Overturning the Male God Daily Chapter 85

Chapter 85

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Zhuo Wan’s spirits visibly improved. Although she couldn’t completely shake off the fact of her grandfather’s passing for the time being, at least her life had returned to normal. She walked with renewed vigor and enthusiasm.

Fan Yuan’s mixed chuunibyou setting also came to a smooth end. Thanks to his condition as a perverted Dark King, Gu Yang often had to let some blood out, but he never suffered any substantial harm.

However, if there was a real danger of harming Gu Yang, Fan Yuan would never willingly consume a drop of his blood.

The long journey through “The Little Match Girl” fairy tale with its plot twist finally came to an end. Gu Yang was about to embark on his next random fairy tale adventure.

The current Gu Yang was no longer comparable to the Gu Yang of the past. After experiencing so many miraculous plot twists, Gu Yang felt that he would no longer be surprised by any strange fairy tale adventure that laid ahead.

So, at night, Gu Yang snuggled in Fan Yuan’s embrace, watching the rolling frames on his left palm, feeling relaxed.

His relaxation was perhaps also due to Fan Yuan. Gu Yang had a hunch that Fan Yuan had already figured him out but was simply waiting for him to clarify things on his own.

Just like now, as he laid in Fan Yuan’s arms, Fan Yuan’s hand played with Gu Yang’s hair rhythmically. Fan Yuan was not asleep, but he didn’t disturb Gu Yang, silently giving him time.

Fan Yuan probably estimated the timing of Gu Yang’s next adventure, and now the former Fan Yuan, who used to pretend to sleep to prevent Gu Yang from panicking, didn’t bother pretending anymore. He simply held Gu Yang quietly, waiting for any strange changes to occur in Gu Yang.

Fan Yuan’s attitude actually made Gu Yang more and more reassured.

It was as if even if the sky were to fall, Fan Yuan would always be there by his side.

Finally, the flickering frames of the random selection box of the gold finger came to a stop, revealing the title of a very long fairy tale—”The Marriage of Mrs. Fox.”

This was not a fairy tale that Gu Yang was familiar with. He thought about it and decided to look it up on his phone, but as soon as he turned around, he locked eyes with Fan Yuan’s dark gaze.

The bedroom was dimly lit with low visibility, yet Gu Yang could still see Fan Yuan’s eyes at once.

Fan Yuan turned around and switched on the bedside lamp, silently handing his phone to Gu Yang.

Gu Yang took it, feeling inexplicably guilty. He had intended to sneakily search for information, but seeing Fan Yuan’s open attitude, he decided not to hide anything. He turned around, leaning his back against Fan Yuan’s chest, and began searching for relevant information about “The Marriage of Mrs. Fox” on his phone.

“The Marriage of Mrs. Fox” was a fairy tale from the collection “Grimm’s Fairy Tales.” It told the story of a cunning old fox with nine tails who pretended to be dead to test his wife. After his wife accepted a marriage proposal from a young fox who also had nine tails, the old fox got angry and drove them all away, only to end up truly dying. In the end, his wife married a young fox who resembled the old fox but had only one tail.

Gu Yang was a bit confused when he first read it, but on the second read, he grasped the key points.

When the old fox played dead, his wife accepted a marriage proposal from a young fox who also had nine tails and was subsequently chased away by the old fox when he jumped up in anger.

However, after that, the old fox really died, and it was only then that his wife truly married a young fox who resembled the old fox but had only one tail.

Because Gu Yang didn’t avoid Fan Yuan while reading this fairy tale, Fan Yuan was also reading along.

After finishing, Fan Yuan spoke first:

“So, are you going to turn into a fox this time?”

The sudden heat on the back of Gu Yang’s neck made him instinctively shrink his neck. He turned off the phone, stuffed it under the pillow, and nervously clutched the pillowcase edge with his fingertips. He asked Fan Yuan uneasily:

“If… if it really happens… do you like foxes?”

Fan Yuan thought for a moment and reached out to touch the black hair on top of Gu Yang’s head.

“Let’s talk about it once you’ve transformed.”

Fan Yuan turned around and switched off the bedside lamp again. He covered Gu Yang’s eyes with his hand, making it clear that he was urging Gu Yang to go to sleep.

Nowadays, they were busy with various papers and exams, with very little time for sleep. They didn’t even have a chance to sleep in. Poor sleep affected their study performance the next day greatly.

Gu Yang didn’t dare to be careless. He immediately relaxed his mind and fell asleep, leaning against the palm of Fan Yuan’s hand.

This sleep wasn’t very long, and Gu Yang woke up in the middle of the night, awakened by the heat.

The weather had been getting better recently, so a few days ago, Gu Yang and Fan Yuan specifically switched to a thin blanket, which shouldn’t have made them feel overheated.

Gu Yang shifted his body and realized that not only was he covered by a blanket, but the bed was also filled with fluffy things. They moved around and brushed against his exposed skin, feeling soft and smooth.

These fluffy things took advantage of the situation and tightly wrapped around Gu Yang’s waist and legs. When he turned over, they even clung tighter, causing the temperature inside the blanket to rise and become humid.

Gu Yang opened his eyes drowsily and reached into the blanket, feeling the smooth and thick fur. He immediately became alert.

He sat up abruptly from the bed, raising his hands to touch his own head, anxiously messing up his hair.

Could it be that he had actually grown fox ears and a fox tail again?

Was this “Golden Finger” really intending to turn him into a zoo?

As Gu Yang frantically touched his head, his head remained the same normal head, without any additional sharp fox ears.

He reached behind himself, but there was nothing at the base of his tailbone. There was no suddenly grown large fox tail.

Just as he breathed a sigh of relief and laid back on the bed, a furry thing quietly wrapped around his arm again, causing Gu Yang to sit up once more.

If he didn’t grow a tail, then where did this smooth and thick fur, which filled the blanket, come from?

Gu Yang’s hands roamed in confusion, propping himself up on the bed, trying to cross over Fan Yuan’s side to turn on the bedside lamp there. But as he lifted one leg to step over, Fan Yuan happened to turn over, and Gu Yang didn’t manage to cross over. Instead, he ended up straddling Fan Yuan. Fortunately, with one hand, he could reach the switch of the bedside lamp and pressed it down.

As the light brightened, Gu Yang came face to face with a pair of trembling furry ears, the fur on the ears was white and thick, and their movement felt quite distinctive.

His gaze lowered slightly, and he saw Fan Yuan’s calm black eyes.

Fan Yuan was pinned beneath Gu Yang, and after Gu Yang turned on the light and looked over, Fan Yuan narrowed his eyes slightly.

On the top of his head were two clean, fluffy, and slightly rounded fox ears, occasionally twitching as if they were not accustomed to the sudden appearance of his own ears.

At the same time, several fluffy fox tails emerged from behind Fan Yuan and slowly wrapped around Gu Yang.

Several large, thick, and furry tails rubbed against Gu Yang’s exposed calves outside his pajamas, clinging tightly. One mischievous fox tail even attempted to sneak inside Gu Yang’s pants.

At this moment, Gu Yang was still surprised and didn’t pay attention to the fox tail trying to get into his pants.

Fan Yuan stared at Gu Yang and, seeing no reaction from him, immediately had two large fox tails slip into Gu Yang’s waistband, stretching it open.

With the furry tails brushing against his waist, Gu Yang squirmed uncomfortably, and he reached out and grabbed the two fox tails.

The fox tails found themselves caught by the rightful owner. The pointed tips of the tails playfully scratched the palm of Gu Yang’s hand, causing him to immediately release his grip. The fox tails slipped back into Gu Yang’s waistband.

Gu Yang couldn’t quite comprehend the situation. He released his grip on the fox tails, slowly raised his hands, and pinched Fan Yuan’s soft furry ears on top of his head.

The pair of fox ears felt incredibly pleasant to the touch—soft, smooth, and occasionally twitching.

Gu Yang became somewhat addicted to pinching them until another tail slipped past his waistband, causing him to snap out of it. He quickly let go and tried to climb off Fan Yuan.

Fan Yuan had his hands on Gu Yang’s waist, and at this moment, he slightly raised himself, leaning against the headboard. Nine large and thick fox tails extended from behind Fan Yuan, wrapping around Gu Yang’s waist and legs, forcefully pinning him down, rendering him unable to move.

“Have you had enough touching?”

Gu Yang slightly closed his hands, still feeling the furry texture of the fox ears in his palms.

He lowered his head and pulled out a large tail from the waistband of his pants, then proceeded to grab the other tails one by one. He counted them back and forth twice to confirm that there were nine fox tails in total.

“Fan Yuan, you’ve grown fox ears and nine fox tails! They all appeared at once!”

Fan Yuan remained completely calm in the face of Gu Yang’s statement, even somewhat uninterested.

He simply controlled the nine tails that Gu Yang pulled out from his waist and wrapped them around Gu Yang again. Finally, he opened his arms and embraced Gu Yang, lowering his head slightly with his ears pressed down. In a deep voice, he asked Gu Yang, “Do you still want to keep touching?”

Gu Yang didn’t feel anything particularly special when he had ears and tails of his own. But now, seeing these furry ears and tails on Fan Yuan, he felt an irresistible itch in his palms, wishing he could keep rubbing Fan Yuan’s ears.

So, Gu Yang nodded honestly and said, “I want to touch!”

Having received the answer, Fan Yuan suddenly lifted his head, and his two fox ears moved away from Gu Yang and stood upright again. The fox tails wrapped around Gu Yang’s waist began to coordinate their movements. One tail cleared a path and slipped under Gu Yang’s loose pajama hem, resting on his belly.

“You can touch, but you must agree to a condition first.”

Gu Yang was still sitting on top of Fan Yuan, wanting to get off, but the force of the nine fox tails was strong, firmly trapping him on Fan Yuan. He couldn’t move at all.

Previously, Gu Yang’s attention was captivated by the fox ears and tails that grew on Fan Yuan. Now he noticed that Fan Yuan’s facial features had matured significantly, and his shoulders had become broader. He no longer resembled an eighteen-year-old Fan Yuan but someone a few years into the future.

Combined with the fox ears and nine tails on Fan Yuan, it wasn’t hard to guess the influence of the “The Marriage of Mrs. Fox” fairy tale power-up. Instead of affecting Gu Yang, it had fallen onto Fan Yuan.

Currently, the scope of the fairy tale power-up was expanding, reaching beyond Gu Yang. As Fan Yuan’s affection for Gu Yang grew stronger, the influence of the power-up became more prominent.

It started with only affecting Gu Yang but gradually pulled Fan Yuan into its range of influence.

Gu Yang reached into his shirt and pulled out one of the scattered fox tails, but immediately, another tail wriggled its way back in.

The tail in his grasp twitched and brushed against the back of Gu Yang’s hand before coiling around his wrist.

Gu Yang’s eyebrows furrowed, and he had fox tails entwined all over his body. His face gradually reddened, but he still looked at Fan Yuan with a serious expression.

“Fan Yuan, your current appearance may be related to the old fox in ‘The Marriage of Mrs. Fox.'”

The nine large tails that grew behind Fan Yuan were entwined with Gu Yang, doing something particularly mischievous. However, his expression remained as serious and earnest as Gu Yang’s.

In “The Marriage of Mrs. Fox,” the cunning Mr. Nine-Tails was domineering and jealous. He had a knack for being possessive and even played dead to test his wife’s true feelings.

It seemed that Fan Yuan had long guessed his current identity but simply nodded faintly and tightened his hold on Gu Yang’s arm.

Gu Yang lifted his head and looked closely at Fan Yuan’s serious face. After a moment of contemplation, he realized that there wasn’t much that could make Fan Yuan jealous. Most of his time was spent either studying or with Fan Yuan himself. So, he didn’t have to worry about any unexpected situations arising from this fairy tale power-up.

The only troublesome thing was the nine tails that kept winding around him. No matter how much he tried to pull one off, there were still eight more waiting to entwine him. It was a bit frustrating for Gu Yang.

After several unsuccessful attempts, Gu Yang gave up. Fan Yuan waited until Gu Yang finally gave up and stopped pulling before he mentioned the condition he wanted Gu Yang to agree to.

“Gu Yang, don’t let me smell someone else’s scent on you, not even an animal’s. Otherwise… I will eat you.”

Gu Yang’s gaze unintentionally shifted from Fan Yuan’s face to the two fox ears on top of his head. He nodded vigorously while extending his hand to touch them.

“How could that happen! Absolutely not! I’m with you 24/7, I won’t go anywhere to pick up someone else’s scent.”

Gu Yang agreed emphatically, and Fan Yuan nodded with satisfaction, lowering his head and body, allowing Gu Yang to knead and rub his two fox ears.

It was only when the fur ears actually grew on his body that Fan Yuan understood how unbearable it must have been for Gu Yang when his ears were pulled or touched before.

The nine huge, thick fox tails began to squeeze one after another into Gu Yang’s pajama pants. Gu Yang was completely focused on the two fox ears in his hands and paid no attention to the nine large tails.

Until the elastic band of his pants was stretched beyond its limit and finally snapped with a “pop,” the waistband, devoid of elasticity, slid down from Gu Yang’s waist and settled where he was sitting.

Now Gu Yang couldn’t care less about touching the ears. He slid into the covers from Fan Yuan’s body, grabbing all the blankets from Fan Yuan, wrapping himself up like a cocoon. He wriggled around inside the covers, and in no time, he threw the already broken pants out, flinging them onto the floor.

With both hands gripping the covers, only his eyes were visible, and his voice sounded muffled from within the cocoon of blankets:

“Fan Yuan, stop playing around. Let’s go to sleep. We have classes tomorrow.”

Fan Yuan’s nine fox tails swung back and forth around him, and his pupils had a hint of fox-like appearance. His unhappy fox ears leaned forward slightly.

“Gu Yang, open the blanket.”

Gu Yang tightened the cocoon of blankets even more and shook his head.

“No, you have too many tails, and you’re not behaving.”

Fan Yuan leaned forward, placing one hand on the bedsheet in front of Gu Yang.

Gu Yang’s gaze immediately fell on Fan Yuan’s slender fingers, watching as his nails slowly sharpened.

“Gu Yang, open the blanket.”

Fan Yuan repeated, and Gu Yang arched backward, carefully shaking his head.

“I won’t.”

In the next moment, Fan Yuan lifted his hand, and the blanket on Gu Yang was torn into pieces. The down feathers floated everywhere, even Gu Yang’s pajamas suffered the same fate, becoming tattered fabric hanging on him. The only intact piece was his small underwear.

After the blanket was destroyed, Fan Yuan’s nine tails immediately entwined around Gu Yang, wrapping him up and presenting him in front of Fan Yuan.

“Gu Yang, you are Mrs. Fox, and you must listen to me.”

This time, Gu Yang really dared not argue with Fan Yuan anymore. He could feel the fluffy tips of the fox tails poking at the edge of his underwear. He was afraid that if he argued with Fan Yuan again, even his underwear wouldn’t be spared.

Under Fan Yuan’s oppressive gaze, Gu Yang nodded vigorously. He even cradled one of the fluffy tails in his arms, lowered his head, and rubbed his cheek against the fur.

Fan Yuan seemed somewhat satisfied. His narrowed eyes relaxed, and he leaned back, bringing Gu Yang back to bed with him.

Gu Yang dared not resist, obediently lying on top of Fan Yuan. The brave sacrifice of the blanket had been made, but Fan Yuan’s nine thick tails wrapped around Gu Yang, eliminating the need for a blanket. In fact, it even felt a bit hot.

Seeing that Gu Yang had obediently complied, Fan Yuan reached up and turned off the bedside lamp. In the darkness, Fan Yuan’s eyes occasionally reflected a glimmer when they glanced outside the window.

“Gu Yang, you must listen and not make me angry. You must not touch anyone else’s scent, understand?”

Gu Yang yawned and nodded, feeling comfortable being wrapped by the nine tails. Sleepiness resurged, and he drowsily wondered how Fan Yuan would attend school tomorrow and how the nine tails would be concealed. But before he could come up with a good solution, he had already fallen asleep.

Foxes are nocturnal animals, and while Gu Yang was fast asleep, Fan Yuan was still awake.

His nine tails were tightly wrapped around Gu Yang, and his fingers gently pinch the back of Gu Yang’s neck, his eyes filled with complex thoughts.

Compared to the carefree and go-with-the-flow Gu Yang, Fan Yuan tended to think more.

This “The Marriage of Mrs. Fox” must be more than just giving Fan Yuan fox tails and fox ears; there must be some other special factor involved.

Gu Yang learned about this special factor the next day.

He was awakened by Fan Yuan, who was unusually gentle, slowly rousing him from his slumber.

As Gu Yang opened his eyes, he saw Fan Yuan wearing a pair of pristine white fox ears, revealing a gentle smile that was completely different from his domineering demeanor of the previous night.

“Gu Yang, are you awake? Get up quickly; we’re running out of time.”

As Fan Yuan spoke, a fluffy fox tail extended from behind him and reached out, offering itself to Gu Yang’s palm for a gentle rub.

“Get up like a good boy and let me touch your tail.”

Confused, Gu Yang sat up and saw that the nine tails behind Fan Yuan had disappeared, leaving only a solitary tail.

Unconsciously, he pinched the pointed end of Fan Yuan’s fox tail in his hand. He climbed down from the bed and moved to Fan Yuan’s back, looking at him with puzzlement.

“Where are your other tails? Why do you only have one left?”

While still wearing a smile on his face, Fan Yuan’s eyes narrow slightly, and his pupils contract into the distinctive, slightly pointed shape of a fox.

With a still gentle voice, he asked Gu Yang:

“Gu Yang, when did I ever have nine tails? I have always only had one tail, haven’t I?”

As soon as the words left his lips, Gu Yang found himself being entangled by the massive fox tail, thrown back onto the bed.

Fan Yuan sat down by the edge of the bed, holding Gu Yang’s shoulders to prevent him from getting up. The tip of the tail curled around Gu Yang’s wrist as Fan Yuan softly asked him:

“Last night… Did you let that old fox touch you?”

Gu Yang’s mind was in disarray. He furrowed his brows and gazed at Fan Yuan for a long time. His gaze shifted from Fan Yuan’s face, which had reverted to its 18-year-old appearance, to the fox tail wrapped around his wrist, making several rounds. Finally, he started to piece things together.

Could it be that Fan Yuan is singlehandedly playing both the cunning old fox and the young fox who marries Mrs. Fox in “The Marriage of Mrs. Fox”?

Yes, according to the setting, during the day, Fan Yuan is a young and gentle fox with only one tail. However, at night, he transforms into an old fox with nine tails, who is jealous and domineering. 

Gu Yang finally understood why last night Fan Yuan had discussed the matter so seriously and warned him not to get close to others’ scents. However, in Gu Yang’s eyes, he had always faced the same Fan Yuan. They were together day and night, so how could their scents not blend? 

As Gu Yang looked at the young fox version of Fan Yuan, who was gazing at him intently, he couldn’t help but feel that this Fan Yuan was not as gentle as he appeared to be. So, he immediately shook his head, finding excuses for himself.

“No! Absolutely not! We didn’t even kiss last night!”

He was just entangled by the nine-tailed Fan Yuan, which caused his pants to tear, but apart from that, they didn’t really do anything… right?

The young fox version of Fan Yuan slowly loosened his grip on Gu Yang’s wrist, released his hand from Gu Yang’s shoulder, and pulled him up.

“Alright, you’re obedient. Get up now.”

Gu Yang cautiously slid off the bed, wearing only a pair of underwear, and quickly rushed into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. He leaned against the door and listened attentively.

Fortunately, the young fox version of Fan Yuan has no intention of following him into the bathroom. Instead, he turned around and left the bedroom, preparing to go downstairs and make breakfast. Gu Yang breathed a sigh of relief.

Due to the effect of the golden finger in this fairy tale, Fan Yuan temporarily has two personalities, and these two personalities are antagonistic towards each other, contending for Gu Yang. Fortunately, the knowledge they have acquired is shared, so it doesn’t affect their learning progress.

But Gu Yang felt that this golden finger is a huge challenge for him. However, when he sees Fan Yuan having to cut holes in his pants, he can’t help but suppress his laughter.

He has worn so many ripped pants, and now it’s finally Fan Yuan’s turn.

Fan Yuan, still wearing a calm and gentle demeanor, covered his tails with a long coat and wore a hat to hide his ears. Then, he extended his hand towards Gu Yang.

“Have you laughed enough?”

Gu Yang placed his hand in Fan Yuan’s palm and obediently allowed himself to be led. He can’t help but habitually defend himself:

“I didn’t laugh!”

The young fox version of Fan Yuan was not angry at Gu Yang’s laughter, but he was not completely generous either.

Although Gu Yang didn’t grow a tail this time, on the way to Shangshu High School, Fan Yuan poked a large hole in Gu Yang’s underwear with his sharp fingertip, just to be fair.

Fan Yuan said, “Share the blessings, share the difficulties.”

Author’s Note: Double the joy, are you happy?

Gu Yang: :)

Fan Yuan: I’m jealous of myself.

I didn’t focus too much on “The Marriage of Mrs. Fox” in the story to avoid taking up too much space. If you’re not familiar with it, you can search for it. XOXO~

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