I Became Famous after Being Forced to Debut in a Supernatural Journey Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Rainstorm Wild Temple 1 Part 1

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An Nanyuan rarely posted personal information on his social media accounts; almost all his posts were for promotional purposes.

Even his longtime fans who had been following him since he was a trainee were seeing him openly declare who his idol was for the first time. He did it succinctly, without hiding his intense admiration for Yan Shixun.

For a moment, the fans who saw this post were shocked. 

Although they were puzzled by the reason for An Nanyuan’s actions, they obediently followed the link he provided for the popularity vote and headed to the voting page for the variety show.

After all, this was their Brother’s idol!

Furthermore, after seeing the post, fans immediately searched to find out who Yan Shixun was. 

Many fans who hadn’t watched the show were surprised to discover that Yan Shixun wasn’t the entertainment industry senior they had assumed but rather an unknown amateur!

Many fans quickly realized that this couldn’t be An Nanyuan’s business tactics but rather a genuine expression of his feelings from a personal perspective.

After all, on one side, you had a top idol with fifty million fans, and on the other side, there was an unknown amateur before this show. An Nanyuan’s company or anyone else wouldn’t promote an amateur to the level of a top idol, right?

And from the recorded live broadcasts they found, if it weren’t for this person named Yan Shixun, a layman, it’s likely that An Nanyuan and the other members of the production team would have suffered serious injuries at the very least.

It was rare for their Brother to be so emotionally expressive and request something through personal connections. Moreover, this person had saved their Brother’s life, so they couldn’t possibly refuse! How could they bear to?

My idol’s idol is also my idol! Charge!

As a result, a large number of fans flooded into the voting links, subscribed to the program’s live channel to obtain voting eligibility, and then wholeheartedly cast their votes for Yan Shixun.

There were also quite a few fans who were curious about what kind of person Yan Shixun was, to have their beloved Brother openly declare him as his idol. Therefore, in addition to subscribing to the main screen of the program’s live channel, they also subscribed to Yan Shixun’s split screen, which was still in a black screen and off mode. They wanted to get a good look at Yan Shixun in the upcoming episodes.

In no time, the number of subscribers for this program skyrocketed, and Yan Shixun’s ranking in the popularity vote began to gradually close the gap with the second-to-last place. It was rapidly increasing, with each refresh adding a large batch of votes, almost making people wonder if they were seeing things.

Finally, Yan Shixun’s name overtook the second-to-last place.

Yan Mais: “????”


“What just happened? One moment, Brother Yan was still in the elimination zone, and I was about to snatch all the phones in my house to vote. The next moment, Brother Yan made a comeback??”

“Me too! I’m baffled. It was just a split second, and suddenly Brother Yan’s popularity shot up by several ranks! You know, Brother Yan doesn’t have any social media accounts, and he started with several million fewer votes than the others. His split screen broadcast hardly even opened, almost all the viewers were redirected to An Nanyuan’s split screen. And the real-time highest viewer count, that indicator can’t be activated much. In this situation where he’s surrounded on all sides, each rank he climbs is extremely difficult, let alone surpassing the second-to-last place. I was analyzing the data and had almost given up hope, but I never expected this!”

“Attention all Yan Mais who are still lurking on video platforms or in groups, quickly check An Nanyuan’s social media accounts and look at his latest updates! This is the reason! This child has gone all ‘baba’ ‘baba’and can’t speak anymore. It’s impressive (tactical backward tilt…jpg)?”

“I’ve seen it! OMG, Brother Yan is amazing!”

“Never in a million years would I have thought that the main act pulling votes would be the most ruthless. Even the top idol with fifty million fans has come to help Brother Yan pull votes.”

“Huh? Is Brother also a Yan Mai? Double chef’s delight!”

“OMG OMG!! Sisters, quickly check the voting link! With fifty million fans, it’s terrifying! Brother Yan’s vote count instantly shot up!”

“I’ve seen it already, sobs, this is so great. I don’t have to worry about Brother Yan getting eliminated anymore. Thanks to An Nanyuan! I declare that from today, I’m also a fan of An Nanyuan. Thank him for helping me keep Brother Yan.”

“Wow, is this the power of top idols? My Brother Yan doesn’t even have a social media account, and the guy next door is ridiculously strong. First-time star chasers like me are already dumbfounded.”

“So, did Brother Yan actually predict this outcome a long time ago? Top idol An Nanyuan is also a fan of my Brother Yan, or something like that…”

“I doubt it. Look at how Brother Yan never showed any interest in the entertainment industry during the live broadcast of the program. Otherwise, we wouldn’t be in such a hurry, fearing that he would really get eliminated, and we wouldn’t be able to find him in the future.”

“I think Brother Yan must be an artist with high skills and great courage. He probably assumed that his elimination was a sure thing, which is why he didn’t calculate it. Otherwise, our plan wouldn’t have gone so smoothly. Honestly, I’m still super anxious, I can’t relax until the last moment.”

“I think the analysis from the previous comments is spot on! Maybe Brother Yan is still thinking about going home after getting eliminated. He probably never expected to be kept.”

“If Brother Yan found out, he’d be so mad, right? Hahaha! Whenever I imagine Brother Yan getting angry and furrowing his brows, I get so excited! Brother Yan is incredibly handsome when he’s angry! I’ve never seen anyone who looks this handsome when they’re mad. I wish I could make him angry every day!”

“Haha, you above, wipe your drool quickly; it’s about to drip on me. But seriously, Brother Yan looks even more handsome when he’s angry, it’s like he’s dancing on the fine line of my aesthetics.”

“Hehehe, I really want to see the expression on Brother Yan’s face when he realizes he can’t get eliminated. Since Brother Yan’s votes are secure now, I won’t wait anymore. I’m going to watch the live broadcast on the neighboring video platform. I hope the director hears our voices and puts Brother Yan on camera. Leaving with a sense of satisfaction~”

First, An Nanyuan’s fans were confused, and then the Yan Mais were equally bewildered. 

Then, both groups of fans found themselves engulfed in excitement, continuously mentioning Yan Shixun’s name.

Tonight, social media was filled with puzzled expression memes.

On the real-time trending list, hashtags like #AnNanYuan’sIdol and #WhoIsYanShixun quickly appeared and gained attention, arousing curiosity among many passersby.

With An Nanyuan’s fifty million fans as a base, the influx of traffic and discussion was nothing short of terrifying. It was as if it had turned into a night of collective celebration for An Nanyuan’s fans.

A massive number of users flooded the video platform, and the links An Nanyuan had shared in his posts were almost overwhelming.

The official account of the video platform had been closely monitoring “Heart-Pounding Journey of Ninety-Nine Days” as an unstoppable dark horse. They quickly recognized the pressure brought by the massive influx of users and swiftly implemented measures to handle it, dispatching dedicated personnel to provide technical support for the live broadcast of the show. This prevented the live stream from crashing due to the overwhelming number of viewers.

Subsequently, it was Zhang Wubing, who was monitoring the backstage data, who found himself bewildered.


Zhang Wubing stared at the real-time data on his tablet, unable to believe what he was seeing. He rubbed his eyes, thinking he might be misreading the numbers.

Not only did the real-time viewership and subscription numbers for the program’s live broadcast skyrocket, but even in the real-time popularity voting, the number of votes for Yan Shixun was rapidly increasing, surging with each moment. His ranking quickly climbed from last place, surpassing one guest after another.

Zhang Wubing couldn’t believe his eyes. He blinked in astonishment, thinking there must be a mistake in his backend data.

It wasn’t until he was deep in thought about this that he casually glanced up and saw the barrage on the main screen in front of him. It was so densely packed that the screen was almost covered, and the real-time viewer count was reaching the levels of a top-rated variety show.

Zhang Wubing was dumbfounded.

“What, what, what’s going on?” He trembled as he raised his hand, pointing at the screen cautiously, and reminded them, “Hey? Did you all enter the wrong channel? This is the live broadcast of the real-time popularity vote for ‘Heart-Pounding Journey of Ninety-Nine Days,’ a travel variety show. If you’re looking for something like a ‘Champion Battle,’ it’s in the next channel.”

Originally, when the incoming viewers saw an unfamiliar young man sitting in the host’s seat instead of An Nanyuan or Yan Shixun, they were somewhat disappointed.

However, they were now amused by Zhang Wubing’s cautious and somewhat silly demeanor.

[Is this the director of the show? He’s so young and a bit naive. I thought the director would be a middle-aged person with long hair and a beard.]

[Haha, don’t worry, director, we didn’t get lost. Isn’t this ‘Heart-Pounding Journey of Ninety-Nine Days’? We came here to get our hearts racing.]

[I’m here because of Brother’s post. So, who is Yan Shixun? I’ve never heard of him before. After watching the recorded episodes of the show, why does he look like an exorcist? I’m so confused. How could Brother call an exorcist his idol?]

[Haha, is Brother Yan exorcisting ghosts? He’s capturing my heart! Brother Yan is also my idol, and I think even if you put anyone in that kind of environment, they would make Brother Yan their idol. The overflowing hormones, it’s too cool! I love it!]

[Me too! Me too! I was watching Brother Yan with Brother’s split screen, after watching the previous episodes, I’ve already become a fan. Yan Mai is here! (Proudly standing tall.jpg)]

[Director, does this mean Brother Yan won’t get eliminated anymore? Brother Yan’s ranking is no longer last.]

[Report! Brother Yan’s overall popularity ranking is fifth now!]

[Wow, it’s so frustrating. If it weren’t for Brother Yan not having social media accounts, his number of fans and the highest real-time viewership would be through the roof. Based on the current voting, Brother Yan should be in first place.]

[It’s okay! If we can’t get first place this time, let’s work together again, Yan Mais! We must make Brother Yan number one next time! Maybe if Brother Yan sees himself at the top, he won’t be too harsh on us… Cough, Brother Yan is handsome when he’s angry, but he’s really terrifying too. He can scare away ghosts, let alone me.]

[Both clumsy and playful, that’s for sure.]

[Although the director is decent-looking, I don’t want to see the director! Where’s Brother Yan? Let me see what he looks like when he realizes he won’t get eliminated. Suck~]

[Exactly, let the director interview Brother Yan again, ask him how he feels about not getting eliminated. Haha!]

[The person above, are you the devil? You actually made the poor director ask such a question. Aren’t you afraid that Brother Yan will beat him up? Well, I’m curious too, haha.]

[Light some candles for the director and for An Nanyuan. I hope Brother Yan realizes what An Nanyuan did after he doesn’t get eliminated and won’t beat him… Good people deserve to be safe!]

Whether it was the video platform or social media, channels and tags related to this show were immersed in a joyful atmosphere. Fans and casual viewers kept joining in, excited about the fact that Yan Shixun was not eliminated.

An Nanyuan looked at the voting results he had helped push forward and nodded in satisfaction.

Soon, he looked at the comment asking if An Nanyuan would be beaten by Yan Shixun, and couldn’t help but shiver in fear.

But being able to continue traveling with Brother Yan made him very happy. Even if he got beaten up, it would be worth it.

An Nanyuan thought with joy.

—Tonight, perhaps the only one who didn’t know about this was Yan Shixun, he won’t be happy because of it.

Zhang Wubing tried hard to keep up with the barrage of comments, and it took him a while to piece together what was happening.

He looked at the post An Nanyuan had made and the rising rankings of Yan Shixun in the popularity vote, and he smiled so much that his eyes disappeared.

Now that the program’s subscriber count was so high, it was already at the level of a second-tier well-known variety show, his directing career was finally on track.

Most importantly, his Brother Yan wouldn’t be eliminated, haha!

Zhang Wubing was ecstatic.

To be honest, when he initially asked Yan Shixun to join, apart from the intention of having Yan Shixun help fill in temporarily, he really wanted Yan Shixun to be part of the program.

After all, since he met Yan Shixun during his college days, he had never really left Yan Shixun’s protection.

He had always stayed in Binhai City, so even if something really dirty appeared or something happened, he could immediately find Yan Shixun to exorcise evil and protect his life.

But this time was different.

The journey planning for the travel program covered some lesser-known second and third-tier tourist attractions in China, providing a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere for the audience.

However, this also meant that Zhang Wubing had to be away from Binhai City for a long time.

With his unfortunate ghost-attracting constitution, if he encountered something during the journey and was far away from Binhai City, unable to find his Brother Yan in time, he felt that he might be in big trouble.


If his Brother Yan could be in the program, it would be different. For him, this was like a comforting pill, and he instantly felt less anxious.

Zhang Wubing hadn’t been happy for long when he suddenly felt uneasy after seeing a comment in the barrage asking him to contact Yan Shixun.

Brother Yan wouldn’t be angry, right… After all, Brother Yan had intended to leave the show in the last place from the beginning.

As per his instructions, “until being eliminated in the last place after the first trip,” the cause and effect had not yet been completed. But…

Zhang Wubing suddenly felt a cold shiver down his back, as if Yan Shixun was staring at him from behind.

He shrank his neck and bit his lip. Like someone who was both timid and mischievous, he cautiously extended his probing little finger toward the camera, weakly saying to the main screen of the livestream, “Look for Yan Shixun… I’ll try my best, I’ll do my best, I’ll go see how he’s feeling later and act accordingly.”

Instantly, many “hahaha” comments scrolled across the screen.

[Director, hang in there, I’ll pray for you.]

[How about we wait a bit longer? I’m still a bit worried. After all, Brother Yan is too powerful. If he really wants to use some mysterious methods like divination or fortune-telling, he might try to change the outcome… We shouldn’t let our guard down until the last moment. The voting deadline is at 12 o’clock, right? Let’s go a minute past 12, that way Brother Yan won’t be able to alter the result.]

[That’s a cautious Yan Mai. But what you said does make sense. After all, that’s Brother Yan…]

[I agree! Plus, after 12 o’clock, most people will be asleep, so if the director goes then, maybe he’ll even get to see Brother Yan sleeping, hehehe.]

[Hope to see the director alive tomorrow.]

Zhang Wubing cleared his throat, feeling a bit shaken by the barrage’s comments. He reluctantly agreed with the audience’s suggestion.

“All right, let’s wait together until 12 o’clock then. Right now, Brother Yan is probably sleeping in his room upstairs. He should be asleep. Let’s discuss some program-related matters. Do you have any questions? Where would you like to go for the next trip, or which celebrity would you like to see as a guest?”

The barrage paused for a moment, then, as if in wild excitement, the comments became even more frenetic.

[Director, do you also call Brother Yan ‘Brother Yan’? Why? Did Brother Yan save you too?]

[Director, did you know Brother Yan before? I heard someone say that Brother Yan was brought in as a guest at the last minute because of your acquaintance. Is that true? What did Brother Yan do before this?]

[So Brother Yan was brought in because of your connection, right? Thank you, Director, for letting us see Brother Yan. May you have a safe and happy life!]

Zhang Wubing: “I was talking about discussing something related to the program, how come you’re all asking about Brother Yan?”

Audience members were unapologetic: [Brother Yan is related to the program!]

[That’s right, I came to follow the program just to see Brother Yan.]

[Brother Yan is the soul of the program, no debate allowed!]

Seeing how much the audience loved Yan Shixun, Zhang Wubing was also quite pleased and showed a proud expression, as if he shared in the glory.

“Well, my Brother Yan is so amazing!”

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