The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 65

Chapter 65

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These creatures couldn’t harm Pei Yunshu, but when he got close to their eggs, he could see that they were ready to hatch.

Their speed increased as he got closer, and in the end, he soared forward with the wind. However, the eggs on the sides of the walls were particularly sensitive. Whenever he passed by, they would inevitably crack open. Before he reached the end of this path, the area behind him was covered with a multitude of creatures with sharp teeth, crawling all over.

“These things, how can there be so many?” Pei Yunshu muttered to himself, “Did they smell the scent of humans?”

The Black Dragon rumbled, “Roar.”


I didn’t need you to answer.

Pei Yunshu drew his sword, and the swordsmanship he had practiced for hundreds of years in the inner demon realm was now etched into his heart. With a casual swing, he could kill a group of these fierce creatures. The bodies of these creatures piled up, but they couldn’t stop the relentless horde from behind.

Pei Yunshu didn’t want to waste any more time. He walked and killed, and when he reached the end, he saw a huge monster that blocked the entire cave entrance.

The monster was large but not as large as the sea monsters outside the Mystic Dragon Realm. Aside from that, it was almost identical to those deep-sea creatures.

It also had a pair of slender arms, and its eyes were closed. There were eggs constantly emerging from its side, and the stench grew stronger. Broken and intact eggs were piled up on the side, and there was no space to pass.

A beautiful mystic dragon realm had become the ideal place for this creature to lay its eggs.

Pei Yunshu swung his sword to kill the giant monster. But before the blade even fell, the monster was cut into two.

A scream echoed throughout the cave, and Pei Yunshu’s sword fell, silencing the screams.

This blow was probably made by Zhuyou, who was killing the sea creatures that had invaded the dragon realm and using the Black Dragon to occupy the nests. This time, it had done the realm a favor.

The group of small creatures behind him heard the scream, and the faint, crying-like sounds resounded. The voices were weak and sharp, making the scalp tingle.

Pei Yunshu passed through the mother creature’s body and rushed forward. These sea creatures seemed endless. He didn’t know how long he had traveled with the wind until he suddenly stopped.

In front of him, there was a long corridor, and beneath it was a deep underground river. In the depths of this cave, there was a simple and ancient corridor. It was simply inconceivable.


Meanwhile, Young Master Qingfeng had walked to the end of his path and had not encountered any danger. He knew he had chosen the right path and turned back out of the cave. Once outside, he headed towards the cave where Bai Lige and Hua Yue were.

He didn’t want to be alone with Pei Yunshu, especially with the presence of a sinister dragon.

Young Master Qingfeng walked to the depths of the cave and smelled the scent of blood coming from ahead. His expression tensed, and he glanced back at the cave entrance, hesitating for a moment before deciding to continue forward.

A moment later, a bloodied Hua Yue and Bai Lige stumbled out, with Hua Yue supporting Bai Lige.

Hua Yue’s face brightened when he saw Young Master Qingfeng, “Young Master Qingfeng, please save our Old Ancestor!”

Young Master Qingfeng frowned deeply. He stepped forward, carrying Bai Lige on his back and had Hua Yue transform back into his original form and hold on to his arm. With haste, he rushed towards the cave entrance.

There were thunderous sounds of pursuit behind them, with falling rocks from the cave’s ceiling, and roars that seemed to rip through one’s eardrums.

“What’s going on?” Young Master Qingfeng asked.

Hua Yue hurriedly explained, “The cave walls were carved with depictions of dragon hunting. When Old Ancestor and I walked past, these dragons emerged from the cave walls and saw us as prey for their hunt!”

Young Master Qingfeng’s heart turned cold. “What’s chasing us so relentlessly? Dragon?”

Hua Yue sobbed, “Not just one dragon.”

The conversation was cut short as Young Master Qingfeng increased his pace. The cave was under constant attack, with rocks occasionally blocking their path. Bai Lige, now conscious again, spoke with a hint of humor, “I guess they won’t leave until they’ve captured their prey.”

Bai Lige’s injured right arm dangled as he laid on Young Master Qingfeng’s back, bloodied and weakened. He was nothing like his usual vigorous self and laid bathed in blood.

Other than his right arm, Hua Yue didn’t know what other injuries Bai Lige had sustained. However, there must be other serious injuries, or why would the Old Ancestor be so weak?

Young Master Qingfeng remained silent. He knew there was something getting closer and closer behind them. He sent a burst of fire behind them, and it seemed to enrage the dragon. It roared loudly, its voice echoing in their minds. Young Master Qingfeng thought it was dangerous, so he leaped off the cave wall and saw the dragon head gnashing at the spot he had just vacated.

Young Master Qingfeng’s forehead was covered in cold sweat, and he dared not stop. He used all his strength to rush forward.

The cave was truly deep. At this rate, they would be devoured by the dragon behind them sooner or later.


Meanwhile, Pei Yunshu suddenly halted in his tracks and heard the faint sound of cracking coming from behind. He had a bad feeling about this and immediately turned and rushed back towards the cave entrance.

The corpses of the huge creatures were still blocking his way, and the groups of small creatures rushed towards him as soon as they saw him. Pei Yunshu wielded his sword to kill them, but they slowed him down, and he grew more and more anxious.

“Zhuyou!” he urgently called, “You’re a living spirit. Can you pass through the cave directly and see what’s happening to Bai Lige and Hua Yue?”

The Black Dragon did not respond. It had lost all sense of reason at this moment and had no idea who Bai Lige and Hua Yue were.

Pei Yunshu knew that the Black Dragon understood nothing, but he gritted his teeth, “If you go to save Bai Lige and Hua Yue, I will let you have your way once.”

The Black Dragon roared in excitement and swiped its tail across Pei Yunshu’s cheek. In an instant, it passed through the cave wall and entered another corridor.

Pei Yunshu watched as the Black Dragon left and felt somewhat relieved. He tossed a fire charm into the group of creatures to distract them, creating a chance for him to escape through the cave.


Meanwhile, when the Black Dragon arrived, Young Master Qingfeng and the others had been driven into a dead end.

Two dragons were closing in, one in front and the other behind, with saliva dripping from their sharp teeth. It seemed they could swallow all three of them in one bite.

Bai Lige coughed a few times, suppressing the bloody taste in his throat, “I never thought I’d meet my end here.”

Hua Yue’s voice trembled, “Old Ancestor, how many tails do you have left?”

Bai Lige smiled and replied, “I’ll use up all my tails before I die. With my current half-demon, half-ghost state, how can I cultivate tails?”

Hua Yue blinked, looking puzzled.

Bai Lige patted Young Master Qingfeng’s shoulder and said, “I’ll draw these two dragons away. You take Little Fox out of the cave while they search for new prey. They should return to the cave walls once they can’t find any more.”

Young Master Qingfeng, who had his left arm bitten as well, was still determined and replied, “Shut up.”

Bai Lige chuckled, “You, as a demonic cultivator, how come you’re still so righteous and caring?”

Young Master Qingfeng sneered, “You don’t even know how it’s going to end.”

Suddenly, one of the dragons that had been airborne slammed into the cave wall on the right.

The impact was so strong that the dragon let out a painful cry, and three fresh bloodstains appeared on its body.

The other dragon grew furious, but in the blink of an eye, it was slammed to the ground as well.

The Black Dragon was extremely excited, attacking with ferocity. It let out a long roar and pounced again.

Young Master Qingfeng and the others couldn’t see it but watched in astonishment as both dragons accumulated more and more bloody wounds. Hua Yue’s eyes shone with an ethereal light, and he exclaimed, “Lord Zhuyou?!”

Bai Lige’s strength was nearly depleted, and he collapsed to the ground with laughter, saying, “Zhuyou has finally arrived. Fate has not abandoned me yet.”

Young Master Qingfeng breathed a sigh of relief but noticed he was also covered in blood.

The three of them watched in amazement as the two evil dragons were utterly powerless against Zhuyou, who was handling them with ease. They couldn’t help but cheer.

“Good!” Bai Lige yelled with all his might.

The Black Dragon was delighted and unreservedly tore into the dragons’ flesh. Hua Yue cheered along, excited and jumping up and down.

“Bite them! Bite them! Lord Zhuyou, bite them to death! Break their dragon horns!”

Young Master Qingfeng turned to Bai Lige and said coldly, “You’re really about to die, and you’re still not shutting up.”

Bai Lige laughed, “If you’re worried about me, just say so. You said you didn’t like us before. If you don’t like us, why did you risk your life to save us?”

Young Master Qingfeng remained silent for a while before he snorted, “We, as demonic cultivators, are known to speak the truth only three times out of ten. How could you believe everything I say?”

“You’re just so foolish.”

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