Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 14

Chapter 14: You have suffered

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This voice was all too familiar to Shi You. It was her own voice!

Suddenly she turned her back. A woman in a white sports suit and a white cap approached her line of sight with a slow and leisurely step.

When the woman saw the scarred man, she smiled without surprise. Her eyes seemed to be full of affection.

The crowd reconfirmed that Shi You had really hooked Xi Xiurong!

Shi You observed every move of her original body and didn’t react when the woman came to her.

“Why, President Xi? Aren’t you happy to see me?” The woman specially emphasized the word “President Xi” and asked with a smile.

Shi You reacted now, grabbed the woman’s wrist and went towards the women’s toilet.

“Elder Brother?”

“Sure enough, he’s not dead… he’s really not dead!”

Xi Xiurong stood on tiptoe and leaned close to Shi You’s ear as he murmured to herself: “President Xi must be joking. I, Shi You, am not going to die, right?”

Remembering that this was what she said after pushing away Xi Xiurong, Shi You’s slightly trembling pupils stared at Xi Xiurong.

“Xi Qingqing, I am in a hurry. Go back first! You… You come with me!”

Shi You took a step, grabbed Xi Xiurong’s wrist and walked away quickly.

Looking at their backs, Wu Mianen gritted her teeth in resentment.

Why can’t Shi You die at this time?

“Director, does Shi You know this master?”

Facing the problem of production, the director could only swallow his saliva and dare not reply.

He’s about to die. Shi You had suffered a lot in the crew. What if that malignant demon asked him to settle accounts.

“Xin Rui, go and find out! What happened to Shi You and Xi Xiurong yesterday!”

Wu Mianen turned her head and said softly, trying not to let Lu size see her strangeness.



As soon as she entered the women’s toilet, Shi You was pushed back to the ceramic tile wall by the woman. Although his strong body didn’t feel pain, he couldn’t move.

The woman pressed the man’s chest with one arm, put her knee against the man’s thigh, held one hand to one side, and asked in a deep voice, “Shi You?”

In the bathroom mirror, the woman’s body was almost attached to the man’s body, just like a flirting lover.

“Yes, yes! Xi Xiurong?” Shi You asked slightly excitedly.

The woman raised her eyebrows. “That’s right. How much do you remember?”

“Yes, I remember! Oh, by the way, it seems that I was crippled last night, then suddenly everything changed this morning.”

“Where was your memory until last night?”

“Your second brother Xi Xiukai asked me to go to the company today to go through the procedures for replacing me as a successor, and your sister Xi Qingqing sent me back to the ward. Hey! I didn’t really die in that car accident? As soon as I woke up after the car accident, I was in your body and you had my ring.”

With that, Shi You pointed to the silver ring on the index finger of the woman’s right hand.

“What’s going on? I was disabled last night and the successor was Xi Xiukai. How did everything change and the time returned to three months ago? “

“I’m not clear, but it seems that because I avoided a car accident after being in your body, you came back to life and the time came back. But why on earth…”

Xi Xiurong thought to himself. Suddenly, he found that he seemed to have been stared at by a scorching eye and looked cautiously. Sure enough.

“What are you looking at?”

“You look good!”

“Are you praising me or yourself?”

“Whatever! You decide!”

Xi Xiurong: …..

“You used to be an ugly cripple.”

Is he scolding me or himself? Whatever, coaxing him is the most important thing! After all, it’s rare to have such a good thigh to hug!

Shi You quickly shook her head: “No, no, no! Believe me! When you saved me in the car accident, I thought you were very handsome! As for the problem of disability… Congratulations! You can walk again!”

As she spoke, Shi You vigorously grabbed the woman’s shoulders, glanced up and down at Xi Xiurong’s face excitedly, and stroked and patted her hands on the body that once belonged to her.

Good, not only alive, but also everything is intact, ok!

Xi Xiurong slapped off the troublemaker’s hand: “Are you afraid that I’m going to tell others that Shi You is not Shi You, and Xi Xiurong is not Xi Xiurong, so I should say good words? I’m afraid it’s useless.”

“It’s all from the bottom of my heart!” Shi You raised her hand and swore, pretending to be serious, but Xi Xiurong saw at a glance that the woman definitely wanted something else.

“Don’t believe it? Young Master Xi, if you go out now with my body and tell people the truth. I’m afraid no one would believe it. I don’t have to lie to you.”

“Well it’s not necessary now, but one day I’ll have us change back, it would be necessary at that time.”

Shi You pretended to pout her mouth carelessly. This man is so poisonous! I’m afraid he even guessed that she had an ulterior motive. 

However, it’s still nice to see my body alive. I was stigmatized as a murderer before. I couldn’t even see the body when I died.

“Hey!” Shi You snapped her fingers in front of Xi Xiurong, “What are you going to do with your second brother?”

“You mean Xi Xiukai? He didn’t necessarily orchestrate the car accident. Besides, there’s no evidence.”

Xi Xiurong pushed away the hand on his shoulder. “The most important thing now is to change our bodies back. Your identity is too useless and many things are inconvenient to check. Especially Wu Mianen, she seems to have a great opinion of you.”

“I think so, too. Unfortunately, I don’t know what to do. Is it difficult to have another car accident? Forget it, I’m afraid of death. Let’s let it be, but Mr. Xi, can you lend me your body first?”

“What are you going to do?” He knew she had other plans!

“We still have to find out the whole story of the accident. I can’t die in vain. Hey, I am also a person who died once,

“I’m not afraid to be frank with you. I also need a turn around in the entertainment industry. Your identity can help me. But don’t worry, Mr. Xi. I will never ruin your reputation. “

I said so myself, but… I may need to use this man a little more.

Xi Xiurong stared at Shi You. This woman was really unpredictable. When they met in the car for the first time, he thought she was a cowardly person who dared not speak, but she was very brave before the explosion. Now she was a ghost horse (mysterious and unpredictable).

Shi You saw Xi Xiurong not talking and though he didn’t want to, and her eyes rolled quickly: “Master Xi, in fact, my body is not so useless. Some things you do will attract people’s attention. My identity as a minion is not so noticeable. Besides, we are mutual life-saving benefactors. We are just lending our bodies to each other. In the future, no one owes anyone. I won’t pester you. You don’t have to see me again. Isn’t it good ~?”

“Don’t have to see each other again?… say it again.”

Opening the door, Xi Xiurong raised his feet and left without looking back.

He thought the woman in front spoke well, but the last sentence sounded strange.

“Well, just give me the word. I don’t know if you’re willing or not or if you are trustworthy, how can we cooperate in the future?”

They chased each other and went outside. At this time, everyone saw that both of them had appeared, and the director and producer hurried over.

“Well, how was the conversation between the two of you?” In fact, the main thing was that the set was ready, even Xi Xiukai had gone to prepare.

Originally, he had already found another woman to replace Shi You as the substitute of Wu Mianen, but when he saw that she had a good relationship with the malignant demon early in the morning, everyone was uncertain.

The woman looked sideways and didn’t speak.

Shi You must have Xi Xiurong continue to stay in the crew first, she quickly take a big step to Xi Xiurong’s side, held his “slim waist”, and gently lifted the woman’s chin: “Baby, don’t be angry, I was bad yesterday. You shouldn’t have waited for me alone at the airport. You suffered! Now everyone is waiting for you. Go back to filming.”

The audience was quiet, only the harsh sound of teeth grinding in the woman’s mouth could be heard.

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