After Failing to Influence the Protagonist Chapter 107

Chapter 107 This Life and Past Life (Part 4)

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Outside the gates of Yunxiao, the enraged Ziyang Zhenren at the Nascent Divinity stage returned seeking revenge, his path marked with spilled blood.

He set up an elaborate trap to force Yunxiao to surrender Pei Yuzhi. After awakening his Celestial Demon bloodline, Ji Wuyou’s cultivation skyrocketed. He was no longer the timid and lowly boy who once lay in the dirt.

Undergoing a complete transformation, he wore a purple robe, stood tall and upright, and had his dark hair neatly tied with a jade crown. He exuded power and mystery.

Once again, during the early snowfall, the sky and earth appeared grayish-blue.

The young man’s footsteps returned to this land, a strange and twisted smile forming on his lips, even though he couldn’t understand it himself.

Ji Wuyou’s voice was rough and deep as he exclaimed, “Pei Yuzhi, I have come back, my respected master… Hahaha, I have returned.” His laughter contained the satisfaction of revenge and mingled with his formidable cultivation, causing the snow on the branches to fall to the ground.

Standing beside him was a stunning woman in a sky-blue dress, her face wrinkling as she glanced at him, then asked, “Do you truly despise Pei Yuzhi so much?”

Ji Wuyou’s voice became extremely cold, “The grudge of sword snatching, a century of humiliation, the life taken in hatred. Wasn’t it enough?”

The woman in the blue dress, her elegant robe floating, had a composed demeanor. She smiled upon hearing his words. “It’s enough. Just one thing is sufficient to annihilate the entire Yunxiao. She lacked emotion in her eyes. Born as a deity, her inner pride and stubbornness were terrifying. She couldn’t tolerate even a speck of dust, let alone Ji Wuyou, who happened to be her savior. The Queen Mother of the West paused for a moment, then smiled and said, “But, I’m quite curious about Pei Yuzhi’s appearance. Unfortunately, when he was most renowned, I didn’t get to witness his glory as the first on the Wentian Rankings.”

Ji Wuyou’s face darkened.

The Queen Mother of the West suddenly turned her head and looked at him, her eyebrows furrowing with a hint of confusion. “Huh, why did you change your clothes today? Aren’t you wearing white anymore? But compared to that, I actually preferred how you looked when I first saw you.”

She smiled gently. “You were lost in Kunlun. Wearing rough, gray-brown coarse clothes, your hair tied with grass as a rope, surrounded by damp clouds and mist. When I saw your back then, I thought you would be an interesting young man.”

As she spoke, she suddenly noticed that Ji Wuyou’s expression seemed off.

The goddess’ face showed a trace of panic, “Wuyou, did I say something wrong?”

Ji Wuyou’s expression turned fierce, as if he could kill in the next second. In his distant memories, that deeply rooted sense of lowliness and cowardice felt like a knife repeatedly stabbing his heart. Every word spoken by the Queen Mother of the West unearthed his filthy and laughable thoughts, laying them bare for all to see.

Ji Wuyou’s eyes turned crimson as he told her, “Shut up!”

The Queen Mother of the West furrowed her brow, not understanding the source of his anger.

Just as she would never know, the interesting back she found on their first meeting was always his ridiculous imitation.

He used to admire Pei Yuzhi so much, from the very first glance, deep into his bones. That person was like a ray of light, but it didn’t dispel the darkness in his world. Instead, it made the darkness appear even more hideous.

Wearing coarse clothes and a grass rope, the youth was arrogant. Clad in a snowy garment and wielding a silver sword, he exuded a frosty temperament.

A dense hatred and anger surged in Ji Wuyou’s heart, his teeth grinding with a grating sound, his eyes bloodshot. “He’s just a thief, all of this should have been mine! Why, why him?”

But it didn’t matter anymore.

Ji Wuyou’s fingers clenched tightly. He would soon reclaim his sword as instructed by the heavens, and Pei Yuzhi would receive the punishment he deserved.

He would drag him down from the clouds! He would make him, who had never touched the slightest speck of dust on his snowy clothes, soil them with dirt. He would make him, who had always been distant and indifferent, lose control and become consumed by anger! He would humiliate him in front of the world, reducing him to the same insignificance as his past self!

The Queen Mother of the West held a delicate incense burner, her brows and eyes tranquil, not saying a word.

She only observed Ji Wuyou’s current state and inwardly curved her lips, even more curious now. “Pei Yuzhi, what kind of person will he be?”

At this moment.

In front of the once renowned top immortal sect, the crowd gathered densely, eager to witness the spectacle. The protective mountain formation of Yunxiao was activated, and profound and vast purple sword intent awakened, transforming into an ancient colossal dragon, majestically perched atop the peak of the mountain, as if it were the final guardian deity of Yunxiao.

The formation that the Sword Sovereign painstakingly created in the past still stood rooted in Canghua, exuding an undiminished aura of nobility and invincibility even after thousands of years.

Despite Ji Wuyou having reached the Nascent Divinity stage, he still couldn’t take a single step forward, trapped outside the mountain gate.

The onlookers kept a considerable distance, trembling as they watched the purple light piercing through the firmament.

“So this is Yunxiao… Like a centipede, it refuses to die. The majestic presence of the Sword Sovereign still remains. Judging from this situation, even if Pei Yuzhi hides for his entire life, we won’t be able to touch him.”

However, someone shook their head and maliciously remarked, “You’re overthinking it. Yunxiao’s Mountain Protection Formation can only shield Tianqian Peak continuously. Because that’s where the core of the formation is located. But as for the disciples on other peaks of Yunxiao, it’s hard to say.”

“If Pei Yuzhi wants to keep hiding like a coward on Tianqian Peak, can he really watch as the disciples within the sect die because of him? Personally, I think Yunxiao is unfortunate to have such a Sect Master.”

Another person chimed in, puzzled, “I really don’t understand how Pei Yuzhi managed to brainwash the Yunxiao disciples. It has escalated to this point, but they still staunchly defend him.”

One person sneered, “I guess sword cultivators all have wooden heads? But who could have imagined that one day Pei Yuzhi would become someone whom everyone despises?”

Yes, who could have imagined?

The wind and snow were heavy, and all beings were filled with desolation.

Inside a tightly sealed chamber, the young Yunxiao Sect Master’s expression stiffened, and he suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

The blood landed on his robe, creating a striking contrast of red and white, glaringly vivid.

The true essence within his body was in chaos, spinning at a nearly frenzied speed, ultimately resulting in a backlash.

He closed his eyes, and then opened them again.

He stiffly stood up, supporting himself with his fingers against the stone bed.

The long-sealed stone door swung open, awakening the drowsy little yellow bird perched on a tree branch outside. Its eyes gleamed, but upon seeing the expression on the young man’s face, the words that were about to leave its mouth were swallowed back, and it remained silent.

Amidst a deathly silence, someone approached from the distance, their robes brushing against the tree branches. It was Chen Xu.

“Pei Yuzhi,” Chen Xu arrived, panting for breath, and upon seeing the appearance of the person before him, his eyes widened, the initial joy turning icy, filled with desolation and bitterness. “You… your hair…”

Overnight, it had turned white.

His robes were like snow, and so was his hair.

Pei Yuzhi showed little expression, the youthful radiance that once shone in his eyes vanished, leaving behind only a calm desolation. His voice was also soft. “Did Yu Qinglian and the others arrive?”

Chen Xu felt his eyes welling up with tears, gritting his teeth. “Yes! They are all in the Tianqian Hall. Go and meet them!”

Pei Yuzhi smiled and said, “I won’t meet them. Let them all go back.”

Chen Xu angrily stepped forward and landed a punch on his face, his eyes filled with tears, grinding his teeth. “Until when will you continue to wallow in despair? Just for Ji Wuyou, what are you so afraid of? What are you really afraid of?”

He received a fierce punch. Pei Yuzhi took a step back, covering his face, his silver-white hair obscuring his expression. In a hoarse and low voice, he muttered, “What am I afraid of? What am I really afraid of…”

He laughed, his lips tainted with the sweet scent of blood. His voice trembled, “What am I afraid of, Chen Xu, do you know? No matter how I seal my senses in the stone chamber, as soon as I close my eyes, all I hear are their pleas for help, and the scent of blood lingers in my nostrils. The deceased disciples of Yunxiao question me with hoarse voices, while the ancestors of Yunxiao gaze down upon me with icy disdain. I am a sinner! I am the eternal sinner of Yunxiao!”

He seemed to laugh, but it seemed like he was crying as he said, “Ji Wuyou hates me. It is I who committed the crimes. Life and death have nothing to do with Yunxiao.”

Chen Xu wished he could slap some sense into him.

But in the end, he only struck the nearby tree trunk with force.

The young man’s eyes were bloodshot, but his voice was chillingly cold.

“Do you think that if you die, Ji Wuyou will spare Yunxiao? Am I being naive or are you? Ji Wuyou has never considered sparing anyone here. The actions he’s taking now are simply meant to provoke and humiliate you, Pei Yuzhi. Now, the lives of countless people from Yunxiao rest on your shoulders. I didn’t want to say this before, fearing it would burden you, but with your current state, how are you any different from a useless waste? You are Yunxiao’s Sect Master, and you are the last savior for everyone!

“Yunxiao will not perish, and it is impossible for it to perish. Yesterday, I contacted the Institute of Celestial Ascension, and there was a faint sign of life coming from there. Our Ancestor is still alive!”

Chen Xu gazed at Pei Yuzhi.

Both of their eyes were equally bloodshot.

Snowflakes fell softly, adorning the young man’s head with white. After a long silence, Chen Xu’s voice became hoarse as he covered his eyes, seemingly pleading, “Pei Yuzhi, you need to go to the Tianqian Hall now… Only you can establish contact with the Grandmaster… This is our last chance.”

The winter wind carried an incomprehensible meaning as it howled over the peaks of Yunxiao. Stepping on the snow-covered steps, the woman’s vibrant dress bloomed like a rose, and the clear sound of golden bells seemed to bring a hint of vitality to the world.

Yu Qinglian softly said, “I never imagined that when I returned to Yunxiao, it would be in such a situation.”

Standing beside her was the Master of the Ghost Realm, dressed in a gray fox fur robe.

Ji Wuduan’s brows remained as dark as ever, his voice scattered, “Pei Yuzhi sure found himself a good disciple.”

Wu Sheng shook his head and said, “We can’t entirely blame Yuzhi for this. From the moment I first saw Ji Wuyou, I sensed something was off. Becoming a Nascent Divinity within a hundred years, he must have cultivated a demonic path. Now, after dealing with Yunxiao, it seems that the next target might be us.”

Feng Jin, whose Phoenix bloodline had recently awakened even more profoundly, frowned upon hearing this. “In him, I do sense a chilling aura. It seems to have existed for thousands of years. Ji Wuyou is not quite normal.”

Ji Wuduan pursed his lips.

They proceeded along Tianqian Peak.

Yu Qinglian folded her translucent white fingers and said, “Ji Wuyou is making his way up. We still rely on Pei Yuzhi to establish contact with the Institute of Celestial Ascension. We can help buy him some time.”

The other three nodded in agreement.

The eyes of the Crimson Iris shimmered brightly as it also lowered its head.

Yu Qinglian gazed into its eyes and suddenly burst into laughter. She crushed the flower in her hand, and the pale pink petals fell onto its red feathers.

“Chirp?” Crimson Iris looked somewhat puzzled.

Yu Qinglian said, “It seems like the first time we met was also on a snowy day like this. Hahaha, I still remember the nonsense Pei Yuzhi used to talk, using you to tease a junior sister in my palace.”

She coughed lightly and chuckled playfully, “After all, if I were to use it as food to celebrate today’s luck but it made the person who brings me luck unhappy, then it wouldn’t be meaningful.

“Just meeting you makes me feel incredibly fortunate. Haha, my little junior sister back home would blush whenever she saw Pei Yuzhi for a long time.”

Feng Jin rolled his eyes and said, “I become irritable after seeing him for a long time.”

Crimson Iris recalled its narrow escape from being stewed and remained silent.

The vast snowstorm enveloped the mountains, freezing the feathers on birds and cranes, leaving everything desolate.

Pei Jing watched it all in a state of detachment, his fingers involuntarily tightening around his sword. He couldn’t help but wonder how it would all end. The tragic ending of the Futu Tower seemed like a mere foreshadowing. Would everything be revealed to him here?

“You mentioned that I owed you a favor on Yingzhou Island. Well, consider it repaid now.” Yu Qinglian halted her steps in front of the Tianqian Hall and turned back with a smile.

Her voice was as clear and pure as the first snowfall.

Dressed in a crimson robe that shimmered like gold, she radiated a beauty that defied the shattered white light of the mountains. It was as if this moment would be the most beautiful in her entire life.

…the most beautiful in her entire life.

Pei Yuzhi saw it all reflected in the mirror.

Pei Jing saw it too, albeit in a different form.

Listening to the hushed conversation between two disciples on the suspension bridge, their every hope and trust placed upon the Sect Master they believed in and were willing to sacrifice their lives for.

“Do you think he can save Yunxiao?”

“He should be able to, no, he will definitely succeed.”

Pei Jing felt a dryness in his throat, yet he couldn’t speak a word.

He watched as Ji Wuyou dispatched his forces, occupying all one hundred and eight peaks, rooting out innocent disciples, and mercilessly slaughtering them.

Bloodlust surged, staining the sky crimson.

He saw Yu Qinglian and the others splitting up, heading towards the nearest peak, the ravaged Yinghui Peak.

Taking this step, there was no turning back.

In Xuyia Courtyard, a woman in a black dress emerged, carrying the ᴘʀᴇᴠɪᴇᴡ ᴛᴇxᴛ of a Yunxiao disciple in her hands.

Her brown dress was stained dark with blood, and upon seeing someone not far away, she came to a halt.

She smiled faintly, a trace of disdain in the upturned corners of her eyes.

The breeze rustled the bamboo, causing the emerald waves to ripple. Bamboo leaves fell in intermittent gusts, sharp as knives, brushing across the beautiful woman’s eyebrows and eyes.

Yu Qinglian stood on a steep stairway along a mountainside, silently locking eyes with her.

The woman in the black dress laughed deeply, “Island Lord, it has been a long time.”

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