I Rely on the Collapse of the Character Setting to Survive in the Hands of the Male Lead Chapter 35

Chapter 35

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On the round table covered with a bright red tablecloth lay a seductive gentleman, clad in little more than a thin veil. In front of him was a man who appeared quite violent and fierce, holding someone’s neck with only sleepwear on.

It seemed like he intended to engage right there on the table.

If an outsider were to witness this scene, they would sigh at the gentleman’s bad luck for encountering a client with such deviant preferences, especially one who was so violent. It was certain that the young attendant would have a difficult night. However, no one would intervene since this was the Secluded Courtyard Pavilion.

But now…

In the eerie silence, a person with a relaxed tone broke the atmosphere, “How about being a bit gentler?”

Next to him, Huo Luo tugged at Yue Chen, who had just made some sarcastic remarks. In fact, when they heard the commotion earlier, their entrance already seemed rather inappropriate. Now, staying any longer was even more out of line.

Xu Wenze, with an unpleasant expression, averted his gaze, attempting to leave the room. He murmured a quick “Sorry.”

In reality, this was Lin Qingyang’s private matter, and Xu Wenze was merely Lin Qingyang’s fellow student and friend. He truly had no right to interfere. However, he hadn’t expected Lin Qingyang to exhibit this side in his relationship with homosexuality, making him feel uncomfortable.

As for Chu Lishu, since entering the room, he had frozen. His clear phoenix eyes seemed obstructed by something.

Knowing and witnessing were indeed two entirely different experiences.

Seeing Lin Qingyang and the little attendant in disarray, imagining what they had just done and what they might do next, a surge of madness seemed to be triggered in his mind. Rationality was torn apart in an instant, and a crimson bloodshot appeared in his eyes. His hand instinctively reached for the position where he kept his dagger.

Uncontrollable killing intent spread out, something that martial artists could quickly sense. Huo Luo, instinctively alerted by the surging hostility, was surprised to see Chu Lishu beside him. He immediately slapped Chu Lishu on the back, as if dispersing a layer of black mist enveloping him.

Instinctively, Huo Luo transmitted some internal energy to Chu Lishu because he had just noticed that he seemed to be on the verge of losing control. However, Chu Lishu clearly had no internal energy, so how could this be happening?

Yue Chen glanced over, finding the situation quite amusing. A face of catching an affair, no, it should be the resentment of having one’s possessions tainted by others. Earlier, he thought this guy had a deep and unreadable gaze, but now he was openly revealing his thoughts. Yue Chen sat back, eagerly awaiting the drama.

At the same time, Yu Zhang, who was pinned to the table, saw the newcomer. After a moment of reaction, he quickly shouted for help. Unaware that the person he wanted to save him was also involved.

As soon as Yu Zhang made a sound, Lin Qingyang instinctively tightened his grip, preventing him from calling for help. It was as if only at this moment, Lin Qingyang, looking towards the door, snapped out of his trance.

In fact, until Yu Zhang called for help, Lin Qingyang dared not confirm whether the person in front of him was real or if the whole ‘someone broke in’ scenario was genuine. In his eyes, everything was distorted and blurred, even the sounds were altered.

Besides being certain that he had continuously held onto the real Yu Zhang, he couldn’t confirm anything else.

Chu Lishu? Xu Wenze? Both appearing at the same time in the Secluded Courtyard Pavilion and standing at his door.

No matter how these elements were combined, the only three words that came to mind were ‘impossible’!

So when Lin Qingyang looked towards the door and saw a group of people crowded together, among them were the familiar Chu Lishu and Xu Wenze, he thought it was his hallucination and couldn’t be real.

However, Yu Zhang called for help towards the door, indicating that there was someone outside.

Lin Qingyang’s head buzzed for a moment, and he realized, wait a minute, what if it’s real…

Lin Qingyang thought about what he had just said, looked at his current actions, and suddenly felt a cold sweat breaking out. It was as if he had dug a hole for himself that he couldn’t climb out of.

His eyes instinctively searched for someone, wanting to see their expression. However, within his field of vision, there were at least three Chu Lishus, each with a different demeanor.

Lin Qingyang didn’t know where to focus his gaze, and the anxiety in this completely uncertain illusion reached its peak.

With the input of internal energy, Chu Lishu gradually regained consciousness. Although the almost half-crazed state remained, the scene in front of him hadn’t changed. Even when Lin Qingyang saw them appear, he didn’t release the person on the table. It was as if he was waiting for them to awkwardly leave, not to disturb his affairs.

Chu Lishu, no longer driven by the urge to kill, felt oddly disappointed. He thought Lin Qingyang would at least feel a bit guilty upon seeing him, just like several times before when he would anxiously explain things to prevent any misunderstandings. However, Lin Qingyang didn’t react that way.

“Apologies for the disturbance, Cousin, please continue,” Chu Lishu said coldly and left.

Yue Chen was somewhat surprised, but he noticed that Chu Lishu quickly concealed all his emotions, wrapping himself up again, making it impossible for others to see through him.

A voice followed closely, “Cousin!”

Chu Lishu, with his back to Lin Qingyang, kept walking.

However, within Lin Qingyang’s field of vision, any movement would complicate the hallucinatory scene and make him even more uneasy.

“Chu Lishu, stop! Don’t move!” Lin Qingyang sounded a bit urgent, and his tone became more serious.

Chu Lishu indeed stopped and turned to look at Lin Qingyang, but his eyes were chilling.

When expressing his affection, Lin Qingyang never dared to speak loudly to him, always careful not to upset him.

What’s this? Now, in front of his little lover, Lin Qingyang has reverted to his previous self, resuming the airs of a cousin, scolding him again?

The anger he had just managed to suppress surged once again, accompanied by an unnoticed sense of grievance.

“Cousin, do you have any orders?” Chu Lishu almost said this with a hint of sarcasm.

“Come here! Chu Lishu.” Lin Qingyang didn’t know where the real Chu Lishu was, so he reached out in their general direction.

His current situation is dire, and the only person he can trust is right in front of him. How could he possibly let the male lead go? Moreover, to maintain his secret admirer persona, he can’t let the male lead leave after witnessing such a situation.

However, in the eyes of the other three, Lin Qingyang’s behavior seems odd. He’s already restraining one person, and now he’s signaling for another? Isn’t this a bit too much? After all, Chu Lishu is a proper young master. Isn’t he going too far, especially when he’s supposed to be Chu Lishu’s cousin?

Chu Lishu felt a suffocating sensation in his chest, coldly watching Lin Qingyang. He had no idea what Lin Qingyang was trying to do. Was he drunk, acting crazy?

Not hearing a response, Lin Qingyang became even more anxious. Could this really be an illusion? Lin Qingyang is now like someone navigating a world in complete darkness, relying on touch to ascertain everything around him. However, the people around him can clearly see him stumbling in the dark, and it feels terrible.

“Chu Lishu, did you hear me? Come over to my side,” Lin Qingyang stubbornly shouted again. This time, his tone was noticeably different, revealing a slight tremor due to anxiety and no longer as firm.

With one hand still gripping Yu Zhang’s neck, Lin Qingyang extended the other hand toward Chu Lishu, whose movements were also trembling slightly.

Chu Lishu initially wanted to ignore Lin Qingyang, but the way Lin Qingyang looked at the end made him confused. Why did it seem like Lin Qingyang was pleading for help?

Chu Lishu watched Lin Qingyang’s almost unfocused eyes, as if they were captivated by something. Hesitating step by step, he walked over.

Chu Lishu wasn’t very sure. If Lin Qingyang was just acting drunk and delusional about their relationship, his current behavior would be too foolish—essentially trampling his own dignity under Lin Qingyang’s feet.

However, he seemed genuinely unable to resist Lin Qingyang’s pleading eyes.

The three onlookers were all astonished at Chu Lishu’s response. Both Yue Chen and Huo Luo thought Chu Lishu was not someone lacking in temperament, so why was he suddenly so obedient? Who was the guy just now with overwhelming killing intent and demonic possession?

Meanwhile, Xu Wenze’s gaze remained heavy as he observed Lin Qingyang. Lin Qingyang acted as if he hadn’t seen him at all, focusing only on Yu Zhang and Chu Lishu.

Finally, Chu Lishu’s hand rested in Lin Qingyang’s trembling hand. In an instant, Lin Qingyang grasped it tightly, his gaze focusing on Chu Lishu.

As Lin Qingyang confirmed that the illusion before him was indeed the real Chu Lishu, he felt like his heart had returned to its place.

Chu Lishu, being so close, naturally detected that Lin Qingyang hadn’t been drinking. What was the meaning behind these actions?

Chu Lishu tried to withdraw his hand, but Lin Qingyang’s grip tightened even more. Suddenly, with a forceful move, Lin Qingyang pulled Chu Lishu into an embrace, one arm wrapping around him.

The three people at the door suddenly widened their eyes. Was Lin Qingyang really this bold in front of them?

Immediately, they saw Chu Lishu stepping back, but his hand was still held by Lin Qingyang.

“Excuse us, gentlemen, we still have matters to attend to. You…” Suddenly, Chu Lishu spoke towards the door.

This sudden change caught the three off guard. Was he asking them to leave? If Chu Lishu was staying, what were they going to do? Have an argument, or witness something intimate?

Regardless, Xu Wenze couldn’t bear it any longer and felt it was inappropriate. He didn’t even dare to look up, apologizing, “Sorry, Brother Lin, we’ll take our leave.”

Soon, the room returned to calm, and Lin Qingyang finally released the nearly breathless Yu Zhang.

Yu Zhang, in a sorry state, rolled off the table. He had just attempted to escape but was knocked unconscious from behind by Chu Lishu.

Because Chu Lishu took action, there was no need to restrain Lin Qingyang any longer.

Lin Qingyang suddenly panicked, “Chu Lishu?”

“I’m here…” Chu Lishu directly caught Lin Qingyang’s hand, which was nervously trying to regain composure in the air, and held it firmly.

In the moment Lin Qingyang embraced him, he whispered in Chu Lishu’s ear, “Lishu, I can’t see. Help me!”

With a simple sentence, carrying a tone of supplication, it instantly extinguished all potential anger and doubts in Chu Lishu. Chu Lishu quickly realized that Lin Qingyang had been pretending to be normal all along, and now he must be in trouble. So, he immediately adjusted his approach, cooperating with Lin Qingyang to send the others away before addressing the issue.

However, now that he had calmed down, Chu Lishu felt a bit regretful for his momentary soft-heartedness. Why did he extend a helping hand when Lin Qingyang was facing trouble due to his own indulgences? Nevertheless, seeing Lin Qingyang’s uneasy expression, he couldn’t bring himself to let go and led him to sit down.

“Hmph! Let’s see if you dare to come out and find the young attendant again.”

“Cousin, did you come to find me?” Lin Qingyang asked.

Chu Lishu’s expression changed slightly. “Coincidence.”

Hearing this response, Lin Qingyang knew that Chu Lishu was unwilling to say more, probably engaged in his own plans. Asking too much would likely be counterproductive, so he let it go. He assumed that Chu Lishu’s appearance here was a coincidence and quickly shifted to the main topic, “Quickly, try to breathe less. Extinguish the incense burner on the bedside, open the window for ventilation. Don’t inhale the fragrance here too much.”

Chu Lishu was slightly stunned, thoughts forming in his mind. After getting up and following Lin Qingyang’s instructions, he asked, “Your eyes were affected by this incense, causing you to see illusions.”

“Not just illusions, but hallucinations. And I came tonight with a purpose.” Lin Qingyang decided there was no point in hiding anymore and recounted his experiences. “I was just about to interrogate him when you all arrived.”

Chu Lishu was completely taken aback, looking at the evident unease on Lin Qingyang’s face. His brows furrowed deeply.

“Why didn’t you tell me? I could have accompanied you.” Chu Lishu blurted out.

Chu Lishu’s question left Lin Qingyang momentarily stunned, uncertain whether the male lead was expressing genuine concern or had an ulterior motive.

In this operation, Lin Qingyang wasn’t acting recklessly. He realized that others wouldn’t believe or seek help except Chu Lishu. However, as he constantly evaluated the accuracy of his assumptions during the day, Lin Qingyang suddenly remembered a small detail from the original plot.

In the original plot, the male lead used various dark methods to overthrow the Great Zhou Dynasty, including addictive substances. Lin Qingyang wouldn’t care about his revenge, but such substances could affect ordinary civilians, harming their well-being. He couldn’t risk involving Chu Lishu, not even in discussions. Lin Qingyang could only hope that such thoughts weren’t planted in the male lead’s mind due to his experiences.

“I… I thought I could handle it, but I didn’t expect the hallucinations to suddenly occur,” Lin Qingyang stammered, his voice reflecting his humility.

Lin Qingyang’s pause was evidently concealing the true reason for not seeking help from Chu Lishu.

However, Chu Lishu chose not to press further. He already had an answer. Knowing that Lin Qingyang had sworn off visiting the Secluded Courtyard Pavilion when he fell for him, Chu Lishu understood the rationale behind Lin Qingyang’s silence. It was a normal psychological reaction to avoid being misunderstood.

Chu Lishu’s previously pent-up frustration dissipated without him realizing. “Don’t worry. Anything addictive can be overcome. Once successfully overcome, the body will recover. Moreover, based on your description, your addiction hasn’t persisted for long, and the severity isn’t profound. There’s still time for everything.”

Lin Qingyang was determined to quit. He couldn’t allow any lingering risks to his body. Nodding, he affirmed, “Yes, I will definitely do it.”

“As for the mastermind.”

Chu Lishu thought for a moment and decided to wake up Yu Zhang.

Yu Zhang, upon awakening, was surprised to find himself tied to a chair. In front of him was an astonishingly handsome man, coldly staring at him and playing with a dagger.

“What… what are you going to do?”

“Give you a chance, spill everything,” Chu Lishu said casually.

However, Yu Zhang put on a pitiful expression, pleading, “Young man, I really don’t know anything. Young Master Lin made a mistake. There’s really nothing wrong with my incense.”

Upon hearing Yu Zhang’s words, Chu Lishu, with a faint smile, swiftly aimed the dagger at Yu Zhang’s face.


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