s really delicious. Does this also have no flavor for you?” Gu Yang asked.

Fan Yuan gently shook his head, his gaze shifting to Gu Yang’s moving mouth and slowly descending to his pulse.

Gu Yang felt a bit uneasy under Fan Yuan’s gaze and couldn’t help but reach out and touch his own neck. He hesitantly asked Fan Yuan, “You… can only consume fresh blood now?”

Hearing the words “fresh blood,” Fan Yuan immediately looked into Gu Yang’s eyes. There was a fleeting expectation in his gaze, which he quickly suppressed.

He turned around, picked up his own lunchbox, and took two large bites, frowning as he swallowed it down. It didn’t look like he was eating but rather enduring some form of punishment.

Fan Yuan had removed his black face mask when they entered the sports storage room. At this moment, the black patterns on his left cheek revived and slowly spread outward. His black pupils also grew darker, gradually turning into an indistinguishable black mass without any visible iris.

Gu Yang hesitated and put down his lunchbox, moving a little closer to Fan Yuan.

As Gu Yang slowly approached, Fan Yuan, in his attempt to put more food into his mouth, unexpectedly snapped the chopsticks in half with a “crack” sound.

Gu Yang looked at the broken chopsticks that Fan Yuan threw down and abruptly stepped back, widening the distance that had just closed in.

Fan Yuan lowered his head, put down the barely touched lunchbox in his hand, and turned his back to Gu Yang. His voice was hoarse, filled with desperate restraint.

“You should eat quickly. After we finish, let’s go back to the classroom.”

The hoarse voice startled Gu Yang, causing him to feel an inexplicable ache in his heart.

He thought of how Fan Yuan desperately restrained himself after being drawn to blood in the dream world.

In the end, it was Gu Yang who constantly tempted Fan Yuan to consume his blood, and it was him who initiated it and caused Fan Yuan to develop an addiction. He had to take responsibility.

Without delay, Gu Yang began to devour his food. He felt that he would be in a state of blood loss for some time, so he decided to eat more to replenish it.

After finishing his own meal, he even picked up the lunchbox that Fan Yuan didn’t eat and took a few bites from it. Afterward, he couldn’t help but let out a small satisfied burp.

Gu Yang wiped his mouth and thought that Fan Yuan had brought out his complex physique after absorbing the power of the Dark God. His divine physique should also have been brought out, meaning he wouldn’t die from blood loss, so there was no need to panic too much.

Fan Yuan stood with his back turned to Gu Yang. The black patterns had already crawled up his neck and disappeared under his clothes.

Suddenly, a pair of hands appeared in front of him. Gu Yang embraced Fan Yuan from behind, fearlessly lifting his left wrist and offering it to Fan Yuan’s lips.

Gu Yang rubbed his cheek against Fan Yuan’s back and his voice sounded muffled.

“Fan Yuan, I suspect that the Dark God may have some connection to creatures like vampires, so after you completely stripped him of his power, you lost interest in other types of food. But it’s also my fault for initiating this for you.”

Saying that, Gu Yang pressed his warm inner wrist against Fan Yuan’s lips.

“Go ahead, but please be gentle. I’m afraid of pain.”

Fan Yuan lowered his head, and the strands of hair in front of his forehead fell, covering his eyes.

He gently grasped Gu Yang’s wrist, placing his thumb on the pulse, seemingly able to sense the ceaseless flow of hot blood beneath the thin skin.

Fan Yuan’s Adam’s apple involuntarily moved. He truly craved the fragrant blood hidden beneath this thin layer of skin.

However, he hesitated to open his mouth and instead kept sniffing lightly.

Gu Yang knelt behind Fan Yuan, leaning against him, resting his chin on Fan Yuan’s shoulder. He rubbed his ear against Fan Yuan’s ear, and then used his hand to play with Fan Yuan’s hair.

The soft black hair glided through his fingertips, providing a pleasant sensation.

“Fan Yuan, you’re not going to ask me to cut my wrist and feed you, right? I won’t do that. Just bite me yourself.”

Saying that, Gu Yang extended his free right hand forward, and his finger touched Fan Yuan’s lips, exploring until it found a slightly pointed tooth.

Gu Yang had noticed that tooth when he woke up this morning. Even though Fan Yuan was especially careful to avoid his teeth when they were intimate, how could Gu Yang not notice such intimate behavior?

Seeing that Fan Yuan remained motionless, Gu Yang simply pressed his fingertip forcefully against Fan Yuan’s pointed tooth. Instantly, his fingertip was punctured, and a few drops of bright red blood flowed out and landed on Fan Yuan’s lips.

It was just a few drops of blood, but it felt like a lethal poison, causing Fan Yuan to immediately grab Gu Yang’s fingertip and swallow it.

Gu Yang felt a bit drowsy after eating. He felt a tingling sensation as Fan Yuan continuously swallowed his fingertip, making him even sleepier.

He relaxed his body and laid on Fan Yuan’s back. The raised left wrist also loosened its strength and began to descend freely.

When it was halfway down, Fan Yuan grabbed it. He released Gu Yang’s finger, and the fingertip appeared wet, but there was no injury.

Gu Yang extended his finger in front of him and looked at it. He hesitated for a moment and licked it to confirm that there was indeed no injury.

Sure enough, his godly physique with its strong regenerative ability had also been brought out.

Gu Yang saw with his own eyes the black patterns on Fan Yuan’s body move slightly. Fan Yuan finally held Gu Yang’s wrist and brought it close to his lips, pressing his lips against it but not biting. Instead, he asked Gu Yang, “Gu Yang, does it hurt?”

Gu Yang wrapped his right hand around Fan Yuan’s neck, and his whole body felt sticky.

“It doesn’t hurt. If you’re the one biting, then it doesn’t hurt.”

As soon as Gu Yang finished speaking, Fan Yuan’s pointed teeth pierced the skin of Gu Yang’s wrist. The icy teeth were quickly warmed by the scorching blood, and Gu Yang could almost feel his blood rapidly depleting and replenishing throughout his body.

Indeed, this godly physique was abnormal. The speed at which his wounds healed was even faster than Gu Yang’s “Nightingale” cheat ability.

Fan Yuan’s gentle swallowing of the blood didn’t cause any pain for Gu Yang. Instead, his body began to heat up due to the rapid blood regeneration. Soon, his bangs were dampened by a slight sweat, and Gu Yang playfully rubbed his head against Fan Yuan’s shoulder.

Heat accompanied by strange sensations surged within him, causing Gu Yang’s kneeling legs to gradually weaken. He slid down against Fan Yuan’s back, and Fan Yuan simply turned around, holding Gu Yang in his arms. With one hand holding Gu Yang’s wrist and swiftly swallowing, his gaze remained fixed on Gu Yang.

Gu Yang laid on Fan Yuan’s raised leg, involuntarily trembling all over. Then he yawned twice and couldn’t resist making a joke, saying, “Fan Yuan, being bitten twice by you, I unexpectedly feel sleepy.”

Fan Yuan didn’t speak, his Adam’s apple rolling as he busily swallowed the blood. His other hand reached out and gently touched Gu Yang’s cheek.

When Gu Yang had already dozed off with his eyes closed, Fan Yuan finally lifted his head and released Gu Yang’s wrist. He watched as the wounds on Gu Yang’s wrist quickly disappeared, unable to resist lowering his head to give it another gentle kiss.

Sensing himself being lifted, Gu Yang immediately woke up. He kicked his legs and jumped off Fan Yuan, stretching his arms wide and yawning. He placed his hand back into Fan Yuan’s palm.

“Don’t carry me. I can walk on my own. It’s too conspicuous to be carried around in the school.”

Fan Yuan, who had just been well-fed by Gu Yang, resembled a lazy, large wild animal, so naturally, he agreed to whatever Gu Yang said.

He held the empty lunch box in one hand and held Gu Yang’s hand in the other as they leisurely walked towards the classroom.

Upon returning to the classroom, the classmates who were busy doing their exercises glanced up at the two holding hands, then tacitly lowered their heads and continued their work.

This kind of thing had become familiar over time, and the classmates in the class had already gotten used to it.

In the afternoon, Zhuo Wan returned, and due to schedule conflicts, the first two classes of the afternoon were both Chinese classes.

With a stack of grade sheets in her hand, Zhuo Wan’s presence made Gu Yang unconsciously sit up straight.

Zhuo Wan looked somewhat exhausted, but she still appeared lively and vibrant, her high heels making a clacking sound as she walked on the floor.

She quickly distributed the grade sheets to each student, then walked to the podium, tapped the blackboard, and briefly mentioned the class’s performance before starting the lesson.

Since the grades were released, Gu Yang’s back had remained straight.

Fan Yuan continued to be the top student as usual, which they had already known in the morning.

But what shocked the entire class was that Gu Yang actually ranked tenth, the tenth in the class. Since their class was a key class comprising the top several dozen students in the entire school, Gu Yang’s ranking represented his position as the tenth in the grade.

Gu Yang reached out and touched the number 10 on his grade sheet, unable to resist boasting a little to Fan Yuan.

“Fan Yuan, I’m in tenth place.”

Fan Yuan was in a satisfied and lazy state, twirling a pen in his hand and looking towards the podium. When Gu Yang suddenly leaned over and whispered, Fan Yuan didn’t even change his posture, but his dark eyes turned to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang immediately lifted the corners of his mouth in a proud smile, pushing his grade sheet toward Fan Yuan and tapping on the Roman numeral 10.

“Last time my grades were nothing special, but this time I jumped straight to tenth place in the grade!”

If Gu Yang had a tail, it would definitely be wagging high up in the air.

Fan Yuan played along with Gu Yang, taking Gu Yang’s grade sheet and carefully examining it from top to bottom. Finally, he made a comment.

“Your scores in the science subjects are still low.”

The smug smile on Gu Yang’s face froze, and he snatched back his grade sheet, tucking it under his arm. He turned his head away from Fan Yuan and couldn’t help but retort, “I don’t care. Tenth place is impressive! I have a 1 and a 0, which is much more impressive than your lonely 1!”

Fan Yuan slowly leaned closer, his body lowering, and he hid behind a stack of books on the desk, biting Gu Yang’s earlobe lightly and whispering, “For you, having a 1 is enough.”

At first, Gu Yang didn’t immediately grasp the meaning behind Fan Yuan’s words. But when he finally understood, he immediately distanced himself from Fan Yuan and pressed himself tightly against the window.

He covered his ears and looked at Fan Yuan in disbelief.

Fan Yuan had never spoken such biting words before!

After uttering those words, Fan Yuan ignored Gu Yang’s intense reaction and returned to his relaxed posture, lazily listening to the lesson, as if he wasn’t the one who had just said those things.

However, Gu Yang wasn’t fooled by Fan Yuan’s serious facade. From his distance, he could clearly see the black patterns slowly spreading across Fan Yuan’s body, visible even under his mask and requiring him to raise his collar.

Whenever these black patterns grew unrestricted, it meant that either Fan Yuan was hungry or he wanted to kiss. Regardless of the situation, it indicated that Fan Yuan needed some form of satisfaction.

Fortunately, although Fan Yuan was influenced by the attributes of the Dark God, his inherent restraint still remained, preventing him from kissing Gu Yang in the classroom.

Even so, Gu Yang didn’t dare to provoke Fan Yuan recklessly anymore. He pressed himself tightly against the window and turned his head, focusing on listening to the class.

When Gu Yang glanced towards the podium, he paused.

Zhuo Wan always spoke at a fast pace during her lessons, never allowing the students to daydream. She was usually very focused herself. However, in the short time Gu Yang had been attentively listening, Zhuo Wan had already lost her train of thought multiple times.

Not only that, but Zhuo Wan’s complexion had worsened significantly.

Gu Yang had heard other students in Class 1 discuss it. He knew that Zhuo Wan had grown up with her grandparents since she was young, and her grandmother passed away early. Unexpectedly, even her closest grandfather had also passed away.

For some reason, Zhuo Wan’s gaze suddenly met Gu Yang’s.

Gu Yang didn’t immediately avert his gaze like he used to. Instead, he frowned and stared at Zhuo Wan.

Then Zhuo Wan threw a chalk head, not hitting Gu Yang’s forehead but landing on the pile of books in front of him.

Fan Yuan didn’t move, as if he had already realized that Zhuo Wan didn’t intend to hit Gu Yang.

Zhuo Wan slammed the book on the table, placed her hands on her hips, and criticized Gu Yang, “Gu Yang, what’s wrong with you? Can’t you pay attention in class and keep staring at me?”

Gu Yang stood up and obediently apologized, promising to listen attentively.

Seeing Gu Yang’s obedient appearance, Zhuo Wan was momentarily stunned. She waved her hand, picked up the book, and resumed teaching.

Gu Yang sat back down but continued to occasionally gaze at Zhuo Wan. He had a feeling that Zhuo Wan wasn’t as carefree as she portrayed herself to be; she was putting up a facade of strength.

Suddenly, Fan Yuan reached out and pinched Gu Yang’s chin, making him face him.

“I can’t stand you looking at Teacher Zhuo like that.”

Gu Yang gently placed his hand on Fan Yuan’s wrist, lowered his eyelashes, and said suddenly, “Fan Yuan, we still have one last matchstick.”

Fan Yuan’s dark eyes narrowed slightly, as if he had guessed what was on Gu Yang’s mind.

Gu Yang lowered his head and kissed Fan Yuan’s fingertips before pulling Fan Yuan’s hand into his embrace.

“Although the dream world is fun and we can be together every day, I’m already very happy.”

Before Gu Yang finished speaking, Fan Yuan handed him the matchbox that still contained a lonely matchstick.

The two of them had developed a high level of tacit understanding without even realizing it. Sometimes, just by exchanging a glance, they could understand what the other was thinking.

Gu Yang picked up the empty matchbox and shook it, causing a faint sound of the matches colliding.

When they were preparing to enter a dream world before, Gu Yang had handed the match to Fan Yuan to light it, leading them into a dream world related to Fan Yuan’s subconscious. So, what would happen if they handed this matchstick to Zhuo Wan to light?

Perhaps Zhuo Wan’s deep longing was for her deceased grandfather?

Regardless of whether it would work or not, it was worth a try, right?

But now they had five days of waiting time for the matchstick, and there was no rush to give it to Zhuo Wan at this moment.

It was only when Gu Yang calculated the time precisely and just passed the fifth day that he and Fan Yuan went to Zhuo Wan’s office during the break before evening self-study.

Fan Yuan somehow managed to get Zhuo Wan out of the office, and the three of them stood at the corner of the staircase.

Zhuo Wan had an artificially calm smile on her face and immediately reached out to pat Gu Yang’s head when she saw him.

“Alright, what earth-shattering event made you two call the teacher here?”

Gu Yang didn’t say anything but took out the matchbox from his pocket and handed it to Zhuo Wan.

Zhuo Wan received the matchbox in confusion, shook it, and then frowned, appearing slightly angry.

“You two, you’re not secretly smoking, are you?”

Gu Yang quickly shook his head and pointed to the matchbox in Zhuo Wan’s hand, saying, “Teacher, this is the latest type of aromatherapy matchstick. It has a calming scent. Let me give you one.”

Zhuo Wan’s tightly knitted brows relaxed as she realized Gu Yang was concerned about her. She took a deep breath and intended to put away the matchstick.

Although she didn’t believe in any strange calming matchsticks, she felt grateful for Gu Yang and Fan Yuan’s thoughtfulness.

“Thank you, I appreciate your gesture, students.”

However, Gu Yang didn’t allow Zhuo Wan to put away the matchstick. He insisted that she light it right away.

It wasn’t a big deal, so Zhuo Wan casually took out the last matchstick from the matchbox with strange patterns and lit it.

The glow from the burning match flickered in front of the three of them and quickly extinguished.

Zhuo Wan sniffed but didn’t smell any calming scent.

However, she didn’t want to dismiss her students’ goodwill. She sincerely thanked Gu Yang and Fan Yuan before urging them to quickly return to the classroom for the evening self-study session.

She watched as Fan Yuan and Gu Yang, unabashedly holding hands in front of her, left. In the middle of their departure, Gu Yang suddenly turned back, tilted his head against his free hand, and made a sleeping gesture.

Immediately, Fan Yuan forcefully pulled Gu Yang and dragged him away.

Zhuo Wan thought Gu Yang was just fooling around. Once the students left, her forced composure vanished instantly.

She leaned against the wall, and exhaustion appeared on her usually energetic face.


That night, Zhuo Wan experienced the longest and most wonderful journey of her life, one she would never have dared to imagine. Although it was illusory and ephemeral, and would ultimately come to an end, it was a great comfort for Zhuo Wan.

The next day, Zhuo Wan arrived at the classroom very early. Soon after, Fan Yuan and Gu Yang arrived.

Zhuo Wan’s gaze immediately met Gu Yang’s. Gu Yang blinked innocently at Zhuo Wan and then put his finger to his lips, making a “shh” gesture.

Looking at the two people who held hands and returned to the back seats of the classroom, Zhuo Wan smiled and shook her head.

Some people are destined to have extraordinary lives, which create unique adventures for them.

Author’s note: Gu Yang: “I have 1 and 0.”

Fan Yuan: “I have 1 1 1…”

It’s time for the next plot twist. I feel like my energy has been drained…

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