Si Tian Guan Chapter 190

Chapter 190: Reincarnation

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Rocks tumbled down along with mud, making a rustling sound.

Liu Zhongming half crouched, struggling to maintain his balance, pulling back his foot that nearly missed a step. He lifted the person behind him a bit higher. “Zhongming…” Qu Chenzhou laid against his back, his head hanging low, his body weakened by fever.

When the mountain wind blew, he could find moments of clarity, but during the rough and hurried journey, he might fall into unconsciousness without warning. “Put me down…”

“Don’t even think about it!” Liu Zhongming used one hand to find a tree and stepped onto its roots, moving forward with determination. He hissed, “If you really want to save my effort, then say fewer words.” When he had come out of the broken window, he hadn’t even brought his sword.

In the current situation, all they could do was run. Even considering engaging with the pursuers was out of the question; if they were caught off guard for a second, they’d face certain death.

The downhill path was steep, shrouded in darkness and mist. He endured the pain in his legs, treading gingerly on the soft soil. He knew the pursuers were behind him, but he had no idea what laid ahead.

With no other choice, skipping a step might mean a few moments less to live. He considered several times finding a place to hide Qu Chenzhou.

But whether there was a suitable place or not was one thing; he feared he wouldn’t have a chance to return alive. Qu Chenzhou, in his current state, wouldn’t fare well left alone in the woods. Moreover, if the pursuers found Qu Chenzhou defenseless, he couldn’t fathom what might happen next.

Both options were fraught with peril, and he’d rather both of them die together.

“Why are you blabbering nonsense!” Liu Zhongming panted heavily, scolding, “You can lie through your teeth, but now you’re speaking without thinking? Have you lost your senses?”

Even in his fevered state, Qu Chenzhou understood.

Never mind that Ding Lekang had disappeared without a trace; just from their fleeing together, the pursuers would spare neither of them.

In the places where no one could see, Huai Wang had always believed having one less trouble is better than having one more.

Without Qu Sitian like him, there were certainly more obedient people to take his place.

“… Can you run faster…”

Liu Zhongming pinched him hard on the buttocks, causing him to grunt from the pain.

“Stop talking!”

Before, Liu Zhongming had wished he could hold the little fox every day. Now, he was discovering just how heavy Qu Chenzhou could be. With each step, the soil beneath their feet felt like it could engulf his ankles, or maybe it was just his imagination.

He tried to focus on walking faster, but every time Qu Chenzhou’s condition forced him to speak up.

“Zhongming, put me down. I won’t blame you…”

“I insist on taking you with me! Even if they catch up, we’ll hold hands before we die. That way, at least I won’t lose you in the underworld. We’ll be a pair of ghostly spouses.”

Qu Chenzhou rested on his shoulder, his cheek dampened by the sweat on Liu Zhongming’s back, as if he was sleeping. After a while, he murmured softly.

“Then this time… be a little kinder to me.”

Neither of them spoke again. The footsteps and shouts from behind echoed through the mist, getting closer.

“Chenzhou, let’s die together, are you scared?”

Qu Chenzhou didn’t have a chance to answer. Suddenly, both of their bodies shook, and they swayed unstably.

Beneath their feet was a creaking rope bridge, and the bamboo and wood that had been laid out were broken in patches. Below was a bottomless darkness.

“It can’t support the weight, let’s walk side by side,” Liu Zhongming held onto the rope and lowered him down, then he took his arm and walked briskly ahead, quickly looking back and asking, “Chenzhou, are you scared?”

They were moving quickly, and Qu Chenzhou’s legs felt weak. Even on the ground, it was like stepping on cotton, let alone on this rope bridge – they were almost walking suspended in air.

Several times, he stepped on bamboo and wood that were broken halfway, and each time, someone lifted him over.

The hemp on the rope pricked his palms, the cold wind made him feel like he was being scrubbed clean, and he’d never been as clear-headed as he was now.

“Not afraid!” He answered without hesitation; if they could die together, he welcomed it.

A strong trembling emanated from beneath them. Before they could steady themselves, another shake followed, as if someone behind them was violently shaking the rope bridge.

“I’m scared.” Liu Zhongming’s grip suddenly tightened as he pushed him forward. “Hurry!”

The people behind them started chopping at the bridge from the other side.

The mountain wind was pushed up from below, and it seemed to grow colder and colder, chilling them from their feet to the tips of their hair. They couldn’t discern where the end of this bitter wind lay.

Qu Chenzhou reached for his waist; his palm was scorching like fire, while the back of the hand in Liu Zhongming’s grasp felt as cold as ice due to the wind.

“Zhongming, I’m willing to die with you…”

Their feet trembled again. The places they had passed, from which they heard the spine-tingling sound of tension, were decaying bamboo and wood that fell noiselessly into the abyss beneath their feet.

Suddenly, Liu Zhongming stooped, letting him sit on his shoulders, and he accelerated abruptly.

Bearing the weight of both of them on his legs, the rope bridge began to emit a horrifying tearing sound.

Sitting high, Qu Chenzhou felt he was on the verge of being shaken off several times. Nevertheless, he was held tightly, the whistling wind making it nearly impossible for him to speak.

He didn’t even know if he had managed to choke out that choked-up sentence.

“Zhongming… When we’re in the underworld, don’t forget… to marry me…”

His waist was suddenly squeezed tightly, and using the momentum of the forward thrust, Liu Zhongming propelled him forward with force.

Almost as he involuntarily lunged towards the ground, there came a sound of rupture from behind. “Crack.” Even though it was instantly dispersed by the mountain wind and the subsequent fall was soundless, to his ears, it was as if the heavens were splitting and the earth was cracking.


He knew there were still people on the opposite side, but he didn’t dare cry out shrilly. He could only clamp his hand over his mouth, lacking even the strength to stand. He crawled back one step, then another, tremblingly.

The mountain wind howled, blowing away the sweat and tears on his face. Ahead was just emptiness.


All he could touch was the rope that had already fallen, his last glimmer of hope gone. The bridge had truly broken.

The shouts from the other side in the distance gradually receded, and he couldn’t tell if they were satisfied or if they would detour to keep searching for him.

However, he was completely incapable of reasoning; all he could do was tremble, swallowing that name and his choked sobs back down his throat.

Zhongming had left him behind, not even saying a farewell.

He was like a kite soaring in the sky, suddenly cut loose from its sole tether of attachment. Although he was still floating, it was destined that he would fall to the ground.

“Zhongming!” He collapsed, burying his head in the ground, and cried out in agony, “Zhongming, take me with you! Let’s go together!”

He had always been the one to turn away without hesitation. This was the first time, and it was Zhongming who heartlessly left him behind.

Now he was all alone, and the entire world felt terrifyingly desolate.

One of his feet dangled above the darkness. Just one more step forward and he could join the realm of the dead. However, there were still so many unfinished matters. Zhongming’s closest family and friends were still entangled in the turmoil, and he didn’t even have the right to die.

It turned out that dying wasn’t truly terrifying. The most painful thing was being cruelly left behind. In the long years ahead, he was alone.

The pebbles beneath his feet were pushed and rolled off by the slight movement of his toes. He knew he shouldn’t, but the uncontrollable grief tugged at his feet.

Just one more half-step forward…


There was a distant voice, carried by the wind from below.

Qu Chenzhou choked back his tears, threw himself onto the rocks, and frantically searched. “Zhongming, is it you? Is it…”

The person below was panting heavily, slowly regulating their breath before speaking softly, “Don’t speak loudly. A piece of yin wood is entwined around my foot down here, and I’m trying to free myself from it.”

Qu Chenzhou covered his mouth with his sleeve, barely containing the sound of his choked sobs from escaping.

They had thrown away their swords on the road, not even having a convenient weapon at hand. He could only grip the hanging rope with both hands and softly advise, “Hold onto the rope. I’ll pull you up.”

“Don’t panic, wait a moment.”

The prompt response from the person below only made his heart even more chaotic.

The person was still alive, there was a glimmer of hope, but incredibly, there was yin wood down below. This was something they had never considered.

If he were to watch Zhongming disappear from his sight again this time, he feared he might jump after him, leaping off the edge.

“Chenzhou,” the voice from below drew nearer, as if the person was climbing upward, “I don’t want to die with you. I want to live with you. Are you willing?”

“Yes, yes, I’m willing.” Qu Chenzhou’s tears fell rapidly, his voice trembling as he responded, “Let’s live together, live until we’re old and gray.”

“Are you willing to stay with me forever? In the past, it was my fault, I know you resent me…”

Suddenly, pebbles tumbled down noisily, sounding like a misstep.

Qu Chenzhou’s heart leaped to his throat. He wished he could dive off the cliff below: “Zhongming! Are you still there? Don’t scare me…”

“I’m still here…” Liu Zhongming’s voice also trembled with lingering fear. He persisted, asking, “Chenzhou, are you willing to stay with me forever? If you resent me…”

“I don’t resent you! I’ve never resented you!”

Feeling the rope on the other end tightening as well, Qu Chenzhou clung to it as if his life depended on it. If he could, he’d dig out his heart and show it to him right now.

“I’ve never resented you! It was me who wronged you! I brought calamity to the Liu family, I made you endure the Four Hundred Shenyuan Nails for me! I’m afraid that if this happens again, I don’t want to burden you anymore!”

“You don’t resent me,” then after hesitating for a moment, in a soft voice he asked, ‘Are you willing to marry me?'”

“I’m willing! I’ve wanted you to marry me for both of our lifetimes…” Tears rolled down one by one, and Qu Chenzhou didn’t even dare to wipe them away. “Come up, once you’re up, I’ll follow your lead. I’ll listen to whatever you say, just come up…”

“Chenzhou, if I…”

Zhongming had nearly driven Qu Chenzhou to madness. “Zhongming, if you have the strength to talk, hurry up and come up. Once you’re up, I’ll comply with everything you say!”

“Just a few more words, just a few more!” Zhongming’s voice lowered, “Chenzhou just managed to loosen up. First, don’t speak, lest it ruin someone’s marital fate and incur divine retribution!”

A small voice from below timidly chimed in, “Young Master Zhongming, I think sir is right. Can we continue this conversation once we’re up there? It’s a bit hard down here with Guiqi lifting…”

“I’m really sorry, I didn’t mean to,” the timid voice carried an apologetic tone, “But… but it’s so dark and cold here…”

Qu Chenzhou didn’t know if he was in a dream. After a moment of shock, he asked, “Who?”

With a crack, a spark ignited and a small flame was protected in someone’s arms, illuminating a small area beneath the cliff. Several large branches were raised, pushing a blindfolded young man up.

Startled, he plopped down onto the ground and shook with fear. He bit down hard on his hand, so hard that tears didn’t even come.

“An… An Ning?”

The young man with the blindfold walked a few steps towards him and saluted respectfully, “Sir, we meet again.”

“You guys…” He reflexively scooted backward, “You guys…”

An Ning apologized, “Sorry to frighten you, sir. Luckily, we arrived in time.”

Liu Zhongming propped himself up with his arms and leaped up, his face covered in small scratches from the branches. However, he was smiling like a blooming flower and landed before Qu Chenzhou, using both hands and feet.

“Chenzhou, are the words you just said still valid? You said you don’t resent me, that we’ll live until we’re old and gray together, that you’ll listen to me in everything, that you’re willing to marry me. Are those words valid? Are they true? I’m not dreaming, am I?”

Qu Chenzhou looked at him in panic, unsure if his grief had overwhelmed him to the point of insanity.

An Ning explained in a low voice, “After the rope bridge broke, I caught Lord Zhongming from below. He refused to come up.”

“Chenzhou…” Liu Zhongming implored with a hopeful gaze, “Can I trust your words? Can you repeat it once more?”

Qu Chenzhou gazed at him steadfastly for a moment, rolled up his sleeves, and swung his arm.

Smack! Smack!

“Are you saying that Chenzhou was really a little deity before?” Liu Zhongming tugged at An Ning’s sleeve.

An Ning advised him with concern, “Young Master, should we apply something to your face first? The swelling is quite big…”

“It’s fine, it’ll go down soon,” Liu Zhongming couldn’t help his exuberance, and asked urgently, “He descended to the mortal realm for me?”

“He’s not a deity.” An Ning patiently explained, “Nor did he descend as you imagine. I just mentioned earlier, you seem not to have heard it. According to what the sir said before, sir is a sentient being. Though sir hasn’t told us, it seems he has some connection with the Young Master from the past. It’s said that in the past, for the sake of saving him, Young Master sacrificed his immortal form and became a mortal.”

Liu Zhongming listened, feeling a bit dazed, “Me? Are you saying that I was like him in the past?”

An Ning scratched his head, pondered for a while, then hesitated to speak, “It shouldn’t be anything serious to reveal. In the past, sir was a snake spirit, and you were a Zhongming bird. When we first met you, your name was Jiang Zhongming.”

Liu Zhongming touched the birthmark under his eye and suddenly remembered another thing, his heart tightening, “And then?”

“When the Young Master wandered the mortal realm, he met us by chance. He said he was searching for someone but didn’t know who. He asked us to help spread a song.”

“Later, through a fortunate twist of fate, we encountered sir. Upon hearing that you were looking for him, sir, he entered the cycle of reincarnation to meet you.”

“A song…” At first, Liu Zhongming thought it was just a tale for amusement, but his smile gradually faded. “Is it the song of the watch drum sounds?”

An Ning nodded, “Exactly, Young Master, you still remember.”

Liu Zhongming’s heart beat faster and faster, and he couldn’t tell if the sweetness at the base of his tongue was from anticipation or a bitter sweetness.

He didn’t remember things from too long ago, nor did he need to. If An Ning wasn’t lying, they had waited for each other for far too long, searched for each other for far too long.

He urgently wanted to see him, not wanting to delay even a moment.

After drinking the medicine, Qu Chenzhou had already been sleeping for a while in the inner room. When Liu Zhongming sat gently on the edge of the bed, Qu Chenzhou turned his face to the side.

The author has something to say: Their past and present lives will be written in the extras [If I still have breath].

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