Chapter 27

Chapter 27 The Ruthless Road Bandit

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The distance from the survivor base to H City cannot be considered close. Even riding a train would take around a day or more, let alone that the few of them were driving across the country side, moving and stopping.

For the sake of security, the comparatively high traffic freeways were avoided. This was because there would be a lot of congestion from ownerless cars and zombie turned car owners.

The more desolate areas, nearing the rural countryside on the contrary were comparatively safer.

Therefore Shao Qing and the rest decided to choose the small roads, but this also increased the distance they will need to travel. After leaving the survivor base, they arrived at their first fork in the road, one led to a high speed highway and the other led to a small road. Gu Panpan who was in charge of driving the car turned right towards the small road.

Being a chatterbox, Gu Panpan the entire journey had already betrayed Gu Chuan completely: “Qing Jiejie, do you know what face paralysis is?”

Shao Qing glanced over at Gu Chuan, then silently took her words “isn’t there someone with face paralysis right beside you’ and swallowed it back down.

Gu Panpan didn’t wait for Shao Qing to reply and continued talking to herself. “Actually, facial paralysis is equal to someone with slow reactions in addition to a rigid face and prosopagnosia. My brother is like that. At the initial contact with my brother, everyone would say that he is a cold person with facial paralysis. But in fact, he is just a person with slow reactions and prosopagnosia. Hahaha”

Shao Qing glanced over again at the displeased Gu Chuan. Probably because he was embarrassed, his ears had already quietly turned red. Afterwards, he heard Gu Panpan continue to speak: “Not only does he have slow reactions and prosopagnosia, he is also a person with a poor sense of direction. Even in our own neighbourhood he could still get lost. Hahaha My mom always said that in the future we would have to find a lady with a good sense of direction to marry my brother. Otherwise the both of them would be lost and would wander around the world.”

Continuing to speak, Gu Panpan’s mood seemed to suddenly dampened. This was probably because she started to think about her mother. Shao Qing also didn’t know what to say. The atmosphere within the car suddenly became a bit sorrowful.

Shao Qing was the worst at reacting to these sort of situations. Hurriedly, she tried to change the topic. “Look ahead, what do you think that is?”

Gu Panpan looked forward and almost lost control of the car and ran into it. It actually turned out to be a twenty something lady who was dressed in a revealing manner who didn’t seem to want to live as she blocked the path ahead.

Gu Panpan slammed on the breaks. The car stopped around a dozen or more centimetres before the lady. Then they heard the women speak in a pitful manner. “Big brother, big sister, could you please give me a ride?”

The apocalypse weather was extremely variable. One second it could be snowing, another it could be smashing down hail, and then suddenly it could disappear becoming a beautiful nice sunny day. The entire day could vary from being gloomy, icy cold and sometimes scorching hot.

At present, the north wind was blowing, but the woman was still only wearing a small tube top and a miniskirt. Her pale arms and thighs were completely revealed. She was rather good looking. Delicate with pretty facial features and long hair floating in the wind, she was shivering in the cold. She did look rather pitiful.

But Gu Panpans face turned cold. From within the car she grabbed an iron rod and making it seem like fragile icicles she snapped it into two then smiled coldly. “Get lost! Trying to play this kind of farce in front of this old lady? Are you blind?”

The woman instantly turned pale then watched as Gu Panpan stepped on the gas and rushed out of the way. Gu Panpan was back on the road driving off.

While driving away, Gu Panpan started to explain to Shao Qing: “Qig Jiejie, don’t be fooled by her pitiful appearance. In fact it’s all a big lie. If you actually dare to open the car doors, a bunch of swindling impure men would surround both sides of the car and rush in dragging the people out. If you’re lucky you’ll only get all your belongings stolen. If you’re unlucky then even your life could be lost.”

Looking in the car mirror, sure enough she saw that behind the woman stomping her feet were several knife holding big sturdy men.

“Those swindling perverted men tried to deceive me by acting nice and pure but with my high intellect, I saw through them with a glance.” Gu Panpan spoke in a proud manner.

Gu chuan trying to avenge himself for how Gu Panpan had completely revealed everything about him, actually spoke out a long sentence. “Then who was it who got tricked before and almost got the car stolen?”

Gu Panpan’s face turned completely red and pouted. “Brother!”

Shao Qing couldn’t help but laugh. One of the reasons why she had agreed to be friends with the siblings was due to their relationship that was extremely envious.

After all, since the apocalypse, siblings aside, even fathers and sons or mothers and daughters might have a fall out.

Being able to support each other during the apocalypse, is extremely fortunate. This made Shao Qing often recall Mu Lin. That carefree but dedicated woman who had always treated her so well.

It could be said that Shao Qing’s life was a massive failure. As soon as she was born she was abandoned and forced to rely on herself to enter a military school. Upon entering the army she had to retire early on because of an injury, and then she even fell in love with a man who ultimately turned out to be a cheating bastard.

Her only fortunes’ was first meeting Mu Lin. Growing up together, she sincerely had cared about her. The other thing was Xiao Baozi. He was a present given to her by the heavens.

“Mommy, candy.” While Shao Qing was sighing in sorrow, Xiao Baozi who was burrowed within her embrace had lovably extended a milk candy towards Shao Qing’s mouth. Although Shao Qing didn’t need to eat, her heart immediately warmed up.

Just as she thought, Xiao Baozi was in fact the treasure Heaven had blessed her with, the best present.

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  1. Is it wrong that I want all these side characters to die and get eaten and for her to accept that for all intents and purposes she is a monster? Not eating meat or sucking human dong won’t change that.

  2. Her accepting she is a monster or not has nothing to do with whether or not the others live or die (unless she’s the one that decides to kill and eat them).

    She’s experienced with taking lives and seeing those around her die (not to mention she has experienced dying herself), so the deaths of others around her won’t affect her to much (unless she becomes very emotionally attached to them, such as Xiao Baozi).

    Besides which, humans are far more monstrous than zombies, who only try to eat you (and she has already experienced some of the worst humans have to offer).

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