I Rely on Beauty to Stabilize the Country

I Rely on Beauty to Stabilize the Country (我靠美颜稳住天下)
Author: Wang Sanshan (作者:望三山)
Translator: Lazy Girl T
Editor: Lazy Girl T
Schedule: TBA

Author Summary:

  1. Gu Yuanbai reincarnated as the weak and insignificant emperor in a BL novel. The emperor was merely a backdrop, and the entire story revolved around the power struggles and love affairs of the regent and the number one beauty holding power in the capital.
    Gu “Ambitious” Yuanbai: I laughed.
    Now that he’s the emperor, how can he not wield power over the world, not expand his territory and leave a mark in history?
  2. On this day, Xue Yuan, the son of the current ambitious general and future regent, Xue Yuan, accompanied his father into the palace for the first time. Peeking ahead from behind the crowd, he caught sight of the young emperor’s face.
    The naturally rebellious Xue Yuan smirked contemptuously, thinking, “Why is this little emperor even prettier than those females?
    With a weak body and such handsome features, how can he govern Great Heng?”
    With that weak physique?
  3. After offending Gu Yuanbai, Xue Yuan was brought before Gu Yuanbai.
    Gu Yuanbai coughed softly, his shoulders covered in falling snowflakes, Xue Yuan’s face darkening.
    “Zhen* is in a bad mood,” Gu Yuanbai glanced softly at the future regent, smiling softly and hoarsely said, “Don’t upset me, understood?”

*Zhen = how emperors refer to themselves

Xue Yuan was like a mad dog.

But Gu Yuanbai feared nothing; he only feared not enough excitement. Taming a mad dog into a loyal subject happened to present another challenge to him in his weak state.

But accidentally, it seems he tamed him too much.

  1. This is an alternate history, feel-good story with a mix of elements. Don’t scrutinize it too closely; there may be plot holes.
  2. The top (gong) character is quite annoying and detestable!
  3. The bottom (shou) character is strong and ambitious but physically weak, and a magnet for everyone’s attention.
  4. In the original text, the top and bottom have no romantic feelings for each other; they each believe the other has ulterior motives towards the emperor.
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Work Review:

Gu Yuanbai transmigrated into a BL novel as a weak-bodied little emperor. After three years of cleansing the court and inner palace, just as he was ready to undertake great deeds, he fell ill. Only then did the strong-willed and ambitious Gu Yuanbai realize he was in a BL novel. As he continued to consolidate power, he met the novel’s original protagonist, a mad-dog bandit-like Gong. The story flows smoothly, with the protagonist’s remarkable character and perseverance. The political intrigue and emotions are written naturally, making it a worthy read.