Don’t Sink Chapter 8

Chapter 8: Let’s Break Up <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> In the backstage dressing room of the theater, Shen Yao sat in the quietest corner, tilting his head up to allow the makeup artist to apply his makeup. As the process reached its final step, the makeup artist carefully placed a pair of realistic deer … Read more

Don’t Sink Chapter 7

Chapter 7: Encounter <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> When Xu Yibai got out of bed, Shen Yao woke up. He didn’t open his eyes or get up, he just turned over and pulled up the blanket, pretending to sleep. The already faint sound in his ears became even lighter. Shen Yao’s eyelids were closed, but … Read more

Don’t Sink Chapter 6

Chapter 6: I have prepared a surprise for you. <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> From the night before Xu Yibai planned to confess to Shen Yao, he began to suffer from insomnia. He counted sheep until late at night and even woke up earlier than his alarm clock in the morning without feeling sleepy. When … Read more

Don’t Sink Chapter 5

Chapter 5 “Goodnight, Brother” <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> For the first time, Xu Yibai was held by an Omega like this, or it could be said that it was the first time he was held like this by anyone. The fragrance of apricot blossoms was refreshing and pleasant, which was the scent of Shen … Read more

Don’t Sink Chapter 4

Chapter 4 “Can You Date Me?” <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> Xu Yibai didn’t say anything harsh to Shen Yao, even in the current situation, he held back, afraid of hurting Shen Yao. He believed that quarreling was something that would affect the relationship, and one should not vent their temper on someone they liked. … Read more

Don’t Sink Chapter 3

Chapter 3 The most annoying <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> The half-burned cigarette butt was snuffed out, and the spark dimmed. Yan Zhixing’s expression was impersonal and indifferent, as if he didn’t hear the argument just now, nor did he hear the Omega’s whispered plea for help, the words “difficult to get along with” were … Read more

Don’t Sink Chapter 2

Chapter 2 Yan Zhixing <Previous Chapter<Table of Contents>Next Chapter> Hearing Shen Yao’s explanation, Dai Xinghui loosened his clenched fist slightly. There were no bite marks on Shen Yao’s glands, and the disgusting pheromone smell may indeed be acquired through contact. Seeing that he didn’t speak, Shen Yao asked in confusion: “What’s the matter?” “Nothing.” The … Read more

Don’t Sink Chapter 1

Chapter 1 “I Don’t Have an Alpha” <Table of Contents>Next Chapter> On a sultry June night, a shopping mall stood in the very center of the city, facing the iconic tower across the river. The streets were crowded with people, and a row of cars was temporarily parked on the side of the road. Shen … Read more