Seeing My Wife Is Not Easy Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Looks obscene

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Perhaps the real Shi You didn’t know his security process, but he knew it all.

These two people in front of him were not the people who should appear here at all!

Suddenly, a dazzling sunlight pierced into the eyes of Xi Xiurong, and a hand knife was about to chop down in front of him.

The woman suddenly bent sideways and locked her arms around the hand that attacked her. She turned around and threw the man over his shoulder. The sunglasses on his face fell aside. The man was directly knocked unconscious.

The other man didn’t expect the woman to be so strong, and even her fighting skills were professional. He made a quick decision not to entangle with the woman, but she hooked up his left foot, which he almost couldn’t dodge.

The woman didn’t stop attacking. She grabbed his tie, tightened it, and smashed one knee into his navel.

The attacked man was prostrating in pain and had no strength to resist again.

The woman squatted down, hooked away the sunglasses on the man’s face with her slender fingers, pinched his chin and looked at the man’s face carefully for a while. She couldn’t find any clues in her memory.

Just as he was about to get up, suddenly there was a pain behind his neck, and darkness followed.

“Withdraw! Cancel the plan!” Before Xi Xiurong closed his eyes, this was the last sentence he heard.


In the evening, in a hospital ward in Linjiang City.

Shi You had been lying in bed for two days. She had become disabled in both legs. She couldn’t move around without assistance at all.

With a sigh, she grabbed the bell and rang it. After a while, two nurses knocked on the door and came in.

“Hello, Mr. Xi. Do you need any assistance?”

Shi You smiled and waved to the two nurses.

The middle-aged nurse was calm, but her younger companion kept looking at the other one with frightened eyes.

“I want to go to the bathroom, please.”


With that, the middle-aged nurse took the little nurse to help Shi You get out of bed and to sit in a wheelchair.

Shi You originally thought that Xi Xiurong’s injury was so serious that it affected his waist, but she only realized two days later that it was only his legs that were inconvenient to move and that everything else was normal.

But because she had just become a disabled person, she was not used to it and needed help in her daily life.

The middle-aged nurse urged the little nurse to push the man into the bathroom, but the little nurse was reluctant.

Shi You sighed, waved away the two nurses, pushed her wheelchair into the bathroom and locked the door.

“What are you doing? If something happens to Mr. Xi, just wait and see!”

“But… But look at his face. He smiles so strangely every time he sees me. I think he doesn’t have any good intentions for me. Today he asked us to help him go to the bathroom. Head nurse, you can transfer me away! I really don’t want to see him again!”

“Shh! You don’t want to work anymore, huh!”

Sitting on the toilet, Shi You almost wanted to cry without tears. She didn’t know whether Xi Xiurong had a bad reputation or was really playful. She had contacted several nurses previously and every time even without speaking to those people, they would run away in fear and talk behind her back.

The warm yellow light in the bathroom reflected on the clear mirror. Shi You looked at the mirror again and appreciated her appearance.

With a grin, the raised cheekbones made the scar more ferocious. It was no wonder that the little nurse just now was frightened by her.

But after becoming expressionless, the image became more alien.

This time, Shi You raised her right hand. After covering half of the scarred face with her palm, the dark pupils widened slightly.

That’s the face, that’s the eye. That was the half of Xi Xiurong’s face that was stained with blood when he was in the car accident. His dark hair stuck to the scar, revealed his other half of his face that was like a banished immortal.

Under the sword-like eyebrows were slender phoenix eyes. The pupils were small, but they were very dark. There seemed to be only a touch of emotion in it all the time. But the tall and straight nose deepened the depth of the face. The thin pink lips made the face less angry and more like a lonely immortal.

Even though Shi You was now wearing a wide patient suit, Xi Xiurong’s broad shoulders were still very obvious. She reached out and touched his upper body. His strong chest and abdominal muscles would really amaze many women. His disabled legs were slender and straight.

Sitting on the toilet, Shi You looked down at herself and reconfirmed Xi Xiurong’s excellent health. It is expected that his future wife will be very “happy”.

Without the big scar on the right cheek, the rest of the Xi Xiurong was very good-looking. It’s actually a little too good-looking. Lu Size can’t compare at all.

But he was not Lu Size after all. Lu Size grew up in the sun. If Shi You was in Lu Size’s body now, it was obvious that she would not need to make any expression. Those little nurses will be all over her drunk.

“Mr. Xi, can I help you?”


Hearing that there seemed to be other movements outside, Shi You handled everything and forced herself back into the wheelchair.

“Mr. Xi…”

Shi You raised his hand to interrupt the middle-aged nurse, he pointed to the little nurse hiding on the side and said, “You don’t have to come in the future. Please ask the head nurse to find a male nurse who can adapt to my appearance. And…” the man paused slightly, “It is time to prove that I am still alive.”

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