The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 108

Chapter 108 – Extra 3

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Dad likes to call me “Ah Zai,” and Dragon Father gave me a name, Pei Yan. Although I am already seven years old, I still like the name “Ah Zai,” but I can’t show it, in case Dragon Father breaks my dragon leg.

Yes, even though I study and read in the mortal realm, with outstanding intelligence surpassing their understanding, not only am I handsome and cute, but I’m also talented in both literary and martial arts. These mortals adore me, praising me as a “rare genius among thousands.” However, they have no idea that the gap between me and them is not as simple as one in a thousand.

They will never know that, in fact —

I am a dragon.

— “The Miscellaneous Records of the Strongest Dragon in Heaven and Earth”


Pei Yunshu sat in the teahouse with a bewildered expression, listening to the tutor opposite him talking endlessly.

“Young Master Pei, Pei Yan is naturally talented at learning. He quickly comprehends things, while others need to read five or six times to memorize them. He not only memorizes them perfectly after just one reading but also adds his own insights,” the tutor was passionate, his face flushed, “Young Master Pei, although he is still young, such a talented and virtuous child needs proper guidance from an early age.”

The tutor paused, feeling a bit awkward, and stroked his beard before continuing, “Young Master Pei, but Pei Yan… his temperament seems… somewhat unusual.”

“Such arrogance and excessive self-confidence will undoubtedly be a disadvantage in the officialdom.”

Pei Yunshu understood each sentence individually, but when put together, he became confused. Enduring it, he listened for a while, becoming more and more perplexed. The tutor praised Little Dragon like he was the most exceptional being, and then complained to Pei Yunshu about how Pei Yan’s temperament was tormenting. The entire study room’s classmates seemed to have been offended by Pei Yan.

Was this really his obedient Ah Zai?

Pei Yunshu had serious doubts.

Seeing his skeptical expression, the tutor invited him to visit the private school. Pei Yunshu nodded readily and followed the tutor. Along the way, the tutor’s expression was full of distress, incessantly pouring out his grievances to Pei Yunshu. It didn’t seem like an act.

Pei Yunshu became even more confused.

When they arrived at the private school, it was the time for the students to practice writing big characters. There was no teacher in the room, and these half-grown children were hard to control.

Following behind the tutor, Pei Yunshu tried to hide their presence, leaning against the window. From the corner, he watched the students in the room.

Little Dragon sat in the center, and his appearance now had a touch of the cold and otherworldly aura of the dragon race. Solely from his aura, he could easily suppress various kinds of beasts and these still young children.

But with chubby cheeks and a pair of tender eyes, he looked so cute. Pei Yunshu thought, his Ah Zai is so easy to get along with, how could he offend his classmates?

Just when he was confident in this thought, someone stood up and walked to Little Dragon’s table. The person grabbed Pei Yan’s table with both hands, angrily saying, “Pei Yan, stop pretending. Was it you who tripped me yesterday evening?”

Pei Yan cast a disdainful glance at him, sarcastically curling his lips. Despite his small age, he looked extremely arrogant, “This young Young Master’s legs are extremely precious. Trip you? I find you dirtying my legs distasteful.”

“You!” The furious person tried to hit Pei Yan but was effortlessly blocked by Pei Yan with a brush. Pei Yan walked out of his seat, kicked the tip of his foot, and made the person kneel heavily on the ground.

There were a few small exclamations around, and the kneeling person’s face twisted in pain. His eyes were involuntarily reddened by the pain. Pei Yan squatted down, picked up a brush, and pointed it at the person’s face, teasingly provoking, “Cry.”

“You’re bullying people!” The child on the ground sniffled, genuinely crying in pain, “I’m going to tell the teacher!”

“Tell the teacher? If you dare to tell, I dare to take action. Kneel down now, or enjoy the privilege of looking good when you cry,” Pei Yan raised an eyebrow, smiling with a touch of arrogance on his delicate and petite face, “I personally lifted my foot and kicked you. You should consider it an honor.”

The young man cried even more miserably, despite being noticeably older than Pei Yan. Yet, in front of Pei Yan, he seemed like a mouse encountering a snake.

Pei Yan wrinkled his small eyebrows in distress. “Stop crying.”

The youth cried even harder, his face dirty and unsightly. Pei Yan, disgusted, looked away, patted his robe, stood up, and separated the brush, “Enough, stand up. Someone bullied you last night? Apologize to me now, and in the future, I’ll have your back. No one will dare to bully you again.”

After saying this, and with the boy still crying, Pei Yan’s voice suddenly turned cold and impatient, “I said – stop crying.”

The youth was frightened and choked back his tears, looking at him in terror.

Pei Yan’s gaze swept around the study, pointing at someone, “Come here.”

The person he pointed at had a distinguished appearance. Looking surprised, he opened his mouth and then pursed his lips. He walked over, whispering, “What’s wrong, Little Brother Pei?”

“Why did you trip him?” Pei Yan asked. “A fool, why bother with him?”

The handsome young man replied, “He’s always causing trouble for you.”

Pei Yan’s eyes curved, revealing a childish and innocent expression, “I know I’m extremely charming, but neither you nor him catch my eye. Instead of bothering with him, why not write a few poems praising my beauty? It would make me happy.”

The young man smiled and agreed, “Sure.”

Pei Yunshu was pulled away from the window by the teacher. He was in a daze, asking, “Was that person really my Ah Zai?”

The teacher gave him a strange look and asked, “Isn’t Pei Yan always like this at home?”

Pei Yunshu couldn’t hear his words at this point. He stood dazed for a while. It was hard to believe that the devilish boy he saw earlier was the same one who clung to him with teary eyes earlier this morning.

The teacher, seeing his appearance, patted his arm sympathetically, leaving him alone to calm down.

After a while, Pei Yunshu reluctantly came back to his senses. He walked to the study door, calmly calling, “Pei Yan.”

Pei Yan, who was writing with his head down, trembled, and the ink stained a character. He sneakily raised his head, saw Pei Yunshu, and his eyes immediately brightened, then quickly flashed a guilty look.

He stood up, almost running, and threw himself into Pei Yunshu’s arms. His face, full of admiration, joy in his eyes, sounded sweet like candy, “Dad!”

Pei Yunshu softened for a moment, but immediately stiffened. He nodded to the students in the study, then took Pei Yan with him and left.

In an instant, Pei Yan found himself back in Chunxiao Valley.

With a pitiful expression on his face, Pei Yan’s chubby cheeks squeezed together. He transformed into a small baby dragon, holding onto his father’s clothes, tail in his arms, blinking golden eyes, “Dad came to pick up Ah Zai today!”

Ignoring his attempt to please, Pei Yunshu brought him to the room and questioned, “Who taught you that look?”

It looked like he was begging to be beaten up.

If Pei Yunshu weren’t his dad, he would have rushed in to give him a good spanking.

Calling himself a young master? Who is he fooling with such arrogance?

Who corrupted the dragon cub?!

People from Chunxiao Valley arrived one after another, and they were met with Pei Yunshu’s angry and suspicious gaze. Bai Lige scratched his nose and went over to inquire with a confused Zhuyou, “What happened?”

Zhuyou glanced at him indifferently and said, “I don’t know.”

If even Zhuyou doesn’t know about it, it must be a significant matter.

Once everyone in the room sat down obediently, Pei Yunshu snorted disdainfully. To his surprise, everyone in the room shivered in response, especially the little dragon, who nervously clutched his tail and began nibbling on it.

It was a habit he developed since childhood; whenever he felt nervous or scared, he would start nibbling on his tail. The scales at the tip of his tail were often chewed soft.

“Father…” he mumbled anxiously.

Pei Yunshu calmed down. “Speak up. Who taught you this?”

A room full of people: Dad can’t be provoked, Dragon Father can’t be provoked, Uncle Qingfeng treats him well and he doesn’t want to provoke, Uncle Hua Yue looks beautiful and doesn’t want to provoke…

Bai Lige, who was watching the scene with a calm expression, raised an eyebrow. “….What?”

Suddenly, the little dragon burst into tears and rushed to Pei Yunshu’s legs. “Father, it’s not Uncle Bai Li’s fault. It’s just that I was curious and followed Uncle Bai Li to that strange place.”

Pei Yunshu’s temples throbbed. He forced a gentle smile. “Strange place?”

“A place full of beautiful sisters,” the little dragon hiccupped. “People there call themselves ‘lords.’ It seemed fun, so I went to see what Uncle Bai Li was doing there.”

The little dragon was telling the truth, “But those sisters aren’t as beautiful as Uncle Hua Yue. They are quite strange. I wanted to find Uncle Bai Li, but they laughed at me for being too young.”

He then added proudly, “People there praised me for being handsome and told me to play with them when I grow up. Ah Zai felt I was incredibly handsome.”

A headstrong and powerful dragon, the most beautiful and adorable dragon in the world. That’s how he described himself. 

With these words, everyone’s disdainful eyes focused on Bai Lige.

Bai Lige’s expression froze. “When did you start following me? I wasn’t aware.”

“Hmph,” the little dragon said, “With my extraordinary cultivation, how could an old fox like you notice?”

Hua Yue covered their face, sobbing. “Oh my, such a cute and kind little one has been corrupted by the old ancestor.”

Bai Lige’s eyes twitched, and he suddenly became serious. He sternly lectured the little dragon, “You must not go to such places. I know approximately when you followed me, but that time, I had to rescue a fox in distress. You are still young; listen to me, okay?”

In the end, he couldn’t help softening his tone.

Pei Yunshu felt numb with anger. He turned and walked into the embrace of Zhuyou, muttering, “I feel upset.”

Zhuyou hugged him, and his sharp eyes that could kill stared at the little dragon and Bai Lige.

Little Dragon couldn’t resist and took another bite of his tail. He couldn’t help but say, “Ah Zai didn’t say anything wrong. In the private school, those people aren’t as powerful or handsome as the little dragon. Ah Zai always had to deal with their excuses to get close. Ah Zai was tired.”

He sighed as if deeply burdened.

Zhuyou hugged Pei Yunshu away, leaving the matter to Young Master Qingfeng to handle. “Make sure he doesn’t upset his father again next time.”

Young Master Qingfeng nodded. Pei Yan didn’t care about his punishment; he was more concerned about the atmosphere between dad and his Dragon father.

This time, he really angered Dad…

In his golden eyes, a hint of water shimmered, and the dragon cub sniffled, acknowledging his mistake.


Pei Yunshu jumped out of Zhuyou’s arms after being taken out and quickly walked to the little dragon’s room. He stealthily hid his presence, intending to find out what the little dragon had been writing in those miscellaneous records.

“Maybe there are thoughts and feelings he’s keeping to himself,” Pei Yunshu said seriously. “I want to know what the little dragon is thinking.”

As children grow older, they learn to wear different faces outside and in front of their parents. 

How could this be allowed?

Chasing after him, Zhuyou accompanied him in the search. After a while, Pei Yunshu found a book titled “The Miscellaneous Records of the Strongest Dragon in Heaven and Earth”

Pei Yunshu: “…”

Zhuyou: “…”

The two looked at each other in silence for a while after seeing the title, then opened a page.


“Today, the little dragon has grown another inch. At this rate, he will undoubtedly become an eight-foot tall handsome man in the future. However, if that’s all, it would be too perfunctory. The little dragon knows that judging people is not just about looking at the surface but also looking at the bones. Given the little dragon’s preciousness, both skin and bones should be perfectly fine.

Today, another person at school tried to approach the little dragon. The little dragon is extremely impatient with these mortals; they want to hold the little dragon in their hands, not knowing that the little dragon is already the palm-sized dragon of his dad. They shouldn’t think about taking the little dragon away from his dad’s hands.

However, their infatuation with the little dragon makes sense, as there is no one else in the world born as a beautiful dragon, only the little dragon. Even the rough dragon father is not comparable.

Really, there’s no way. Since I am a dragon, occasionally I have to reluctantly accept the filial piety of these mortals. 

Otherwise, if they worry about divine retribution, it would be troublesome.

— “The Miscellaneous Records of the Strongest Dragon in Heaven and Earth”


Zhuyou sneered, “Heh.”

A whole book of the little dragon praising himself; even Pei Yunshu couldn’t bear to look at it. 

The two glanced at each other, silently exited the room, pretending they hadn’t seen anything.

However, Pei Yunshu decided that the white dragon should guide the little dragon. Confidence is good, but too much confidence is not. 

Let the white dragon teach him what it means to be the “strongest dragon.”

After discussing with Zhuyou, Pei Yunshu carried out the plan immediately. That evening, Pei Yan was sent into the God Dragon’s Secret Realm.

Regardless of Pei Yan’s cries or tantrums, Pei Yunshu did not allow him to come out. The pitiful seven-year-old dragon could only obediently stay by the side of the White Dragon, training his skills along with the dragon souls throughout the entire Dragon Valley.

As he embarked on his journey toward becoming the “strongest dragon” within the God Dragon’s Secret Realm, Zhuyou also experienced his final shedding.


Two years later, Pei Yan forcibly tore open a spatial rift, single-handedly exiting the God Dragon’s Secret Realm.

In his heart, the little dragon was filled with joy and longing for his dad and dragon father. Swift as the wind, he called out, “Dad!”

This calling abruptly stopped when he opened the door.

A fair-skinned baby lay in his dad’s arms, and his dad looked at the baby with love and a smile, displaying a warm and tender expression.

Pei Yan’s heart turned cold, and he felt as if he had fallen into an icy abyss. His eyes reddened, and he asked, “Dad, what is this?”

Pei Yunshu hadn’t expected him to come out suddenly, a flash of panic crossing his face. In Pei Yan’s eyes, this panic served as evidence that his dad had another child behind his back.

Unable to hold back his tears any longer, Pei Yan’s eyes blurred. He felt that he was about to be abandoned.

The most beautiful and powerful dragon in the world, his dad didn’t want to hold him in his palm anymore.

The water in the entire Chunxiao Valley was affected, swirling frantically. Pei Yunshu, at a loss for words, looked at Pei Yan with complex eyes. He pointed to the baby in his lap, who was staring at him without blinking, and said, “This is your dragon father.”

The surging water flow came to a halt, and Pei Yan was stunned.

He quickly wiped his eyes, looking at the emotionless baby in disbelief. “Dragon father?!”

The young and fragile heart was struck, leaving Pei Yan feeling dizzy.

Pei Yunshu waved at him, gesturing for him to come forward, and gloated, “Why don’t you say something to your dragon father?”

Choosing to believe his dad’s words, Pei Yan stuttered, “Dragon father, dragon father, hello…”

The baby glanced at him, calmly uttered an “Ah,” then turned its attention back to intently gazing up at Pei Yunshu.

Pei Yan: “…”

It actually responded for real!

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