Safety Manual Labor Tips with a Twist of 2D Chapter 53 Part 2

Chapter 53.2 Become an idiot

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Lin Zhaohe’s pupils contracted as terrifying memories flooded back into his mind. Memories he had tried hard to forget surged like a tidal wave, washing over his thoughts. Blood rushed to his head, and Lin Zhaohe trembled, not out of fear, but out of anger.

“You’re afraid,” Lin Yan misunderstood Lin Zhaohe’s reaction and said with satisfaction, “What about Lu Pingping? Did you kill him?”

“You, heartless monster, do you really care about your subordinates?” Lin Zhaohe said coldly. “I thought you only cared about yourself.”

Lin Yan shrugged, seemingly indifferent. “Well, if I die, I die.”

Although it was their first encounter, there was a strange sense of familiarity between Lin Zhaohe and the killer before him. His voice was hoarse as he questioned the murderer in front of him, word by word, “Why did you kill so many people? Why… did you do that?”

“I just wanted to save the world. Isn’t that what a hero should do?”

“Besides,” Lin Yan raised an eyebrow, “you’re not qualified to blame me. Why the character Lin Yan exists, you should be well aware. You’re not innocent either.”

Lin Zhaohe remained silent.

“The creator of Lin Yan,” Lin Yan said, “Your once best friend. It was because of your suggestion that they embarked on this path, right?” He laughed, “So, you also bear some responsibility for Lin Yan’s existence.”

Lin Zhaohe pressed his lips together, his face turning pale. Lin Yan’s words struck at his heart, unearthing the most painful memories buried deep within him.

The more beautiful the memories, the more excruciating their destruction. Lin Zhaohe didn’t want to hear any more. He spoke coldly, “You’re right. That’s why I should be the one to end your life.” He pressed the shutter of his camera, aiming it at Lin Yan.

With a click, Lin Yan’s figure was captured in the camera. Lin Yan sneered, “That won’t harm me.” He squinted his eyes, seemingly observing something. After a moment, he burst into a wicked laugh. “I won’t kill you. Instead, I’ll give you a little gift.”

Lin Zhaohe knew he was about to make his move and shouted, “Yellow Banana Girl Transformation—” His body suddenly emitted a dazzling yellow light.

However, Lin Yan didn’t approach. He took out a spherical object from his pocket and threw it towards Lin Zhaohe. The object exploded directly in the midst of the yellow light emanating from Lin Zhaohe’s transformation. Lin Zhaohe didn’t know the purpose of that object, but he felt his body suddenly become lighter.

“Oh,” Lin Yan said, “It’s still white.”

Lin Zhaohe didn’t understand what he meant. His vision underwent a peculiar change. It seemed as though he had shrunk in size, while everything around him became immensely large. No, it wasn’t that he had become smaller. Lin Zhaohe opened his mouth to speak, but instead of words, a whimpering sound of a puppy emerged. He lowered his head and saw a pair of furry little paws. His eyes widened in disbelief — Lin Yan had turned him into a dog!

Lin Yan burst into laughter, seemingly considering Lin Zhaohe no longer a threat, and approached him.

Lin Zhaohe was consumed by anger, shouting with all his might for the Banana Blast. However, all that came out was a puppy-like whimper. Despite being unable to utter his lines, his beam still shot forth. A massive yellow banana mercilessly smashed onto Lin Yan’s punchable face.

Lin Yan’s smile froze, his skin rapidly reddening and swelling. He couldn’t believe it. “You can hurt me?”

Filled with rage, Lin Zhaohe thought, I not only want to hurt you, but also shove that banana up your ass, you piece of crap! He lunged forward, biting down on Lin Yan’s leg. The taste of blood quickly filled his mouth. Surprisingly, Lin Yan’s seemingly invincible skin was actually punctured by his bite.

Unable to maintain his smile any longer, Lin Yan sent Lin Zhaohe flying with a swift kick. Lin Zhaohe rolled away like a cotton ball, dizzy and disoriented. In that moment, he noticed that Lin Yan’s right hand had transformed into a sharp blade, ready to strike him.

Is this where I’m going to die? Lin Zhaohe’s vision blurred with golden stars, but… he felt so unwilling. He thought this, and suddenly, he felt someone gently lifting him up. Lin Zhaohe raised his head, and to his surprise, he saw Zhuang Lao’s face.

The boss was here? When did he arrive? Lin Zhaohe wondered in a daze. However, with the boss here, he felt like he could finally let go… A sudden surge of security enveloped Lin Zhaohe, and he nuzzled against Zhuang Lao’s embrace like a distressed puppy, whimpering softly.

“Zhuang Lao?” Lin Yan took a step back. He looked at the man who had suddenly appeared before him and instinctively sensed the danger. “I’ve heard of your name before.” 

Zhuang Lao ignored him, lowering his head to look at the puppy that Lin Zhaohe had transformed into.

It was a tiny, snow-white dog, most likely a Samoyed breed, although much smaller than a typical Samoyed. Its fluffy fur resembled that of a stuffed toy, and due to the transformation, it was still wearing a tiny Yellow Banana Girl skirt. It looked both ridiculous and adorable, making one want to cuddle it tightly.

The puppy seemed distressed, with droopy double eyelids covering its white eyes. Mist lingered in its round, jet-black eyes, and its moist little nose kept rubbing against Zhuang Lao’s arm, damp and ticklish. It softened the coldness between Zhuang Lao’s brows.

Despite feeling a strange sense of reluctance, Zhuang Lao said, “Change him back for me.”

“Change him back? I’m sorry, Mr. Zhuang, but I don’t know how to turn someone back,” Lin Yan shrugged. “I’m only responsible for killing, not burying.”

Zhuang Lao raised his gaze, and flames danced within his pitch-black pupils.

It was just a gaze, yet Lin Yan involuntarily took a step back under its piercing intensity. He licked his lips and spoke with a dry tone, “Since Boss Zhuang is here, I’ll spare him…”

Zhuang Lao sneered, “There’s no need to spare me.” He raised his gun, aiming it at Lin Yan.

Seeing the gun in his hand, Lin Yan said, “Boss Zhuang, a gun won’t work on me…”

In the next moment, a sharp gunshot rang out. A burst of dazzling blood blossomed on Lin Yan’s shoulder. His face paled as he exclaimed, “Impossible!” If he hadn’t reflexively dodged earlier, Zhuang Lao’s bullet would have precisely struck his heart.

“Nothing is impossible,” Zhuang Lao said coldly.

Lin Yan knew he was no match for the person in front of him. Without hesitation, he turned around and walked away, swiftly rushing towards the window. Zhuang Lao didn’t chase after him. He couldn’t abandon Lin Zhaohe and Qi Ming.

Lin Zhaohe was thrown so hard that he felt dizzy and disoriented. After stumbling around in Zhuang Lao’s arms for a while, he finally regained his senses, only to find himself inside Zhuang Lao’s car.

Qi Ming lay beside him, unconscious, his life hanging in the balance. Lin Zhaohe tried to speak to Zhuang Lao, but all that came out were whimpers like a puppy. A hand reached over from the driver’s seat and scratched Lin Zhaohe’s chin. He let out a contented whimper upon hearing Zhuang Lao muttering to himself, “How did you really turn into a puppy?”

Lin Zhaohe wanted to ask Zhuang Lao what was going on, but he couldn’t speak a word. He grew increasingly anxious, wagging his tail rapidly, almost turning it into a propeller.

Zhuang Lao noticed his distress and couldn’t help but reach out and pinch Lin Zhaohe’s ears. They were soft and fleshy, just as satisfying as he had imagined. “Don’t worry, let’s take Qi Ming to the hospital first.”

Lin Zhaohe nodded eagerly.

Upon arriving at the hospital, Qi Ming was rushed into the emergency room for examination. After reviewing the scans, the doctor concluded that he had suffered a concussion due to external force, but the condition wasn’t severe. As long as he woke up, he should be fine.

“Doctor, is there any way to reverse turning into a dog?” Zhuang Lao asked while holding Lin Zhaohe.

Glancing at the Samoyed puppy in Zhuang Lao’s arms, the doctor replied, “A solution? Maybe start with getting the vaccinations up to date?”

Lin Zhaohe: “……”

The doctor was clearly joking, but then turned serious and said, “It’s not surprising that such a thing would happen these days. Our hospital doesn’t have a solution for this. You should try the witch doctor’s hospital next door.”

Zhuang Lao caressed Lin Zhaohe’s head and nodded.

Qi Ming woke up groggily in his hospital bed, complaining of feeling nauseous and experiencing hallucinations. When he saw his boss holding a tiny dog dressed in a small yellow skirt, it looked strangely familiar.

Lin Zhaohe jumped down from Zhuang Lao’s embrace and bit Qi Ming’s hand gently, signaling him to stay alert. Of course, he controlled the force, avoiding drawing blood, but it did hurt a little.

With a bite from Lin Zhaohe, Qi Ming fully regained consciousness. He exclaimed, “What the hell? Why is there a dog here?” Then he remembered the scene before he lost consciousness and anxiously asked about Lin Zhaohe, if he was alright.

Zhuang Lao: “Lin Zhaohe is no longer human.”

Qi Ming’s eyes widened and asked with a trembling voice, “No longer human? What do you mean? Was he killed by Lin Yan?” That Lin Yan had killed so many people, it would have been effortless to get rid of Lin Zhaohe as well.

Zhuang Lao: “He turned into a dog.”

Qi Ming: “?” He recognized each word, but when they were put together, he couldn’t comprehend their meaning.

Zhuang Lao sighed and lifted the tiny dog in front of him. “Look, it’s this one. Still wearing the magical girl’s skirt, right?”

Qi Ming fell silent for a while and then mentioned feeling dizzy again, needing to go vomit for a bit.

This reaction infuriated Lin Zhaohe, making him want to smack Qi Ming on the forehead with a big banana.

After finishing his bout of vomiting and taking a moment to recover, Qi Ming finally fully accepted the fact that his colleague had turned into a dog. He wondered whether he should feel happy or sad. He had survived, but not entirely in the same form. No matter how you looked at it, becoming a dog was quite tragic. Qi Ming extended his hand and rubbed Lin Zhaohe’s head. But the sensation was really nice, as if he were playing with a soft and furry dog toy.

Lin Zhaohe let out a couple of yelps from being rubbed by Qi Ming.

“Boss, what is Brother Lin trying to say?” Qi Ming couldn’t understand Lin Zhaohe’s meaning.

“He’s scolding you,” Zhuang Lao said. “Even though he has turned into a dog, he’s older than you. If you touch his head again, he’ll use a banana to poke your butt.”

Qi Ming: “……” Why did it seem like the boss could really understand what Lin Zhaohe meant?

Confronted by Lin Zhaohe’s reproachful gaze as a tiny dog, Qi Ming said, “Just a couple more rubs… It’s too cute, I can’t help it!”

Zhuang Lao started protecting his “cub” and gently separated Lin Zhaohe from Qi Ming’s grasp.

Lin Zhaohe’s fur on his head was all messed up, resembling an exploded puffball. He let out a howl and sternly reprimanded Qi Ming for his actions.

Qi Ming: “Oh oh oh, the milky voice is so cute!”

Lin Zhaohe: “?” The probability of a tiny dog killing someone was very low, but it was not zero.

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