I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 23

Chapter 23: Ghost Mountain Villa 23

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This night was not peaceful.

Accompanying the explosions from the distant city were the ceaseless sounds of panicked cries for help and screams. The mountains and forest echoed with shrieks and furious curses.

The bandits forced their way into the villa, slaughtering mercilessly. They didn’t even blink as they hacked the attendants and gardeners who ran out into meat pulp, casually tossing the remains into the exquisitely cultivated white rose garden.

The half-moon hung in the sky, coldly watching the events unfolding in the villa below.

The dreamily beautiful pure white rose bushes under the moonlight were now stained with blood. The bandits’ victims laid with eyes wide open among the flowers, their spilled blood seeping into the soil.

The bandits, reeking of bloodlust, smashed open the villa’s front doors.

Under the bright crystal chandelier, the luxuriously decorated and spacious living room caught the eyes of the bandits. After a brief moment of surprise, they burst into joyous laughter and used their bloodstained hands to touch the expensive paintings and decorations.

Excitedly, they shouted about making this place their new stronghold, redeveloping their gang. They mumbled about how valuable all these things were. Following the gilded railings, they hurriedly ran upstairs, eager to see how many good things were still in the rooms upstairs.

However, an older woman who had hastily come out of the kitchen stood in front of the bandits like a protective mother hen, extending her arms to block their path and prevent them from going upstairs.

The leader grabbed the woman by the neck and tossed her aside, but she, despite the pain, crawled back up and rushed to confront the leader again, grabbing his arms and getting thrown aside, and then latching onto his legs only to be kicked away.

The woman’s injuries were increasing, yet she desperately fought to hold onto the leader.

Through the eyes of the leader, Yan Shixun could clearly recognize that the woman was the nanny he had seen in the kitchen.

Finally, the leader, who initially didn’t take this frail elderly woman seriously, grew irritated. Muttering curses, he firmly grabbed the nanny’s head, yanking her by the hair and dragging her up the stairs fiercely.

Then, the leader turned into the room at the corner of the second floor, ignoring the nanny’s desperate struggles and physical resistance. He threw her onto the window ledge in the wide-open room and choked her neck, intending to throw her out through the window.

The suffocating pain and the fear of being suspended in the air with her upper body brought her instinctively flailing arms, trying to escape. In her struggle, her fingers scratched and clawed at the leader and the balcony, blood smearing her fingertips.

Suddenly, the nanny, whose upper body was hanging outside the window, saw the face peeking out from the fourth-floor window above.

The young mistress she had raised with her own hands had a panicked expression as she looked at the nanny. With tearful eyes, she extended her hand desperately towards the ground, as if trying to grab onto the nanny. Her tears fell, landing on the nanny’s face, revitalizing the nanny, who had been gradually losing strength and was beginning to give up struggling, with a sudden surge of energy.

‘Run quickly!’

Unable to speak due to being choked, the nanny opened her mouth wide, only able to make a breathy sound, desperately using mouth shapes to convey a message to her young lady: ‘Don’t mind me, run! Run!’

However, the strength of an elderly woman could never contend with the merciless bandits who had taken countless lives.

Impatiently, the leader grabbed the nanny’s legs and threw her out of the window, following the same path as she had taken.


The nanny’s body heavily fell into the garden below, her chest impaled through by the iron floral railing. Gushing blood everywhere.

From the fourth floor, the young mistress who had just witnessed the nanny’s horrific end screamed and wailed, calling for the one she saw as her mother.


The nanny’s vision gradually blurred. She raised a hand, wanting to wipe away the tears for her young mistress.

But her hand only made it halfway before lifelessly dropping down into the pool of blood.

Young mistress… Hurry… Run…

The leader snorted coldly, “I was even thinking of keeping you to cook, but you had to come and provoke me!”

He only briefly checked to ensure that the nanny would no longer be a hindrance to him, then returned to ransacking the villa for valuables, paying no further attention to the nanny’s death.

The villa was filled with the struggles and screams of servants.

In the midst of chaos, bodies hung from railings, dripping blood downwards. The lifeless eyes protruded pale and glaring at the bandits, as if trying to etch their faces into their souls. Even in death, they sought revenge with an unrelenting gaze.

Unwillingness, oh, hateful…



The heavy scent of blood overtook the once-elegant fragrance of sandalwood. The formerly exquisite luxury had turned into a harbinger of death, and the golden chambers of pampered women had become slaughterhouses.

The boss ascended the stairs with great strides, heading towards the fourth floor where the master’s room was located. As he forcefully pushed open the intricately carved door, a slender figure in red swiftly rushed towards him, holding a hairpin tightly in hand, aiming it straight at the leader.

The leader, caught off guard by the unexpected resistance, couldn’t dodge in time, and the sharp hairpin pierced into his arm as he turned to the side.

The leader winced in pain, then retaliated by backhanding the person, sending them flying a considerable distance away.

It was only then that the leader could see clearly that the one who had injured him was, surprisingly, a pampered and beautiful woman.

Tears streamed down the woman’s face, and her slender body trembled with fear. However, her alluring phoenix-like eyes were filled with both hatred and anger as she cursed the bandits and demanded vengeance for the nanny and others.

She was wearing a white qipao with intricate rose patterns embroidered all over it. A pearl necklace adorned her, making her look exceptionally elegant. Despite the recent commotion and her hair becoming disheveled during the scuffle, she remained unscathed in her beauty.

Yan Shixun immediately recognized her as the woman he had seen in his hallucination in Bai Shuang’s room, the mistress of the mansion, Xi Shuang.

However, the leader was infuriated by the woman’s resistance. He walked over and grabbed her hair, roughly pulling her up. Initially, he had intended to kill her in a fit of rage, but he noticed the valuable jewelry scattered on the nearby vanity.

His greed overcame him, and he immediately pressed the woman to reveal the whereabouts of other jewels and valuable items.

The woman, however, remained tight-lipped, continuing to struggle. In her struggle, she used her sharp nails to scratch the leader’s neck.

The leader’s patience was finally completely exhausted. He threw the woman onto the vanity and then drew his machete high into the air. In the terrified gaze of the woman, he swiftly brought it down.


The woman’s severed head rolled off the vanity table, hitting the carpet with soft thuds. Blood sprayed, coating the entire dressing mirror.

This mirror that had witnessed all the woman’s beauty and sorrow, on this waning moon night, bore witness to her death.

The leader raised a hand to his injured neck, cursing unhappily a few times. Feeling humiliated and furious to be wounded by a woman, he immediately hacked the headless body randomly, venting his anger.

Under the sharp blade, the woman was chopped into pieces. The flowing blood dyed her white qipao a vivid, brilliant red.

The large white roses were stained into red, blooming eerily as if coming alive in the bloodbath.

The woman’s beautiful head lay on the floor. Those dimmed, lifeless phoenix eyes were flecked with blood, like inorganic red glass beads.

She stared straight at the leader with those unblinking blood red eyes as her body was hacked to pieces.

She also watched as the leader ransacked the place searching for jewels, turning what was originally her and her lover’s tidy, exquisite love nest into chaos and havoc.

Dazzled by the shine of jewels, the leader’s attention was completely occupied. He didn’t care at all about the corpse he’d tossed aside, only casually instructing the other bandits to gather up the villa’s bodies and toss them outside.

After all, he still wanted to make this place his gang’s new lair and rebuild his power.

The bandits slaughtered everyone in the villa, then carelessly bundled up the corpses. Arms and legs piled on top of each other were stuffed into large sacks and thrown into the woodshed in the garden’s farthest corner.

The woman’s head rolled out from the sack, landing amidst the rose bushes dyed red with blood.

Her blanched face was stiff but still held etched resentment and fury. Those red eyeballs stared straight at the sky.

As if demanding an answer.

She hadn’t gotten to see her lover again before her nanny fell to her death right in front of her. The familiar faces in the villa had all become cold, mangled corpses, stuffed together with her chopped up body messily into a sack.


Why could the murderers laugh and rejoice in the villa while they who’d done no wrong were discarded on the mountain, denied revenge!

She hated this, she couldn’t accept it!

Moonlight quietly spilled down…

Yan Shixun could sense the thick resentment emanating from the garden, but restricted in the bandit leader Zhou Shi’s body, he couldn’t move to the window on his own to check the situation in the garden.

The bandits were piling up the freely looted jewels in the blood-splattered great hall. Whooping, they gleefully tossed down pearls and jade stained with blood from upstairs, laughing crazily. Everyone’s faces were filled with ecstatic joy, completely blinded by the treasures and money.

With things developing this way, Yan Shixun fully understood now that where he was currently was a scene constructed from the real events of a hundred years ago in this villa.

And he had been shoved into the body of bandit leader Zhou Shi. He couldn’t change what had already happened or make Zhou Shi’s body take any action. He could only watch this old bloodbath reenact in the villa from the perspective of a bystander.

The bandits covered in blood and gore raised the wine they’d found in the cellar, freely celebrating and drinking. Under the bright lamplight, the villa was filled with laughter.

Forming a stark contrast with the deathly still garden beyond the massive French windows, shrouded in cold moonlight.

Yan Shixun scowled in disgust at the bandits’ hideous behavior. Through Zhou Shi’s eyes, all the clues connected and the cause and effect clearly unfolded before him.

He had confirmed his earlier guesses since entering the Ghost Mountain villa.

Since he already obtained all useful information, Yan Shixun was not inclined whatsoever to continue wronging himself by staying in this sin-entangled body.

—In his eyes, every one of these bandits was bound by blood-red resentment, as if branded.

Those who committed evil deeds were destined for karmic retribution.

Yan Shixun lightly closed his eyes, sinking his entire focus to the deepest recesses of his consciousness, separating his existence from the bandit Zhou Shi’s.

He already understood this was an fabricated memory world. Compared to the normal world, it was much more fragile due to the memory creator’s power. If he had directly used his usual method, he likely would have shattered this delicate memory dimension.

He still had some conjectures he wanted to verify through the villa’s hundred-year old phantom, so he could only use a gentler way to leave the bandit leader’s body.

The chandelier in the great hall flickered and the entire villa weakly shuddered a few times.

When Yan Shixun opened his eyes again, he was standing in the kitchen doorway, observing the celebrating bandits in the great hall from a bystander’s angle.

Strangely, although bandits’ gazes swept past the kitchen and some people came and went taking food and wine from inside, not one person could see Yan Shixun.

At this moment in the illusion, Yan Shixun instead seemed to exist like a ghost haunting the villa. Unperceived by the bandits currently the “living people” here.

Yan Shixun watched the bandits in the great hall. He disdainfully sneered, then turned to enter the kitchen.

He had wanted to know for a while—why did the old steward of the villa try to feed the flesh and blood to the program team? What was that flesh and blood? What was the steward’s aim?

Perhaps he would find the answers in the villa’s kitchen on the night of the incident a hundred years ago.

But when he had just pushed the kitchen door open, he discovered someone was already inside waiting for him.

It was the nanny.

Not long ago in the old memories, Yan Shixun had just seen the nanny meet a tragic end, drenched in blood after being flung out the window by the bandit leader.

Yet now, the aged nanny was neatly dressed. Not a single silver-white hair was out of place in her tightly pinned updo, without the slightest trace of the previous miserable, blood-soaked dishevelment.

The nanny stood at the stove. She naturally folded her hands before her and greeted Yan Shixun: “Sir, you’ve arrived.”

Her smile was kindly and serene, no shadows or resentment at all. Like an ordinary mother from older times, gazing tenderly as if looking after her child—fearing the child would be cold so urging another layer of clothes, fearing the child would be hungry so preparing meals.

And most of all, protecting the child at all costs.

Yan Shixun hadn’t expected the nanny to appear. He raised a brow, releasing his grip on the doorknob. As the kitchen door shut, the noisy clamor from the great hall was sealed outside.

The suddenly quiet kitchen now only held him and the nanny.

The firewood in the stove burned red, crackling as it burned. Beside it, the silver kettle emitted wisps of steam from the simmering water. The aroma of food wafted from the stove, and the stew specially made for the young mistress still sat steaming in an exquisite white porcelain tureen, as if about to be brought out at any moment.

The kitchen was warm and tranquil, seeming untouched by the bitter tribulations brought by that suddenly shattered night a hundred years ago. But still that corner of the villa able to make one feel at ease.

Yet Yan Shixun was very clear that although the nanny looked freshly alive, she had already died that night a hundred years ago.

Died after being flung down right before the eyes of the young mistress who saw her as a mother.

“Sir, it seems like you have many questions for me,” the nanny smiled. The wrinkles at the corners of her eyes carried a warm and benevolent expression. “I can answer all of your questions, but please don’t forget my previous request.”

Her voice was gentle but resolute. “Please rescue my young mistress from the never-ending cycle of resentment.”

“Your young mistress, is her name Xi Shuang?” Yan Shixun confirmed with her.

The nanny nodded. “That’s right, my young mistress, Xi Shuang, was the most renowned Cantonese opera singer in Binhai City a hundred years ago. She was also the owner of this mansion.”

Yan Shixun recalled that Xi Shuang had created illusions twice, revealing monstrous and vengeful specters in front of Ding Xi and Bai Shuang.

As the production crew had crossed the fallen dead locust tree and entered the domain of the Ghost Mountain, Yan Shixun had sensed that the entire mountain was shrouded in a dark and heavy grudge, as if trapped in a swamp. Even the sky had been tainted, dark as ink, under its influence.

However, amidst all this deep-seated resentment from the malevolent spirits, the nanny seemed like an entirely out-of-place blank canvas, almost excessively pure.

In her, aside from a motherly concern for the child, Yan Shixun couldn’t find any trace of resentment resembling that of a female ghost or the old steward.

“What about you, don’t you harbor any resentment?” 

Seeing that the nanny was cooperating, Yan Shixun directly voiced his question, “Your mistress, who you considered as your own daughter, died here. Your young master hadn’t shown up again, and those bandits have been running amok in the place you considered home. Even you suffered a painful death. Don’t you feel any resentment?”

The nanny shook her head slowly, smiling as she replied, “When I was young, the elders often said that the gods would judge the deeds of evil men. I believed it. Moreover, I believe that Sir will help me.”

“But I know I’m already dead, and I should leave from here. If there’s any reason for me to stay after a hundred years, it’s probably because of young mistress.”

She worriedly explained, “Young mistress died a horrific death, and she had too many unresolved matters. Even if she avenged all of us by killing those bandits, her resentment and suffering still keep her trapped here, unable to leave. I’m very concerned about her, so I stayed voluntarily to accompany her for one last journey, to watch her enter the cycle of rebirth peacefully.”

“When I saw Sir about to ascend to the fourth floor, I knew Sir would be drawn into the memories. So, I waited here early.”

While Yan Shixun had just assumed the identity of the bandit leader, the nanny had been in the kitchen, calmly witnessing the reenactment of that night a hundred years ago. She patiently awaited Yan Shixun’s arrival in the kitchen.

She knew that Yan Shixun would come.

This young man who had taken up residence in her room a hundred years later was a powerful and intelligent individual. Upon learning that the food consumed by the living people residing in the villa was prepared by her, he would certainly become suspicious about the original food’s nature and come to the kitchen in search of answers.

Furthermore, because Yan Shixun had previously outsmarted the steward, Zhou Shi, in the kitchen, the nanny had seized control of the kitchen. Given that she had spent much of her living days in the kitchen, she could easily enter the kitchen of the memory world and act without being influenced by any external forces.

“To be honest, even in the hundred years I’ve spent here, I haven’t been able to successfully reach the fourth floor, my young mistress has repeatedly rejected my requests, refusing to see me,” the nanny said with a bitter smile. “But I know that this time, my young mistress has misunderstood you.”

From the nanny’s narrative, Yan Shixun learned why he had assumed the identity of the bandit leader upon entering this realm of memories.

In this mansion consumed by two distinct and profound grudges, many actions that were common in the normal world held symbolic significance.

For example, Yan Shixun noticed that all the rooms on the left side of the mansion were decorated with white fabrics, and the female ghost didn’t harm those who resided in them. On the other hand, all the rooms on the right side were adorned in red and fell under the control of the old steward and the creatures, fueling the female ghost’s resentment.

Furthermore, the old steward could only stand by the floor-to-ceiling windows in the living room, clinging to the glass with a vengeful gaze fixed on the woodshed. However, he couldn’t take a single step outside the mansion and couldn’t enter the garden.

The people in the garden feared the woodshed.

While Yan Shixun, as he ascended to the fourth floor, faced a fierce counterattack from the female ghost. However, he managed to break through the century-old barrier on the fourth floor with his own strength.

This barrier had been crafted by the female ghost Xi Shuang as a prison that confined her soul.

But it was also her safe enclosure. 

She had always feared the man who might come up the stairs.

Yan Shixun’s actions struck at Xi Shuang’s deepest fears and anger from the past century, causing her soul to become chaotic. The current scene blended with her old memories, leading her to mistake Yan Shixun for one of the bandits who had killed her nanny and then attacked her. She initiated the attack, pulling Yan Shixun into the world constructed by her memories.

Because the fourth floor was controlled by the female ghost, Xi Shuang, it was a case of mistaken identity that led Yan Shixun, who was assumed to be the bandit leader by Xi Shuang, to appear within the body of the bandit leader Zhou Shi. This allowed him to enter the memory world by borrowing Zhou Shi’s identity.

The nanny observed everything, but her greater concern was her young mistress being trapped here. So, she hurried to inform Yan Shixun of everything she knew before her young mistress met with Mr. Yan. In her eyes, he had the potential to rescue her mistress, and she hoped that her young mistress could re-enter the cycle of life after a hundred years.

Just as the nanny’s last words fell, all the lights in the entire mansion suddenly went out, and the nanny’s figure gradually disappeared.

The entire mansion, along with the bandits reveling in the living room, fell into a deathly silence. Then, they all turned into foul-smelling sludge and flooded toward Yan Shixun.

Yan Shixun’s trembling fingers hung at his side. He suppressed his body’s instinctual urge to form a seal and allowed the darkness to engulf him without offering any resistance.

— However, Yan Shixun didn’t notice that, in the moment when darkness fell, a pair of ghastly pale eyes opened in the darkness.

Losing the vitality and agility they had just displayed as if they were alive, Zhou Shi, the bandit leader who had been standing in the living room with his back to the kitchen, raising his glass in celebration with all the bandits, turned stiffly and slowly. In the collapsing darkness, he stared fixedly in the direction of the kitchen.

It was as if he could see the nanny and Yan Shixun in the kitchen through the gradually crumbling space and walls.

As the nanny’s soul gradually disappeared, the bandit leader’s original fear in his eyes faded bit by bit. He opened his putrid mouth and slowly, stiffly, began to smile…

When the sound of the wind reached Yan Shixun’s ears again, he slowly opened his eyes.

And then he abruptly came face to face with a woman whose hands were clawing at her face, her expression contorted into a smile more grotesque than tears.

His field of vision was dominated by deep crimson and pitch black.

The woman laughed manically and despairingly, gazing at Yan Shixun with her blood-red eyes full of malice.

When one suddenly emerged from darkness into the light, there would be a moment of dizziness, unsure of one’s surroundings and reality. 

Almost as if that woman was seen as a vengeful ghost coming to take his life.

However, Yan Shixun remained calmly standing in place, unaffected by the illusion brought about by this play of light and shadow.

It was a painting.

Hanging in the corridor on the fourth floor, the same painting that had caught Yan Shixun’s attention in the live broadcast from An Nanyuan.

He had returned from the fictional memory world to the mansion with the female ghost Xi Shuang. At some point, he had crossed the stairs and was now standing in the fourth-floor corridor.

As expected, just as he had anticipated, as long as he didn’t react, he would return to the mansion from a hundred years ago along with the resentment of the female ghost Xi Shuang.

——The pure-white nanny was the last pillar in the entirely dark memory world. When she entrusted her wishes to Yan Shixun and her soul dissipated with contentment, it was evident that the female ghost Xi Shuang, who had constructed the memory world, felt it too.

Driven by rage, she tore apart the memory world herself, desperately trying to grasp onto the fading figure of the nanny.

However, it was already too late.

“…..Save and rescue all sentient beings, free them from their wandering.”

The incantation Yan Shixun had been silently reciting in his heart took effect.

“Go, go to where you belong, and don’t linger in the mortal world any longer.”

Yan Shixun lowered his gaze slightly, and his long eyelashes partially concealed the emotions in his eyes. It was a rare moment when his usually defiant and unruly countenance showed a subtle and almost imperceptible tenderness.

“You haven’t done anything wrong, not even Yama, the King of Fengdu, can pass judgment on you. Enter the cycle of reincarnation, where you will be reborn in a wealthy family, living a life of peace and joy… And perhaps, by fate, you will meet her again.”

Note: Fengdu: a place of judgement in afterlife like underworld but they just have different terms.

“It will be on another cool summer night, but the sky will only be filled with fireworks. In the bustling crowd, you will grasp her hand, once again calling her by her childhood nickname…”

The nanny had completely freed herself from the darkness of the mansion, heading towards the place she should have gone a hundred years ago.

Never harboring any resentment, she left behind only kindness and concern in her virtuous soul. She shook off the heavy burden that had bound her for a century and gradually dissipated with a smile.

Yan Shixun could see beyond the space of the mansion, and the nanny was smiling gently, silently mouthing her gratitude to him—

Thank you.

Mr. Yan, please take care of my child.

However, seemingly sensing the anger of the female ghost, Xi Shuang, all the portraits hanging in the corridor on the fourth floor repeatedly struck the walls, making a series of loud “bangs!”

The faces of the women in the paintings, originally weeping with sorrow, transformed into enraged and ghastly visages. Their mouths widened to reveal decaying flesh and eerie white bones, appearing to scream soundlessly.

They slowly lifted their sharp claws and extended them beyond the canvas, as if attempting to crawl out of the frames and reach for Yan Shixun.

Yet Yan Shixun remained calm and unafraid, standing firmly in his place.

His gaze landed on the tightly closed door a few meters away, and he parted his pale red lips, saying, “Come out and say hello, Xi Shuang.”

“Let’s talk about… when the machete was hacking at you until it rolled over, what were you thinking?”

As soon as Yan Shixun finished speaking, there was a loud “thump!” sound, and the ornate door was forcefully knocked open from the inside.

A deep red figure quickly emerged from within, moving so fast that its features couldn’t be clearly discerned, leaving only a deep red afterimage in the air.


The ghostly woman with disheveled black hair screamed in agony as she charged towards Yan Shixun.

“Give my… nanny… back to me!!”

She tightly gripped the sharp hairpin in her hand and thrust it towards Yan Shixun’s abdomen.

However, Yan Shixun’s slender hand quickly caught the hairpin, preventing it from piercing his flesh.

Yan Shixun lowered his gaze to the female ghost, who now seemed completely insane and devoid of reason. He sneered, “You want to kill me, yet you don’t even know my name. Zhou Shi? Don’t use that derogatory term to insult me.”

“Remember this well. The name of the person you want to kill—”

He exerted force with his hand, and no matter how hard the female ghost struggled to break free, she remained immobilized by the hairpin.

Yan Shixun’s tall and erect figure stood like an unyielding blade. He looked down at the female ghost, enveloped in resentment and malevolence, and slowly broke into a mocking smile. “I am Yan Shixun.”

“However, considering you’ve been dead for a hundred years. wITH your body has long since decayed into ashes, we can skip the introductions and pleasantries. Now, as for…”

Yan Shixun’s eyes sharpened, and he suddenly exerted force, forcibly snatching the hairpin from the female ghost’s hand.

The sharp golden rose edges on the hairpin cut into Yan Shixun’s palm. Blood slowly trickled down following his skin’s grooves, falling onto the floor and forming black, corroded, charred holes that hissed sinisterly.

The chilling blood also startled the female ghost. Her survival instinct made her reflexively retreat several steps to avoid the dripping blood.

Even her muddled consciousness cleared somewhat.

“Shall I send you on your way directly?” Yan Shixun tilted his head slightly at the female ghost glaring daggers at him, words directly striking her fatal point.

“It’s you!”

The ghost woman, who had just recognized Yan Shixun’s face, became further enraged by his words. “I know you! You slandered my lover! So, you’re in cahoots with Zhou Shi too?”

“You people…”

Her black hair wildly danced in the air as the ghostly woman’s pale fingers pointed sharply, like blades.

A series of “cracking” sounds also echoed from various corners of the corridor.

The women from the hanging paintings, transformed into fierce and ghastly ghosts, crawled out of the paintings. Their long hair covered the ground, and they desperately extended bone claws towards Yan Shixun, crawling towards him.


The ghost woman screamed with hatred as she rushed towards Yan Shixun.

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