PCTG Chapter 40

Chapter 40

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Under the candle light, Cao Gang carefully stacked the files on the desk while looking at the young Red Tiger King who was flipping through the military books in front of him. He was presently only 18 years old, at the age to be young and inexperienced; but he was already starting to have the faint bearing from the future. He heard that Ni Lie had never been defeated since he was 14, just like in the previous life.

——With his strength surpassing others, extraordinarily gifted, with the power to pull out the mountain, his innate talent was out of the ordinary.

 Cao Gang couldn’t help but be gratified.

Suddenly, he heard a yelling voice from outside the tent and a soldier hurriedly came in.

“Leader Daren, what are your instructions?”

Ni Lie said, “Evaluating the journey distance, His Highness will arrive here tomorrow morning. The tent that he will sleep in must be cleaned, but don’t use the military quilts. Change it into a soft mattress. Additionally, the bathing utensils must be all new.”

The guard responded.

N Lie pondered for a moment: “Smoke His Highness’s tent several times with dried wormwood, remember to not neglect any corner in his tent.”

The guard responded once again.

Ni Lie dropped the file, as if thinking of something again, “His Highness’s diet must be light and army cooks are not allowed to use things like thick oil and red sauce.”

He had been in the garrison for almost four months already, but this was the first time the guard heard Ni Lie speak so many words at once. He couldn’t help but feel it being novel and fresh, but did not dare to show even an inch of that expression on his face. He hurriedly bowed in salute and asked: “Commander, please be at ease, these trivial matters will be handled well.”

Ni Lie nodded, “Good, you can leave now.”

Only then did he pick up the file on the table, look at it a bit before throwing it on the table irritably.

  He involuntarily reached into his bosom pocket, saw that Cao Gang was present, took out his hand again, and glanced at him.

“What’s the matter?”

Cao Gang paused for a moment and said casually, “Daren, tomorrow His Highness will come to reward the soldiers. What kind of banquet do you want to arrange?” 

Ni Lie gently pulled the corners of his mouth: “His Highness loathes this kind of unnecessary waste of money the most, so there is no need to bother about it.”

 Looking at the gentle expression he showed for no reason, the strange feeling in Cao Gang’s heart became worse. He thought that this kind of appearance appears to be……could it be that in this lifetime, the Red Tiger King intended to be h*ll bent on following the Yuan Emperor?

Although the Red Tiger King in his previous life belonged to the Governor’s mansion of Jiangjing, he was ambitious and exuberant, not like this at all.

What the h*ll is going on?

For some reason, a huge uneasiness arose in Cao Gang’s heart. He was about to probe out a few more words but the young general in front of him had already begun to chase him away: “The night is already deep, if there is nothing important, you can go back and rest early.”

Cao Gang swallowed his saliva and bowed his head before retreating.

After Cao Gang left, Ni Lie finally took out the neatly folded underwear from inside his bosom pocket.

A gentle face appeared in front of his eyes.

  Although that man dressed plainly, because of his body tenderness, he always wore this type of soft silk underwear. Under the candlelight, the underwear faintly glowed with the unique lustre of white silk. He hesitated for a moment, before placing it on the tip of his nose and sniffing it. There wasn’t much fragrance left on the underwear. It had more of the smell of his own body, he took it away with some dissatisfaction. But he remembered that tomorrow he would be able to bury his head recklessly between his slender snow-white neck and smell him willfully, so much that…his adam’s apple moved, then he tightly clenched the underwear.


Early the next morning, before dawn, the soldier who was feeding the horses carried a bucket of water and saw someone practicing boxing there, he fixed his eyes on who it was. Who could it be if it wasn’t Commander Daren?

  Although commander Daren usually woke up early in the morning, he was never this early. The Changgeng star was still hanging in the west. 

He hurriedly put down the bucket and stepped forward to pay respects.

Ni Lie nodded before walking over to his tent.

When the dawn sky hovered over, an army messenger came to report. Because it had been raining a few days ago, the originally set path risked having a landslide and was in risky conditions. Therefore, King Guangan’s fleet took a longer route to come. Their arrival will be delayed for half a day. 

With a calm face, Ni Lie asked the soldier to retreat.

The sun gradually shifted to the center.

Several guards saw something wrong with their Leader Daren today. He seemed to be irritated, not his usual calm expression.

One moment, he would practice the big bow, venting his feelings without resting; another moment, he drew out his long spear and went into the training ground to spar with the guards; in another moment, he would tie the sandbag around the training ground and practice nonstop. He looked like a restless fierce tiger. 

They endured this with difficulty until the afternoon when the fleet embedded with the King Guang’an flag finally appeared at the camp’s gate. 

When the carriage stopped, the good-looking King Guang’an, dressed in white python sleeves, with a purple gold crown on his head and a gentle smile on his face, got out of the carriage with Ni Ying, who dressed up as a man. 

Ni Lie’s face was calm, no one knew how terrible the terrifying waves stirred up in his heart were. Only his Adam’s apple moved as he led the soldiers to pay their respect: “We greet King Guang’an!”

The crowd shook the earth with their salute.

Cao Gang at the end of the group was shocked and suspicious. He couldn’t help but look up and peek at the nobleman who was not far away, this was actually the Dynasty’s Yuan Emperor who suffered bullying and humiliation, cowardly and muddle-headed all those years?

 He was shocked because of his appearance. The weak third prince at that time, although his foundation was good, because of long-term bullying, always covered and shrank his shoulders when he walked. Due to a lack of food, and clothes to wear, he would inevitably give off an inadequate feeling of being malnourished and sickly. How could he grow into this kind of charming appearance after just several years? Second, this degree of advance and retreat, and the upright bearing of a nobleman…..It was too different from what he remembered!

He was still in indefinite bewilderment when a burst of cheer rang up ahead. His train of thought got interrupted. After listening carefully for a moment, he realized that King Guang’an had announced that tens of thousands of tales of silver would be rewarded according to the rank of the army soldiers. Having taken a look at everyone’s posture, this King Guang’an was…actually quite popular?

 He couldn’t help but have a restraining fear of Li Yuanmin. That suffering child at that time has finally grown up.

After giving the speech before the army, it was already time to eat. The generals above the deputy staff were all eating with King Guang’an. Cao Gang’s rank was low, so he was arranged to eat in another tent. 

 Because the army could not drink alcohol, in the huge tent, everyone was using water instead of wine. But, the atmosphere was very lively.

  Li Yuanmin put down the wine glass and looked at Ni Lie silently, sure enough, those eyes were so hungry that they were about to burst out with his essence.

  He was angry, this barbaric man! Are you afraid that others won’t be able to see through his naked thoughts? As soon as he came out of the carriage, his eyes looked like fangs that grew on him.

  Fortunately, many people also sneaked to look at his face, so his gaze did not look too abrupt. He took advantage of the moment when a deputy staff leader raised a glass to speak and when the crowd did not pay attention to the gap on their side, to glare at Ni Lie fiercely.

Then that blazing-hot gaze turned away.

From between meal time to sunset, Li Yuanmin walked around the tents, personally distributing silver to the soldiers, and Ni Lie followed him without saying a word, like a loyal dog.

Only when he passed by his side could he hear his heavy breathing.

  Li Yuanmin looked up at him, his face was slightly red, and he immediately moved his gaze to other places.

  Night fell quickly. After dinner, today’s rewarding ceremony finally came to an end.

Li Yuanmin was bathing in the tent when he heard Ni Ying call out brother. He quickly pulled over the bath towel to wipe himself clean and hurriedly changed into casual clothes.

  As soon as he opened the tent, he saw Ni Ying following a soldier to another tent, and Ni Lie was there with two horses. When he saw him come out, he came a few steps closer, looked down at him in a half-dazed manner before speaking in a hoarse voice: “Your Highness, the night is still early, is it okay for this subordinate to take you to enjoy the frontier scenery?”

Li Yuanmin’s heart jumped, this excuse was too cr*ppy! This hunger of his, he probably wanted to turn him to a corner and grind the life out of him.

He shrugged, but pretended to cooperate with him, “That’s a good idea.”

When he took the reins from Ni Lie’s hand, he accidentally touched the other party’s hand. He immediately heard a heavy swallowing sound.

  Li Yuanmin was a little scared.

  The two men rode out of the camp one after the other.

  They travelled far away until they saw no campfire in sight. As they passed a grassy slope, a hungry wolf, who had been hiding for a long time, finally attacked.

  He kicked his legs out and jumped behind him. Li Yuanmin exclaimed but was tightly locked in his arms, the person behind him held out his hand to help him hold the reins. In a few moves, he quickly carried him down from the horse, his stupid thing poking at him. Li Yuanmin was in shock.

Heavens! He’s as hard as iron!

 Li Yuanmin’s face immediately burned, and he struggled a little. When Ni Lie loosened his hands, he broke out of his arms. He ran forward but was pulled down by the man behind him in a few steps.

The two of them rolled for a while on the grass. Ni Lie directly stood up on the grass field. His eyes were bloodshot while gasping like a cow: “Don’t run.”

Li Yuanmin couldn’t help but want to laugh when he saw this kind of funny look from him, but he deliberately put up his face shamelessly like a child: “I won’t let you touch me! You’re not allowed to! Let’s see if you dare to be brazen and shameless like this again!” 

How could Ni Lie have heard that, he only buried his head deep within Li Yuanmin’s neck and sniffed him fiercely. Li Yuanmin finally managed to laugh at him. 

During the struggle just now, he didn’t know where his shoe went. He propped up his snow-white foot and kicked Ni Lie’s chest. The youth was off guard and fell backwards by LI Yuanmin’s kick. Li Yuanmin promptly got up at once, but his underpants were grasped firmly. It was too late to pull it back. With a scream, Li Yuanmin felt cold on his lower body. Ni Lie actually pulled his pants down, and the person behind him actually grabbed it and put it on the tip of his nose and sniffed deeply.

Li Yuanmin almost died of shame because of him.

How could this be! How could he do this! He’s simply too shameless!

He threw himself up in shame to grab his thing when his waist was embraced. With a scream, his ankles were pulled and he was back in Ni Lie’s embrace. 

The youth impatiently pulled off his belt, pushing him lightly as if wanting to swallow him whole.

“A Lie…..don’t rush….my A Lie.” Li Yuanmin changed his method into a softer one. Wrapping his arms around his chaotically arched head, seemingly like he was coaxing a child, “I will leave in a few days, so I’m all yours, I’m all yours, alright…..”

He even took the initiative to raise his chin and paste his lips on Ni Lie’s, kissing him while gently caressing the back of his head, peaking softly like a spoiled child to appease this restless and hungry beast.

Ni Lie bit his lip with dissatisfaction but was also reluctant to part with it. He licked his tongue somewhat with a bitter grievance.

How long has he been thinking of this!?

Li Yuanmin felt pity in his heart. He held Ni Lie’s downward head and indulged him.

The dim light of the night was tender, while the hot wave blew by.

Under the moonlight, Cao Gang hid behind the bushes in the distance, his eyes widened in shock, and his heartbeat sounded like thunderbolts!

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