Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 18

Chapter 18: Withdrawn

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The two people who came slowly were Xi Qingqing and Shi You. Their calm temperament was very different from the others.

What’s more strange was that the man who was originally fierce because of the scar on his face now looked as if the scar on his face was not so obvious. His hazy face looked mysterious and precious as a relegated fairy.

Xi Xiurong was also surprised and he didn’t seem to recognize his body.

Seeing that Lu Size was about to refute for Wu Mianen again, Shi You quickly opened her mouth: “Don’t you two have to prepare for the scene? Everyone is waiting for you. Are you really as unprofessional as the outside world says?”

“Mr. Xi!”

“Mr. Lu!” The man shouted in a low voice, “Oh, sorry, it seems I have disturbed you two, but it’s not a good thing to be so unprofessional in front of the public. If Miss Wu is really removed as the heroine because of this, how can it be good for her to depend on Shi You again, right?”

The man smiled like a spring breeze and looked at the woman like someone watching a good drama, but Wu Mianen’s face became more and more bleak. She pulled Lu size and pushed them away and hurried out.

“Wu Mianen?”

“Don’t you think we have been scolded enough! Let’s go!”

The people in the corridor didn’t disperse. The woman in the room said, “What? What else are you planning to see? Unfortunately, there’s no drama here for you!”

With that, the woman slammed the door and shut everyone out.

Although people were very angry with the woman in the room, unfortunately they had seen Xi Xiurong protecting her. So they left after a few curses in a low voice.

Shi You raised her eyebrows at Xi Qingqing and pointed her chin to the closed door. Xi Qingqing understood it clearly and walked over with the man behind her.

“Knock knock. Shi You?”

“Don’t knock. Come in.”

The door opened and they saw that the woman had roughly changed her clothes.

Shi You closed and locked the door, then looked around and nodded to Xi Xiurong.

“I don’t know what Miss Shi You wants from me. Although my brother seems to like you, it doesn’t mean I have anything to do with you. Those words just now were just my own facts.”

“Xi Qingqing. I know everything might seem incredible, but you must believe me.” The woman gently put a hand on Xi Qingqing’s shoulder.

Xi Qingqing stared at the woman in front of her suspiciously. Her eyes were familiar and strange. Xi Qingqing turned to her eldest brother, and he just looked at her faintly and didn’t speak.

“What do you mean, what are you doing?”

“Xi Qingqing.” The woman whispered and stared at his sister. “Now, in Shi You’s body, is your brother, Xi Xiurong’s soul, and in my original body, is Shi You’s soul.”

The whole room fell into complete silence and there was no reply for a long time.

When Shi You heard that Xi Xiurong wanted to speak with Xi Qingqing, she guessed that Xi Xiurong wanted to tell his sister the truth.

But on this matter, not many people would believe it.

“More than that, Shi You and I have experienced yesterday’s car accident. Shi You died in that car accident and I was disabled. I was also removed as the successor by our father Xi Xin. At that time, you were even angrier and sadder than me.”

Xi Xiurong said it word by word. When he finished, Xi Qingqing had no voice or response for a long time.

Maybe she was stunned or frightened.

“Hahaha! Hey, although the story you made up is very interesting, it’s very lame! I know, you must be afraid of dad and grandpa bothering you, right? I won’t say anything.”

Before Xi Qingqing could finish speaking, Xi Xiurong stopped Xi Qingqing’s next words and poured out the secret that only the brother and sister duo knew.

Shi You knew she was disturbing them at this time and turned and left the room.

Leaning on the door, Shi You looked out for them.

Just then, a woman hurried towards their position.

“Mr. Xi? That…”

“Miss Shi You and my sister are having a meeting. If there is anything, tell me directly.”

It was Xin Rui, Wu Mianen’s assistant, who had been a stumbling block and source of humiliation to her countless times in the past. 

Xin Rui appeared to be hiding something or it seems more like she was afraid of herself.

Oh, it’s rare to have such a day. Xi Xiurong’s identity was very beneficial to use.


“Say what you have to say! Do you think I won’t know if you go to find Shi You alone? I’ve already said this, don’t make me repeat myself.”

“Yes… Miss Wu asked me to ask Miss Shi You if she occupied Miss Shi You’s other arrangements because she asked Miss Shi You to act as a substitute. If so, Miss Wu can arrange for others to act as her own substitute. Please tell Miss Shi You to inform the director group about the situation.”

A digression

After being removed as a substitute, Xi Xiurong can show his skill more ~!

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