The Whole World Is My Crematorium Chapter 9

Chapter 9

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Xiao Yuan was stunned.

The younger brother Xiao Du had been looking for more than ten years and, after finding him, cherished him like a treasure, was not born of the same mother as him? It was not Xiao Du’s style at all. In other words, Xiao Du, who was cold and mean by nature, could go to such lengths for a younger brother who was not related by blood? He was afraid that he had placed all his affection on this brother.

Xiao Yuan inexplicably remembered the vague image of his elder brother in his memory. If this brother really existed, would he be looking for him too?

“Master Xiao?” Meng Chi’s voice interrupted Xiao Yuan’s thoughts, “Are you listening?”

Xiao Yuan focused: “Yes. Where is the place with the blood ban where only Gu family members can go?”

Meng Chi said: “The ruins of Qingyan Sect – Hidden Sword Valley.”

The next day, the four of them continued on their way and arrived at Yunjian Pavilion before sunset.

As the number one sect in the world, Yunjian Pavilion combined both the elegance and grace of a traditional southern clan and the majesty of an immortal cultivation family. Misty clouds lingered among jade buildings, pavilions and water pavilions on the peaks of ranges of mountains. Standing on the sword and looking down, Xiao Yuan was amazed to realize it was actually the size of half of Luling City.

“Compared with Yunjian Pavilion, Xufu is just a broken thatched house with wind leaking on all sides.”

Xufu was the place where the three of them – Xiao Yuan’s Shizun and his two disciples – lived. When Mu Yingyang heard this, he said angrily: “Even a dog doesn’t think its home is too poor.”

Xiao Yuan said indifferently: “Xufu is not my home.”

Mu Yingyang asked, “You have lived in Xufu since you were five years old. How can Xufu not be your home? Do you have a conscience at all, Xiao Yuan?”

Xiao Yuan really thought about this question for a while: “Maybe not.”

Gu Louyin said, “Master Xiao.”


“We’re going to go down.”

Xiao Yuan said “oh”, and his hold on Gu Louyin’s waist tightened a little bit.

The two disciples of Yunjian Pavilion who guarded the gate were extremely excited when they saw Gu Louyin and Lin Wulian: “Young Pavilion Master and Lin Shixiong are back! Go and tell Elder Qian! ”

Xiao Yuan asked, “Why Elder Qian, why not the Pavilion Master?”

Lin Wulian explained: “The Pavilion Master is in retreat, and Qian Shishu is temporarily in charge of the affairs of Yunjian Pavilion.” (shishu – sect elder younger/lower ranked than speaker’s elder; applied both to men and women)

Gu Louyin and Lin Wulian went to meet their Elder Qian, and Xiao Yuan and Mu Yingyang were invited to a courtyard called Biluozhai.

Mu Yingyang said, “Have you seen enough, can you go back with me?”

“Shidi, what’s the hurry, we just came here.” Xiao Yuan poured two cups of tea, took a sip and said, “Good tea, Shidi, would you like to drink it?”

Mu Yingyang sat down opposite Xiao Yuan with a blank face. “There is no one else here, you can speak directly. What the h*ll do you want to do now that you found a way into Yunjian Pavilion?”

Xiao Yuan showed a surprised expression, “Shocking, it turns out that my Shidi is not stupid! ”


Xiao Yuan didn’t give Mu Yingyang time to retaliate and said, “Do you know about Qingyan?”

Mu Yingyang was successfully distracted: “Of course I know. Qingyan is the fire that was left in the world after the ancient wars. Its flame is cyan, so that’s why it has such a name. It is said that the weapons forged by Qingyan are all magical weapons, ordinary weapons are far from being comparable. The reason why Yunjian Pavilion could become the number one sword sect in the world is inextricably linked to their possession of the only cluster of Qingyan in the world.”

Xiao Yuan nodded and said, “Qingyan can be said to be the treasure of Yunjian Pavilion. If possible, I would love to see it.”

“Wishful thinking.” Mu Yingyang said contemptuously, “Who are you, why would they want to show it to you?”

Xiao Yuan smiled and said, “Shidi might have forgotten but I am Gu Louyin’s savior.”

Mu Yingyang picked up a cup of tea and snorted coldly: “So what, it’s already good enough if they give you a piece of warm jade forged by Qingyan. Do you still want to see Qingyan? Are you dreaming in broad daylight?”

“Anyone with ambitions is great, mine is to see Qingyan.” Xiao Yuan touched his chin and said regretfully, “Is it possible that I can only rely on my face to seduce Gu Louyin?”

Mu Yingyang sprayed a mouthful of tea, stood up and said angrily: “Xiao Yuan, don’t think you can do whatever you want if you look good! ”

He was really furious; he shouldn’t have talked nonsense with Xiao Yuan and accompanied him to Yunjian Pavilion, he should have directly knocked him out and carried back to Xufu.

“I never thought that way.” Xiao Yuan pinched his own cheek, “To tell you the truth, I’d really want to change my face.”

Not long after, someone from Yunjian Pavilion sent a message to invite them to the front hall for dinner.

Gu Louyin had changed into the attire of Yunjian Pavilion. His robe was as white as snow, and his long hair was tied up with a jade crown. At the end of the day, he really was an individual with splendid future prospects, his temperament noble and refined. Lin Wulian was also a handsome gentleman, but standing next to Gu Louyin, he was far from good enough.

Gu Louyin nodded at Xiao Yuan lightly: “Master Xiao.”

“Ma… Master Gu.”

Lin Wulian smiled and said, “In my opinion, let’s not have a “Master Xiao” on the left and a “Master Gu” on the right. How about just directly calling each other brothers?”

“No how about.” Mu Ying Yang showed no mercy, “Do I know you guys really well?”

“You don’t know them well, but I do.” Xiao Yuan said, “Master Gu and I have a lifelong friendship – don’t we, Gu-xiong?”

Gu Lou muttered “en”, “Let’s eat.”

Xiao Yuan: “Just the four of us?”

Lin Wulian said, “Qian Shishu wanted to thank Xiao-xiong in person, but he was anxious to check the bronze mirror that Xiao-xiong brought, so…”

“Gu Shixiong, Lin Shixiong!” A fifteen or sixteen-year-old girl ran in. The girl was also wearing the outfit of a Yunjian Pavilion disciple and held a sword in her hand. When she saw Gu Louyin, her face flushed with excitement, “Gu-Shixiong, you are back! If you didn’t return, I was going to go down the mountain to find you…”

Gu Louyin didn’t react; Lin Wulian said, “Shimei (junior sister in the sect), can’t you see there are guests here? It’s not proper to shout like this.”

“I can see.” The girl’s gaze fell on Xiao Yuan, “I heard that he is Gu-Shixiong’s savior.”

Xiao Yuan was not sure if it was an illusion but he faintly felt that the girl had a subtly hostile attitude towards him.

Lin Wulian introduced: “Xiao-xiong, Master Mu, this is our little Shimei Lu Yueyao. She has been spoiled since she was a child, I hope you will forgive her if she offends you.”

Xiao Yuan smiled and said nothing.

Lu Yueyao, “Can I have dinner with my Shixiong? I have been practicing my sword for the whole day and I am going to starve to death.”

Lin Wulian smiled and said, “Of course you can.”

Gu Louyin said, “I’m afraid you won’t be used to it.”

“Why, I like to eat everything in Yunjian Pavilion.”

Gu Louyin didn’t say anything else and motioned for the dishes to be served.

When the dishes were brought, Lu Yueyao’s beautiful eyes widened. Lin Wulian looked thoughtful, Mu Yingyang’s face was as black as the bottom of a pot and Xiao Yuan was the only one who was surprised and delighted.

Lu Yueyao was puzzled and said, “Why is it all seafood?”

“Crab stuffed with orange, fried shrimp cakes, steamed sea bass…” Xiao Yuan said with a smile, “My Shidi has mentioned it casually, but I didn’t expect Gu-xiong to remember.”

Gu Louyin said, “I have a good memory.”

Xiao Yuan picked up the chopsticks, “If that’s the case, then I won’t be polite.”

Mu Yingyang clenched his fists tightly, trying to restrain the urge to overturn the table – what is this surnamed Gu’s intent?! Why is he treating his Shixiong so well!

Seeing Xiao Yuan eating with relish and complimenting from time to time, Mu Yingyang’s chest was a little sour in addition to feeling it on fire. In the past when Shizun cooked for them, Xiao Yuan looked just as happy as he was now.

Seeing Mu Yingyang sit motionlessly, Xiao Yuan took a piece of shrimp cake and put it in his bowl, “Why don’t you eat it, Shidi? Believe me, the cooking skills of Yunjian Pavilion’s chef are much better than Shizun’s.”

Mu Yingyang said every word clearly: “I really want to strangle you.”

Xiao Yuan didn’t mind, “Then you have to eat enough to have the strength for it.”

The atmosphere in the room was weird and heavy, as if there was a dark tide surging. Lin Wulian smiled, trying to smooth things over. “It’s not only seafood here, look, there’s roasted bitter melons. Xiao-xiong, would you like to try it?”

Xiao Yuan was embarrassed and said, “Well…”

Mu Yingyang suddenly smiled, “This roasted bitter melon was also ordered by Young Pavilion Master Gu? It’s a pity that my Shixiong can’t eat bitter melons. As soon as he eats them, he will get a rash and itch all over his body.”

Gu Louyin looked at Xiao Yuan, and Xiao Yuan nodded helplessly.

Gu Louyin calmly said, “I’m sorry.”

“Young Pavilion Master Gu doesn’t need to apologize. You and my Shixiong have known each other for less than a month. It’s normal not to know that.”

Lin Wulian said, “Did Master Mu misunderstand something?”

Mu Yingyang smiled and said, “I hope it was just a misunderstanding.”

Gu Louyin glanced at Mu Yingyang and ordered someone to take away the roasted bitter melons.

Lu Yueyao and Lin Wulian looked at each other and their expressions were a little complicated.

Xiao Yuan didn’t bother caring about it. It was none of his business what the other people wanted to do as long as he could eat his fill happily.

Xiao Yuan lived in Yunjian Pavilion for a few days. Gu Louyin did his best to be a good host, entertaining him with good food and drink and occasionally taking him for a stroll around Yunjian Pavilion.

Xiao Yuan wanted to take the opportunity to get closer to Gu Louyin to raise the matter of Qingyan, but Mu Yingyang followed them wherever they went. He didn’t have a chance to be alone with Gu Louyin at all. And once the three of them walked together, the uncomfortable atmosphere of the dinner party that day would reappear. Gu Louyin was probably vexed too, and stopped coming to Biluozhai to find him.

During this period, Meng Chi urged the topic of Qingyan again, and after Xiao Yuan carefully considered the situation, he decided not to delay.

In the afternoon, when Mu Yingyang was full of food and drinks laying on the couch and taking a nap, Xiao Yuan was going to sneak out of the house. Just as he was about to open the door, a voice rang coldly behind him: “Where are you going?”

Xiao Yuan turned around with a cold expression, “To find Gu Louyin.”

Mu Yingyang immediately said, “I will go with you.”

“No way.”

Mu Yingyang narrowed his eyes, “Is there something going on between you and Gu Louyin.”

“Not yet, maybe there will be in the future.”

Mu Yingyang’s eyes darkened, “If you say that, then I can’t let you go.”

Xiao Yuan turned Wuguan Fengyue around in his fingers, “Speaking of which, it’s been a while since I’ve sparred with my Shidi.”

Mu Yingyang said in disbelief: “You are going to fight me for Gu Louyin?!”

Xiao Yuan smiled, “I don’t want to do it either. It’s just that, Shidi, you are too sticky, so sticky that… I can’t stand it anymore.”

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