Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 16

Chapter 16: When you vent your anger, you have to beat people

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The director who was holding his forehead didn’t notice a man quietly approaching him.


“Ah!… Xi, Mr. Xi? What can I do for you?”

Suddenly standing beside him was a scar-faced man. The director was so frightened that he quietly smoothed his chest for fear that he would be angry.

“Nothing, just a piece of advice. This show is your rare comeback after many years and those investors and actors are specially starring in this play because of you. I think the audience also has a lot of expectations. For this reason, this show should be shot well. No matter who it is, no one can afford the bad comments after the broadcast. Besides…” Shi You lowered his body, “ Xi Xiukai is the special actor as the second male lead. If the quality of the protagonist is not good enough, your reputation would be affected. Do you think he would still want to cooperate with you in the future? Will the Xi family still do so? 

“I know Mr. Xi likes Miss Shi You, but…” Shi You raised her hand and interrupted the director’s smart self awareness as before.

“You misunderstood. The heroine won’t be replaced, but she must be able to afford that position! With the stint-double working so hard, who else can’t work hard!”

Shi You straightened up and smiled shyly at Wu Mianen.

“Director, let’s go.” Xi Xiukai suddenly urged the progress. The director thought carefully about the man’s words and said to the crowd, “Everyone wake up your spirit by 120,000. I don’t need to explain the weight of this show to you. Xi Xiukai and Wu Mianen, you too!”

“And…” After speaking, the director looked at the scar-faced man. “Whoever dares to disturb the filming progress again, don’t blame me for driving people away!”

“Of course.”

The scar-faced man finished speaking and turned to Xi Qingqing.

“Brother, why didn’t you tell the director to change Wu Mianen?”

“Why say it? If you do so, Shi You will be scolded. I want everyone to see clearly that Wu Mianen’s ability can’t support the heroine of the show!”

Wu Mianen trembled to Xi Xiukai’s side and reached for the button of her collar cheongsam. Before she could move, Xi Xiukai held Wu Mianen’s small hand and pushed her to the table in front of her.

Xi Xiukai gripped the woman’s chin with his big palm and looked ferocious.

It was shooting in full swing over there, and Lu Size and his party also came in. As soon as they entered the door, they saw such a hot scene.

Shi You caught a glimpse of the man from the corner of her eyes and her eyes became cold.

Xi Xiurong secretly glanced at the person who was still like a ghost horse (mysterious and unpredictable) and suddenly became gloomy. He carefully examined Lu Size, the son of Lu media.

Oh, she actually cared about a little brat like him.

Xi Xiurong felt that he himself was also ill to specially observe such things.

Lu Size was stunned when he saw the hot scene in front of him, but he quickly picked up his emotions and went aside to prepare.


Suddenly, he felt a thorn in his back. When he turned around, he saw “Shi You” in cheongsam staring at him darkly. What’s more strange is that the scar-faced man also looked at him slyly.

“Ka! Mianen, you should be more afraid. I didn’t see your reaction at all!”

Xi Xiukai tugged at the necktie at his Adam’s apple and began to get impatient. This woman’s lack of acting skills and her pretentious way of acting were really disgusting.

Starting shooting again, Xi Xiukai tried his best to focus on the women under him. Anyway, he had seen women in various postures, he had long been used to not letting anyone affect his own performance.

Suddenly, he raised his eyes and saw that Shi You was looking at Lu Size, who had just entered the scene, with uncertainty. He suddenly raised his eyebrows and continued to shoot.

Wu Mianen began to hold Xi Xiukai tremblingly. Due to the previous scene, she had only props to cover her chest.

Scared and trembling, her body looked very petite and lovely. Although the director frowned, the show continued.

“Cut, ok, Shi You, replace Wu Mianen.”

The director glanced at the scar-faced man and was relieved to see that he didn’t react much.

In the next scene, I hope this young master Xi will not be jealous.

Wu Mianen picked up the clothes on the ground and before she could put it on, Lu Size ran over and put the clothes on her and grabbed her. Wu Mianen looked at him very moved and turned her head and said, “Sorry, it’s all because of me that Xi Xiukai and everyone needs to work hard.”

Xi Xiukai didn’t reply, and the director didn’t say anything. On the contrary, it seemed that she was very embarrassed.

“Shi You, get ready.” As the director said that Tang Ruxuan was about to take off the stunt-double’s clothes.

The woman grabbed her hand, and refused her action, went straight to Xi Xiukai, raised her eyebrows, and untied her clothes. After pulling Xi Xiukai, they were already lying close to each other on the table.

“Poo!” The man beside Xi Qingqing couldn’t help laughing.

“Hey, brother. Shi You is going to be seen naked. How can you laugh?”

“There are props and clothes to block it. What is there to be afraid of? Hahaha!”

“Hey, why aren’t you jealous? You’re still laughing!”

“Jealous? How could I be? Anyway, it’s not me who will be beaten later.”

Shi You had read the script before the accident, but today it’s a fight scene. Wu Mianen specially added this part. She said it could make the drama conflict more intense. Shi You didn’t believe that she was so dedicated. She just wanted to aggravate the charge that she had beaten someone, and make Xi Xiukai also disgusted with her, so she would have no place to turn.

But no one could have thought…. That the man under Xi Xiukai was actually his older brother!

“Being beaten?” Xi Qingqing looked at her brother. Suddenly, she faintly found that the scar on her brother’s right face seemed different from what she had seen before.

However, before Xi Qingqing could continue, she heard a big movement nearby, and saw that “Shi You” skillfully flipped the backhand of the man who had just pressed on him, and put a gun in her right hand against Xi Xiukai’s right temple.

Xi Xiukai seemed surprised at the woman’s skill, “Rose, even if you do this, you can’t save him…”

Suddenly, his right knee was kicked from behind, and Xi Xiukai had to kneel down on one knee.

The gun moved from the right temple to the back of his head.

“Oh, I really can’t see that you have that ability.”

The woman’s current performance was quite excellent. When Xi Xiukai was about to break free from the shackles and continue to fight with her according to the script, the woman directly hit him in the back neck with the butt of the gun without saying a word, which made Xi Xiukai show his teeth in pain.

“Stop! Shi You, how can you show your back? Start again!”

Xi Xiurong slightly curled his lips and let go of Xi Xiukai. He saw the man rubbing his head and greeting him politely in doubt.

“Miss Shi has good skills. It’s a pity to be Miss Wu’s substitute.”

“Oh.” Xi Xiurong was quite impolite.

As soon as the shooting started, Xi Xiurong slapped Xi Xiukai on the table again. Xi Xiukai’s face was distorted and very real. Shi You sighed secretly. She was so satisfied with Xi Xiurong’s bad temper!

Perhaps because of the change of his body, Shi You realized the dilemma and struggle that had once belonged to Xi Xiurong. Even if he didn’t care about his second brother at home, he definitely didn’t like him.

Although Xi Xiurong just told her that the accident was not necessarily caused by Xi Xiukai, but how could he get out of it.

After being pressed by Xi Xiurong in all directions and from multiple angles for nearly 10 times, the action scene finally ended. Wu Mianen came on again. Xi Xiurong grabbed the clothes on the ground and wrapped his body in props casually. He walked  straight to Shi You and Xi Qingqing and looked at Xi Qingqing gently and said softly, ” Xi Qingqing, I have something to tell you. You and Shi… Xi Xiurong will wait for me here first. I’ll change my clothes and come to you right away.”

The woman patted Xi Qingqing on the right shoulder, petted Xi Qingqing’s head, and turned away quite gently.

Xi Qingqing looked puzzled at her eldest brother and saw that he was looking at Lu Size and Wu Mianen who were talking to each other.

Xi Qingqing looked back at the thin figure of the woman who left. She felt it very familiar. It was so familiar that she had an impulse to cry.

Xi Xiurong just walked into the dressing room. The door behind him was opened and closed. The man’s long and straight figure, beautiful and upright appearance were reflected in the shiny dressing mirror.

Xi Xiurong didn’t understand. What’s he doing here?

------A digression------

The identity, background and past of heroine and the hero need to be explained slowly ~ don’t worry ~ ensured a lot of good drama~

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