PCTG Chapter 95

Chapter 95

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Everything was black.

Li Yuanmin was horrified to find that he had fallen into an endless quagmire. In the black mud, countless hands dragged him in, and he stretched out his hand hopelessly, almost feeling that he was about to suffocate.

He was terrified, he wanted to scream, but he couldn’t make a sound. In the moment of despair, his body was wrapped up by a warm and hard embrace, and he was dragged out of that filthy place.

“ Jiaojiao…” a delicate voice called to him in his ear.

Note: I think I used this before but reminder, it’s pampered.

With tears in his eyes, he wiped it with the back of his hand and pushed him away in a panic.

However, the man behind him seemed to follow him, threw him to the ground, cupped his head, dig his clothes until they’re loose, and aroused Li Yuanmin’s angry temperament. Li Yuanmin pushed his head carelessly: “Go away, go away.”

The tall and muscular man could not care less as he loudly buckled him, his eyes widened: “I won’t go.” 

Li Yuanmin was vexed, but he only closed his eyes and ignored him. The man came up with a smile again, and sniffed him like a dog while sweetly calling him Jiaojiao.

Li Yuanmin pushed him away as if he couldn’t hear anything. This man is really annoying, Li Yuanmin thought in annoyance, but he felt that his arms were strangely warm. He gradually became sleepy, when he was woken up by a push.

He opened his eyes and was startled by what he saw, it was the chastity belt that was exactly the same as in his previous life lying across the man’s hand as he pressed him to put it on.

At that moment, Li Yuanmin screamed and felt a suffocation that was even more tragic than earlier. He struggled weakly and grabbed the man’s hand: “I won’t wear it.”

“ Don’t give it to me.” He burst into tears, “Look…”

He took his hand and pressed it to his heart, “Look here.”

The warmth on the man’s face turned gloomy, the warmth from earlier seemed to suddenly dissipate because of his refusal.

“ Nobody wants to see it! ”

Li Yuanmin’s heart was pierced by a huge arrow in an instant, and in a sharp pain, he cried bitterly and hopelessly.

“ Your Highness…”

His body was gently shaken, Li Yuanmin slowly opened his eyes, his cheeks were already wet as he saw He Yunyi’s face full of worry.

Li Yuanmin looked at him stunned, he opened his mouth: “Zhihe…”

He raised his eyes hollowly and asked him, “Do you want to have s*x with me too?”

There was a moment of dead silence.

He Yunyi looked at him quietly for a long time, and finally, he pulled the corners of his mouth, with a gentle smile on his lips: “No, Your Highness.”

Li Yuanmin’s eyelashes trembled as large tears fell, but he was delighted: “Really? ”

“ Really.” He Yunyi touched his head and comforted him softly, but it was like sighing: “Really.”

Li Yuanmin seemed to be laughing, also seemed to be crying, but he was obviously calmed down. His slender body was tightly hiding in the futon, he leaned his wet face against the pillow, and slowly closed his eyes.

Outside the room, a fresh breeze blew softly through the window edge, making a slight rustling sound. A fresh green wicker was pulled out and gently caressed in the world framed by the window.

He Yunyi pulled up the futon for him. There was pity, respect, and loneliness in his eyes… But soon these things dissipated, and a gentle firmness passed his eyes.

At this moment, he had completely understood that in this life, he will regard him as his best friend, and he can only regard him as his best friend.


When he woke up again, it was almost dusk, the afterglow of the setting sun dyed everything with a trance-like golden yellow. Li Yuanmin smelled a faint medicinal fragrance between his nose, there was a stove outside, and the crockpot on the stove was gurgling and steaming out.

He sat up blankly with his upper body propped up, then someone hurriedly came up and helped.

“ This is the Imperial Physician Courtyard.” He Yunyi straightened him.

Li Yuanmin first breathed a sigh of relief, then his heart jumped heavily. He hurriedly looked up at He Yunyi, his throat was dry, so he could only looked anxiously at that gentle face.

He Yun leaned behind him and sat on the edge of the bed, his face was still so calm and gentle: “I know.”

At that moment, Li Yuanmin’s face visibly paled with the naked eye.

“ Don’t be afraid. ”

But hearing a soft sigh in front of him, he took out a cloth in his sleeve and wiped the wet stains from the corners of Li Yuanmin’s eyes that had not yet dried up.

“ The man I met in the teahouse that day…” He Yunyi looked at his still flat abdomen: “It’s his, isn’t it?” 

From the ritual hall, He Yunyi had already remembered why he felt that man was familiar, he had a relationship with him eight years ago, when he was imprisoned in a cage like an animal, it was this person in front of him who had struggled to save him.

However, eight years later, the child rescued from the court turned around and threw himself under the command of the crown prince Li Yuanqian.

What kind of entanglement there was between the two of them, he didn’t know, but he keenly felt that his battered and exhausted look had something to do with the man.

Thinking of this, He Yunyi endured the anger in his heart, his Adam’s apple moved: “Eight years ago, you shouldn’t have saved him. ”

Li Yuanmin smiled sadly and shook his head: “He doesn’t know… He doesn’t know anything. ”

He won’t let him know either.

“ How could he not know?!” He Yunyi let out his anger. Because of the clumsy lie of the person in front of him, he remembered him at that time, he was but a thirteen-year-old child, with wounds all over on his body, yet he took the child out of the palace and rushed to the desolate frontier.

How could he hurt him like that?

All of this, what could Li Yuanmin say, what could he say, endless bitter water flooded his throat, but he couldn’t spit it out at all.

He just grabbed He Yunyi’s hand with a pleading look: “Zhihe, don’t look for him, and don’t tell him everything eight years ago, including…”

He glanced at his lower abdomen, choked up, and said sadly: “I know you don’t believe what I said, but he really doesn’t know… I don’t want him to know either. ”

Let everything be cut off here.

He Yunyi looked at the hopeless determination on his face, and a powerless suppression engulfed him.

Inside, there was a dead silence.

Under the dusk sunset, Qiu Chan squatted in the corner of the wall and covered her mouth tightly.

Her heart was pounding, she didn’t dare to linger any longer, so she only got up lightly and walked away.

In the dark and damp slurry compound, Qiu Chan bypassed the servants carrying the water, hurried back to the residence, and before entering the door, she looked around to make sure that there was no one before closing the door.

Her chest heaved, she swallowed, opened the moldy cabinet, and turned over the innermost palace dress.

She loves beauty, and had a high ambition. Therefore she felt that she was different from those palace women, so she would always embroider some unique plum blossoms on her neckline and cuffs.

After all these years, this plain white dress had turned yellow, and even the plum blossoms on it have some stains.

She looked at the plum blossoms with some threads floating on them, and her heart jumped even more, her memory went back to that day eight years ago.

That ominous man secretly took away her palace clothes at night, lest this man come up with some dirty means to frame her, so she secretly followed behind him, but saw him wearing her clothes into the beast room of concubine Wang. It’s known that concubine’s beast room was very rare and strange, so Qiu Chan simply thought he was just curious and wanted to take a look.

After a few days, the fierce tiger of the beast room escaped, startling the Emperor’s carriage. The Emperor was furious, and dealt with many people, including everyone at the West Palace. 

At that time, she did not find the connection between the two, unexpectedly she discovered the truth about eight years ago today.

She swallowed her saliva heavily, it turned out to be like this!

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