Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 15

Chapter 15: Substitutes are more suitable for the leading role

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Xi Xiurong looked at the hand on his waist from the corner of his eyes. He never knew that such a greasy voice could be made from the throat of that body.

The director and producer looked at the scene in front of them and understood.

“Why don’t you move? Is it that someone won’t let you shoot?”

“No, no, how could it be? Miss Shi is Mianen’s special stunt-double. How could someone replace her?.”

Seeing their reaction, the Scar-faced man still showed great concern and said softly to the woman next to him, “How about I go in and watch you shoot.”

“Shi You…!” Xi Xiurong had begun to grind his teeth, but Shi You ignored the expression that the man wanted to kill her. With a worried face, she pulled Xi Xiurong behind the director.

“Help me get this scene done first! I’ll listen to you after!” Shi You whispered to Xi Xiurong. He saw that the man who had just looked angry was staring at him gloomily and indefinitely.

Shi You pretended not to see and continued to push the man in.

At this time, they suddenly found that Xi Qingqing actually didn’t leave. She stood with her head tilted and a strange smile on her face.


After entering the set, the crowd had already begun to get busy. Xi Xiurong was pushed by Shi You hard and handed over to the makeup group.

As soon as Xi Xiurong left, Xi Qingqing addressed it: “Brother, it’s rare for you to be so gentle to girls. I haven’t even experienced it as your sister.”

Hehe… She can still remember the man’s resentful eyes just now. But one day, two people will change back. She had died once. She can’t let her life fester again. For the future, she can only pretend first.

“This is not the point. The point is that when Xi Xiurong’s identity is involved with Shi You. When these people try to bully others, they will understand the consequences.”

Xi Qingqing was slightly stunned. She looked at the crew preparing to shoot and Wu Mianen surrounded by the crowd and smiled: “It can be considered bad luck at this time I guess. It’s estimated that not many people in the circle know the true nature of this Wu Mianen woman, and that Lu size is also a fool.”

“You know?”

Xi Qingqing, who had been quite free and easy since she met Shi You, didn’t speak for the first time. She wrapped her arms around her chest and looked playful.

Everyone was finally ready. This was the match between the second male lead Xi Xiukai and Wu Mianen.

Wu Mianen, as a female spy snuck into the enemy country, approached the male lead Lu Size. However, in the show, she falls in love with Lu Size. Xi Xiukai is Wu Mianen’s liaison and immediate boss, and has a complicated love for Wu Mianen. 

The cameras started and Wu Mianen wearing a black cheongsam stood in front of Xi Xiukai in military uniform. 

Wu Mianen’s petite figure was exquisite against the black background, but what was more dazzling was Xi Xiukai in the military uniform. The fitted military uniform made his whole person have a kind of ascetic feeling, the young girls around kept sighing and swooning at Xi Xiukai. 

In contrast, “Xi Xiurong” standing on the side was dwarfed by the scars on his face, which simply made people want to vomit. The girls quietly looked at the scar-faced man. Seeing him actually chewing gum in the set, they could not help but recoil. Their eyes refocused on Xi Xiukai, secretly constantly throwing winks at Xi Xiukai, especially Wu Mianen’s assistant, Xin Rui.

Shi You felt speechless. She just ate a soft candy handed over by Xi Qingqing. Why did all the women in the crew look like they saw cockroaches when they looked at her? 

“The tailor’s business has been as usual recently and the old customers are very satisfied.” Wu Mianen spoke the secret language of the show, like a report, in an orderly manner, even plain.

 Xi Xiukai didn’t take another look at Wu Mianen. He tapped the table with his fingers. After a few seconds, his eyes shot at Wu Mianen. 

“But how come I hear that a young master has a lot of opinions on you? Rose, you shouldn’t lie to me about some things.” 

“No, no, I didn’t!” Wu Mianen’s voice became noisy and even harsh. 

“Ka! What’s the matter with Mianen? Be emotional. You’re protecting your lover in front of your boss, not arguing.” 

“Wu Mianen’s acting skills were really like what the circle said, no wonder Shi You won the best newcomer award instead of her.” 

Xi Qingqing’s sneering lightly fell into Wu Mianen’s ears. She was so angry that her face turned red and white for a while. When she turned back, her eyes was bright red. 

Shi You continued to eat soft candy and didn’t refute Xi Qingqing, but it seemed that she also hated Wu Mianen. “Cough, all right, everyone ready, Act one take two!”   


“No… no, I didn’t.”

“Really? Then show your loyalty in front of me!”

Xi Xiukai pulled back and sat lazily in the chair.

Suddenly, Wu Mianen began to grit her teeth and blush. After a few seconds, she walked slowly to Xi Xiukai and unbuttoned her clothes.

Xi Xiukai’s eyes kept staring at the woman, burning and strong.

Shi You’s body shook and got goosebumps.

Just because Wu Mianen was really acting too affectionate, which was obviously a sense of depressed shame, but Wu Mianen inexplicably turned it into a shy little girl, and sobbed from time to time.

“Mm aa……” suddenly, there was a yawn nearby, interrupting Xi Xiukai’s next action.

They looked back at “Xi Xiurong”, the sound source, and the acting ended again.

“If you two want to make trouble for Shi You, then I Wu Mianen can’t do anything today. I’ll let Shi You be the first female lead in this play!”


Shi You swallowed the soft candy and laughed more happily when she heard the “eh…” sound of disgust around her.

At this time, Xi Xiurong, who had changed his clothes, came out. Against the background of Wu Mianen, this slender, cold and gorgeous stunt-double was more suitable to play a female agent, not to mention the soul of Xi Xiurong, who was already indifferent.

Looking at the woman who came out, Wu Mianen unknowingly clenched her palms and burst into sneers in her heart.

Every time, even if she was the first heroine, Shi You’s existence would remind her that Shi You was far more suitable to be the heroine than she was, and she seemed to be just a joke.

Intuitively feeling that something was wrong with Wu Mianen, Xi Xiurong turned his head to look at Shi You, only to see the d*mn woman smiling vaguely at him. It was a satisfied smile, even shameless and obscene. 

Xi Xiurong subconsciously closed his neckline.

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