Awkward (尴尬)
Author: Dome (作者:圆屋顶)
Translator: Summer_Daze
Editor: Summer_Daze
Schedule: TBA

Author Summary:

Ye Mu knew that Yan Chen didn’t love him, but he always simply thought that accompanying him meant declaring one’s love in the long run.

For eight whole years, he had been revolving around Yan Chen’s world, believing that he could just keep going like this.

But when Gu Huai came back, everything changed.

Yan Chen dumped him, the reason his whole family’s property went bankrupt, and his father suffered a heart attack in a fit of anger.

He was in a tight spot, he was deeply hurt and under despair decided to give up. In the end, he went to another company and shed his last ounce of strength to work. He unexpectedly met his boss, Chen Mo, who hated gay men the most. A lot of interesting things happened between the two.

Yan Chen had always been disgusted and irritated by Ye Mu, thinking that he was just a cheap person. After breaking up with Ye Mu, he decided to marry Gu Huai. But after marriage, he always remembered every little detail of being with Ye Mu, and felt that he must have been too disgusted with this person.

He started to look for Ye Mu time after time, and Ye Mu always refused. Yan Chen felt that it was nothing, this was merely another cheap trick of the other party by playing hard to get.

But one day, when he found out that Ye Mu no longer loved him and was with Chen Mo, Yan Chen felt strange.

Why did he feel so tight in his chest? Why did he feel so angry?

Then things became very awkward (ˉ▽ ̄~)