Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 17

Chapter 17 Onset of white lotus disease

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In the dressing room, the woman was languidly dressed in a black coat, revealing her gooseneck and collarbone. Two white long legs were exposed and a head of curly hair scattered randomly, which looked quite charming.

The visitor was Lu Size. Xi Xiurong didn’t like him very much, no, he even found him very annoying!

From the bottom of his heart, he didn’t want to show Lu Size Shi You’s graceful figure.  Xi Xiurong tightened his coat even more.

Lu Size stared at the woman in front of him for a moment, as if to thoroughly identify her.

But he quickly realized that this was impossible. After checking the whole dressing room and confirming that there was only Shi You, he opened his mouth in a deep voice.

“What happened two years ago was my fault, but Wu Mianen’s child is gone. If you want to vent your anger in the future, I hope you can vent it on me and not provoke Wu Mianen again. We don’t know or want to know about Xi Xiurong. Wu Mianen and I can’t afford to provoke the Xi family so she doesn’t dare to say anything and keeps silent to me, but please don’t embarrass her again. “

Xi Xiurong narrowed his eyes and suddenly chuckled.

“You are like this and there are actually people who would break their heads for you. I thought the woman was very smart and knew how to use me. I didn’t expect that she was still a fool.”

Lu Size didn’t quite understand what he meant. He guessed roughly. He thought it was Shi You who was still upset about that year. He even thought that Shi You was saying that Wu Mianen used Shi You, and his face became more cold.

“Mianen is quite stupid. She took her pregnant body to beg you for forgiveness. She even offered flowers and blessings to you when you won the prize. What did she get in exchange? Just your slap and the loss of our child. Shi You, what I owed you has long since been cleaned when Mianen miscarried and these years that she had taken care of you”

In the face of Lu Size’s questioning, Xi Xiurong didn’t understand a word. Inexplicably, everything happened too fast. In order to solve and investigate the car accident, he didn’t have time to understand so many things.

However, Lu Size’s words still gave him a lot of information. Why did Wu Mianen target Shi You so much? Why did Lu Size, who was originally modest and polite, turn his face immediately when he saw him for the first time in the bathroom? It turned out that there were many emotional disputes between the three people before.

Unfortunately, the man Lu Size was so stupid that he can’t even see the tricks of the woman Wu Mianen. Sure enough, the eldest young master raised in the greenhouse (life of luxury and grace) could not understand these sinister people.

“Human feelings are not yet clean. Besides, if one is owing human feelings or having a taste of their own medicine, only they themselves will know. Also being like this now, Mr. Lu, are you not afraid of Miss Wu’s misunderstanding? Please leave. ”

Lu Size choked on the woman’s words and turned pale. After a light snort, he turned and walked to the door. Just as he was about to turn the  handle, he turned sideways and said, “Don’t think you can do well between the two brothers of the Xi family. The depth of the Xi family is very deep. You take care of yourself.”

Suddenly, the door behind Lu Size was suddenly opened. Both of them turned around and saw Wu Mianen and a group of staff standing there.

Well, that’s good. It seems that Wu Mianen will probably act up again.

Sure enough, Wu mianen didn’t disappoint. As expected, Wu Mianen first looked at Lu Size in shock, looked inward, and then saw the almost naked “Shi You”. Her eyes suddenly began to turn red, and gradually, tears came up.

But the visitor didn’t cry. She just smiled at Lu Size and bowed her head slightly. Tears seemed to flow out uncontrollably, and the woman raised her hand to wipe them off.

“Sorry, sorry to bother you. Lu Size, the director is looking for you. I… I saw that you were suddenly off set, so I came to you in a hurry. You… Come as soon as you are good.”

“Wu Mianen!” Calling Wu Mianen’s name, Lu size rushed out, grabbed Wu Mianen’s wrist, pulled the woman over, and wiped away her red eyes and glittering tears.

People look at him and he looked at them, they all scoffed at the woman in the dressing room.

“Shi You, we really can’t recognize Mount Tai before (can’t recognize Mt Taishan (idiom); fig. not to recognize a famous person).  Not only did you hook up with the malignant demon of the Xi family. It’s said that Xi Xiukai asked her to pick him up at the airport alone. Now you can’t even give up our Wu Mainen’s, Lu Size, trying to make him all tangled up and confused?!”

“Her ability is more than that! Hah, I heard that just now, Xi Xiurong almost asked the director to withdraw our Wu Mianen’s female lead for her in order to make her the female lead!”

Suddenly, the woman walked to the door with a sneer and looked at the whispering crowd with cold eyes.

Just as she was about to tell the noisy women to learn to shut up, she overheard a dialogue between a man and a woman on the side: “Brother, do you think that I am deaf or are we both deaf together? Didn’t Wu Mianen tell Lu Size that she wanted to be replaced? When did you say that?”

“Oh, I don’t know. What I clearly told the director was that this play is very important. If anyone is not professional, let them make corrections as much as they can, so he won’t lose any face. How come this changed as soon as it came out of Wu Mianen’s mouth.”

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