Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Why is the security so poor?

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At this time, Wu Mianen suddenly appeared behind Tang Ruxuan: “Wu Mianen?”

“After the shooting of this film, you don’t have to come back to my side.”

The gloomy voice frightened Tang Ruxuan. When she wanted to explain something, Wu Mianen left without looking back.

Xi Xiurong casually found a place to sit down and rest. Suddenly, a staff member ran over and handed him a mobile phone: “Shi You, someone is asking for you.”

Xi Xiurong looked up to see a woman. Seeing that he did not immediately take the mobile phone, she lifted it up irritably.

Just after receiving the mobile phone and before Xi Xiurong could speak, a man’s voice came across the line: “Shi You?”


“I have finally found you. Well, Xi Xiukai, the second male lead scheduled for the show, will be back tomorrow. I need you to arrange the pick-up in the afternoon.”

Xi Xiurong raised his lips and asked, “Why me?”

“This… In fact, this is designated by Mr. Xi. We don’t know.”

“Oh? Really? Is there anyone else besides me?”

“Mr. Xi said to appoint you to arrange the pick-up. But it doesn’t matter. The crew will lend you a car, then you can take him to the hotel where the crew stays. We’ll arrange it later.”

After a long time, without waiting for a response, the director’s hesitant voice came over the phone: “Shi You, I know you’ve been wronged today, but Xi Xiukai is… A member of the Xi family, not to mention us, even the company can’t afford it. You… You should do me a favor. I’ll bring Tang Ruxuan along with me to apologize to you!”

Just when the director wanted to say something more, he heard Shi You say firmly: “Don’t bother, I’ll go.”

The next morning.

Beside the road where the vehicles were running, a woman wearing white sportswear, white sneakers and a white cap sat on the black hood of a car, constantly scanning the surrounding environment back and forth.

This was the only way to leave the airport. There were no pedestrians, only speeding vehicles passing by. The drivers kept looking back at the unique and beautiful woman. She seems to be looking for something, but also not.

Under the white brim was a pair of wide black sunglasses. Against it, the woman’s face looked even more petite and white. Although she wore the simplest sportswear, she looked refreshing. Her action of inserting one hand into her trouser pocket looked more attractive than an average girl, but her tight lips kept people at bay.

The woman looked down at her watch. She still wore the silver ring on the index finger of her right hand. Then she got up and left the hood of the car and sat back in the car.

The action of starting the car was clean, and the black business car turned around and sped to the airport.

After arriving at the airport, Xi Xiurong went directly into the VIP lounge after scanning the pass the crew gave him yesterday.

Xi Xiurong raised his eyes and looked at the flight schedule again. He hooked his lips and smiled.

Sure enough, the flight number Xi Xiukai really came back on was not consistent with the one given by the crew to Shi You.

Xi Xiukai’s statement at that time was that the flight was temporarily changed because of an emergency. The whole crew claimed that they knew Xi Xiukai’s flight was changed and informed someone to tell Shi You, but no one could say who it was.

Father and Grandpa always wanted to persuade themselves to let it go, but he was afraid that even if he could let it go, some people still won’t let him go!


Suddenly, the automatic door at the end of the passage opened slowly, and two men in suits and dark glasses came over aggressively.

“Are you here to pick up someone on the plane?”


“Show me your pass and ID card, thank you.”

After the men in suits received the documents and checked them again and again, they said to the woman, “Go and drive the car over, we will send Mr. Xi there.”

Hearing this, the woman did not react, but looked at them with sharp eyes.

“Are you sure I’m the one who was supposed to pick up someone on the plane?”

“If not, why are you here at this time? From 1 p.m. to 5 p.m,  only people with this special pass can appear here.”

“Yes, but is Mr. Xi Xiurong’s security so poor? Is it this easy to get close to him with only a pass and the self-identification of a strange woman, huh?”

Suddenly, the air in the whole corridor seemed to solidify in an instant. The men in suits who originally were still alive seemed to become robots, and there was no response at all.

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