PMMB Volume 2 Chapter 8 Part 2

Volume 2 Chapter 8 Her Intuition 

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Not contrary to their expectation, everyone was quite surprised with this.

“Why do we have to suddenly return? Just because someone feels that it’s dangerous? Where is it not dangerous during the apocalypse? Is there such a route? We are better off speeding up our pace and passing through the city. That would be the safer option.”

“That’s right! Just for some unfathomable mystery you want to withdraw and take a detour? We’ve already travelled for a day, if we withdraw now then won’t the parts we have just travelled been a waste?”

“I think so too. What place isn’t dangerous? I always feel that there are dangers nearby, but does that mean I should just quietly stay at the base and not go anywhere?”


Hearing the arguments, Shao Qing had the premonition that it would be like this. Thus she wasn’t really disappointed. Yan Pingsheng looked at Shao Qing helplessly.

Immediately someone muttered in a low voice: “I was wondering who suggested this, so it’s her…..wasn’t she super skilled in dealing with those on our side. Now she feels a bit of danger and wants to run away?” 

After saying this, a lot of people started to secretly size up Shao Qing, afraid that she might start murdering people. Seeing that she didn’t have any of those intentions, their courage inflated and they couldn’t hold back.

“Right! Killing one of our own didn’t seem to affect her at all, but now she’s beginning to become terrified? If you want to take another route, do it yourself!” 

Those resentful whispers became louder and louder. Shap Qing didn’t mind, she just quietly asked Yan Ruru: “First pass those women over to me. I’m going to take them away first. In case anything happens, with their physique, I’m afraid…..

Yan Ruru hesitated: “You’re still leaving?”

Shao Qing nodded her head and gave her an especially tender glance: “I don’t wish to see anything happen to my team. So, I can’t bring them to advance forward. I’m going to send them out of this city to a safe location to settle down first. Afterwards, I’ll catch up to you guys. Only after you pass through this city will I go back and lead them through a longer route to reach Jiang Bei Survivor base. After finding a place for those women to settle down, then I’ll return to S city.

Yan Pingsheng was the first to oppose. He had specially called Shao Qing using every method, for what? Wasn’t it to get the water purification methods from Shao Qing?

If Shao Qing were to leave, then won’t all their efforts be wasted?

Yan Pingsheng urged Shao Qing to stay but she determinedly answered: “I have to send them out. I don’t need the remunerations for this trip, I don’t need my portion. If you insist on giving the rewards give to me, I’ll just return them.”

Yan Pingsheng was quite frustrated now: “I don’t care about the remunerations or the crystals. If you really want to send them out, I won’t stop you.”

“En, I’ll come back.” Shao Qing and Yan Pinghseng exchanged their personal signals for their radio transmitter. “If there’s anything, contact me.”

The signal for the radio transmitter was developed during the apocalypse. It is very similar to a cell phone. The difference was that it didn’t run off batteries and instead it used crystals. It also had a range. Within any base there would be a signal. Only within the signal area would it be useful. Furthermore, it can only send out a short message script. It can’t receive any sounds.

After accounting for everything. Shao Qing bid Yan Ruru and them farewell. Bringing those women to leave, Gu Panpan and them didn’t ask anything. But seeing some of those people secretly snicker made them furious.

“What kind of people are they? Qing Jiejie, don’t even pay attention to them!” Gu Panpan resentfully looked towards them, anger in her tone. 

“Okay. We need to hurry on the road. I remember that there was a bank near the edge of the city. The protective measures there shouldn’t be bad. I’ll help you settle over there then I’ll go back to assist Meng Shen and them.” Shao Qing stepped on the pedal, dashing forward. Occasionally seeing a zombie blocking the road, she would simply drive through them sending them flying. 

“What? Qing Jiejie you’re planning on going back there? No! Let’s just go back to S city! Don’t worry about them! Just let them do whatever they want!” Gu Panpan was getting increasingly agitated. She disapproved of them. Since the beginning when they bullied the women, Shao Qing punishing the criminal and them gossiping on the side, Gu Panpan has detested them. 

Why is it that women are born to be bullied? Why is it that a weaker person is a lower class than others? That bastard is a human life but those women aren’t? They are all scumbags!

“Once we accepted that mission, our task is to escort them until the end.” Sending another zombie flying, Yan Hanqing who was driving the car behind was soon not going to be able to keep up. 

“You guys know my strength so you don’t have to be worried. Once I’ve escorted them to the destination, I’ll come back.” After Shao Qing finished speaking, Er Dai drilled his way through the middle and came to hug Shao Qing’s waist. He was indicating that no matter what he was going to follow Shao Qing. 

“Also Er Dai’s. So we definitely will be fine.” Shao Qing took her free hand and rubbed Er Dai’s head comforting him. 

A person should always have a bottom line. If they don’t even have a bottom line then they don’t even have the qualifications to be a human being. 

Shao Qing also had her bottom line. Just like this time, knowing that they would face a lot of dangers, she still decided to return.  

This isn’t being crazy but a type of perseverance. 

Under Shao Qing’s determined gaze, Gu Panpan couldn’t even say anything. This was because she also had her stubbornness sometimes and could understand Shao Qing. After a long long time, clenching her fists she said: “No matter what, you have to take of your own safety first. If you encounter something too dangerous…. as long as you can make it back safe, don’t look after too many things! They’re not good people anyways! I know….. us coming along would be extra baggage and would make you feel anxious, so we’ll wait for you outside. If a long time passes and you haven’t returned then we’ll come inside to find you!”

Shao Qing nodded her head. Although Gu Panpan knew she was just consoling her, she still let out a breath. 

Leaning back into her chair, she muttered to herself: “Still too weak aye….”

If she was stronger then she would have a reason to follow Shao Qing along. No matter where they go at least she won’t be holding her back. 

She believed that her brother and Yan Hanqing felt the same way. No one was willingly able to accept Shao Qing going to battle alone. Being forced to accept this situation, they felt extremely unwell. 

Shao Qing’s travelling speed was incredibly fast. Before the sun had set, she had already arrived at the destination. Still within the city’s perimeters, there was a small bank that was tilted a bit. Within the bank were two zombies clothed in uniform who were easily disposed of. 

Leaving behind all the food, she ordered them to lock the door and wait inside. In addition, Shao Qing was forced to promise that she would send a message through the transmitter every day. If she didn’t send one within a day Yan Hanqing and the rest would charge the city to find her. 

After agreeing to that, Shao Qing brought Er Dai along and kissed Xiao Baozi who was insistent on following them to return to the city. 

Er Dai and her weren’t worried that they would get raided at night by zombies. With their endless amount of energy they journeyed throughout the night. 

With their speed and under circumstances where there were no accidents, they would catch up to Yan Pingsheng before noon the next day. 

Meanwhile, Yan Pingsheng and Yan Ruru’s subordinates were cheering. They have finally gotten rid of the devil, Shao Qing. Although Shao Qing said she would return that still couldn’t affect their good mood. 

Actually, quite a few of them were secretly cursing Shao Qing, hoping that she would die while travelling. Basically, just don’t come back to torment them. 

Yan Pingsheng felt helpless. He could make the people under him listen to him, but he had no way of changing their thoughts. 

“The majority of the people in this world are stupid just like them.” Meng Shen said as he looked coldly at those people. His intuition was quite good as well. He also sensed something dangerous advancing forward. 

If they were to see who believed in Shao Qing’s words, there were none but him. Therefore, looking at those people he felt powerless. 

“If we really encounter danger, you have to try and escape. You still have a wife waiting for you back home. Furthermore, I promised uncle that I’ll take care of you.” Meng Shen lightly said. 

“What rubbish are you saying.” Yan Pingsheng had an ugly expression. Pursing his lips he said in a low voice: “It’s going to be fine. Even if there is some danger it won’t be a big problem. We definitely will be able to arrive at Jiang Bei survivor base safely.”

Lying down to recuperate, he stopped speaking. He had to preserve his energy. In the off chance that they do meet danger, maybe he would be able to protect Yan Pingsheng. 

After all, Yan Pingsheng’s ability was too weak. It was basically the same as not having one. 

Yan Pingsheng was a wood elemental, but was different from Shao Qing. He was incomparably weak. Especially if you were to compare him with her, he just looked pitiful. 

You could clearly see Shao Qing’s battle ability, while for Yan Pingsheng….. he can make a seed sprout…. so with his power he would usually help Meng Shen in researching vegetation and also helping the base grow things. 

Other then that he had nothing. 

What use is there in making a seed sprout? Using it to scare a zombie?

Shao Qing and Er Dai hurried on their journey with all their might. They basically had no breaks, especially Shao Qing who was driving the car. She had unloaded everything from the car. So in addition to her fierce driving, with an empty car their speed was even faster. If the person in the car wasn’t Er Dai then she probably would have scared them. 

Shao Qing had a reason why she was rushing. She was worried that Yan Pingsheng and them might have encountered danger. 

She was getting more and more worried. 

Almost reaching the location she had first departed she suddenly received a message from Yan Pingsheng. It was just a few words: don’t come back.

She tried to ask for news but didn’t receive a reply. An optimistic view was that Yan Pingsheng had already left the city and had safely arrived at the bank and was preparing to cross the river. A not so optimistic thought was that Yan Pingsheng had met something life threatening and worried that she might come back and get drawn into it so they decided to let her know. 

If it was the former, they would have definitely replied to Shao Qing’s question. Since she still hasn’t heard anything, it was most likely the latter. 

At that time, Sho Qing was a bit anxious. Attempting to figure out Yan Pingsheng’s location, but failing she asked Er Dai: “Which area has the most zombies right now?”

Er Dai was stunned, then pointed to a direction that he felt the most undulations of energy. Shao Qing stepped on the gas and was like a violent wind flying by. 

She hoped they were still ok. But it seemed like her intuition was right. 

That city was in fact more dangerous than what everyone thought. It seems that there is something operating the majority of the zombies in the city. 

If that is the case, Yan Pingsheng and the rest might be….

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