The Whole Sect Is Acting Strange Chapter 66

Chapter 66

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Young Master Qingfeng didn’t mince words, and Bai Lige didn’t seem to mind. It didn’t take long for Pei Yunshu to hurry over.

The two dragons were lying on the ground, battered and bloody. Pei Yunshu looked at them briefly before shifting his gaze to Bai Lige, and his heart tightened. “Bai Li!”

He rushed to Bai Lige’s side, wanting to touch him, but his hands were trembling, and he dared not move him.

Bai Lige held Pei Yunshu’s hand and placed it on his left chest, speaking warmly, “Yunshu, don’t worry. I’m still alive.”

The heartbeat beneath Pei Yunshu’s hand was slow and strong, and Bai Lige’s hand was warm. Pei Yunshu held Bai Lige’s hand tightly, swallowing the bitterness in his heart. “Let’s get out of here first.”

He carried the three of them out on his sword. The two dragons had already been defeated by the Black Dragon and had returned to their inconspicuous murals on the cave walls.

Once outside the cave, Bai Lige was placed in an open space, and Pei Yunshu began to treat his injuries.

Milky-white spiritual energy moved with Pei Yunshu’s hand, visibly healing his minor wounds. Pei Yunshu gently touched Bai Lige’s right arm, praying silently for a complete recovery.

Bai Lige’s right hand was the one he used to hold his spear.

Young Master Qingfeng, still silent, walked behind Pei Yunshu and said, “I have an alchemical furnace in my storage bag. Give me the bag, and I can refine an elixir to mend his meridians.”

Pei Yunshu’s face lit up, and he turned to Young Master Qingfeng with a hopeful expression, “Young Master Qingfeng, do you need any specific medicinal ingredients?”

Young Master Qingfeng’s storage bag was in Bai Lige’s hands, but once he found it, he handed it over to Pei Yunshu. His expression was serious as he said, “Young Master Qingfeng, I implore you.”

Young Master Qingfeng took his storage bag, glanced at Pei Yunshu, and said nothing. He found a spot far away and started the alchemical process.

It seemed that Young Master Qingfeng didn’t like him.

Pei Yunshu sighed and, with Hua Yue’s help, wiped away the bloody mess on Bai Lige’s body. Bai Lige attempted to move his right arm and was surprised. “Yunshu, that technique of yours is truly miraculous. I feel like I don’t even need to take an elixir.”

“Don’t move too much,” Pei Yunshu quickly held his arm. “It’s safer to wait for Young Master Qingfeng to refine the meridian-repairing elixir.”

Bai Lige grinned, raising an eyebrow and teasing, “If the Black Dragon sees you getting so close to me like this, won’t it be mad enough to dig three feet underground?”

Hua Yue looked at Bai Lige with admiration. At a time like this, he still had the courage to provoke Lord Zhuyou. However, he couldn’t help but think about the terrifying dragon head from before when Lord Zhuyou appeared. It didn’t look like a harmless flood dragon; its massive horns were intimidating.

Pei Yunshu was taken aback, looked around, and thought, “Zhuyou?”

The sound of a dragon’s roar echoed in his mind. Pei Yunshu knew that it was nearby, but its current docile behavior made him uneasy. He recalled his hasty words in the cave and his worries grew.

Still, during the five days when his soul was outside his body, the Black Dragon didn’t do anything to him, so following its actions, it should’ve been all cuddles and kisses.

Over the past few days, Zhuyou had gradually lowered Pei Yunshu’s boundaries until now Pei Yunshu felt that there was nothing wrong with just cuddles and kisses.

“Bai Li, get some rest,” Pei Yunshu said. “Zhuyou is still here, and with us around, you can rest peacefully.”

Bai Lige nodded and didn’t bother to hide his fatigue. He fell into a deep slumber.

Pei Yunshu sat cross-legged and circulated his spiritual energy in his meridians. Suddenly, he felt a push on his back, and his heart skipped a beat. In the blink of an eye, his soul had left his body once again.

Pei Yunshu looked around bewilderedly. Young Master Qingfeng was focused on alchemy, and Hua Yue was also practicing. He couldn’t see the Black Dragon anywhere.


This must be the Black Dragon’s way of “dealing with him.”

Pei Yunshu clenched his hand nervously, trying to maintain a calm facade. “What do you want to do? If you want to do something, then come and do it. I keep my word; I won’t hide.”

After waiting for quite a while and still not seeing the Black Dragon’s presence, Pei Yunshu paced around for a while. Eventually, he spotted a claw mark at the entrance of the cave he had just entered.

It was a dragon claw mark left by the Black Dragon, similar to the claw marks on the two evil dragons’ bodies. Pei Yunshu glanced at the cave and decided to proceed inside.

Now that he was also a wandering soul, he was like darkness merging with darkness, and no one could see him.

As he walked deeper into the cave, passing through numerous small beasts, dragon claw marks on the wall guided him, telling him that the Black Dragon was ahead.

After some time, Pei Yunshu arrived at the long corridor.

There was another claw mark on the corridor. Following it, he ascended the corridor. The dark corridor offered little visibility, and only the sound of a trickling underground river echoed in his ears.

The scenery seemed somewhat familiar, and Pei Yunshu couldn’t help but think he had dreamt of it not too long ago.

After a while, the sound of the river grew fainter, and the corridor led to a wooden door. Pei Yunshu pushed it open, revealing a room lit by a dim candlelight.

He blocked the sudden light and slowly adjusted to the scene inside the room. What he saw left him astonished.

Behind the wooden door was a vast room, large enough for a giant dragon to sprawl within. The room was filled with layer upon layer of dazzling gold, precious gems, and magical artifacts.

Each item emitted a blinding radiance, and the floor was covered with treasures. The dim light wasn’t from candles but from the luminous pearls scattered all over.

This… it was a treasury!

Pei Yunshu was blinded by the golden glint. How had the dragons in the Dragon God’s Sanctuary managed to accumulate all these riches?

He tilted his head to get a better look at this “gold mountain,” which was primarily filled with earthly treasures. Aside from their aesthetics, Pei Yunshu couldn’t think of any reason why the dragons had accumulated such a “gold mountain.”

There was a large black wooden box atop the “gold mountain,” and Pei Yunshu saw the claw marks on it. He climbed onto the “gold mountain,” stepping on gold, silver, and gems with each step.

He was cautious with these earthly riches, even while walking on them. Fortunately, he was currently a wandering soul and couldn’t damage these items.

Pei Yunshu finally reached the top of the “gold mountain.” The black wooden box placed there wasn’t locked. He was curious about the box at the highest point and opened it.

Inside the box, a small-sized Black Dragon was coiled. Its red eyes locked onto Pei Yunshu as its tail swayed, and it confidently proclaimed, “Roar.”

Pei Yunshu was stunned upon seeing it, but he soon smiled with amusement, his lips forming a crescent moon shape, filled with gentle humor. “Have you become the most precious treasure in this treasure trove?”

The Black Dragon extended its head from the wooden box, its gem-like eyes fixed on Pei Yunshu, and it responded approvingly with a satisfied “roar.”

Pei Yunshu’s laughter grew heartier.

Seeing his joyful expression, the Black Dragon’s humanized emotions faded away, revealing its deep, animalistic desire. It leaped out of the black wooden box, closed the lid, pushed against Pei Yunshu’s legs, and knocked him onto the black box.

His hair scattered over the gold, and the beautiful youth, now even more radiant against the black box, with snow-white skin and ethereal beauty, laid ready, looking as fresh as morning dew, allowing the Black Dragon to do as it pleased.

Sharp fangs slid across his body, causing his clothes to fall apart in tatters. His fair feet pressed against the wooden box.

True to his word, Pei Yunshu kept his eyes closed, his heart pounding in his chest.

Zhuyou probably intended to reprise the same gentle kisses as during those five days, right?

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