Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 19

Chapter 19: Who bathes who?

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Hmph, this woman is becoming a demon again.

She’s trying to pick herself clean again. All the matters are done by another and all the words are said by another, so she couldn’t be held accountable in the end. If the director was unwilling or unhappy and scolded everyone, she would always be a good person.

But… Since she started to play tricks first, she, Shi You, would stay with her to the end. Don’t be the special substitute for Wu Mianen, I’d love that!

“Yes, it’s a pity that Shi You specializes in acting as the substitute for Wu Mianen. I’ll tell Shi You the good news later. Go back and tell Miss Wu that we have our own arrangements.”

“Who’s going to tell the director?”

Shi You looked at Xin Rui with a smile. Seeing her nervousness, she smiled even more. “I said, I have my own arrangements. I will get someone to deal with the formalities. Go back first.”

Before waiting for Xin Rui’s reply, Shi You waved her hand, signaling Xin Rui not to disturb her again.

Although Xin Rui wanted to say something more, she quickly closed her mouth and turned away.

Suddenly, there was a knock on the door behind her.

Shi You knew that Xi Xiurong had sorted things out with Xi Qingqing. As soon as she opened the door, she saw Xi Qingqing standing directly behind the door, looking directly at her.

Shi You closed the door, “Cough… Are you all done?”

“Hmm. in the future, when you are at the Xi house, Xi Qingqing will help you.” With that, Xi Xiurong approached Shi You a little and began to take a closer look at his own scarred face.

“Xi Qingqing, did I look like this before?”

When Xi Qingqing heard Xi Xiurong, she also began to carefully observe her eldest brother’s face. Suddenly, her eyebrows became deeper and deeper.

“Brother, it seems that it’s different, or it’s not as eye-catching as before. It’s faded.”

“Hmm, indeed.”

Shi You stroked the scar now growing on the right side of her face. The touch was really not as rough as before and had become a bit soft like normal skin.

Suddenly, a staff member shouted at the end of the corridor, “Go to the dressing room and call the woman out. Shi You’s scene is next.”

“When do you usually end filming?” Xi Xiurong said with a single hand casually inserted in his pocket.

“It’s uncertain. Sometimes there it would last until 2 or 3 o’clock at night, especially me as a substitute. Wu Mianen doesn’t shoot many scenes. I’m working for her as her double, so I’ll get up and start preparing at 6 o’clock the next day.”

Shi You shrugged helplessly, but Xi Xiurong squinted at her quietly.

“By the way, Xi Xiurong, let me tell you the good news. After the filming of this movie, you won’t have to be Wu Mianen’s double anymore!”

“It’s you.”

“Cough… Yes, but isn’t the current owner of this body you? Let’s take action scenes!”

“Why should I shoot such a thing?” Xi Xiurong frowned.

“Of course, it’s for the full development of our bodies! I heard before that a martial arts drama contacted Wu Mianen and Lu Size. I think your action of beating Xi Xiukai just now went very smoothly. It’d be no problem to beat them down!”

“Do you want to film or do you want me to beat people?”

Shi You turned her eyes and said with a sly smile, “Both are good! You can do it!”

“Why on earth do you hate Wu Mianen and Lu Size so much? Wu Mianen maybe I can understand, but Lu Size? Just because he cheated?”

Since he was now short, Xi Xiurong had to look up at her.

“Do you like them?” Shi You asked strangely.

“No, I hate them.”

Shi You snapped her fingers: “Bingo! That’s right!”

Xi Xiurong felt that he could not ask anything at the moment, and decided to skip the topic: “Where do you live?”

“Me? At present, I live in a nearby hotel with the crew but I usually live in my own rented house. Why do you ask? You want me to play Jinwu Changjiao (jīn wū cáng jiāo, a golden house to keep one’s mistress (idiom); a magnificent house built for a beloved woman)? I can!”

Xi Xiurong rolled his two big eyes: “Since I handled the matter of picking up Xi Xiukai yesterday. I haven’t changed my clothes until now. I also slept casually on the set the first day after I changed my body. I don’t mind if you don’t mind your body smelling.”

“Brother, isn’t that simple. Now that the whole crew thinks Shi You is my brother’s lover, it’s no problem for them to give them time to eat and take a bath

“Isn’t Mianen the heroine? She doesn’t even want to film her own film, she just let it go that easily. Where is the hotel your crew booked? “

“It’s quite close to this place. Ah, Xi Xiurong, do you want to take a bath?”

Xi Xiurong looked at Shi You and raised his eyebrows slightly and nodded indifferently. “Otherwise? Are you going to have me stink?”

“Call me when it’s over! I’ll pick you up and take you to the hotel room. Remember to bring the bag in the storage room. The room card is in it. You’re not allowed to go directly by yourself!”

She can’t adapt to this big man bathing directly with her body!

“Why bother so much? Just take my brother home and live together. With him around, you wouldn’t need my assistance with the Xi family. You two can deal with each other directly!”

Xi Qingqing quickly glanced at her eldest brother. For the first time her brother didn’t refute and even seemed to agree.

Sh*t! Although the eldest son of the Xi family had scars on his face, there were still women willing to be with him because of his identity, but her brother threw them out impolitely. Now how… So calm….

“Take her home? That could work but who would bathe who?”

The dark lines that had been on Xi Qingqing’s face for two days disappeared.

Several people were talking when the mobile phone belonging to Xi Xiurong in Shi You’s pants pocket rang.

The caller ID showed it was Qi Pei, the driver who drove her and Xi Qingqing here today.

Shi You gave Xi Xiurong a direct look at the phone. The other party nodded motioning her to answer directly.

“Hello, Qi Pei? What can I do for you?”

“President Xi, just now there was news from the company that director Xi Hua, who didn’t see you this morning, is with other directors of the company and demanding to see you. I’ve told them that it’s inconvenient for you to meet today, but today there are reporters downstairs. It seems that someone is planning to make trouble.”

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