I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 53

Chapter 53: Rainstorm Wild Temple 15 Part 1

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The night was not peaceful.

Brother Goose’s post from the evening, “Today is peaceful” was still on his social media account. Contrasting the main screen and the split screen at this moment, it appeared particularly ironic.

On the main screen, the audience anxiously waited in front of the live broadcast, watching as the camera gently advanced, and the jolting and shaking of the camera up and down intensified the sense of fear.

As the angle of the live camera continued to change, the audience could see the pale face of that red ghost passing by up close. They saw the ghosts floating in the air without touching the ground.

In the background of the main screen, there were also several cries for help and screams, but you can’t see what exactly was happening, making one’s heart tremble with fear.

All the guests in the row of rooms have already been awakened.

After the incidents in the rooms of An Nanyuan and Bai Shuang, problems occurred in the other two rooms in succession.

First, the talented male actor sharing a room with Anthony seemed to have something nibbling on him in his sleep. When he opened his eyes, he saw a large rat crouched at the foot of his bed, its sharp claws tearing at his flesh, and his lower leg and the sheets were already soaked in blood.

The actor was frightened and screamed, but he still didn’t realize the seriousness of the situation. He thought it was a rat infestation in the suburbs, where the rats were not afraid of humans and even attacked them. He quickly kicked the rat away while scrambling to find a makeshift weapon for defense and trying to wake up Anthony next to him.

But Anthony was nowhere to be found.

The bed beside him was ice-cold and seemed like it hadn’t been slept in for a long time.

A shiver ran down the actor’s spine, and he suddenly felt something was wrong. When he raised his head abruptly, he met a pair of focused and silently staring eyes.

Anthony had somehow already gotten out of bed and was standing at the bedside, silently watching the actor.

A sense of dread crawled up the actor’s back.

Just as he was sleeping, a person suddenly stood by his bed, staring at him…

“A-Anthony, what’s wrong with you?” the male actor asked with a trembling voice, pointing at the rat that had been kicked off the bed by him, gesturing towards Anthony, “There’s a rat! Didn’t you see it? After being bitten by this thing, there might be many bacterial infections, how many viruses could spread? Hurry up and lend a hand, let’s drive the rat out together.”

But to his surprise, Anthony not only didn’t step forward to help but instead stood in place and started laughing, quite pleased with himself. “Why drive away a servant of God? It’s here to help me fulfill my dreams, and it can help you too. Why resist?”

“What, what dreams? Are you crazy?” the male actor exclaimed.

But he didn’t have much time for thinking and questioning. Over there, the rat that had been kicked down without being noticed had now recovered from its confusion, crawled back up from the corner, and its crimson eyes locked onto the male actor, revealing a fierce gleam.

The male actor shuddered, suddenly feeling that something was not right. This rat didn’t seem to be the ordinary fat-eating kind. How could its eyes be red? Moreover, he could see a human-like ferocious expression on its face.

Anthony’s demeanor on the side was also peculiar…

The male actor made a quick decision, without even putting on his shoes, he bolted for the door, running away without waiting for the rat to pounce on him.

At this moment, Anthony, who had been silently standing at the bedside, also moved. He pounced directly, grabbing the male actor’s waist with a strength that exceeded human limits, and forcefully dragged him back.

“Anthony! I have no grudges with you, why are you trying to harm me!” the male actor exclaimed in fear and anger, anxiously turning his head to look at the rat’s position, while desperately trying to break free. “Let go of me!”

“Why are you running?”

Anthony appeared very puzzled, saying, “As long as one becomes a devotee of God, they can fulfill all their wishes, whether it’s stepping on An Nanyuan or making Yan Shixun look bad. God can do it all. What’s wrong with that? Are you questioning God’s abilities? God is omnipotent. Just look at this village. It used to be so poor and underdeveloped, and now it’s so prosperous. It’s all thanks to God.”

The male actor watched in horror as the giant rat with four claws approached him, getting closer and closer. He was sweating profusely, and he yelled, “No! Haven’t you heard of ‘man can conquer nature’? Why would I step on An Nanyuan or make a fool of Yan Shixun? If I want something, I’ll earn it myself! Get away from me!”

His forceful shout, born out of desperation, was his last attempt at resistance. However, to his surprise, Anthony actually stood still, and his hand, which had been holding him back, released its grip. The giant rat also suddenly paused.

Although the male actor didn’t know why, he felt a wave of relief and wanted to cry tears of joy. Seizing this opportunity, he quickly pulled the door open and ran outside.

Meanwhile, the now-reacting giant rat slammed into the door with a loud “thud” and let out an angry and piercing shriek.

If Yan Shixun were here, he would have known that evil spirits are also afraid of evil people. If a person has no fear of ghosts and demons and exudes a more intimidating presence than them, even without any means to ward off evil spirits, they can still intimidate them and protect themselves.

It’s for this reason that historically renowned generals were placed on doors as door gods by the common people to intimidate evil spirits, preventing them from entering homes.

The male actor, who unintentionally did the right thing to secure his lifeline, was unaware of this. He didn’t even dare to look back, only running frantically down the corridor.

The room next to the male actor’s was where the variety show celebrity slept. He hurriedly ran over and started banging on the door, hoping that the two people inside would wake up and help him.

Originally, the third-rate male actor should have been sharing a room with Anthony, but they changed rooms because he snored while sleeping. They paired him with the variety show celebrity who also snored so that no one would disturb anyone. Little did they know that this decision had just saved him from a disaster.

The drowsy variety show celebrity got up and went to the door, saying, “Who is it? It’s so late, what’s going on…”

Before he could finish speaking, a figure suddenly crashed into the room. The person immediately turned and locked the door, panting heavily and trembling like a sieve.

The variety show celebrity was startled awake.

When he regained his composure and took a closer look, he realized that it was supposed to be a male actor sleeping in another room. He couldn’t help but tease, “Why are you in such a hurry? Were you being chased by ghosts?”

It was originally just a casual joke, but he didn’t expect the male actor to nod in fear and say, “It’s not much different from being chased by ghosts. Anthony, Anthony has gone mad!”

The variety show celebrity was puzzled, “Anthony is quite crazy, but do you have to be so direct about it?”

This person had been in the entertainment industry for more than a decade, so why was he acting so naively? They had met before in other variety shows, and he wasn’t like this. What could have shocked him so much?

Seeing the variety show celebrity still confused, the male actor shouted anxiously, “No! It’s really Anthony who has gone mad, and there are rats! There was a huge rat in my room that came out from under the bed and bit me, look!”

The variety show celebrity followed the direction the male actor was pointing and saw bloodstains on the actor’s leg.

Just at that moment, it seemed like the smell of blood had attracted something in the room. There were faint “squeak, squeak” sounds coming from under the bed.

The variety show celebrity instinctively turned to look and saw a furry paw slowly extending from under the bed, and a pair of red eyes gleaming with greed in the darkness.

The third-rate male celebrity sitting on the bed was immediately frightened and jumped up, exclaiming, “Holy crap! What is this ghostly thing!”

The male actor was in a state of panic, shouting, “It’s this rat! It’s biting people! How can you have this here too!”

The male actor, who had already vaguely sensed that something was wrong, turned and pulled the door open to run. The other two, although not yet sure what was happening, followed the crowd. Once they saw someone running, they subconsciously assumed there was danger and joined the run.

As the three of them rushed out of the room, they saw a rat and a man emerging from the male actor’s room.

Anthony had an abnormal fanaticism and a sinister smile on his face, which made his originally handsome face look extremely eerie. The rat standing next to him was over a meter tall, with blood on its mouth and claws, giving it a fierce appearance.

As soon as the three locked eyes with Anthony’s face, they were so terrified that their scalps tingled, and they could only exclaim, “Holy sh*t!” before sprinting away.

The rat from the male actor’s room and the variety show celebrity’s room quickly chased after them.

However, Anthony stood still, not moving, and just watched the three of them running away in panic, showing a hint of disdain on his face, as if he looked down on them.

“You fools,” Anthony scoffed disdainfully, “those who can’t see the bigger picture. They could achieve all their dreams by believing in God, but they insist on clinging to those outdated things. They’re truly old-fashioned, just like that guy, An Nanyuan.”

But soon, a dreamy expression appeared on his face again, and he laughed foolishly, “Mountain God, Mountain God, hahaha! Although this show is stupid, it finally serves a purpose, allowing me to witness the greatness of God. Mountain God, I believe in you, I worship you, please grant my wishes.”

“What An Nanyuan, what Yan Shixun, haha! I’ll make them dare to look down on me. An Nanyuan’s position should clearly be mine, the top star should be me! Those female fans must be blind to like An Nanyuan!”

Anthony’s chest heaved violently, clearly filled with intense emotions. But then, the tone shifted, and he laughed again, “It doesn’t matter, with God on my side, An Nanyuan and Yan Shixun will soon die in front of me. Let their fans see how miserable their deaths are. Even if they beg me, it won’t help. I’ll wait for them to be scared enough to wet their pants. And as for Yan Shixun, a mere amateur dares to be so arrogant in front of me, I’ll teach him what ‘popularity rules’ means. I am the top star! Hahaha!”

With that, he reached out and opened his own split screen, waving at the camera.

“My dear ladies, it’s a bit late, but I hope you can still watch my split-screen live broadcast.”

“Next, I invite you to witness how An Nanyuan and Yan Shixun meet their miserable end on camera, perhaps even crying in fear before their demise. Top stars? Millions of fans? Are they even worthy?”

Anthony’s face contorted, and the handsome face that had been slightly adjusted to resemble An Nanyuan now revealed a creepy vibe, with his eyes darting around like a rat hiding in a gutter, ruining his once-handsome appearance.

Fans who had subscribed to Anthony’s split-screen broadcast received the notification and joined the stream, only to hear Anthony’s shocking words.

Their initial admiration and affection for him were choked in their throats as they stared in astonishment at the monstrous face on the screen. It was difficult to believe that this was the same Anthony who had previously charmed them.

Furthermore, his words were a stark departure from his previous gentle and caring demeanor. They were now filled with the vilest curses and insults, making many of his fans, who had grown up in a clean environment, immediately feel uncomfortable.

Only a small fraction of fans continued to support Anthony.

However, some viewers who had come from the main screen recognized where Anthony was standing and, from a distance in the camera frame, identified the guests who were frantically running away and the giant rats relentlessly chasing them.

Quick-thinking viewers immediately connected the horrifying screams they had heard on the main screen to the events happening in Anthony’s split-screen perspective, realizing the terrifying reality behind those screams.

[I mentioned earlier that the voice sounded like a celebrity I often see on variety shows. So, it was him… My goodness, what is happening? When I heard it on the main screen, with those red ghostly images filling the screen, it was so fitting that it almost scared me to death.]

[There are rats! Rats! Did you see the rats chasing after them? They look exactly like the ones we saw before!]

“So, it’s not just An Nanyuan and Bai Shuang being chased by this creature, but the others too? Oh my god, what’s going on with this show? Wasn’t this supposed to be a travel variety show? Did I make a mistake? How did it turn into a survival show?”

[Wait, there’s a question. Why aren’t the rats chasing Anthony and Rourou?]

[I’ll now consolidate similar items in the math question. Both of the individuals you mentioned share a commonality: they both went to the bathroom at night and claimed that someone was peeping at them while they were bathing. Do you all remember that before the guests went to sleep at night, they were originally having their dinner, but then Anthony came back all flustered, saying that someone had peeped at him while he was bathing and touched him, and the same happened to Rourou.]

[Oh my goodness, t-then something really happened in the bathroom? I can’t believe someone would actually peep at them while they’re bathing. After all, celebrities nowadays are careful about their image and wouldn’t do something so foolish. I’m starting to suspect, could it be these rats that were peeping at them?]

[But that doesn’t explain why the rats aren’t chasing Anthony and Rourou. Could it be because they saw them bathing? Come on, are you suggesting the rats have become perverts now? Besides, if it’s about looks, I think as long as those rats have eyesight, they should go peep at Brother Yan’s bath!]

[…But then they’d probably end up as dead rats, right? Have you forgotten Brother Yan’s martial prowess? During the Gui Mountain incident, Brother Yan single-handedly sent a ghost away, remember? Does anyone really have the courage to peep at Brother Yan while he’s bathing? Even the most ardent Yan Mais can probably only fantasize… and if they actually tried, they’d probably be sent away immediately.

[I agree that something must have happened in the bathroom to make these two not be chased by the rats. Have you all noticed that Rourou and Anthony aren’t acting normal now? You’ve all seen Rourou, her main screen’s device cord is still wrapped around her feet. I was shocked when she kicked the camera; the camera shook in a way that’s more professional than a horror movie director, and the effect is so eerie. They’re filming real ghosts, it almost sent me packing. And Rourou’s hand, didn’t we discuss earlier that it might be self-inflicted bite marks? Who do you think would chew their own hand to the point where you can see the bones and still laugh about it?

[I used to think Anthony was really polite and considerate, a handsome younger brother. I even followed his social media accounts. What’s going on with him now? His words are giving me a furrowed brow.]

[I’m scared too! There are currently three cameras on, let’s not even talk about the main screen; I glanced at it and ran away in fear. Anthony’s camera is now incredibly eerie, and Brother Yan’s is even worse. I’m burying myself under the covers, afraid to even stick a foot out. It’s hot and stuffy, I feel like I’m going to suffocate.]

[It’s over; it seems that Brother Yan doesn’t have the habit of carrying a phone. He won’t be able to see the bullet comments we sent. We can’t even inform him about the dangerous situation the guests are facing. What should we do? Who will save them?]

[Then all we can do is hope that they will head in Brother Yan’s direction… Let’s hope they run into Brother Yan.]

Indeed, Yan Shi Xun was completely unaware of the danger the guests were currently facing.

He remained alert, standing in the main hall of the mountain temple, surrounded by the slowly moving murals on all sides.

Starting with the two villagers who had acted first, the characters on the nearby murals began to move one after another.

Regardless of what these characters had been doing before, they all broke out of their previous stillness, dropped whatever they were holding, and ran out of their houses. They all knelt in the same direction, fervently and respectfully bowing their heads repeatedly.

Yan Shixun felt as though he had stumbled into some sort of cult scene, completely out of place amid the murals.

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